Submissive Indian wife recounts her voyeuristic experience

Submissive Indian wife recounts her voyeuristic experience

“Oh sona, arekbar bolo ki dekhhecho (oh darling, tell me again what you saw).”

“Ami dekhlam, Ajit or mota bara ta diye bou ke khub jore chudche (I saw Ajit fucking his wife hard with his fat dick)”.

“Did you see his cock? Did u like it, huh? You liked to see someone else’s cock, huh, u bitch?”

” Ha sona, (yes darling) I saw his cock, it was long and thick. O Mona ke chude khub aram dichhilo (He was giving Mona a lot of much pleasure). I got horny and started rubbing myself right there, standing near their door. It was open just a crack but I could see them clearly as a light was on inside. Please forgive me dear I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s OK”, I said as I fucked my wife Simran. Her legs were spread wide apart as I grabbed her heavy breasts and thrust hard into her tight pussy. Her breasts were red from my constant mauling; her nipples were hard as rocks. I put the right one in my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned in pleasure under me. I bit on it lightly; she gasped.

” Sona, notun bou ke chude aram hochhe to? Bou er gude tomar mota bara ta dhukiye bhalo kore chodo sona. Jotokhhon tomar ichhe amake jerokom khushi chodo. Amar ei sorir ta tomar, eta ke niye ja ichhe koro.? (Darling, are u feeling good fucking your newly wedded wife? Put your fat cock in your wife’s pussy and fuck her well. Fuck me as long as you like, in whichever way u want. This body is yours do whatever u want with it.)

My submissive wife was at her best; as she took my entire 6-inch cock while egging me on to fuck her harder. I had been fucking her for last 20 minutes and listening to her story about one of her colleagues when she had gone for an official outstation trip. Her colleague, Ajit had graciously asked her to stay at their place instead of a hotel. At night, when she had gone to the kitchen for a glass of water, she spied Ajit and his wife Mona, going at it like there was no tomorrow. Now, as I fucked her, she was describing it in detail. I was very excited as I imagined my innocent wife watching another man fucking his wife.

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“Then what happened?”

“Then he turned her the other way and made her stand on her hands and knees. He was going to fuck her from the back. That’s when he saw me, I think. I just stood there, unable to move. He slowly took his cock in one hand and rubbed it, showing it to me, while rubbing and squeezing Mona’s round ass cheeks with the other. It must have been at least 8 inches long and it was thick as a sausage. The head was red and shining with their juices. Then he slowly pushed his cock back into his wife’s pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. All this time, as he slowly pumped into her body, he continued looking at me with a steady gaze. I felt terribly ashamed but at the same time transfixed by the sight in front of me. Mona had her head down and was enjoying her hubby’s cock. She didn’t have any inkling that her guest was watching her as she got fucked by Ajit. He had grabbed her hips and now was thrusting hard into her pussy, his thighs making a slapping sound against her fleshy buttocks. The sounds of their coupling filled the room. Ajit was moving faster and faster and I understood that he was close. At last, he groaned like an animal and unloaded his cock cream into Mona’s pussy. He made a few short hard thrusts and then withdrew completely. I could clearly see his rigid pole getting soft and hanging limply between his legs. He fell backwards on the bed, totally spent. Mona got up slowly, recovering from the hard fucking and laid her head on Ajit’s lap, his spent cock inches from her face. Then she slowly flicked out her tongue and licked the cock head, licking up the drop of cum there. Slowly she took the entire cock in her mouth and proceeded to clean his cock. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. After a while she laid her head on his chest as the happy couple cuddled. Ajit was fondling her medium sized breasts while she rubbed his hairy chest. I slowly withdrew from their door to my room. I locked the door behind me and fell on the bed. Lifting my negligee over my wet pussy, I rubbed over it feverously with one hand while squeezing my breasts with the other. Soon I came, wetting my thighs with my pussy juice.”

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“Wow, that’s really something,….now get ready for your hubby’s cock juice. I’m going to come.”

“Oh sona, dao…dao…tomar gorom rosh amar gud e phalo”

“Yeah…take it bitch”, I said as I banged her hard, my cock swelling inside her, feeling her wetness. “Take your hubby’s cock, take it like a whore…”

“Yeah I’m your whore…your slut wife…I liked to see his cock…. if u want I’ll fuck him in front of you too. I know u like that.”

“Yeah I want u to fuck Ajit while I watch then you’re going to watch as I take his wife. I had my eyes on that stuck up bitch for a long time. It’s time I tasted her.”

“Here I come, whore…take my cock”, with that I suddenly withdrew from her pussy, grabbed her by her hair and dragged her mouth to my penis. She obediently opened her mouth, knowing what was expected from her. She sucked on my cock while I grabbed her thick hair and pushed her mouth into my cock. When I was ready, I looked into her eyes and told her. “That’s it bitch, I’m going to come.” She knew that she would have to take the entire load into her mouth and swallow it. She egged me on by saying.

Ha sona, amatr mukhe tomar rosh dhalo sona. Tomar gorom rosh diye amar mukh bhoriye dao. (Yes darling, spill your hot juices in my mouth. Fill my mouth with your hot cum) Come on my face. Come in your slut wife’s mouth….I want to taste it… come..come…make me your cum slut”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a loud grunt, I came. I unloaded spurt after spurt of thick cum on my beautiful wife’s face. Most of it landed on her open mouth, which she happily accepted. Some landed on her cheeks and drooled down to her ample tits. After I had finished cumming, she swallowed the load in her mouth. Then I stuck my cock deep in her mouth as she proceeded to suck me clean. I leaned back, waves of pleasure running through me and smiled.

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Life was good.

#Submissive #Indian #wife #recounts #voyeuristic #experience

Submissive Indian wife recounts her voyeuristic experience

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