Sujata’s Sexcapades On Her Wedding Day

Sujata’s Sexcapades On Her Wedding Day

Sujata was from Kundapur near Udipi and her husband was from Mangalore. Sujata came from a very poor family. Her father had left the family in lurch. They were taken care of by her mother’s brother, her mama. Sujata was utterly beautiful in all aspects and if there was a poet he could have written a poem on her and but that was about her beauty but in reality.

She was the most vicious woman knowing or not knowing what she was doing. She told me she had to be vicious because either she had to bend or she had to make other bends so she thought of making others bend. Rishi her husband in fact name sake husband used to come to her mama’s house as he was her mami’s elder sister’s son and was from a reputed rich

And respected family in Mangalore but Rishi was again good for nothing, as he hadn’t even cleared his 10th and his mind revolved only in sex. Reading porn books visiting call girls and spending his father’s money, as it was nothing was only his work.

Sujata wanted to get out of her problem and Rishi was her first step and her beauty trapped Sujata enchased Rishi’s weakness for sex. She used to allure him for necking and petting but never let him fuck her. Rishi used to get so aroused during such sessions that he decided to marry her at any cost. Rishi’s passion grew day by day.

Rishi and his father had no alternative other then getting both married. In spite of everything Rishi’s father bore all marriage expenses. It was grand marriage and the main thing Rishi’s younger brother Mahesh who was intelligent and knew what it was all about hated the ensuing marriage.

This part was wonderful when she told me that her dumb of husband who had sex with so many prostitutes thought she was virgin and very homely housewife that is really strange but little did he know that she already had sex with 7 other guys before.

She told me she didn’t know when and how her first sex happened but it was with her mami’s best friend’s husband who was an animal when it came to sex. He also made her have sex with some of his friends and thrice he took her to different clients who offered him construction work.

His name was Ashwin wild animal in real sense. Ashwin was a bad mouthed lover and Sujatha loved all those dirty words when he fucked her. He was hard and rough on her and treated her like a slave or you can say like a toy. She was hooked to his savage ways. She could do anything to have sex with him. He even initiated her to group sex.

All this happened right under the nose of her mami but mami was unaware of anything. So at that time onwards she loved group sex. The unbelievable stuff happened to her was right after her wedding. Out there after the wedding if the muhrat is not right for the girl to come home she has to stay at her parents place for 2-3 days

And there is a small reception given from the bride’s family and then she is taken home by her husband and his family. So after her wedding when she returned back to her mama’s place for the next 2 days the same evening her first lover Ashwin has thought of feasting on her for the last time.

There was another girl, Shruti who happened to be Sujatha’s distant cousin and she was also Ashwin’s wife’s cousin. Shruti too was involved in the Ashwin’s nefarious activities and it was her duty to convince Sujata’s mama mami to allow Sujata to go for a temple visit for couple of days. And there she would meet Ashwin and have sex. In return Shruti also had sex with Ashwin.

So on wedding day after the groom and his family went back to their place Ashwin asked Shruti to bring Sujata to his place about 300 kms from the village where he would wait with his 2-3 friends and they would have a nice group sex. He wanted to fuck Sujata before her husband fucks her on her wedding day. It was so exciting for him.

Shruti went to Sujata’s mama and said aunty, after marriage a bride should visit goddess temple for blessings. It will be very good for her future family life. There is Bhawani temple 300 kms from here. Why don’t you take her there?”

Mama said and we are too tired dear. We can’t do that. I will wait for my cousin to escort her there. This was correct chance she was waiting for. Shruti said don’t worry uncle; we are going to a temple today evening. Why don’t you send Sujata with us? We will take good care of her.

We will take her to one of the temple which was 300 km away and get her back with her family after 2 days and her mami was least bothered about her and Sujata left with Shruti the same evening when she got married and in the same bridal dress as told by her beastly lover when they reached the place Ashwin was there to greet them.

Ashwin had taken a beach house on rent where they all were put up. He hugged her with passion and kissed Shruti for helping him. He was overjoyed to see Sujata in full bridal dress. He asked so how was your first night with Rishi?

Sujata replied and we didn’t do anything on first night. Our marriage consummation is after 2 days. So when you called I couldn’t resist myself coming to you. I wish you fuck my newly married cunt before my husband the rightful owner fucks me. See my pussy is already wet in anticipation.”

Saying this she lifted her bridal saree shamelessly, held his hands and put it on her wet cunt for him to gauge the wetness. Ashwin squeezed her cunt lips and swiped his finger through her cunt crack. He then licked his wet fingers showing it to other.

Sujata was not ashamed of talking in such language to her lover just on the wedding day. This made Ashwin hornier for her. He kissed her full on her lips and fondled her breast forgetting that Shruti was standing nearby. She smiled seeing his excitement and groped his erect cock from above the pants when they entered the cottage room.

Sujata was greeted with well decorated room with bed done in bridal decorations and from bathroom emerged two young guys fully nude. One was Manoj and the other was Rajiv, both close friends of Ashwin. He had called them for group sex with Sujata. There were now three guys and two women. Sujta was thrilled to see three cocks for her and two full days to enjoy.

She had never imagined her wedding day would be so special and three cocks for her. If she had fucked with her hubby, Rishi would have given her one cock only and here she was feasting on three but she didn’t know that Ashwin had installed a camera in the room which was clicking away her nude pictures.

She was not scared of it, as Aswin earlier also had taken her nude pictures and her sexy pictures while sucking and fucking. He had promised that after her marriage he would gift her all her pictures. Ashwin announced first we will fuck her in her bridal dress without removing a single stitch from her body.”

All clapped after hearing it Ashwin removed his dress and now all three were nude with their cock sticking out. Sujata bent and took one cock in her mouth and sucked. With her two hands she caught other two cocks and began jerking. Shruti too removed her dress and became nude to join the ongoing orgy.

All were nude except Sujata who was in full bridal dress. Shruti came forward and planted her lips on Ashwin’s mouth. He began sucking her lips and fondling her breasts. Suddenly, one guy, Rajiv lay on the floor while Sujata was on her knees sucking Ashwin’s cock. He lifted her saree and found her snatch.

She was panty less in anticipation of wild fuck. He placed his mouth on her already wet cunt and kissed it making smacking sound. He licked her pussy lips. He found her fanny giving funny taste. Sujata couldn’t control her outburst and began saying I am so wet now sweating in my crotch too not yet wiped come on. I am spreading my thighs for you lick me on my clit.

Rajiv followed her instruction and he slid his hands up her pussy to her ass crack he began licking her ass crack too. He inserted his middle finger in her anus. Sujata liked his action and begged him to continue push your lubricated middle finger deep into my ass hole aaaooo. He swiped his tongue on her swollen clit. He began sucking it. His tongue tip was hitting the clit harshly.

She felt like a sand paper going along her clit and the guy got more demanding, he bit her clit. She felt the pain and the joy at the same time. Sujata was sucking Ashwin’s cock where as her cunt was sucked by Rajiv so when Rajiv bit her clit, instantly she bit Ashwin’s cock in chain reaction. Ashwin bit Shruti’s lips instead.

Ashwin slapped Sujata hard on face but before she could react, Rajiv again bit her clit very hard making her scream ooh motherfucker bastard bite my clit chew my clit and her cunt was being sucked by Rajiv while she was sucking Ashwin and jerking Manoj simultaneously then Manoj shifted his attention to Shruti’s naked pussy.

He inserted his hands between Shruti’s legs finding her dripping pussy. He pushed his finger forward to locate her crack. Shruti spread her legs to facilitate his finger’s entry. His finger penetrated easily due to wetness. He spread the pussy lips to widen the hole. He knelt before her and began licking her gorgeous cunt.

He swiped his tongue all along the crack. Shruti spread her legs further to allow his access, while her lips were still attached to Ashwin’s lips who were fondling her boobs. Ashwin shifted his pose and he lifted and laid Sujata on the bridal bed specially prepared for her. He came over her and lifted her saree. All encircled her.

Sujata’s wedding night was a visual treat for all. Two naked men and one naked woman were watching her first night show live. How many of us have such opportunity of having audience during our Suhagraat. But Sujata was the privileged person.

All of them attacked her nubile body each chose one part of her body, Shruti was sucking her left breast while Manoj was sucking her right nipple and Rajiv was inserting his cock in Sujata’s mouth. Her cunt was left for her lover Ashwin. Ashwin came over her body and placed his cock on her pussy entrance. It was a sight for all.

Shruti said let me do the honors. She held his cock and placed it at the entrance. She widened the cunt crack with her finger and thumbs and inserted it better. His cock disappeared in the twat. She said now, I announce you husband and wife. You may fuck the bride, push your cock forward insert your hard cock in slut’s cunt.

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Pump her hard while we watch saying this she pinched hard on her nipple. She arched her body and pulled in Ashwin inside. Sujata said wait for me you little whore. I will tear your cunt with my hands and feed it to the dogs. Just you wait for me. You will regret your act after this mad dog Ashwin fucks me mad.

Hearing this Ashwin began thrusting his body forward with force their bodies hitting each other and making smashing sound. Sujata closed her eyes to feel the sexual tryst which was going on. All present there stood in total glee watching a fucking scene live. All mouths were wide open. He hit his cock hard in her cunt.

Shruti said this is called smashing hit. Rajiv carried away and laid Shruti next to Sujata and rode her. He inserted his engorged cock in her hole and pushed. As if Shruti was waiting for hi. She lustily began fucking him with gay abandon. Both pair was busy in fucking each other. Not to be left behind, Manoj inserted his cock in Shruti’s mouth.

She greedily sucked it and two guys were fucking Shruti and Ashwin Sujata. Ashwin increased his speed and was hitting her pussy very hard. Sujata began yelling out yes fucked me harder! Ashwin was enjoying her screams. She was making lot of noise while getting fucked. It was adding spice to the already charged atmosphere.

Ashwin also began abusing her in dirty words much to the likeness of Sujata. He said mother fucker whore take my big cock up your cunt. I will fuck you all night these guys will watch your cunt taking my cock your cunt will bleed tonight by my cock. I will tear your cunt for 2 days ohhhhhh. I am coming slut after few moments.

Ashwin cum in Sujata’s cunt and Rajiv cum in Shruti’s cunt. Shruti also cum making a shrieking sound then Manoj also emptied his ball in Shruti’s mouth which she readily drank at last Sujata let out her orgasm. Sujata said, “Hey, this is not fair. It is my wedding and why Shruti is getting two cocks where as I am getting only one.

Ashwin agreed and gestured them to dis engage and let Sujata have two cocks you will get three cocks today darling, don’t panic. We will fuck you till tomorrow evening and then they changed their position and one was on Shruti and two on Sujata. This went on for next two days. She was not allowed to remove her dress or wedding garland for a second.

Sujata and Shruti both were fucked along with other 2 guys for the next 2 days every move was documented in the camera in fact Rajiv was an ace photographer. He took photos of Sujata in all state of undress and fucking. Sujata wilfully posed for him lifting her saree and taking all cocks one by one in mouth, ass and cunt.

Ashwin had taken lot of sexy pictures of Sujata earlier also which he gifted to Sujata on that night, where she was wife not to one but 3 guys, where she was made to suck all 3 cocks after just lifting her sari she was fucked one after the other.

All fucked her and sucked her simultaneously and they fucked her in the open, in the bathroom and in kitchen. Four tongues licked her entire body from toe to head. They bathed her in beer and sucked her off and did all those nasty and kinky stuff.

She was fully dressed all the while even her garland was still dangling in her neck though not as fresh as it was earlier as she was fucked. One of the nastiest things Ashwin did was rolling her mangalsutara around his cock and making her suck it and even fucked her cunt rolling her mangalsutra on his cock and showing to the others.

All clapped to this and Sujata enjoyed. He inserted her mangalsutra in her asshole also and then pulled it out, saying ass hole’s managlsutra goes in ass hole. He poured his cum on her garland and mangalsutra and did not let her clean it. He smeared his cum on her armpits too.

He said take it like this to your husband. He will also get the smell of my semen and seeing him do such nasty thing, Rajiv poured his cum on her mang partition of hair where she had vermillion sindoor. He said I have applied sindoor on her. She is wife to all of us tonight.

Sujata, in return of the nasty fuck, received all her nude and sex photographs for remembrance sake. It was gifted to her and she hid the same in her luggage so that no one can come to know. Well when she told I didn’t believe her but she showed me the pictures in question.

I could imagine what really happened that day in the picture she showed me, which she still keeps in her possession. It was so wonderful to see. Also came to know one of the guys Rajiv was a photographer and he had photo studio and he gifted her all his captured moments.

Her actual honeymoon with her husband Rishi was great for her husband but not to her. She missed her Suhagraat with Ashwin and two hunks. Who would not miss the action, after having had such a gangbang where 3 guys and one lady made love to her? That’s why doing sex with Rishi didn’t excite her a wee bit

Actually it didn’t even trigger her lust a bit and but she knew she didn’t have any options other than to enjoy whatever sex with Rishi and forget her past as she came to know that her mama and mami sold their Batkal house and shifted to Hubli and they didn’t want to have any touch with her and not to allow her come easily to their house even both sisters had a fight as Rishi’s mother told her younger sister

Sujatha’s mami that it was her idea to dispose Sujata off in such manner and live her life in peace. She accused her that she was the one who told Rishi to be after Sujatha so on and so the life moved on. Sujata had to shift to her new home with her husband at Mangalore. It was already 9 months at her new house and she was already missing her randy sex with Ashwin and his friends.

Rishi too had his fill and was again looking for call girls who were more attractive and fun for him and they were in plenty out there in Mangalore College girl’s or Medical college girls who wanted to make a quick buck used to use this path and Rishi was their client.

Luckily Sujatha Father in Law told Rishi to take Sujatha to his showroom as he suspected that Rishi used to bring girls out there for fun. He was into hardware business for farm equipments and was a major pump retailer in the small town of Ullal 6-7 km from the main city.

That’s a different issue that most of the selling was done by Rishi’s father due to his contacts. Rishi use to spend it lavishly. Sujatha who was first excited by the prospect of enjoying her life at shop was disappointed within first two days when she found that her shop was a single shop right in front of the main road.

There was a very old hotel nearby apart from 3-4 shops no shop was there. After a little distance there were few other shops which always used to be closed. There was nothing where she could see anyone or do anything what she thought at that time she could do being out of the house.

Rishi always used to be in Mangalore having his share of fun with call girls and making his wife sit and wait for him. This became more and more torturous for his wife. There was just one guy in the said shop who worked as a helper. He was roughly 25-26 years old, married and there was nothing interesting which Sujatha could found in him.

Momin the guy used to clean up the place, lift the pumps, deliver the same and even go to the bank if wanted and he was with Rishi for 7-8 years or so. He was a healthy rugged guy too and she came to know later. One day after 4-5 weeks of her coming to the shop Momin had a fight with a tempo driver who had parked his tempo in front of their shop

And he had to take his rickshaw to deliver the pumps. There was small clash between the two. She wanted to stop it but stood back. She was shocked and stood still hearing Momin say those gutter slam words to the other driver. Sujatha got wet hearing those words. She was reminded of her lover as this is what she loved the most while getting fucked by her lover.

Momin yelling at the other driver teri ma ke choot, harami, maderchood, teri maa ka choot fad du and lot of other stuffs in Kannada and her view towards the servant changed and she started looking at him with appreciation. Out there men wear lungi on work with short inside. Momin also used to wear lungi but was very careless about his dress exposing his hairy thighs and sometimes even tip of his cock from the edge of the shorts.

The little exposure from his lungi used to excite her and she wanted to see more what she loved the most. She wished to see him naked before her and she wished she gets to suck his cock. Then she started exposing herself as sitting in the shop she used to move her pallu in such a way that he could see her cleavage.

Sometimes she would purposely sit in front of Momin to count some hardware and bend forward for him to see her cleavages. She would sit keeping her leg a little raised on top of another showing him her legs up to her knees and thighs. Seeing this many a times Momin just freaked out of control.

Momin started getting mad and tried to make few lustful and suggestive moves to which Sujatha purposely scolded. He bumped her twice and then while keeping some bill books he slid his elbow and pressed it on her breast. But Sujata scolded him like anything. She reprimanded him if he did anything nasty like that again, she would tell Rishi

And get him thrown out and so on and in fact I also was taken aback as to why she scolded him if she wanted him badly. Scolding would stop him from going further. I asked her why she was doing that. She told me that she was turning him into a beast as she didn’t want him to just fuck her as Rishin was fucking her never the less but she wanted him to fuck her way

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Ashwin used to do with her, like an animal, like a dominant partner. I didn’t understand anything but when she told me what her next plan was I gradually got her plan. Next week Rishi was scheduled to go to Trivandrum to buy something with his father and the shop was going to be on her command for a week.

That night she opened her briefcase where she had hidden her treasured moments of her first day night of her wedding with 3 guys and a girl. She went mad seeing the same as she wanted those moments again. She picked some of the best picture where she was fucked by all the four guys where her face body and everything was clearly seen and planned the most unthinkable thing.

She wrote a letter herself in Kannada to herself as if it was written by Ashwin. It was written that how he loved to fuck her like a slut who she had fucked by him at many place how she was fucked right after marriage how she loved hearing those dirty words while getting fucked.

Also clearly wrote underling this words that he know she is not satisfied with her husband Rishi as he couldn’t fuck her like a bitch he wont force on her he couldn’t make he fuck spanking her butts he could have sucked her ass and fucked it, he couldn’t have sucked her cunt either or finger fucked it. How she likes to be a slave and do what all he tells and all that stuff.

She wrote everything in three pages of all what she wanted to get done by this new admired lover. She put the same in an envelope along with few photographs and tore the envelope in such a way as if she has opened the same. She also pasted the stamps and in the address she had written her name and clearly mentioned Private Only for Sujata.

Next day she reached the shop and gave the keys to Momin to open the shop. After few minutes, he went to get tea from the tea shop. She hid the envelope in the newspaper in her cabin as she knew Momin reads the paper daily without fail. Momin brought a cup of tea for her also.

She drank the tea and told and I will go to the bank and come back in one hour. So go get a rickshaw for me. She just wanted to give him enough time to read the envelope alone and plan dirty for her. She went to the bank although she didn’t have any work. She just went inside the bank, telling the rickshaw driver to wait for little time.

She removed few Rs.1000 and came back. She reached the shop in 20 minutes. She called Momin and with her first look on his face, she found he was having that different look and now he lusted for her and after an hour or so with no reaction from Momin, Sujatha started her second phase of plan.

She acted as if she was searching for something as she found the envelope and the newspaper not in the place. She searched here and there mumbling to her. Moin was watching her movements from behind which Sujata noticed but kept on searching. She wanted him to speak first.

Momin asked her and what are you searching? Can I help you and Sujata didn’t reply. When asked again she mumbled I am searching an invoice or something like that. You won’t understand. It is very important paper.

Momin’s mind was churning a plan. He closed and locked the front glass door and pulled down the shutter. Sujata saw him closing the shutter she knew what he had in mind but to nail him further she went near him and asked why are you closing the shutter? It is daytime and customer might come.

He told as it is after noon, there are no customers and that I have some urgent work in the store room. I have to remove some client’s material which your husband has asked earlier. He used to close the front door if he had work behind in the store room so that was nothing new. She knew there were no deliveries and he was waiting for right moments to strike at her.

He again asked her and what are you searching, akka? She told nothing and yelled at him mind your own work. He was standing near the store room and told her Akka is this you want? He had the opened envelope in his hands which he was waving at her.

Her plan had desired effect. Seeing the same Sujatha was excited and ran towards him. She started scolding him and how dare you touch my letter. Give it to me. I will throw you out of the job, you idiot. She made it a point to push him to a corner so she would get the maximum anger coupled with frustration.

This would bring out the real animal in him. Maybe it started having the same effect on Momin. He pushed her in the store room and closed that too. He had already prepared proper bedding with all those carton boxes and sacks and pushed her on the same. She fell back on the boxes due to his violent push.

Although she liked his wild push, she acted as if she was very angry at him. She tried to kick him away from her. He was unmoved and he came near her and he wanted to show his strength. He came over her body.

Sujata was kicking from below trying to dislodge him from her body. She wanted him to overpower her. He removed his lungi and Sujata was surprised to note that he had already removed his shorts. He held her shoulders and began telling her and I have this letter which is a proof of your debauchery. Your life will be ruined if I show it to your husband. You, not me, would be thrown out of the house. If you want me to be quiet you would have to do what I want you to do.”

This was a pretty good offer and she wanted it badly but as I told you earlier Sujatha was a real bitch, she didn’t want things easily either. She wanted things to be stretched until it was to break off. She slapped him making him more angry and told him and shut up you rascal. It is my personal life, you are no one to interfere or comment. Further that was my past. It was taken before my wedding. So nothing would you gain from all that stuff?

She was yelling aloud getting too excited. In excitement her breasts were heaving heavily and Momin was excited as her pallu was off shoulder. He could easily see her wonderful breast rising and falling before his eyes. She noticed his gaze but acted as if she was unaware and she continued breathing heavily which made her breasts heave more.

It was going up and down and it was a site for him. He forced himself on her with all those nasty words and telling her and you like to be a whore, so be a whore. I will fuck the daylights out of your brains. You were a whore before marriage you will be whore after marriage. I will satisfy your body hunger as your husband is always away leaving you behind for us.

He began removing her dress one by one. He made sure he didn’t tear any of her clothes and slowly she too let him remove her clothes off and she hit a jackpot when he literally fucked her like the way she wanted. In fact Momin too turned out to be a nasty bastard although he was silent lover till then as he had a wife and 2 sons and 1 daughter to feed.

Sujata had turned a family man into a wild sex beast. He made her nude and began sucking her boobs. He was biting the nipples very hard. He licked her face and proceeded to her armpits which were wet due to sweat. He liked the salty taste. Sujata was enjoying the tongue work. His hands were busy pumping her breasts.

Sujata began yelling, just to annoy him you dirty bastard, let me go away. You will pay for this. Don’t lick my armpits. Remove your dirty hands off my breasts. Don’t touch my nipples. You are making them dirty for your master. How will he touch my body ravaged by you? Don’t you dare put your hands on my pussy? It is for my husband.

But she was not removing his hands. She was actually giving him hints to touch her nipples and press her breasts. He placed his hands on her naked pussy and rubbed it. He inserted his fingers in her twat. His fingers went in easily. It was wet already. He knew she was wet for fuck and she was acting to him. He laughed heartily for this.

He showed his wet fingers to her and said you bitch, see you are wet for my cock. You also want to be fucked like an animal and I will fuck you like a bitch in heat. I will tear your pussy. You will beg me to leave you but I will not let you go. I will bite your nipples and make them sore. Your husband will ask you where you got this marks.

You can tell my name. I am ready to go to jail for fucking your lovely cunt. But let me tell you this will be the best fuck of your life. She now knew he will fuck her well and will satiate her sexual desires. She also went into trance hearing the harsh words from him. She desperately wanted him to follow his words.

She began murmuring aloud in her mouth no let me go. For god’s sake don’t spoil my life. Let me go remove your hands from my cunt. No one has touched it except my husband. It is his property doesn’t rub my pussy lips. It is my sacred body part you have your wife for it and ho fuck her on the other hand, what she wanted out of her mouth was.

Thanks a lot for all watching my erotic material. I really love all the things what you said now oohhh my cunt is so wet now longing for your huge, pulsing cock and these dirty words referring to body parts and fucking your wife were enhancing Momin’s beastly desire for her.

Her uses of dirty words were adding fuel to the already burning fire within Momin women in general don’t use such words in daily life. He was more aggressive now. That’s what Sujata wanted to achieve his hands were allover her body. She moaned at his touch. She was bucking her body when he began rubbing her pussy lips.

He was pinching the lips and squeezing her pubic mound. He placed his mouth on her pussy lips. He inserted his tongue in her pussy hole. He immediately found her swollen clit. He began flipping it with his tongue. He pulled it in his mouth and sucked it. He bit her clit and she yelled out of pleasure.

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Now no more in mood to control him, she began saying I am spreading my thighs for you come dear lick my cunt bite my clit lick me and make me cum also bite my long hard clit chew my clit. Momin was swiping his tongue from front to back reaching her ass crack. It gave out a tangy smell to him. He was fascinated by her body aroma.

He licked the ass hole too. He tried to insert his tongue in her anus. It went little inside in spite of his efforts. Little did he succeed when he heard her saying lick my ass hole push your tongue into my ass hole and fuck me. I want your tongue in my anus! Suck my hardened nipples am so wet!

Momin was glad to hear such words from her. He was sucking and licking her pussy and ass. His tongue would go in and come out of her both hole ass and pussy. His cock was dangling near Sujata’s mouth. She was unable to hold her fondness anymore.

She extended her hands and held his erect cock and said come let me suck your huge cock. I want you to cum inside my hot mouth while you squeeze my boobs and suck my cunt lick my anus! She began sucking his cock like a child sucking an ice cream. She loved the musky smell it was emanating. She swiped her tongue on the outer surface.

She licked from the base to the tip. She swiped her tongue on the eye and tried to lick it off. She sucked the ball sack also making him arch his back. He said stop sucking or I would cum in your sexy mouth. Sujata said no matter cum in my mouth. I want to suck and fuck your huge, pulsating cock. I need your cock now fuck me and cum inside my mouth.

I wish to drink your thick creamy cum fill my mouth before you fill my pussy. He cum in her mouth and she greedily drank all but she was not finished. He had not fucked her till then. He without wasting any more precious time came over her and inserted his now fledgling cock in her wet hole. He pushed it inside and though it was not fully erect it went inside easily.

He began pumping his ass forward and backward. Sujata also began matching his pushes with her push. She was fully hot and horny by then. In few moments they reached the rhythm. Now his cock was getting erect in her cunt which was giving her pleasure. Imagine flaccid cock gaining erection inside her cunt.

Sujata was saying fuck me deeper go deeper yes really love your hard cock inside clenching pussy! Momin said I will fuck you like a bitch like I said earlier. You will beg me to stop little did he know that she wanted him to fuck her like a bitch and tear her pussy. She wanted him to get as wild as possible. He was fucking her pussy and sucking nipples, occasionally biting on the nipple.

He inserted his finger inside her anus. She was not expecting it so jumped up making his cock go even deeper. She said aaaahhhhh you motherfucker that is my anus don’t use your finger in it and the hole is not that big. Momin said I will make it big for my thumb and cock doesn’t stop me. Sujata aaamm yes I like it now but insert your lubricated thumb deep into my ass hole and while you fuck my pussy.

The double torture was too much for Sujata after few minutes she felt her cervix contracting, she knew it is her time to climax. She clenched his body and arched her body upward. Momin also understood she was about to cum. He increased his fucking speed.

Sujata hhhh fuck me deeper harder fuck me faster yes cum in my cunt within moments both cum together. It was very heavy fuck for her. Hearing all those words from Sujata had turned Momin into an animal. He fucked her hard and wild.

He fucked her and when they finished they were bathed in sweat and it was a wonderful feeling with a hard raped fuck both relaxed for the rest of the day. Sujatha did take the envelope with his knowledge as he was consumed still after fucking the beauty he dreamed off.

She made herself safe in the afternoon Sujatha went for lunch and when she came back in the evening Momin was there to ravage her again. This time he commanded her to suck his cock. She wanted to tease him, make him beg for it when he gets too angry or wild then let him touch her.

So she said no, stop it you idiot. I am not your servant. You are my servant. I will not do anything with any more. You give your cock to your wife to suck. She will suck it for you saying this she went for her table. Now she could understand Momin was her slave whom she could use at her will.

She wanted to infuriate him further by igniting his passion. He again got angry and horny hearing those words. He made up his mind to fuck her again. Make her suck his cock and fuck her ass too. Sujata also wanted the same, that’s why she came to the shop. She could have stayed at home after lunch but she came back for another session of fucking with Momin.

Momin held her and lifted her saree. He placed his fingers at her cunt. He saw she had not cleaned her cunt as his cum was still sticking to her thighs and cunt lips in dry state. He fondled her pussy lips. He even inserted his middle finger inside her hole.

He made her sleep on her office desk where sucked her cunt and ass. He inserted his tongue deep in her ass hole. She liked the intrusion but kept on saying don’t do that. Leave me what we did was a mistake. Now let me go but she did not make efforts to leave. Momin spit on her anus and inserted his tongue again.

He liked the salty taste and aroma. She had worn the same dress which she had in the fore noon. Within minutes she was hot and horny again. Momin wanted to fuck her anus. Sujata had been ass fucked earlier many times and she liked also but she wanted infuriate Momin.

To simulate further Sujata said no, not my anus and it is virgin, not even your master has entered there and leave me, it will be painful aahhh. Momin did not listen to her. He got happy to hear that her ass hole was virgin. He spat on his erect cock making it totally wet and then he placed it at her anus opening and pushed.

He made her bend from waist on her master table. His cock went inside with little effort. He began fucking her ass hole. He bent forward and fondled her boobs from behind. Her smooth ass and thigh was a treat to watch. Sujata began enjoying the game of anal fuck.

She was saying yes go deeper love your big cock fuck my ass hole my ass hole needs your huge cock now fuck my ass hole while you squeeze my boobs and tweak my hardened nipples! This added fuel to already burning sex fire. He increased his speed. He extended his hands and rubbed her pussy lips too.

He found her swollen clit and tweaked it within his fingers. He fucked her asshole brutally without removing her single dress other than her panties. His thighs were hitting her ass making flop sound. He felt great fucking his master’s wife on her official table. He had the shutters down all the time. He swiped his face with her soiled panty.

After little moment he felt his balls boil. He increased his speed on thrusting forward and the destined moment came. Momin said take my release you shameless cunt, big whore. I will fill your anus. You will not be able to walk. You follow my instructions or else I will make your life nasty for you.
You slut motherfucker whore Sujata smiled to herself as she was sure now that he has turned into an animal.

He poured all his cum in Sujata’s ass hole when he pulled his cock out with plup sound a small wad of semens poured out. He smeared it back on her ass cheeks. He lay on her back for few moments and then Sujata pushed him off. She sat on her chair with semens oozing out of her ass hole. She swiped it with her panty. She was so content and satisfied. All the time till she was there Momin’s hand were inside her blouse or saree caressing her boobs or cunt.

He had become her pet or say wild pet and they decided to carry on whenever they got chance after knowing that she loved getting fucked like animal he fucked her the way she wanted as described by her and since he possessed a nice cock which was yet another Sujatha’s weakness they hit out very well indeed.

She had turned him into an animal when it came to sex and even after Rishi was around, they could find their time for a sortie and if Sujatha objected Momin would slap her. He would slap her ass time and again to show his dominance. She used to get angry but deep down she loved the same as he dominated her.

He would bang her pussy while she was talking to customers over phone. He would cum in her pussy and then not allow her clean it, making her wear soiled panty over her leaking cunt. He would take her few places outside the city for delivery of parts in absence of Rishi and they would enjoy the stay as honeymoon couple once when a customer was in shop.

He called her into the store room and when she came he inserted his hands inside her saree and pulled off her panty which was wet. He wiped his sweating face with it suddenly the customer came into the store room inquiring something. He was amused to see Momin wiping his face with something looking like female panty

And they just managed to stay calm and composed. Luckily it was not reported to anyone and their sexual escapades continued but what happened next. This is the first part of the story. Tell me how was it? If I get good response I will post the second part also where Sujata is fucked by two servants. Send your comments okay.

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Sujata’s Sexcapades On Her Wedding Day

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