Submissive wife is exposed by husband – Forced Wife

Submissive wife is exposed by husband – Forced Wife

Hi, I’m Paul, and I thought I’d share some of my recent experiences with you. The centre of these is my relationship with my wife Brianna. Brianna is what is considered a very attractive woman. She is tall with long blond hair and a face with the same fine features of Michelle Pfeifer. She has the slim body of a glamour model with firm shapely breasts. We have been married now for some 7 years and in recent months I have been varying our sex life and have discovered that she has a submissive nature which nicely matches with my own increasingly dominant tendencies. Brianna has not been completely comfortable with this developing trend in our relationship, but I have gradually increased the pressure on her to accept the roles I have imposed on her during our sexual activities. The story I am telling here describes how I planned and executed the first major step in imposing my will on her in a more public fashion.

In outline, my plan was to invite a group of friends and colleagues to our home and progressively display her submissive side to them. I was not sure how far I would be able to take it, but I was intent on going as far as she would go and even beyond. I told Brianna on the Friday that I planned the party for the Saturday night, but, at that stage told her nothing of what I intended. She seemed pleased to host a party, though I had not told her who was to be invited. In fact I had composed the guest list very carefully. I had invited both friends of both of us, but also a few people who I alone knew and several others who were colleagues from my wife’s work. (She is a secretary in a lawyer’s office). I had in mind that her humiliation, for that was what I planned, should be as broadly public as possible. My guest list was 14, predominantly men but with two couples thrown in. When I invited the men, although I did not give details of what I planned, I did indicate that it was not to be the ordinary dull party and I made one request that they bring a specific gift along with them (more of that later).

On the day of the party Brianna was busy all afternoon preparing the buffet dishes I had specified. This gave me the opportunity to go out and collect the various purchases I had made during the week. Around 7 o’clock Brianna indicated that she was going to shower and get ready. I followed her upstairs a few minutes later and when she came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her I was waiting for her by the bed with some of my new purchases laid out on the bed. As she reached to open the wardrobe doors to select her clothes for the evening I reached out and grasped her wrist. “No” I said “I have brought you a complete new outfit for you to wear this evening.” She looked down where I indicated the clothes laid out on the bed and I heard her intake of breath as she realised what I expected her to wear. The underwear was the sheerest black, almost transparent briefs, a matching black bra which, as we both could see, would have great difficulty in containing her breasts. These scanty garments were complemented by a black suspender belt and nylon stockings. For outerwear I had selected a very short, very tight black skirt and white see-through blouse that buttoned at the front. The outfit resembled a french maid’s costume but without the lace pinafore. To set off the whole ensemble I had placed on the bed a pair of black stilettos with 5 inch heels.

Brianna stared wide-eyed at the displayed garments, then picking each up in turn she said “Ralph, you don’t expect me to wear these in company.”

“Why not” I said. “Ralph, they’re too revealing. Look I don’t mind wearing them for you in the privacy of our own room, but you can’t expect me to display myself before our friends.” It was at this point that I began to assert what I demanded of her for the evening. “Brianna,” I said, “you will both wear and do what I tell you this evening.” I reinforced my words by dropping my voice to a threatening whisper that I knew she had come to associate with my dominance over her. “You will now dress yourself in these clothes and you will make yourself up in the way you know I like.” By this she knew I meant her to paint her face and body heavily with makeup in a way that made her look cheap and tartish. This was a role I had made her adopt consistently in our recent sexual activities. For a moment she looked as though she was going to argue further, but then her face crumpled into defeat and she meekly nodded her head in compliance.

Just then the doorbell rang.. “Right, you get dressed and made up and I will let in our guests. I will expect you downstairs in 30 minutes.” She turned her head again to the flimsy display on the bed and nodded her head.

I went downstairs and opened the door to the first of our guests. I helped them to drinks and by the time the 30 minutes was up, all our guests had arrived. Just then my mobile rang and I left the lounge to answer it. It was Brianna calling from the bed room.. “Ralph” she said “I really can’t come downstairs in this, I look like a cheap whore. You really can’t want me to expose myself like this to our friends.” I dropped my voice again to a whisper “Brianna you will do exactly as I say. You have already earned a punishment for being late. Don’t make it any worse. If you are not down here in 5 minutes I will come up there and drag you down. Think of that as a display for our friends.” I thought I heard her sob and then she whispered, barely audibly “I’ll be right down.”

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I returned to our guests and told them. “Tonight is a special night. Tonight my wife, your hostess, is anxious that you all have a good time. She is prepared to do anything to ensure you enjoy yourselves. You will see what I mean in just a moment.” Exactly on cue, Brianna appeared at the top of the stairs. She was indeed a sight. The short skirt exposed her thighs within inches of her crotch and the sheer blouse did little to hide her firm breasts bulging out of the skimpy bra. The dark shadow of her nipples was clerly visible through the sheer material of the blouse and bra. Conversation stopped as all the male members of the party gazed up at her. She stood there, not moving for a moment, obviously embarrassed by the stares she was receiving. “Come down Brianna” I said. She looked appealingly at me as though willing me to end her embarrassment and call it off.. I just stared back unflinchingly and she started to walk down. As she took each step down the skirt would twist and rise exposing even more of her long shapely legs.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, I went to her side and, putting my hand on her shoulders as though exhibiting her to the gathering. I said “Brianna, I was just explaining to our guests how anxious you are to please them and serve them in any way. Perhaps you would start by getting them some more drinks.” As she dumbly complied and went to the bar, she was followed by all eyes. She poured drinks into the waiting glasses on a tray and returned to begin serving them to our guests. From where I stood I watched as she bent forward to offer the tray to George, her work colleague. I could see his eyes widen as her blouse gaped and he found himself looking straight down at the exposed swell of her breasts. When she brought my drink to me, instead of taking it from the tray she held, I reached over and undid two more buttons on her blouse. I did this in full view of everyone, and as she straightened up her blouse opened half way to her waist exposing even more of her lacy bra covering her full breasts. This had the effect, not only of further exposing my wife’s body, but more importantly it indicated to our guests my intentions as to how my wife should please them. Peter and Les in particular caught on quickly to the way the evening was developing. As Brianna turned back to return to the bar, Peter called to her “Brianna I need another drink over here please.” She hesitated for a moment as she faced him, with her blouse wide open displaying her tits tightly compressed in the skimpy uplifting bra. She turned again to me with a pleading look in her eyes, but I was unrelenting and maintained a fixed stare which made it clear to her that she should comply with the request, in spite of the fact that she would be serving Peter not only a drink but also a close view of her half-bared chest.

She took the tray of drinks over to him and as she bent over to offer him the tray her tits fell forward and hung down in front of him constrained only by the thin material of the bra. Instead of taking the glass from the tray he grasped it, but did not lift it. This had the effect of making Brianna remain in the revealing bent over position. He seemed to put pressure on the tray forcing her to bend forward even further from the hips exposing more and more of her thighs as the short skirt rose upwards until it rested just below her buttocks. We could all see the bottom swell of her ass framed by the straps of the suspender belt. He held her for a moment and then looked over to me. “Paul, I am most impressed with your wife’s hospitality. She certainly seems to be prepared to go a long way to please her guests.” With a last leer at her dangling tits he took the glass from the tray, allowing Brianna to straighten and stand upright again. She stood there totally embarrassed with her bra-encased tits pushing out from her blouse.

We all sat around gazing at my wife’s body. I could tell from the lustful looks on the faces of our male guests that they were becoming seriously turned on by the sight of my wife’s exposed state and even the two women seemed to be showing signs of arousal. As Brianna stood motionless in the centre of the room, she seemed paralysed with embarrassment and unable to move. I said to George ” Well George, if you are happy with what you have seen so far I am sure that Brianna will oblige you further – is there anything more you would like”? George looked directly at Brianna. “Well Brianna, you certainly look beautiful as you are, but I think you would look even better without that blouse. Take it off.” Brianna unfroze from her immobility and whipped round to face me directly. “Oh no Paul, don’t make me do this. I’m already half naked in front of all these people. Please don’t make me do any more.” I dropped my voice to the threatening whisper that I knew would compel her obedience. “Brianna your guests are waiting, take off your blouse.”

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“Oh please, please, no Paul” she begged. I grabbed her by the arm and span her round to face the audience. “Do it. Do it NOW.” I released her arm and she stood there deflated and defeated. Hesitantly she raised her arms and began to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse. Slowly the blouse opened wider exposing more of her uplifted tits until it was fully undone. She looked across at me again but receiving no sign of slackening of my resolve, she shrugged the garment off her shoulders and it fell to the ground. For a moment she stood there in front of us, her breasts only half concealed by the skimpy bra. Then quickly she folded her arms across her chest concealing her bulging tits. I got to my feet immediately and walking behind her I grasped her wrists and pulled them sharply behind her. I moved my grip to her elbows and pulled them back and together.

She cried out as she was forced to push her chest out to relieve the pressure. I turned her to face the company. “Here you are George, is this what you wanted to see”? George stood and came round to stand directly in front of us. He gazed longingly at Brianna’s thrusting tits as they bulged over the skimpy bra pulled tightly across them. “Jesus” he said “just look at those tits, and hey, I think she’s beginning to enjoy it.” I looked down at her tits and sure enough you could see that her nipples had begun to stiffen and were pushing out the thin material of the bra. George looked at me and said “do you mind if I touch”? I whispered into Brianna’s ear “Well Brianna do we mind if George touches you.”

“Oh no please Paul, no. You know I love you to touch me, but it’s not fair to let anyone else do it, and not with all these people watching.”

Still holding her elbows firmly behind her I said “Come now Brianna, that’s not a proper attitude for our hostess” I smiled across at George. “Help yourself my friend”” He reached out tentatively and gently rubbed his palm over her right nipple. “Oh yes” he said “that’s fantastic, look at them grow.” At this point one of the women, Susan, stood and came over to look at what was happening. She turned back to her friend Julia “God he’s right, that nipple is pushing its way right out and looks as though it could burst through the material any minute, and in front of all of us – what a slut.”

“You hear that Brianna, they say you’re behaving like a slut. Perhaps we should see if they are right. George, why don’t you get that tit out so that we can all see if she is getting turned on by all this attention..” George smiled happily into Brianna’s face. “Oh that sound like an excellent idea. You don’t mind do you Brianna.”

“Of course she doesn’t” I said “pull her tit out and let us all have a look at it.”

I saw that George was looking directly into my wife’s eyes as he slowly eased his hand into her bra cup. She struggled as she felt his hand delving deeper around her tit, but I held onto her firmly and forced her to submit to his probing fingers. We all saw his fingers reach down and grasp her swollen nipple and watched as he began to pull her tit up by the nipple out of the bra cup. Suddenly the nipple in his fingers popped out over the cup and was displayed for us all to view. He continues to pull her tit upwards until the full swell of her breast was clear of the cup. He then released it and stood back so that we could all appreciate his efforts. I warned Brianna not to move and moved round so that I too could see my wife’s tit on display.

Brianna stood there motionless as we all gazed at her standing in the ridiculously short skirt and high heels with the bare flesh of her torso broken only by the disarranged bra. Brianna has puffy nipples, which is unusual in a mature woman. When aroused her large aureoles swell to form a prominent mound atop her breasts from which the nipple itself sticks out rigidly. She looked particularly erotic as she stood there with one tit enclosed in the bra whilst the other lay fully exposed, sticking out from her chest with the nipple fully erect from the caresses and the tweaking George had administered. Susan moved round directly in front of my wife. She stood looking reflectively at Brianna, raised her glass to her lips to drink, and then said “Well its as I thought, you are a slut, no-one else would stand there in front of an audience with one tit hanging out, and still get an erect nipple.” As Brianna stood there, unmoving, I saw a tear begin to form at the edge of her eye and we watched as it coursed down her cheek and ultimately dropped onto the offending tit that was causing her such humiliation.

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We all retreated to our seats and left Brianna standing in the middle of the room in total humiliation with her tit pointing out obscenely in front of her. “I think we could use some more drinks now Brianna” I said. She moved almost as an automaton to the bar and as she walked we could see the flesh of her exposed tit vibrate with every step. I realised almost in surprise that I was developing an erection just watching my wife move about the room, something that I had seen a thousand times before, but this time it was different. Her tit humiliatingly exposed in front of all these people had introduced a new dimension to her sexual attraction. I could see from the growing bulges in the trousers of the other male guests that I was not alone in being turned on. I decided to take the situation further and see where it would lead.

As Brianna went over to Peter and bent over to serve him his drink, I said “stop, stay there just like that until I tell you to move.” By this time Brianna was in such a mood of submission, there was no hesitation and she froze in front of Peter bent over from the waist. In this position the released tit fell outwards from the dislodged bra cup. Because of their size, Brianna’s tits are ever so slightly pendulous and the fat tit hung beneath her with the erect nipple pointing directly downwards. I said to Peter “Pete, George has already had a feel of my wife’s tit, perhaps you would like to have a grope as well.

I’m sure Brianna won’t mind. You can stand up now Brianna so we can all see.” I saw the misery on Brianna’s face at this new humiliation, but she made to attempt to move away as she stood upright and Peter extended his hand towards her. His hand stroked down the swell of her tit, over her engorged nipple and cupped underneath the full flesh of the breast. As we watched we saw his hand gently lift the weight of the breast and lift it further from the tenuous support of the encircling bra. He never took his eyes from the breast, he seemed almost hypnotised by the feel and texture of the warm flesh in his hand. I felt my erection twitch as I watched his fingers squeeze the sides of the tit, gradually increasing the pressure until we heard Brianna groan in discomfort. This small sound seemed to break the spell that had come over all of us and Peter quickly released her tit and watched as its weight fell back to her heaving chest. Peter looked across at me “God that was fantastic, let’s see both her tits, lets strip her to the waist.”

I smiled at him and then at my wife. “Well Brianna, you heard our guest – take your bra off – STRIP.” She stood there with her eyes downcast for a few moments and I thought that I had pushed her as far as she was going to go. But then, in front of the whole gathering, her hands moved reluctantly behind her to release the catch on her bra and I knew that I had not yet reached the limits of her submission.
I did not understand what was happening to me. I had had little preparation for the ordeal I faced. I have been married to my husband Paul for 7 years. Up to a year ago, when we had our first child, our marriage had been very loving and our sex life tender and, I thought, very satisfying to us both. However, since the birth of our child there has been a progressive change to our sex life. Paul has become more demanding and has required me to perform acts with which I have not felt comfortable. Whenever I demurred from something he wanted of me, he became more insistent and I found that his domination over me eventually forced me to concur with whatever he wanted. I have come to realise that he now treats me as a submissive and although I don’t like the role, I must confess that I do get increased sexual gratification. Whilst these more extreme sexual demands remained in the privacy of our own bedroom I have been content to adopt the submissive role he has imposed upon me, but this was about to change.

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Submissive wife is exposed by husband – Forced Wife

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