Story of taking the next step to fuck son and husband together

Story of taking the next step to fuck son and husband together

“Ok, dear, explain, though. I know it’s going to be hard convincing.”

“If you have shut down your mind not to be convinced, then it’s futile to explain.”

“Ok, I am keeping an open mind. But you are asking a mother to have sex with her own son. Tell me honestly, how many mothers in real life even think of doing that in real life? Yes, there are lots of porn on the net on this, but most are actors, non-related and make-believe.”

“Soni, the real mom son couples will only be fools to come out in the open. But now that we are open, I will tell you why my desire to see you with our son arose.”

“Proceed with your brief, sir,” I commented with a dash of satire.

“I have a close friend, a psychiatrist. He revealed to me that he has dealt with innumerable cases like this. Mother and son had come to him to reveal that they are in a sexual relationship. Instead of feeling any guilt, they are rather enjoying it.”

I listened silently as I knew of two mothers – myself and Vineeta – who were doing that.

“However they felt the need to confide this to someone and hence chose a psychiatrist. In most cases, the sons had a mom fixation for a long time. They owned up to their mothers about their pent up feelings. As some were widows, the moms obliged them, some had no satisfactory sex life with their husbands.”

“Another reason was to keep their sons sexually satisfied so that they don’t fall for the wrong girl and jeopardize their careers – kind of keeping it in the family. Then I started surfing the net and watched a lot of mom son porn. Agreed most is make-believe, but it made me very horny.”

“Soni, for a long time, I had this fantasy to see you with another man. But as you said, secrecy and trust are the keywords. Who can be more trustworthy than our son? And I am sure he will readily agree.”

“How can you be so sure? Won’t the suggestion of fucking his own mom come as a massive shock for him? It might hamper his career.”

“A man knows another man. I have noticed the looks in his eyes, especially when he watches you. He definitely has the hots for you and maybe even idolizes you as the perfect woman. Well, he might even be masturbating to you.”

“That’s gross. But if he does have such feelings for me, his fantasy for his mother has to be taken out of his system. And the only way to do it is by letting his fantasies come real. But are you really sure about his intentions?”

“Well, Soni, you might find this gross again. A few months back, when you were away to one of your kitty parties, I returned early from the office. I didn’t want to disturb Joy. I entered the house with my keys and went silently to the bedroom.”

“While I crossed Joy’s room, the door was slightly open. I stopped to hear some groaning noises and thought he might be having sex with his girlfriend. The wish to see my son in action made me peep inside. What I saw shocked me, but due to maturity, I accepted the truth.”

“What did you see?” I was intrigued.

“Well, Soni, he had a photo of you, the one framed in the drawing-room in his left hand. One of your sexy bras was wrapped all over his cock and jerking off, and groaning your name.”

My mouth opened wide, “He calls me by my name?”

“Yes, Soni, he kept groaning  – oh Sonali, my sweet mom – ah Sonali, you are the hottest woman on this planet- oh mom, you have such a hot mouth- oh Sonali, only if I could put my cock inside your mouth.”

“Oh my God, my own son wants to put his cock in his own mother’s mouth!”

“I think we should let his fantasies come true.”

“And how do we do it, just tell him to come, son, fuck your mom?”

“Not so direct. But from tomorrow morning, start exposing your body to him and make him desperate. In the evening, I will have a man to man talk with him and get it done.”

“Ok, so if I have to fuck my son, let’s practice again. You become Joy and call me the way you found him calling me.”

As we started another session, I imagined Joy fucking me. Suvendu did a perfect Joy calling me Sonali and mom exactly the way Joy would. It intensified our fuck, and we deliberately went slow and sensual to prolong the mutual pleasure.

The mom son talks reached passionate levels and even surpassed the talks Joy and I indulged in. After more than an hour of sensual lovemaking, Suvendu started increasing his thrusts’ speed and started to gasp.

“Oh, my sweet mom Sonali I have jerked off so many times thinking about spending my load in your mouth. Oh, my sexy sweet mom, please permit me to unload in your hot mouth.”

I replied, “Oh, Joy is that so? You could have just asked me. How can a mom refuse her son? Come, my dear son, fulfill your fantasy. Mom’s mouth is waiting for her son’s juice. From now on, no more jerking off, just come to mom.”

It was too much for Suvendu. He pulled out of my well-orgasmed cunt and sat over my chest with his knees on both sides. He embedded his pulsating cock in my eager mouth. As I gave my enviable vacuum cleaner tug only thrice, he yelled out, “Mom, I am cumming.”

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He filled my mouth with innumerable bursts of thick hot man mayonnaise, which I hungrily gulped down. I kept on sucking till his balls were completely exhausted. Then he slumped over me and clasping each other, we fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning, I started to act for my son, as suggested by my husband. I wore a plunging neckline top and shorts barely covering my well-toned thighs and went about breakfast. Suvendu quipped, “My God, Soni, you are looking smoking hot. Feel like taking the day off and fuck you all day long.”

I smiled at the compliment. “How odd it will look if we remain locked in the bedroom in the day. Joy has no practice on Mondays.”

“Oh, then utilize the day teasing him and note his reactions. If he gets too restless, give me a call around lunchtime. I might be able to sneak in early and give him the offer of a lifetime.”

“How will you approach him, Suvendu? I hope you are not just going to say, ‘Come on, son, it’s high time you fuck your mom,’ like they say in the incest porn flicks?”

“Not so blatantly, we will have a man to man talk rather than a father-son talk.”

“I hope you properly convince him. I don’t want him to get a shock or something which may hamper his sporting skills.”

“So you are all right with the sex thing only if he is properly convinced? I mean, you won’t have any negative thoughts about doing our son?”

“As you said, I won’t know until I have done it. The logic is quite sound. If he has pent up feelings for me, the only way it can be taken care of is by going through it. Your fantasy will come true also. It’s better to do it with someone I trust and love rather than a faceless stranger. If you had not given me the confidence, I could not imagine such a scenario.”

“Thanks, Soni, that you are convinced. Ah, there he comes now.”

Joy wished us both and could not help his eyes from scanning me. His roving eyes put a satisfying expression of ‘See I told you’ on Suvendu’s face. He thoroughly enjoyed his son sizing up his wife.

To make things normal, Joy commented, “Wow, mom, that’s a great combo you are wearing. Normally my friends think that you are my elder sister. With this attire, they will think that you are my younger sister.”

I laughed loudly and replied, “Now, Joy, you don’t need to butter up your mother. Mom is aware of her age and looks.”

“Mom, I really mean it. None of my friends’ moms have maintained themselves as the way you have. Oh, except for Vineeta aunty. No one will believe you have a 21-year-old son. Right, dad?”

“Right, son, I feel lucky to have a wife like your mom.”

“Thanks, hubby and Joy, you compare me with the moms of your friends? Then who is in better shape, aunty or mom?”

“Of course you are, mom. But you have to give due credit to Vineeta aunty too.”

“Maybe that we are mothers to sportsmen, have rubbed on the fitness adherence regime on both of us.”

“It’s actually the other way round, mom. Watching you hitting the gym since I was a boy inspired me to take up sports.”

We resumed breakfast. I bent deliberately to serve Joy and let him have generous gazes at my cleavage so that Suvendu enjoyed his expressions. Joy must have got pretty excited and went through breakfast faster than usual. He retreated to his room on the pretext of working on his college project.

Suvendu spoke, “He yearns for you, darling. I’m sure about it. Let’s hope we can make his dreams come true.”

I somberly mentioned, “Darling, still think it over whether we should dive into the world of incest. I’m feeling a bit nervous. After all, he is my son. Fantasizing and really doing it are very different issues. There might be complications later on.”

While speaking this, I could not help pondering that I have actually fucked my son many times like a shameless slut.

“Well, we can’t know until we go through it.”

I nodded my head in agreement. Suvendu had got heavily turned on by my short attire and the lusty gazes of Joy all over me. He revealed his raging boner as we entered our bedroom to get him dressed up for the office.

“Darling, how can I go to the office with such a hard-on?”

I got on my knees and sucked him in my mouth as he put on his fresh clothes. I blew him like a seasoned harlot, using my nibble fingers over his balls for heightened pleasure. The novelty of the blowjob was too much for Suvendu. He came like a tsunami in my mouth within three minutes.

I was only too glad to gulp the generous serving rather hungrily. I kept sucking till he was thoroughly drained. I cleaned up his dick with my expert tongue, dressed him up with briefs and trousers.

I strongly believe that if a good fuck is not possible, this is the best way to send a hubby to work. I strongly recommend this to all my female readers. Never leave your husband out of the house- hungry or horny. This is the essential key to a happy marriage and especially for mature couples like us.

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Sucking on my hubby’s cock and savoring the taste of his hot juice had made my pussy churn. I found myself yearning for a good fuck. What an insatiable slut I have transformed into! I was amazed at my eagerness for sex. But I felt it’s better to be a slut than a saint.

What’s the logic behind denying your own body the pleasures it was meant to enjoy. Philosophies can border on falsities, but biology never lies. Thankfully Joy came to the rescue. I felt his strong arms embrace me from behind, and his erect pole probing my ass.


“Oh, mom, you look damn hot today. And what a tremendous fuck you had with dad last night,” he gushed and started fondling my boobs.

“That’s quite evident from the hard nudges I feel at my back,” I quipped naughtily.

“Mom, I’m hard since last night. And what were all those bending over and showing me your boobs? I had a lump in my throat that dad will get the hang of us.”

I turned around to feel his hardness grind against my crotch.

“I’ve some good news to give you.”

“What, mom?” he eagerly asked.

“Patience, son, patience. First, let me have my morning fun.”

I grabbed his bursting swollenness in my palms and enjoyed the sweet warmth emitting from it. The extra hardness added to the squelching sensations inside my pussy. I desperately wanted that pleasure pole pounding my cock addicted pussy.

I pulled down the shorts and knelt to find his tool aching for the warmth and wetness of my cock fucked mouth. I drew my lips close to his pole. I spoke deliberately to allow my breath to caress his bulbous dick head, “Did you watch the morning blowjob feed, son?”

He sighed, “Yes, mom, how fast you made dad cum and what an intense fuck it was in the night.”

“You will be surprised to know the real reason behind that intensity.”

“Mom, you are testing my patience.”

“Hold on, son, mom needs a good fuck first. Let me get you lubricated. Sucking your dad’s cock a few minutes back has made my pussy aching for a cock.” I gobbled his cock down my throat. My lips were around his dick. In the process, I had undone my shorts and wriggled them down to my knees. I stood up with the stiff cock in my mouth.

“Wow, mom, that was a scorching hot move. You look like a bitch in the heat.”

I liked the comparison, and moving away, I spoke, “Yes, indeed I am. Now douse this heat, you mother fucker. Fuck your mom’s juicy cunt.”

“Where do you want me to fuck you, mom?” he asked excitedly.

Imitating a ‘Stifler’s mom’ look at the dining table, I suggested in my raunchiest avatar, ”Dear son, that has not been explored yet by us.”

The ides of a fresh fucking pavilion got him charged a few degrees mo. Lifting me up in his strong arms, he carried me to the table. He laid me down on the polished mahogany glass-topped surface.

Being carried by a man is one of the most fulfilling emotions for a woman- a sense of being taken. Maybe due to our predecessors’ collective consciousness being carried throughout history. I opened my legs to provide him a glorious view of my dripping pussy. He licked his lips in sheer lust.

“Oh, mom, you are watering down there,” he groaned ecstatically.

“Yes, son, and for your plunging tool. Ay ebar to ma ke emon chodon de jeno amar guder jol taratari khose. (Come now, fuck your mom so hard that I can cum soon.)”

He positioned himself between my parted legs and entered me fully in one exciting shove. I moaned in ecstasy as my son’s hot thick cock filled up my pussy.

“Don’t start ramming right away,” I directed. “Now, with your cock safely in my cunt let me give you the big story.”

“Oh, yes, mom, tell me. It feels like heaven to be inside you after two days.”

“You saw your dad fuck me with great intensity last night. We did a role-play. Can you imagine what role he played?”

“Mom, my cock is inside the hottest pussy on this planet. No man can think f anything with his cock inside a pussy. Just tell me.”

“Well, he role-played you.”

Joy’s jaws almost dropped away.

“Can’t believe you, mom, so what role did you play?”

“No role I was playing myself, your mom.”

Joy’s cock pulsated exceedingly fast as he heard my words. He gasped and asked,  “You mean that he pretended to be his own son fucking you? It’s nothing short of a miracle. How did this all happen? Oh, mom, this is too exciting. Now I have to fuck you real hard.”

“Yes, son fuck me real hard.”

He started pumping me as I narrated the course of events between our mutual moans of lust. His speed increased on hearing that tonight he will get to fuck his mother right in front of his father.

“Oh, ma, I can’t believe my dreams are about to become real.”

“Your dad will have a talk with you, don’t jump onto it, or he might suspect that we’ve fucking each other silly.”

“Don’t worry, mom, I will play it as naturally as possible. Oh, ma tor guder bhitorta ta bhisho vabe amar dhon take kochle dichche erokom gud bodhoy sara brohmande pawa jabe na. (Your pussy is convulsing and gripping my cock in a splendid manner. You are definitely the best fuck in this entire universe).”

“Tor moton madarchodo hoy na, ki darun vabe nijer jontro ta diye tor ma ke chude lat korte parish. Aro jore chod nijer ma ke tahole amar godgdiye jol khoshbe.(You are also a good mother fucker. You know really know to use your equipment in your mother. Fuck me harder, then I will cum like a gusher.)”

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I gasped between my incoherent moans of rapture. My son initiated a fresh volley of thrusts – pulling back up to the base of his dick head and plunging it back to the hilt with utmost intensity. In the process, the base of his dick head was pulling at the inner contours of my pussy.

My female readers can easily understand the unbearable level of pleasure it gave me. The obscene sounds of his groin slapping against my brazenly parted thighs heated up the lust laden atmosphere. He was also absorbed by the overbearing sensations of my pussy and openly confessed about it.

“Oh, Ma, loke bole ma ke pair tale jannat hota hain ami boli ma er payer majhe jannat hota hain. Amar theke bhagyoshali madarcho ei duniyate nei ma. Ma tor gud mere jeno soja swargo sukh pachchi. Ichcha kore sudhu tokei chudte thaki.”

“(Oh, mom people say that one can find heaven beneath their mother’s feet. I say heaven is between my mom’s feet. I am the luckiest mother fucker on this planet. It’s sheer heaven when I fuck your pussy. I feel like fucking you only).”

His strokes became faster and that expedited my oncoming orgasm. I started trembling all over and gasped out real loud, “Ah Joy, ki darun vabe chudish tui tor nijer ma ke. Tor thatano laorar gunto tor ma er guder jol khoshate choleche re, chude ja tor ma ke r thaper beg komabi na. chod shala chod nijer ma ke jotokhon na tor ma guder jol khoshay.”

(How well you fuck your own mother. Your hard dick will make me cum. Don’t stop fucking your mom, don’t decrease the speed. Keep fucking your mom till she cums.)

“Cum, mom cum, you don’t know how exciting your face looks when you cum. Take your son’s dick to your heart’s content and shower me with your orgasm juices, so hot and sweet.”

Both mom and son always reverted to Bengali dirty talk whenever we closed to a climax. It gave us heightened pleasure. There was a marked increase in his thrusts’ speed. It proved to be the ingredient that triggered an explosive orgasm within me.

My face contorted violently, my eyes rolled back, and my body shuddered like an airplane caught in a storm. In the next moment, a long bestial shriek escaped my throat and mouth. I shook all over as an indescribable volcano of an orgasm erupted, which seemed to be in each and every cell in my body.

I felt my pussy contort, convulse, and palpitate in a wild berserk manner like never before. As if a trillion fireworks burst within me, and I started spraying out my hot pussy juices like a broken American hydrant.

The long shriek, my wild expressions- especially my rolled-back eyes, and the sizzling sensations of my hot pussy juice was too much for my son. He, too, yelled like a prehistoric extraterrestrial monster.

He started to spray out his hot mard malai in bursts and really messy amounts increasing the level of my pleasure almost ten folds. Sexy Milf mom and horny son kept bathing each other’s cock and pussy with their genital juices savoring the primitive quintessential carnal pleasure.

The amalgamation of mother and son orgasmic fluid flowed generously out my pussy onto the table glass. It dripped onto the floor beneath, creating a pool of sorts. Joy slumped upon me crushing his body deep upon mine. I grabbed him with all my love in my arms.

Both mother and son were panting heavily as we savored the warmth of our bodies. When we recovered, after how long God only knows, we kissed each other deeply.

“Son, that was unbelievable. You really make your mom cum better than the last time.”

“Mom, even you make me cum better than the last time.”

We kept feeding on each other’s mouths hungrily. My son’s dick slipped out of my pussy. It made an obscene gargling sound. We somehow staggered to the sofa and Joy grabbed some tissues for the cleanup. When our breathing had normalized, I revived the topic.

“Your dad gave me options of either doing it at night. or if I have succeeded in making you restless enough to call him after lunch.”

“If you suck me for another five minutes, I will be ready again. But it’s better to wait till lunch. Let’s give our bodies some solid rest and lots of nutrition. I have a feeling the afternoon will extend up to deep in the night.”

“Yes, son, I also hope it will turn out to be something memorable.”

“Mom, if things work out right, me and dad will fuck you together. I hope you will enjoy the company of two cocks inside you.”

“Well, I have never had two men in me at the same time, so I am kind of looking forward to the double experience.”

“That’s my sporting mom.”

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Story of taking the next step to fuck son and husband together

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