Straight teacher is turned by two ex-students

Straight teacher is turned by two ex-students

I was in a bar in the big city an hour from where I taught. One of my favorite eighties bands was playing and although my wife didn’t want to come, I wasn’t missing it for the world.

I wasn’t in the bar five minutes when I heard my name being called out, “Mr. James, Mr. James!”

I turned around and saw two of my ex-students and former players from a couple of years ago coming towards me.

“Mr. James, what are you doing here?” asked Matt, the quarterback on my old team.

“Came to see Blonde Ambition,” I said. “They were my favourite band when I was your age.”

“I hear they’re pretty good,” said Jake, my big black linebacker, who would have gotten a full scholarship to college if he hadn’t blown out his knee during his senior year in a devastating semi-final loss.

“A better question is what are you guys doing at a concert for some has been eighties band?” I asked.

Matt said, “We won tickets on the radio. Back stage passes, actually.”

“No way,” I said, acting as if I was a giddy teenager.

“Way,” Jake joked. “Actually we are to go meet them in a few minutes.”

“That is amazing,” I said.

Matt added, “Yeah, they even had a limo to pick us up from the frat house.”

“Nice,” I said.

“Where is Mrs. James?” asked Jake.

“At home with the kids, she is not much of a club person,” I answered.

“So you’re going solo tonight,” Jake joked.

“I suppose so,” I shrugged, never really considering it like that.

Jake asked, “Can we get you a beer, Mr. James?”

“Sure,” I shrugged, “but please, boys, call me Nathan.”

“Go get us three beers, Matt,” Jake ordered.

Matt immediately left to get us beers, which I thought slightly strange.

“Do you want to meet the band?” Jake asked.

“Really?” I asked. “You would give me your pass?”

“No, you can have Matt’s,” he replied.

“No, I couldn’t do that,” I said.

Jake said, “No, no, it’s okay, he isn’t really interest in meeting them anyway.”

“I don’t know,” I said, finding it strange that Jake was speaking for Matt.

Matt returned with beers and Jake said, “Coach would like to meet Blonde Ambition.”

“Hey, he can have my backstage pass,” Matt instantly replied, Jake apparently being correct.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Coach, I didn’t even know who they are, I just came for the ride,” Matt shrugged.

“Well thanks,” I said, giddy with excitement at meeting my favourite band and the lead singer who I jerked off to a million times in high school and college.

“It’s the least I can do after all you did for me,” Matt said.

We drank our beers, I bought a round of shots and then I met the band. They were really nice, I got a picture with them, that I texted to my wife, and Maddie Wild, lead singer of Blonde Ambition, kissed me on the cheek. My cock was hard the rest of the night from the brief ten minutes of celebrity time. The concert was amazing as well, Maddie Wild dressed in her usual leather skirt and black pantyhose.

The guys and I drank and drank until I was definitely too drunk to drive the hour back home.

The concert done, the guys suggested I come and crash at their place. Thinking it was easier and cheaper than a hotel, I agreed.

I texted my wife I was staying overnight, which we had discussed may happen if I got tired, and I followed the boys out.

The limo was waiting out front for them, and Jake told the driver to take us on a drive through the city. A bottle of wine later, we were at their dorm room.

We were not in the dorm room five minutes, when I got the shock of my life.

Jake and Matt were sitting on the couch, while I was on a bean bag chair, when Jake snapped his fingers and Matt instantly moved off his seat, dropped to the floor and pulled Jake’s cock out of his pants.

I stared in utter disbelief. First at Matt, my all star quarterback just a couple of years ago, dropping to his knees and then at the size of Jake’s black cock. I mean, I had seen my players naked many times, knew that some guys were more blessed than others, but the cocks were always flaccid and not fully erect.

I didn’t speak, I didn’t blink as I watched Matt open his mouth and take Jake’s huge cock in his mouth.

Jake asked, as if it wasn’t strange to have his cock sucked in front of another guy, “So that band was pretty good.”

“Y-y-yeah, they can still rock it,” I said, moving my stare away from the shocking act and trying to make eye contact with Jake.

“And that singer was fucking hot,” Jake continued.

I couldn’t not stop watching the blow job happening before me, even as I agreed by admitting, “She was probably my greatest stroke fantasy.”

“You horny, Coach?” Jake asked.

“Pardon?” I asked, somehow surprised by the question.

“Did you get horny watching that chick pump and grind?” He rephrased.

“Somewhat,” I admitted, shrugging, “I’m a guy.”

“Want Matt to suck your cock?” Jake asked out of the blue.

“P-p-pardon?” I stammered, surprised by the question even as I continued to watch Matt bob up and down on Jake’s thick cock.

“Or do you want to replace Matt?” Jake questioned, a smile on his face.

“What?” I asked, before protesting, “I’m not gay.”

“Me neither,” Jake laughed. “But no one sucks cock like another guy, isn’t that right cocksucker?”

Matt took the big black cock out of his mouth and admitted, looking directly at me, “Yes, Mr. James, once you have a guy suck you, no woman will ever do.”

I laughed, even as my own cock grew against my will, “My wife does a decent job.”

Jake snapped his fingers and Matt returned to sucking cock while Jake asked, “Not really much of an endorsement…decent.”

“Fair enough,” I shrugged.

“Are you hard right now, Coach?” He asked.

I didn’t answer.

“No reason to be ashamed. Wanting to get your dick sucked doesn’t make you gay. Christ, even sucking cock doesn’t make you gay.”

“I’m pretty sure it does,” I countered, even as my cock flinched in my pants.

“If two girls dyke out it is hot,” Jake said, “but that doesn’t mean they’re lesbians.”

“It’s not the same,” I countered although I had no rational argument to back it.

“How so?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

“Plus, there is just something in the male white boy psyche that they can’t resist submitting to black cock,” he added.

His words were silly, a cock is a cock, but I had to admit his cock was impressive and I couldn’t stop staring at it. Trying to keep the strange situation light, I joked, “Is it really that black and white?”

“Pull out your cock, Coach,” Jake instructed, ignoring my bad joke.

“I don’t know,” I replied, although the alcohol and Matt’s slobbering noises had me ready to bust a nut.

“Do it,” he ordered, his tone slightly authoritative.

I shrugged, “What the hell?” I fished out my stiff cock, not remotely thinking this through.

“Nice cock, Coach,” Jake complimented.

“You too,” I absurdly replied, as I absently began stroking my cock.

“Matt, take a look at Coach’s cock,” Jake suggested.

Matt took Jake’s cock from his mouth, turned around and said, with a smile, “Did my cocksucking get that nice cock of yours hard, Coach?”

Before I could answer, he crawled between my legs and took it in his mouth. I involuntarily moaned out of both shock and pleasure. Unlike my wife, who never took more than the top couple of inches in her mouth, Matt deep-throated my six inch cock immediately.

Jake comforted, “Just relax, Coach, and enjoy Matt’s mouth.”

“Do I have a choice?” I joked, trying to act casual as an ex-student sucked my cock…easily getting the best blow job of my life.

Jake stroked his cock and I couldn’t help but stare at it. His hand slowly moving up and down was like a hypnotist’s watch. I couldn’t help but suddenly wonder what it would be like to have his big black cock in my mouth.

Jake smiled, “You probably had a choice until you released that cock of yours. Once Matt gets a cock in his mouth he devours it whole.”

I chuckled, “That he does.”

Jake stood up, moved to me, his cock now directly in front of my face and said, with a confidence that drew me in, “Go ahead, Coach, I know you want to.”

It was strange. I had never once wanted to suck a cock, but when presented with a long eight inch black cock my mind went to mush. I could blame the booze, but the reality was the black cock was having an unexplainable effect on me. Without speaking a word, I opened my mouth, leaned forward and took it in.

“That’s it Coach,” he groaned.

I don’t know what I was expecting it to feel like, having never considered taking a cock in my mouth before the moment the opportunity presented itself, but it felt oddly natural. His cock was hard and thick and as soon as I had it in my mouth, I began bobbing back and forth, as if cocksucking was a natural part of my DNA.

Meanwhile, Matt continued swallowing all six inches of my cock. Whatever he was doing with the excessive saliva, created a sensation unlike any other…his mouth was virtually a pussy. I wondered if I could replicate it on Jake’s cock?

Jake said after a brief amount of time, “Coach, you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth.”

The strange compliment somehow flattered me and I moaned on his cock in response.

He continued, as I finally began taking more than just his mushroom tip in my mouth, “As soon as I saw you at the bar tonight, I told Matt we were going to take you home.”

I couldn’t believe it, yet based on how the evening was going, a few of the odd statements all made sense now.

He added, “I have imagined you with a mouthful of my cock since senior year, Coach.”

The odd revelations both enhanced my eagerness and shocked me to the core, things like this didn’t happen in the small town where I was from. Everyone was straight and if you weren’t you sure as hell didn’t declare it.

I had to ask, taking his big cock out of my mouth, “Were you guys gay in high school?”

Jake laughed, “I’m not gay Coach, I love to fuck ladies. But guys suck cock better and turning straight white men is a major turn on.”

“Turning straight men?” I repeated, realizing he was referring to me.

“Straight white men,” Jake corrected. “Almost every one of you married straight men are just the opportunity presenting itself away from being turned.”

“Turned?” I repeated, my mind spinning with the ludicrous, yet in regards to me, true theory.

“Like I said Coach, the moment I saw you at the bar I knew tonight I was going to turn you. Make you another white cocksucker for black dick,” he explained.

The term ‘cocksucker’ was like a punch in the gut, yet at the moment I wanted nothing more than to indeed be his cocksucker. I eagerly, with humiliation burning through me, took his cock back in my mouth.

A couple of minutes of sucking while being sucked, and Matt took my cock out of his mouth, somehow knowing I was getting close, and asked, “Coach, do you want to come down my throat or all over my face?”

My head still spinning with the concept of being turned, I took the black cock out of my mouth, looked down at Matt’s eager face, back to Jake’s big cock in front of me, pondered how Sarah never swallowed, and replied, “Swallow it all, Matt.”

“Yes, Coach,” he eagerly nodded, quickly devouring my cock again.

Jake shoved his cock back in my mouth and I returned to sucking him. It was less than a minute, Matt now bobbing furiously on my cock unlike any girl ever had, that I let Jake’s cock slip out of my mouth again and grunted, “Oh fuuuuuuuck,” as I sprayed my cum in his mouth. Matt didn’t slow down at all as he swallowed all my cum.

Jake returned to the couch, got completely naked, and, once I was completely spent, said, “Coach get undressed.”

I stammered, “R-r-really?”

“Yes, Coach,” he nodded, “you have seen Matt and me naked many times, I think it is time we get to see you naked.”

“Okay,” I nodded, his answer seeming logical in my inebriated and horny mind.

Matt stood up and also got undressed, revealing a smaller five inch cock that was also completely stiff.

I don’t know why I did it…to thank him for sucking me maybe, but I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth.

Matt groaned and Jake laughed, “I think we’ve created a monster.”

Matt’s cock smaller than Jake’s, both in length and girth, I easily took over half of it in my mouth immediately, determined to get it all in.

Yet, after only a few seconds, Jake said, “Coach, I think you should finish what you started over here first.”

I took Matt’s cock out of my mouth and, without a word, suddenly cock hungry (as unexplainable as it was), moved to Jake and took his cock in my mouth again.

After a couple of minutes, where I was finally getting almost half of his eight inches in my mouth without gagging, Jake commented, “You’re a natural cocksucker, Coach.”

I froze. Even though I had a cock in my mouth and was eagerly sucking it, being called a cocksucker again still made me feel weird.

He continued, “Keep sucking Coach! Don’t let labels change the reality that you love having my black cock in your mouth.”

As absurd as his words were, they were true. I was loving having his cock in my mouth, I loved the idea I was pleasing him, and I loved the fact that it felt so natural. I resumed sucking, determined now, more than ever, to be a good cocksucker for him.

A couple more minutes flew by when Jake ordered, “Get on all fours, Coach. Matt wants to eat your ass.”

Those were words I never had heard before. Yet, curious, I obeyed, which made sucking Jake a bit more awkward as I struggled to maintain my balance.

As I continued sucking, now taking over half in my mouth, I felt hands on my ass, which felt so strange, and then a tongue licking my asshole. I couldn’t believe what was happening and how good such a disgusting act felt. What started as going to a concert to see my favourite eighties band, had transgressed into me sucking an ex-student’s cock, while another ex-student licked my butt hole.

More time transpired, before Jake asked, “Ever fuck someone in the ass, Coach?”

Never my wife, but in college when I was a star football player, potentially going pro (before a knee injury ended that dream), I always had willing coed’s eagerly offering me their mouth, pussy or ass. I answered, “Not since college.”

“Mrs. James, doesn’t take it up the butt?” Jake asked.

“She barely does this,” I countered, taking his cock back in my mouth, feeling like a slut…which somehow turned me on.

“You understand Coach, I also plan on fucking that ass of yours,” Jake revealed.

My eyes went big. It was one thing to suck a cock, it seemed inexplicably natural, yet it was completely another thing to get fucked.

Jake chuckled, making his cock vibrate in my mouth, “It’s okay, Coach, you’ll love it, just like you love my big black dick in your mouth.”

His confidence oddly relaxed me, yet I had no intention of getting fucked. Conversely though, I wanted to get him off. I was curious what it would feel like; I was curious what it would taste like; but mostly, I had an undeniable desire to please. Yet, the ass rimming Matt was giving me undeniably felt good.

“Get the lube Matt,” Jake ordered, as I continued sucking his cock.

I stammered, not that drunk, “Jake, I’m not ready for that. You’ll tear me apart.”

He smiled, “Don’t worry, Matt will break in your virgin ass first.”

I countered, trying to be crystal clear, “I meant, I don’t want to get fucked.”

He stood up and shoved his cock back in my mouth. After three quick strokes, he asked, “What do you want?”

“To suck you,” I admitted, his cock in front of me so appetizing, his pulling it out teasing me. He shoved his cock back in my mouth for a few more strokes.

“To swallow my load?” He questioned, moving his cock head around my lips.

“Yes,” I nodded, wanting to taste his cum, as I licked his cockhead.

“But you don’t want to get fucked?” He questioned.

“No,” I answered, even as a slight curiosity lingered in the back of my mind.

“Your cock says otherwise,” he smiled, pointing to my completely erect cock.

“I love sucking you,” I replied, hoping that was a good enough answer.

“Tell you what,” he smiled. “Watch me fuck Matt and see if you change your mind.”

“Okay,” I absurdly replied, keeping the door open on an option that should have been locked shut.

Matt returned with the lube and Jake said, “Coach wants to watch you get fucked.”

That wasn’t what I said, but Matt smiled, “Sounds good to me.” He got on the couch, bent over and said, as he lubed his own asshole, “Fuck me with that big cock in front of Coach.”

Jake shoved his cock back in my mouth, pumped it in and out a few times, making me gag and said, “Watch what you’re missing, Coach.”

Jake moved behind Matt and slid his cock easily into Matt’s ass. I couldn’t believe how all eight inches disappeared in an instant.

Matt moaned, but with pleasure and not pain, which had me in awe…that big cock should be tearing him apart. My cock already hard, flinched like crazy, pondering what it would feel like to fuck an ass again.

Jake pulled out after a couple of minutes of slow fucking and surprised me again by shoving his cock back in my mouth. I could do nothing but let him fuck my face. I was surprised that it didn’t taste like shit, like I assumed it would. Jake repeated an earlier compliment, “You really do have a great cocksucking mouth, Coach.”

He pulled back out and slammed back into Matt, this time fucking him fast and hard.

Matt’s moans turned into almost squeals and my steadfast belief that I wouldn’t take it up the ass began to waver. Jake fucked him hard for a couple more minutes before pulling out, turning towards me and instantly spraying his cum on my face.

The moment I saw the first rope of cum shoot out of his canon, I instinctively opened my mouth to catch the rest. The first rope hit me on the forehead and nose, the second went directly in my mouth and wanting more, I leaned forward and took his still shooting cock in my mouth.

“Such a cum hungry cocksucker,” Jake groaned as I bobbed on his cock trying to fish out any last remnants of his cum.

Matt begged, sounding like so many of those coed sluts years ago, “Coach, come fuck me.”

Jake pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Go ahead, Coach, he can never get enough.”

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Straight teacher is turned by two ex-students