Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 2

Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 2

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After two days my nipples became normal. But I noticed the size of my boobs got increased and nipples are always pointed. My cousin used to take all the opportunity to pinch it whenever he gets a chance. And also squeezing it anytime he wanted. I was confused but liked the attention I was getting.

He even used to give a sudden squeeze when people are around and my face turns red with pain and pleasure. He was teasing me with all these on day 3. But did not take me to farm. I asked him can we go for a bath, but instead he sent me alone.

That night, while sleeping he was smooching me for the whole night. But did not do anything more. I don’t know when I slept. In the morning I felt a strange feeling of pleasure. When opened my eyes I saw my cousin sucking my left nipple very passionately like a child drinking milk. I was in heaven.

He started to suck by taking the entire boob in his mouth and giving small bites too. I was going mad with pleasure and started to moan. Then he did the best thing I have ever experienced. He took a roller comb and started to comb my pubic hairs. I can’t describe the pleasure.

I was in such excitement. Then suddenly he stopped it and quickly shoved his cock into my mouth. Before I could react, he was mouth-fucking me. Slowly he took his cock out of my mouth and lay on the bed. He asked me to just suck his cock and I obeyed.

I was sucking it like a lollypop. He was moving his fingers over my head and mildly pinching my cheeks. We were in a different world of excitement. Suddenly the door knocked and my aunt was calling us for breakfast. We quickly got dressed and rushed to the washroom.

Both of us did not cum. So I was desperate to cum and ready for anything he wants me to do. After breakfast, he took me to the farm. As usual, when we reached the tank, my cousin told me to remove my shirt and be topless. I was feeling shy and aroused. From yesterday I was teased and still did not cum.

He made me sit near the tank and started to feel my nipples. It was a nice feel and I leaned towards him and kept my head on his shoulder. He was so smoothly smooching my chest. He told me that today I will meet two more of his friends.

I was frightened. The thought of my soft boobies being ravished made me get scared. But thoughts of pleasure too were coming. Cousin got this with my scared eyes, and told me, just one day and enjoy. But I was scared. Slowly he increased his pace and started to mauling my sensitive boobies.

I was in heights of my pleasure and moaning and my body was trembling. I badly wanted to cum, but I was scared to ask my cousin. Suddenly I felt the urge to pee. So I asked him. He told me to wait for his friends to come. And told me to wear my shirt. I like an obedient boy wore my shirt.

In five minutes, his friends came. Now let me tell you the names of all. I am John. My cousin is Sam. His friend who sucked and bit my nipple the first day is Babu. The new friends are Raj and Michael.

Just before they came, my cousin squeezed my chest over the shirt. The wrinkles on the shirt were in such a way anyone can understand I was squeezed there. His friends got introduced and were happy to see me. They were filled with lust.

Michael was not new. He came near me and started to feel my tummy by placing his hand under my shirt. I was in shame and my cheek became red. Everyone noticed what Babu was doing and laughed. Slowly he progressed and pinched my left nipple.

A soft moan came from my mouth. All of them laughed and passed slutty comments on me. I was feeling the urge to pee, so again asked my cousin. Now the game starts again. He told his friends, I need to pee. They discussed something and came near me. I was confused and scared.

Raj took me close to him and started to unbutton my shirt. Michael started to remove my shorts, I was embarrassed and was feeling week with the excitement. My cock was partially awake and he just caught it by hand and pulled me to walk.

My cousin Sam was enjoying the way his friends are working on me. Now Raj made me stand on a big stone facing all, still holding my cock which is now solid. It looked like a thin rod in his hand. Sam told me now you can pee. OMG, I was so embarrassed to pee in front of these boys.

But Raj just pulled my foreskin back and forth, which forced me to start peeing. All the boys clapped and were enjoying me peeing. In a sudden move while I was peeing Raj kept his lips on my right nipples and started to chew. I couldn’t react as I was still peeing and the pleasure was so much.

Slowly my pee got reduced and ended. Michael came with a mug of water and started to clean my cock and with a towel whipped it clean. Sam then declared I am for all to enjoy for the whole day. So let’s move further inside the farm to the other well, so that no one will come to disturb.

Babu, as usual, was holding my cock and started to walk. On the way, everyone took their chance to maul my chest, including Sam my cousin. I was in a strange feeling of excitement and was scared as well.

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Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 2