Sunny meets her neighbor in a different manner

Sunny meets her neighbor in a different manner

Sana had been married for 10 years (tied the knots at 18), and had a daughter right after her marriage to Salim, but since then, their sex life had slowed down significantly. Part of the problem was that he worked late hours, and he trained the kids, so when he came home, there wasn’t much vigor left to do anything pleasurable. They had matured into a routine suburban lifestyle with a house, soccer practices and foodstuff etc. But Sana desired more.

She was a very attractive natural redhead, about 28 years old, 5′ 7,” with a very firm body and completely freckled and suntanned legs. She was a little alert of her weight, but she still got the interest of most men when she walked by, particularly if she was wearing something skin stretched on her beautiful butt! Sana had a very high sex drive, so there were many days when she was home alone that she desired to take care of herself with her monster vibrator. Sometimes, she fantasized about a charming guy she had met that day, sometimes it was a movie star and sometimes it was even her husband’s friends. But lately, her fantasies involved other men. Including her neighbor, Ali.

Ali lived a few houses away down the street. He was about 6′ 1,” dark hair, firmly built, blue eyes and a nice smile. He worked out some at the gym, but it didn’t guzzle his life. He was living with his girlfriend, but whenever they met at the mailbox, he always had something nice to say to her about her look and there was a noticeable attraction between them.

On day, during the neighborhood summer picnic, Ali and Sana hit into each other at the table.

“Pretty sight for a picnic.”

Sana replied, “Yes, its pleasant. It would be nicer if I hadn’t had a fight with Salim this morning though.”

“What happened?” he asked.

“Well, this is sort of discomforting, but…”

“Just tell me, what happened?” he continued.

“Ok, well I was very horny and wanted to have sex, and he said he was too exhausted. Again. So I took care of myself later in the shower with my fingers.”

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“Man, a beautiful lady like you should never be left without some gentle loving care! I wish I could help you out with your crisis!”

Sana go red in the face and smiled, and said, “Well I’m married, so that’s perhaps not going to occur, but thank you for being so kind.” In her mind, Sana knew precisely what she wanted: a huge muscular strange cock to fuck her. But how? When?

A few days later, Salim went of town for 2 weeks on business and Sunny was home alone with her daughter. Her fantasies and imaginations were getting more and more explicit as she had gone a long time without a fine fucking. She had even thought about making love to one of the town’s professional athletes one night after running into him at the doctor’s office.

The night after she inter-acted with Ali, she fantasized him going down on her with his tongue, eating and licking her until she came all over his face. Then she imagined his rock hard cock probing her swollen red pussy lips, going where no other man apart from her husband had gone lately! In her dream, Ali entered her deeply, without any protection, and she was on her back getting the fucking of her life, cumming and cumming, again and again until he shot his load deep into her. She woke with a start and revealed her orgasm was real and her sheets were soaking wet!!

The next time they were at the mailbox, ALi said, “Hey, are you doing something for lunch tomorrow?

“Nope, it’s wide open,” she said.

“How about the little Indian place near the beach?”

“Fine, is 12:35 ok?”

“Great, see you then.”

They made small talk during lunch, not really having a conversation. The cool ocean breeze did nothing to cool their burning silent desires.

It seemed like they were there only for a few moments, but almost an hour went by, and soon it was time for ALi to go back to work. As he walked her to her car, he reached up and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

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Shocked slightly, she said, “Don’t you want to get in with me?”

“Is that a trick question?,” he answered. Smiling, he said nothing else but got in the car on the other side.

Ali said “I wanted to give you a real kiss, not just a peck.”

“So why don’t you?”

He began to kiss her, first lightly, then with more tongue, deeper.

Their breathing became heavy as he started licking and kissing her neck. Next he lightly squeezed her firm tits through her blouse, then unbuttoned the top two buttons for better access. Squeezing even harder, she sighed and started to moan a little.

“I can’t do this…” but she knew she wanted to, and continued to kiss him anyway.

Now her bra was undone, and he was massaging both her breasts hard. He feasted on her burning nipples, and she felt her pussy swell and tingle. It had been a long time since Salim had given her any attention, and she needed it badly!!

Soon, he was working his way to her pussy with his strong fingers. She didn’t notice that her skirt was raised up almost to her hips, and her thong underwear was now pulled over to one side. Now her bare pink lips were exposed, and well as her neatly trimmed firebush. Ali glanced down, and thought to himself, nothing like a natural red-head!!

He couldn’t wait to taste her honey pot, and sink his turgid member into her moistness. Redheads were notorious for being a little wild, and it had been ages since he’d enjoyed one!

She was close to cumming from his finger gyrations, as he played her swollen labia like a musical instrument. The sensations kept building as she finally went over the edge, jerking and convulsing as she came for the first time in months. Her pussy flooded with her own cum, and dripped down her leg onto the driver’s seat.

Now it was her turn to return the favor! She moved her head down to his pants, unzipped them, and took the entire tip and about half of the swollen shaft in her hot mouth. Then, she started to stroke the strange giant and make it even harder than it was. She could feel the tip swelling up like a big mushroom next to her tongue, and she knew she would be receiving her liquid prize shortly! Ali was about 7 inches long, and also a bit wider than she was used to. His balls felt very heavy, and she knew he had a full load ready for her. She just hoped that she could stop herself from riding this monster after she got him fully hard, because she wasn’t on any birth control and had no condoms with her. She was also in the middle of her cycle, and that would be very dangerous indeed!

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It made her even wetter to think about that possibility. She bobbed her head up and down, farther and farther, taking almost all of his cock in a deep-throating motion, twisting her right hand in a circular motion at the same time. Ali’s head was now back against the head rest, and his eyes closed as he neared his own personal climax.

Sana was amazing!! If he had only known how much she liked to suck cock, he would have asked her out sooner!! The sexy redhead continued her oral onslaught on his manhood, until he felt he would black out from pleasure!!

As she opened her mouth and throat for one more plunge, he exploded down her throat, and also filled her mouth with his molten man juice! Again and again he spasmed, pumping his entire load into her. She could barely keep up with the volume of hot cum, but kept swallowing as much as she could. Finally he was completely drained, and she wiped off her face and neck so it wasn’t obvious she had just given a tremendous blowjob!

“Man, that was unbelievable,” exclaimed Ali, still a little out of breath and out of his mind.

“Thank-you too,” she said, smiling.

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Sunny meets her neighbor in a different manner

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