Submissive Indian wife exposes for her husband’s pleasure

Submissive Indian wife exposes for her husband’s pleasure

This is the story of Simran, an Indian Woman who does all sorts of things for her husband’s pleasure. First she exposes herself in front of other women. In the next part the readers will read how she engages in lesbian sex and then group sex, all to please her husbands urges. In the meanwhile she also satisfies her husband orally and anally. Hope you enjoy it. Some parts are written in Bengali (local language of West Bengal, India). The translations are given along with.

Let me describe my wife Simran to you. She’s 27, 5’8″ tall. Slim with a figure of 36-26-38. She’s fair and has very long hair, which comes up to her waist. She keeps her thick mane tied in a tight ponytail, as she knows I like it. Her breasts have not sagged a bit even after three years of marriage. They’re still as tight and perky as the day I married her. She’s got amazing nipples, which are an inch long when erect. And they are mostly erect when they she sees me. She says that her nipples become erect and her pussy starts to leak as soon as she thinks of me or sees me. She has a slender waist, which make her butt look all the more big. I’m an ass man and I simply can’t get enough of her round, perfectly formed ass. I like to squeeze it and slap it when we make love, which is still about twice a day. Anyway, we discuss our fantasies while in bed and lately I have been wanting to see her with another woman. I told her so and she also got excited by the prospect of exposing her luscious body to another woman.

A few days back she told me that she had another conference planned in a week. I set about preparing her for it. First I bought her some sexy lingerie. 5-6 sets of lacy bras, some were partially transparent, while some were completely transparent. Her breasts were completely visible and being of flesh coloured, gave the impression that she was not wearing anything at all. And one of them was totally open, only the bottom supported the breasts, and the nipples were exposed. I also bought her several panties and G-strings. The panties had their bottoms exposed and only had a thin strip of lace covering her butt hole. I instructed her to wear these at all times on her trip. She would be exposing herself to Meena and Shabana.

This is her story.

Day 1: I met my colleagues at the airport. All three of us were very excited to finally meet after a gap of three years. Both Meena and Shabana hugged me and exchanged pleasantries.

Meena is younger than me at 24. She’s 5’7″, slim with a 32-24-34 figure. She’s very fair with short hair upto her shoulders, which she ties in a ponytail. Shabana is elder than me at 29. She’s short and a bit stocky with big 38 sized breasts, a protruding 40-sized ass. She is medium complexioned with a sultry look on her face. In all, her 38-28-40 figure has earned her the nickname, “Sexy Shabana” at office. Her hair is long and she keeps it open most of the times. We went towards the exit where a driver was there holding up a placard with our names in it. We showed him our ID cards and he led us to the car. After all our luggage was stowed, we set of for the resort where our conference was to be held.

It was a good 4-hour drive and we were all exhausted from the trip. But the sight of the little huts amidst lush greenery and a huge swimming pool made us feel excited to be here.

We were shown to our room. We went in, tipped the driver, who was a lanky young chap with a quick smile, and then started to unpack. All the while we were chatting excitedly about our trip, laughing at small office jokes and giggling with excitement.

It was a medium sized room with a large bed in the middle. It would be big enough for all three of us, we reasoned. We started to undress as we all wanted to freshen up before heading for lunch. As we had been roommates before on another official trip, and had seen each other in various stages of undress, it wasn’t a big deal. Or so they thought…!! Just the idea of exposing my body completely to these colleagues of mine set my heart pumping. The idea was so naughty that my pussy started leaking.

Both the women had already got up from the bed where we were sitting and chatting. Meena had opened her salwar and was in the process of unzipping her top, while Shabana had already opened her sari and was standing beside her in just her blouse and petticoat.

“Oh..!! It’s so hot in here. Can’t wait to take a cool shower.” With that I also got up and opened my t-shirt in one go and walked casually to the closet where we had stored our baggage. I could make out the two women checking me out as I had worn a pink semi transparent bra with just pieces of lace covering my nipples, which were hard by now. I folded the t-shirt and kept it on a shelf. With my back towards them, I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and rolled it off my hips. I was wearing matching pink bikini panties underneath. It was cut very high at the back, with just a narrow strip covering my butt. My fleshy ass cheeks were very much exposed. To top it all the back was also made of a semi transparent net, through which anyone could make out my ass crack. The whole effect was breathtaking. I heard a soft gasp from behind me as I bent and took off my jeans, giving the women a good show.

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“Oh my god…!! Simi, what are you wearing? It’s so naughty…!!!” Meena giggled. I turned to find both of them stripped down to their underwear and looking at me with open admiration. Meena had a silly grin on her face while Shabana had he hands on her hips and was looking at me with a sultry smile on her lips. “You look good enough to eat, my dear” Shabana said. And I was in no doubt that she would do just that, given half a chance.

I just smiled coyly, “Yeah I know, my husband bought them for me, he only likes to see me in these”

With that I slipped into a bathrobe and went off to take a shower, where I used the showerhead to spray at my cunt. I didn’t come though. I wanted to be horny for the night ahead.

After the shower, I came out wearing only a towel wrapped around me. I tied it loosely around my breasts. The length was such that my ample butt was just about covered. As I came out, Meena went in. Shabana was sitting on the bed, wearing a bathrobe. I smiled at her as I went to the closet again and selected fresh underwear. I had my back to her as I bent down to retrieve the bra and panty from my bag. I knew my towel had ridden up and that my wet pussy was exposed to Shabana. It excited me a lot.

I took my time in selecting the underwear; I finally selected a black see through bra and a black g-string. My back still turned I casually slipped the g-string on and adjusted it, wriggling my bottom. I pulled the string at the back once and let it snap back. Then I opened my towel completely as if unaware of Shabana’s presence. I put on the black bra and slowly turned. My heart was beating so fast that I thought she would surely notice. Shabana only smiled silently at me; her naughty eyes conveying a distinct message. My breasts were clearly visible in the bra as were my nipples, which were fully erect by now.

“You’re really looking hot, Simi..!! Hmmmm… Rahul sure is a lucky man to be able to get such a hot and sexy woman in his bed every night.., ” Shabana said, looking directly at my swollen titties. “Tell me about him Simi…How is he … in bed I mean…??”

I went near the dressing table and with my back towards her started to brush my hair. “Oh…!! He’s great in bed.” I said as I now lifted my arms and put some roll on deo on my hairless armpits. I could make out she was staring openly at my exposed ass cheeks. The g-string panty was basically a triangle, which covered my nether lips and not much else. The string was tightly digging into my ass crack. ” He’s very passionate. And he has tremendous stamina. I just love it when he makes love to me, he satisfies me so much.” “Hmmm, so he fucks you a lot huh…?? How big is he, I mean how big is his cock??”

Shabana’s dirty talk was turning me on as I picked a short skirt and put it on, then put on a skimpy top which showed my belly button. “Hmmm, don’t ask Shabana, he’s a monster. It’s about 8 inches when erect and I can barely wrap my fingers around his little brother, that’s what he calls it, it’s so thick…!!! And when he bends me over like a dog and fucks me hard from behind, I can barely take it… but in the end, I enjoy it just as much as he does. He likes to slap my butt cheeks while fucking me like a bitch in heat…can you believe it…???” with that I slapped my cheek lightly over my skirt as if to show her how my husband likes to do it.

She took it as a cue to come near me and slap my ass cheek herself. She was standing very near me. She slapped me again, harder this time and this time her hand did not leave my ass. She started to caress it slowly over the thin material of the skirt, “Yes I can, who wouldn’t want to slap these big mounds of flesh..?? I feel like doing it myself now…”. Her hand was slowly inching under my short dress. Just then we both heard the bathroom door opening.

“Oh Shabana, stop kidding”, I smiled shyly and moved away jut as Meena came in wearing a towel. That was the end of her teasing but the short exchange had left me totally hot and wet.

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After we all got ready, we went for lunch. It was a simple affair with rice and curry. Post lunch, we headed for the conference room, where we were to have our orientation. We had an hour-long discussion, where we were introduced to operations people from various regions. It was a small group of 12, 9 females and 3 guys; one of them was my boss, Sanjay Singh. I was happy to see him as he was always affectionate towards me and helped me in whatever initiatives I planned. He was a tall guy of 6′ and had a great build with chiseled features. I often thought that we would make a good couple together. But I was married to Rahul and I loved my husband very much. Even he was happily married with a small daughter. So my infatuation was basically restricted to my fantasy. Each of us was given the programme routine. I saw that tomorrow we were to have training on software programs. Next day was an interactive session where we had to share our best practices and some unique problem we faced. Every evening there was some event planned which went on till 11 PM even. For instance, on day 2, we had a visit to a water park nearby where we also had to participate in a game of water polo. Day 3 we had a masquerade ball and cocktail party where we had to dress up as a fairytale character but with masks on. Lot of fun and games were to take place. Day 4 was the last day. Basically it was a weeklong programme.

After our orientation we hung around talking to people from other regions and catching up on new developments in the company, hot gossip etc.

Then we had evening snacks and tea. We girls decided to go for a walk in the resort grounds. We went behind the main building and up a narrow path. As we were chatting happily about this and that, we didn’t realize when the sky had grown dark and the foliage around us had grown thicker as we went further and further up the path into what can only be described as a forest. As it was winter, the day ended quite quickly, we were about to turn around when suddenly we saw a light turn on a short distance from us. We were not sure if we were even within the resort grounds as it was built in an outskirt area and there weren’t any houses for miles.

Anyway, curious, we decided to explore. As we got nearer, we saw it was a small mud lined hut, which probably belonged to one of the permanent staff of the resort. For some reason, the whole situation was very eerie and we were feeling a bit nervous. But we decided to plod on anyway. As we came near the hut, we heard some voices coming from inside. It sounded more like some one was groaning in pain. Concerned, we stepped near the open window. When we looked in, we found that the sounds were actually moans of pleasure, which were coming from a woman lying on her back on a mattress on the floor while a short stocky man pounded her pussy from above. The woman was young, in her mid twenties and dark complexioned. She had medium sized breasts with long black nipples, which the man was sucking away to glory.

Her legs were spread apart in an obscene way as she received the hard trusts of the man on top of her. He was short and stocky but very fair and looked to be a man belonging to an upper class.

Suddenly Shabana whispered, “Hey..!! I know this guy. He the conference room manager”

“Don’t tell me…!!!” I gasped.

“Yes, I’m sure. He was in charge of the buffet lunch and was leering at me while I was selecting my dish.”

“What the hell is he doing here?”

“Don’t know… maybe he likes to fuck low class housewives. Some men get off on that”.

Again we turned to the scene before us. The man had taken out his cock and was offering his slimy tool to the low class woman. It was small and stocky like him.

“Yeh leh.. choos mera lauda.”

“Nahi nahi…yeh ganda hain..main nahi choosta”

“Chal aur paanchso rupaye doonga…chal choos…meri rani.”

The man was pleading now. The woman was hesitant but the mention of the extra money clearly had her interested. She looked up to him and said, “Sachhi..? Baad mein chala toh nahi jayega?”

The man shook his head.” Nahi meri rani.. tujhe chor kar mein ja sakta hoon kya…? Le, ab mera lauda choos” And he offered her his prick again. The woman this time slowly bent her head and took the wet cock in her mouth. With long, slow motions she began sucking the man’s thick cock, cleaning it thoroughly. The man had his eyes closed in pleasure as he held the woman’s hair and guided her head. The woman also had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feel of his cock in her mouth. After some time, the manager started to buck his hips and his movements became more urgent. We could make out that he was close to cumming. The woman started to take his cock out but the man would have nothing of it. He held her head firmly in his hands and started to fuck her mouth. “Oh meri rani, le apni mard ka pani muh me leh…” and with a loud groan, he spilled his load in the woman’s unwilling mouth. After a few jerks, he was finally spent and took his prick out of her mouth. It was already growing small. The woman rushed out to spit the semen from her mouth. She returned a few moments later and sat beside the man who was now lying on the mattress, a smile on his face.

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“Bahut bura hai tuh, mere muh me kyun dala?”

“Kya karu rani, tu itna achhi tara se choos rahi thi ke mein samal nahin saka. Aa mere paas baith zara”.

The woman sat beside the man, and took hold of his flaccid penis, rubbing it gently. They continued to make small talk. We slowly crept from the scene and walked back the path we had just come. Using our mobiles for light, we somehow made it back to the resort grounds. We went to our rooms and were chatting and giggling as we discussed the sight we just saw. I was quite wet from witnessing the lovemaking scene between the manager and the low class housewife, and I think the others were too.

Anyway, after some time, the call for dinner came and we went to have it. Coming back, my mind was already thinking about how to expose myself some more to my colleagues and also give some relief to my aching pussy.

We went inside our room and all of us declared that we were bone tired and wanted to get some sleep so that we were fresh and rested for the day tomorrow.

Menna, Shabana and I started undressing and getting into our night suits. Meena opened her shalwar. She was wearing a modest white bra and a simple brown panty, which was pretty large. Shabana slowly stripped off her sari and blouse to reveal a black lacy bra, which showed a lot of cleavage. Then, she unfastened the string holding her petticoat and let it fall to the floor. She casually turned her back to me and bent over straight from the waist to pick it up. I was treated to a lovely view of her huge 40-sized buttocks. Next, she went to the closet and picked a blue and white nightie with strings ties at the shoulder and at the front. Partially covered by the closet doors, she took off the bra as well, exposing her large 38-sized breasts. They hung down slightly, due to their weight. I watched keenly as she turned slightly towards me, exposing her black nipples as well. She seemed to do this as if it was the most natural thing in the world; being topless in front of another female, and in most cases it would be. But not to me, as excited as I was, it only served to make me hotter.

Meena meanwhile had chosen a t-shirt and leggings to wear at night; she went into the bathroom to begin her nightly regimen.

I had stripped down to the black see through bra and a black g-string, which I had worn in the morning. Shabana and I were making small talk as we undressed, but I could feel the sexual tension between us. She had put on the thin cotton nightie with lace work at the top. There were strings at the front as well, up to the waist, and she began to fiddle with them, standing in front of the mirror and untying them and tying them again loosely, so that the sides of her ample bosom and the front of her fleshy belly, with the deep belly button, was clearly visible. I looked at her deep cleavage admiringly. She smiled at me knowingly as she saw me looking at her breasts. I decided that I should also give her a good show as well. Standing in front of he open closet, I bent down; showing her my exposed butt cheeks encased in the tiny g-string, and picked up a small baby doll from my bag. I took my time selecting the right one, so that she could have a good view of my tight, rounded ass cheeks with just the black string in between them. It was a sheer blue dress, which just about covered my ass, when standing up. If I bent, my cheeks would become exposed. To add to that, there were long slits on the side up to the breasts, which were tied with strings. The top half was shaped like a deep cut bra, with lace trimmings and a long string in the front, just below the cups, to make it tight. The cups were made of transparent satin. It had matching blue high cut panties, with just a lace string covering the back.

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Submissive Indian wife exposes for her husband’s pleasure

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