Submissive Indian woman Fantasy/Humiliation Life

Submissive Indian woman Fantasy/Humiliation Life

Things Like This just do not Happen to Married Women in India

The woman in this story is a 40 yr old attractive Indian woman. She was educated in the states and married to what she thinks is a conservative Indian man. They had met while attending college together. They have been married for about fifteen yrs and have a daughter in her early teens and an eight year old son. She has been intimate with only two other men in her life and both were before marriage!
One of these men was like her husband, who’s whole idea of sex was plain uninspiring missionary sex, but the other was much more kinky, and this partner was quite explicit as to what he wanted to do to her when it came to rough and perverted sex! They only got to do a few of these things together before going their separate ways. He had threatened to do all sorts of things, but what he had threatened, now later in life as a married woman was enough to excite her and produce numerous fantasy’s about abduction bondage, slave and master situations along with being brutally raped!

It was hard to say what might have happened had they stayed together. However fate always seems to play a part in these kinds of relationships as to how people meet, get married and all of the things that a normal married couple, (Normal being the key word here) would do! She do to her educational commitments and him leaving to attend a different college had broken apart, what might have been!
Not long after this she met her husband to be, and the rest so they say is history. Her dull sex life and seemingly disinterested husband had only helped produced some incredible dripping fantasy’s based on her earlier experience, and these fantasy’s only seemed to get more perverted kinky and abusive.

Thus leaving her sexually charged , increasingly unfulfilled and wanting ! She had heard her husband commenting to other men about her, saying she was just a wife, like she was some sort of domestic this seemed to be a cruel and insensitive statement! Just a wife she thought I will show him!….
She finally had discovered the Internet and the risque sites accessible to her in India! These sites offered just about any kind of sexual situation one could imagine! But the ones she really liked were the dark and dangerous ones. The ones that did not appeal to the average woman cyber sexing around on a safe site, especially an older married one that was just out for a little fun and kinky sex play through the anonymous safety of the net.

The site that she liked the most and the people that posted on them were the ones that said things like, Do not tell anyone about this, and wear as little as possible when we meet!!…. Do not bring anything only enough money for cab or bus fare to the places she was told to go, in the poor and depressed slum area of the city!

These were areas even in Chennai, mostly a conservative city that after dark were unescorted women could easily get into trouble! These E-Mails would almost always end with, after you have read and memorized the place as to where they were to meet she was suppose to delete it!….

She was almost always horny , after reading several of these E-mails just could not resist, being naive finally answering one of them. In only a short period of time she was telling a perfect stranger everything about her! What she looked like, that she was slightly on the chubby side or as some would say full figured. That she was a fair skinned Indian woman. About 5 ft 6i n tall, 70kgs about 150 lbs, with a 38-34-36 body and curly black hair. This is the perfect description of Maya, a middle class married Indian woman.

She had even sent him several nude pictures along with her most intimate and perverse thoughts. Including the fact that she fantasized about, and wanted to be raped as brutal and sadistically as possible by black men and did not want him, or who ever did it to hold anything back! OMG! Was the thought of this ever exciting, and the fantasy of it! He had also sent a picture of a hansom black brute of a man!

The man or person on the other end was very charming and quite clever at getting every detail out of her. Along with having her agree to some of the most sinful and perverted sex acts that one could imagine, as her mind went crazy at least in fantasy.
The details did not matter at all, as the sinful delicious and tantalizing thought of what might happen to her was like a sexual drug induced feeling of euphoria.. She knew that things could end badly and that she could easily get hurt, but to her, the erotic and perverse thought of sexual intercourse and abusive rape over came any rational or reasonable thought! Nor being innocently naive did she think the picture he had sent was of someone else?

She finally with much hesitation agreed to meet this stranger and had left a short note for her husband that said, I love you and not to worry, as she would be back later that evening or some time the following day! Saying that she was going to help a distant relative, but not saying who or where the relative was?.

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She had, as instructed taken little money and had worn a plain but rather tight fitting dress with nothing under it also as instructed! The dress showed a lot of cleavage, but for the most part was modest . She had sent this person a picture of her, wearing red 4” platform heels and pull up thigh high stockings, both were luxury’s for most women in India . She had taken nude pictures of herself , her big breasts and holding the short dress up so that her well trimmed black pubic hair and the labia lips of her pussy could easily be seen!

If you had seen these pictures you would have to admit she really looked attractive and sexy, but not quite so innocent!.

She had sent him several E-Mail telling him that she would probably at the last moment change her mind, and if she did, not under any circumstances , and in no uncertain terms no matter how much she begged for him to let her go, and be sent home . Was not to do so, and he was to make her go through with their perverted sexual agreement! What ever it was she had promised , this she wanted to make this perfectly clear to him, thus sealing her fate !

He then told her she was take a certain bus to a place in the old part of Madras…
Following his instructions to the letter she changed several buses in route. This part of the city where they were to meet was a place where the local news had reported a number of young and older women had gone missing, and after several days they were usually found nude, bound, gagged and blindfolded , they had also been forcefully beaten mostly their breasts bare bottoms and especially their pussies , then had been raped numerous times!

Most of the women could not remember a thing or chose not to say anything about what had happened to them, or who had did such an awful thing even if they knew? Apparently they had been threatened, which left the local authorities totally baffled. Their were also a number of women that were never found?…..

The thought of this fact alone added to Maya’s erotic thoughts. The man she was to meet had further stated that she was to be there at 7:00 pm that Friday evening at the appointed place.

She had worn a thin coat over her modest dress so as not to attract much attention. On the bus trip, she began to have second thoughts and after changing buses several times, got on the last bus, as the driver looked her over he made the comment that few women ventured into this part of old Madras after dark by themselves, especially attractive ones! She almost did not get on the bus after hearing this, but her body and dirty little fantasy was so overpowering that it was now in control!….

She was glad to have worn the coat. When on this last bus the streets were darker and she had seen fewer people . She had gotten so uncontrollably wet as her mind raced, with the thought of intoxicating perverted sex! She had unbutton the coat and move it up and out of the way, and had worked the tight fitting dress up to her waist so that they would not get wet from her obvious stimulation!….As her thoughts and fantasy was adding to her wetness things she had never dreamed before, and were bringing her untapped female sexuality to its very peak!

The problem was ,that her bare wet mature cunt/ labia lips and the pubic area matched perfectly with the fabric material the bus seat was made of, so that when the bus finally arrived at the end of the line she was at first unable to get up! The problem being, it was a low seat and had left her in an awkward setting position. Leaving her pussy stuck to the seat like a powerful suction cup, this was caused by the pre orgasmic wetness and the fact that she was setting right over the rear tires of the bus, this had made the jostling ever so more stimulating and effective , each time the bus hit a bump and most of the back roads in this part of Chennai had a lot of bumps! …….

As the bus came to a halt she was all by herself and the only one left, the driver sensed she was having some sort of difficulty and in curiosity? Walked back to where she was setting.

He had not noticed her full figured subtle curves when she had gotten on the bus due to the coat. But now with it fully unbuttoned, up out of the way and her dress pulled up, she was bare from the waist down wearing only pull up western style stockings and red platform heels that left little to his imagination! He stared at her naked helplessness for several minutes in awe of her naked beauty and then offered to help her, first trying to pull her up by her hands. This had not worked at all….

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Then he finally had reached under her arms and around , clasping his hands her back, and as she leaned forward trying to help, it had placed the cleavage of her big breasts almost in his face! This was followed by him giving her several healthy jerks which finally pulled her cunt / labia lips loose! As he did so there was an audible sucking along with a very unladylike noise followed by a definite smacking pop as her wet stimulated and mature cunt/ labia lips were finally pulled free!

He had been holding her so tight that as he pulled, her big beautiful 38” breasts were squeezed up and completely out of her dress!… They stood there locked together for the moment, he not knowing quite what to do? Never having hugged such an attractive woman so tight or so close, especially one who’s breasts were free of under garments!

Maya felt herself flush in embarrassment, but the sensation in her pussy was incredible, as he finally let go . Giving her a quick leer up and down, he walked back to his seat with his pants bulging, he was not sure exactly what had just happened. But was quite certain it had something to do with her bare female posterior!

She scared to death still blushing and embarrassed pushed her bare breasts back into her dress, straightened herself up as best she could, buttoned her coat and hurried to get off the bus. She felt the stimulation of being stuck to the seat, it had left her wetter, and trembling with even more sinful anticipation as to what might happen next!… When the bus drove off the driver hollered out to her, good luck Mohila. your going to need it……

Standing where the bus had let her off looking, at first the street seemed to be deserted, but as her eyes became accustomed to the darkness , the very dim street light began to reveal a number of men next to an old building across the street from where she was at. OMG! She had taken a long bath before she left and had use some rather strong soap with a fragrance that made her smell quite appealing! Maya tried to think of the place where she was to meet this stranger, her mind was jumbled and could not remember where she was suppose to go not knowing, as she walked along the street! At first they paid little attention and then she heard one of them say to his friends.

I smell pussy, and she’s alone! Maya heard them starting across the street . Her heart was pounding as she walked faster, but the high platform shoes and tight dress was slowing her down !….She as a married woman that few men had ever given her a second look, just could not imagine how shapely and sexually attractive she looked from behind, as her bottom fresh scent, and ass cheeks wiggled so inviting! The high western style platform heels she was wearing easily made her legs and bare bottom under the thin dress even more sinfully desirable !

She looked back as several more men crossed the street , with at least a dozen following! She had come to a place between two buildings , there was trash and an old derelict car that had been abandoned , along with a number of larger trash bins beside the buildings. The alley was dark and dirty, except for one dim light half way, she could see graffiti painted all over the walls, but what looked like her only chance!…. Down at the end , she could see brighter lights and a fairly busy street with cars passing . It appeared that if, she could beat them to the street she could be free of these men, and could then resume her search for the place she was to meet this stranger!.

This was not exactly what she had imagined as her meeting was suppose to be just one man! The thought of more than one man and a gang of them had really excited her! As it now appeared her fantasy might be better than she could ever have imagined! She was about half way down the alley and had unbuttoned her coat and reached down pulling her tight dress up even higher so she could walk faster. The closest man, walking faster had reached out and tried to grab her, but was just barely able to catch part of her coat! She had let him pull it off, as it looked as though she might make it to the lighted street, when suddenly she tripped over something!…OMG!….Wham!

She hit the pavement hard, had tried to stop her fall but her hands had been clutching her dress and had barely been able to break her fall!. She was stunned for a moment and that was all it took! She was on all fours with her bare bottom showing and her big tits hanging down and was trying to get up. The closest man was on her in second’s she tried to scream as the terrifying reality sank in! But he put his big hand around her throat and squeezed ! Her ability to breath, and make any noise was suddenly gone as he choked her, and with his other hand grabbed a fist full of beautiful long black hair! Pulling her head back violently, he screamed at her to shut up!

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She tried to scream again as his grip tightened. He said be quiet and we won’t hurt you! He then turned her around and slapped her face really hard several times while still holding onto her hair, and again said shut up, …and do exactly as I say! The stinging blows had left her dazed, with her eyes watering ! He then pulled her up even higher by her hair and eased his grip on her neck, as the other men had now gathered around apparently they were all part of the same gang!

Most of them were young rough looking dark skinned African men!. The man holding her was Indian,.. older and she could see he was big and very strong!.. The heels of her hands were scratched dirty and bruised, her knees had fared better as her pull up thigh high stockings were of some protection. She was able to breath again, as he let loose of her throat, but the stinging slaps to her face had left her cheeks burning with tears in her eyes , and her ears still ringing!

Then he lifted her straight up to where her toes were just barely touching the ground, by only her hair, and did so using only one hand. She had started to plead with him to let her go as she thrashed around like a puppet on a string? Several of the men were now laughing at her, as they started pulling at her thin dress . She could hear the fabric as it ripped, and was torn away! She, now naked and even under these circumstances presented the body of a shapely and attractive full figured woman. Maya had no idea a woman could be hung by her hair like this by only one man, and so utterly helpless and naked in front of all these strange men!

The feeling was still terrifying but the other feeling of being naked in front of this gang of mean looking and obviously lust filled men was even more exciting than she could ever have imagined! The thought alone was making her sloppy wet, as her breathing became heavier, and her heart was almost pounding out of her chest! She heard them talking about what they were going to do to her! He told her to put her hands behind her back, and to keep them there, she felt someone tie them tight! He pushed her in front of a dark skinned nasty weasel looking man and asked him what did he ? Want to do to her!

Drooling sadistically he said nothing as his rough hands squeezed her bare breasts and cruelly pulled on her her brown nipples! Then her bare bottom was brutally spanked, several times with a bare hand by unseen others and when someone viciously pinched her wet little clit! To her it felt like a burning jolt of electricity had shot between her legs as her knees collapsed leaving her again only held up by only her hair! The strong sadistic fingers had easily slipped into her wet trembling and tight hardly used cunt! …. This cruel treatment had brought on a most ready and helplessly uncontrolled orgasm!….

One said, she feels like a virgin! But her pussy is dripping like shes a whore of the worst kind! … Maya was starting to plead for them not the hurt her when she heard someone say! I think she likes this, and wants to be raped!

She was trying to act the part of a scared and helpless woman saying in her most convincing voice No! When one of them said, She needs to be ass fucked and have her shit packed, and her cunt filled with loads of cum! Another said I wonder how many men she can take and how many cocks she can suck!…

Her cheeks breasts and bottom were flush from the stinging slap and the excitement of what was happening to her. The big man still holding her hair, and still with one hand now had forced her down onto her knees , with the other placed his thumb and fore finger in to the corners of her mouth forcing it opening as if he was placing a bridle on a wild horse, then with her mouth gaping open he tilted her head back!

The black weasel looking man then unzipped his pants and has produced an 8” semi hard slimy cock and started to furiously beat off!.. In a matter of moments he ejaculates an incredible stream of cum that hits her first in the face as his aim is poor, then shoots the rest of it into her open mouth, the smell is sickening ! It is a big load of yellow semen ! The big Indian man holding her mouth open has now closed it, as he pinched off her nose, and tells her to swallow! She is gagging helplessly as she tries to gulp down and swallow the sicking taste and breathe all at the same time !…

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Submissive Indian woman Fantasy/Humiliation Life

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