Story of the desperate housewife Vasundhara!

Story of the desperate housewife Vasundhara!

Hello all, I am posting this story on behalf of my friend about how she had become the desperate housewife. She is 50+ years and wanted to share her story in this portal. This story will have different parts.

I am Vasundhara, and everyone calls me Vasu. I am married with two kids. Without wasting any time, I will start my real-life story. I was born in the 1960 era to a lower-middle-class family. I was married to Pankaj at the age of 18 years.

Pankaj is twenty years older than me, and I came to know his age after marriage. Since there was no internet and social media during those days, I was deceived by Pankaj and my in-laws.

I was married, but don’t know what sex is? And my hubby forcefully did sex with me after marriage without my interest. I was pregnant and gave birth to my daughter less than a year after my marriage. Soon I had a second kid less than two years of marriage.

My hubby was a contractor in the Gulf. He came to India once a year and spend one month and go back to the Gulf. Post my second delivery, my parents pressure me to further my studies.

I didn’t say no to my parents and took admission in Engineering and completed the engineering in the next four years. It was not easy during those days. My parents helped me during my studies. I didn’t have sex during those four years.

After completing my engineering, I started looking for a job for my security. Luckily, I got a job at an automobile company. My hubby’s contract expired, and he, too, settled in India. I started to stay with my hubby and kids. I was 26 years old, and my hubby was 46.

With my hubby’s savings, we managed to buy a flat in Pune and started our life. My hubby is 6 feet and athletic look. I slowly started sexual feelings towards him day by day. He used to wear a lungi and vest in-home. I used to sight his huge bulge over his lungi during the night times.

I used to be tempted after seeing his bulge, and slowly I got feelings for him. Like all married women, I was expecting a fucking night from my hubby. But I had a bad fight with my hubby post my second delivery, which made us maintain distance between us.

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I underwent an operation without my hubby’s knowledge of not having any kids after my second delivery. I saw him half-naked daily in most instances, like after his bath when he was changing the clothes and his huge bulge over lungi. These incidents brought my sexual desires, and that pushes my pussy wet.

But we both were having an ego, and that was stopping our sex life. So I decided to break the ego with my intentional sexy moves. I changed my dressing style to seduce my hubby. I started wearing a deep neck blouse and transparent nightgown.

I used to expose my boobs intentionally in front of him. My plan started working, and I saw a positive response from him. One fine night, my kids slept early, and I was horny as I saw a huge bulge over my hubby lungi. My pussy was wet, and I want sex from hubby.

So I took a bold step to seduce my hubby. I removed my bra and panty and wore a transparent nightgown. My nightgown has a printed flower design at the chest and pussy. The rest of the body is exposed.

I put sindoor on my forehead and went inside my hubby bedroom with a bottle of water.  I used to sleep with my kids, and my hubby sleeps in the other bedroom alone. He was shocked to see me in that dress, and his dick was raised like a tower.

I can see his huge bulge over a lungi. I kept the water bottle near his bed and started a conversation with him.

Me: Hey! Here is the cold water for you. Do you want anything?

Hubby: Oh! I want hot water. Please can you bring hot water?

Me: Room temperature is hot now. Why you want hot water?

Hubby: I want hot water from your body. Can I take it?

I felt happy inside. But I don’t want to submit early. So I took a few steps back and said, “The kids are sleeping. I will go to my room.” My hubby removed his lungi. He did not wear a boxer inside and stood nude in front of me. I felt shy and said, “Kids are sleeping.”

My hubby quickly closed the door and whispered, “The kids are no more kids. They are growing up! Come, let’s fuck.”


Me: No, I will leave the room.

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Hubby: Ok, leave.

I turned back, and suddenly, my hubby hugged me from the back. He started kissing on the back of the neck. I was breathing heavily, and unknowingly my hands touched his dick. He bit my neck and pushed me towards the wall powerfully.

Then he lifted both hands in the air and removed my nightgown in a flash. I was in the nude, and his bull eyes were inspecting my nude body. I felt shy and covered my boobs and pussy with my hands and closed my eyes. My hubby lifted me in his hands and dropped on the bed.

My heart was pumping hard. My legs were shivering, and pussy was wet. I can hear my heartbeat, and my hubby spread my legs wider. I was looking for this type of night from the past year, and finally, it came. Hubby started kissing my leg and started rubbing my pussy gently.

It’s more than enough for me to submit myself. His pussy rubbing makes me groan, and slowly he starts sucking the boob. I am in a different world on the bed. He was rubbing my pussy and sucking my boob one after the other with a consistent pace.

I was moaning slowly. But all of a sudden, he stopped and was positioned in a missionary position. His dick is long and thick. But he has huge hair around his dick, and that stopped me from a blowjob.

He started rubbing his dick over my pussy. Oh! It was a great feeling for me! I bite my lower lips hard, and hubby holds both hands hard. I closed my eyes and was biting my lips. My heartbeat is high, and pussy was leaking. All of a sudden, he inserts his dick inside my pussy.

I moaned loudly with that act. I felt heavy in pussy, and it was painful also. He didn’t stop to and fro for the next 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, I groaned loudly. The room was filled with my moans like, “Oh! No, leave me. Yes, my hubby! Fuck me like that. Yes, fuck me hard.”

After that, he stopped but not in a mood to leave me. Even I was horny and ready to go for the next round even though I was having little pain in pussy. After a minute, he kept two pillows under my hip and spread my legs wider. He came in between.

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He lifted both my leg at 45 degrees and started fucking me. This time, his dick went further deep with that angle. I was getting pleasure and moaning loudly. His to and fro shots become harder and harder. My legs started cramping, but he is not leaving me and he was fucking me hard.

I was enjoying despite the pain in my leg and pussy. He continued the hard fuck for nearly 20 minutes. After that, I lost my stamina and requested him to stop. We both were wet with sweat, and I felt blessed. Finally, I get up from the bed and saw myself in the mirror.

My sindoor was wiped out, and my boobs were red. My hubby came and dragged me towards the wall. He spread my legs wider and insert his dick like a flash. I was in heavy pain. But without my knowledge, my legs were around his hip.

His huge chest was pressing my boobs heavily. His chest was smashing by boobs. He started biting my lower lip hard, and his dick went deep into my pussy. He didn’t show any mercy and started fucking me.

He was leaning towards me to the wall. His to and fro shots were powerful. He was biting my lips hard, and blood was out from my lips. And the same way, I bit his lips and sucked his blood. He treated me very brutally and violently in that position.

After 10 minutes, he took me to bed, still keeping his dick in my pussy. He fucked me for the next hour in different positions. He lost his energy and stamina. We both wear our clothes, and I came to my room.

I felt blessed with that fuck, and I was very happy too. I will cover the rest of the story in the next episode. Please provide feedback at [email protected] You can read my other story here as well.

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Story of the desperate housewife Vasundhara!

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