Submissive Boy Fucked By Two Guys In The Farm

Submissive Boy Fucked By Two Guys In The Farm

I am John, 19 years old, and studying currently. I am very fair, with no hair on my face or body. I have a girlish look with nipples like a little girl. Till last April, I was a normal young boy, being good at home, etc. This incident changed me completely.

During the summer vacation in my college, I was sent to our native near Madurai to be with my distant relative’s house. Yes, I don’t have a say in the house. I am like a little boy with no hair on my face and body including my chest. I have a few small hairs in my pubic region.

My cock is quite long (8 inches), but very thin. To add, recently when I reduced my weight, the flesh around my nipples stayed and now it looks like small mangoes. Also, I am very fair and have pink lips.

So, on a fateful day, I reached the village and was welcomed by my uncle and aunt. Later, their son came and started talking with me. He took me around the village. Slowly, I noticed he was kind of touchy-touchy to me. And the biggest shock was I had to bath in the small water tank in the farm.

I don’t take bath in public as my boobs will be exposed. But here, I had no other choice.

Day 1

I managed to go alone and take a bath when my distant cousin was not around. When he came, I noticed disappointment on his face.

I always used yo wear loose shirts or t-shirts to avoid my nipples being obvious.

Day 2

I waited for him to go out and rushed to the farm. I quickly removed my shirt and shorts, wore a towel and jumped into the tank. I always feel good when I am topless.

When I was in my dream and was slowly pinching my nipples, I heard some noise and saw my distant cousin and his friend coming toward the tank and they saw me. I was in an embarrassing situation, as now I can’t come out to grab my shirt to cover my nipples.

Both came close by and asked me to come out as they are going to clean the tank. I got frightened and tried all the excuses. Nothing worked and they opened the tank. Slowly, I was standing with my hands covering my chest. Both laughed at me and said, “Only girls are ashamed to be topless” and made me remove my hands.

The moment my hands were off, they got excited to see a young boy with boobs. I was about to take my towel and my cousin caught my hand and removed my towel which was I was wearing around my waist. Now, I was standing nude in the farm in front of two boys, who were actually a year younger to me.

I tried to cover my penis, which now started to grow. But they told me to raise my hands and stand. I did as they said as I am always a submissive boy.

My body was glowing in the morning sun and water drops on my body made it look sexy. My cousin asked me if I have had sex with anyone before. I said no. He just pinched my nipples hard and I let out a moan. It was pleasure and painful.

He again pinched both the nipples hard. He did not leave it till it turned red. His friend caught my penis and pulled it.

Suddenly, my cousin caught my head and started to kiss me on the lips and started to chew it. He was pinching my left boob continuously with one hand.

His friend kept his mouth on my right nipple and bit it. I couldn’t scream as my cousin was kissing me. I started to like the roughness.

They took me to further inside the farm. I was going with them naked. My cock was rock hard and my cousin’s friend walked ahead of me holding my dick. I had to run as he was pulling my cock like he was taking cattle for a walk.

While walking, I lowered my head and saw my boobs swollen with bite marks and it had turned red. When we reached deep inside, they removed the clothes. They had thick cocks, long enough around (7 to 8 inches).

Both came to me and said that they were going to tear me today and it was a punishment for not coming to bath with them yesterday.

My cousin gave a tight spank on my ass. He squeezed it roughly and when I looked at his friend to save me, he pinched both my nipples so hard that I screamed loud and both laughed as no one can hear.

They both were fond of my boobs and started to ‘attack’ it vigorously. They were biting, slapping and sucking it. During that time, I was made to hold their dicks. My entire chest was paining like hell but I was surprised to feel pleasure equally.

They even pulled my nipples with teeth, pulled it by squeezing with hand. The pain was not bearable. I was screaming and that made them horny.

The boob-attack continued for 30 minutes (later they told me this) and finally, I was exhausted. I asked them to stop.

They finally agreed and started to suck my boobs gently after I agreed to bath with them daily and do whatever they want. I was in heaven when my both nipples were sucked by two boys and moaned. Both laughed and said that only girls moan when boobs were sucked. I was embarrassed and my cheek became red.

Now, this did not stop before both of them fucked my mouth. They told me to give them a blowjob. I just obeyed. First I was sucking my cousin’s cock. He was literally fucking my mouth and all of a sudden, l felt the warmth on my cock – it was my cousin’s friend’s mouth. So now, I was giving a blowjob and getting one at the same time.

It was so nice but my cousin gagged me and finally came in my mouth and on my boobs. He made me drink what was in my mouth and spread the remaining on my chest.

Then he took my cock and started to suck deep. My mouth was replaced by his friend’s cock. He was rough and I came heavily in my cousin’s mouth. He drank my cum and was still sucking my limp cock. I was not able to blow his friend and the pleasure was too much to handle. At last, he came on my chest and as before, spread it there.

My cock was hard again. They both just pulled it and left. I was tired like hell.

They told me to be good with them and set rules for me. I should bath with them, I should not clean the cum on my chest and also no tops when on the farm and whenever they say. At last, they said, I have to suck their other friends also. I agreed.

The next day when I woke up, my chest was swollen and was paining like hell. I couldn’t even touch it or wear a shirt. As it had become very sensitive, later they somehow took me to the farm and slowly massaged it with oil for two days till it became normal. I was even made to be topless in front of their friends.

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Submissive Boy Fucked By Two Guys In The Farm