Taking Best Friend’s Cousin From Airport To Bed – Part 2

Taking Best Friend’s Cousin From Airport To Bed – Part 2

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This is Rahul again continuing the story. There’s a new character, and let me give you her description.

X (name revealed later)- This girl has stats 36-29-34. She is a horny slut and never misses an opportunity to get pounded. She has nice and firm melons, which seem to pop out since she wears tight dresses intentionally to attract interest.

Let’s start the story from where it ended.

So after Ishita and Aarav got exhausted, they fell on the bed. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and they both were worried. Ishita said, “I hope it’s not Ayesha because I want to have more of that big dick. But anyway, rush to the bathroom and just wear anything.”

Aarav – Ya, me too, I want to bang that pussy more.

And then quickly, Ishita wore her nighty and kept her and his clothes aside and went to open the door. On opening the door, she found Shreya (whose description is given above), a friend of Ayesha, with some food packets.

Ishita – Ayesha is not at home, Shreya, so you can come tomorrow.

Shreya – I know that. She had asked me to bring food to you and Aarav. So I have brought it. And I will have dinner with you today. BTW why were you late in opening the door?

Ishita  (naughtily) – I had ice cream.

Shreya – Oh, ice cream? Then I would also like to taste that ice cream.

Ishita didn’t actually understand what Shreya said. But in her mind, she knew that Shreya is up to something. Ishita said to her, “ Sit here, let me go to the kitchen and serve the food.” Then Aarav and Shreya started talking.

Aarav was constantly staring at Shreya’s big boobs and her milky thighs, which were easily visible in her shorts. He got an instant boner that Shreya saw but didn’t react. Meanwhile, Ishita was talking to Khushi.

Ishita – You were right, baby girl, that when a dick goes inside your pussy, you are just in wonderland. I just enjoyed an awesome session with Aarav and his 8-inch long cock.

Khushi – Oh, you slut, quickly found a suitable guy to screw you. Now you have made me horny, and I will have to call Rahul here  (remember this thing ). Bye, and enjoy yourself more. I am wet.

As soon as Ishita turned, she saw Shreya standing there. She said, “Oh, you bitch, now I understand about which ice cream you were referring to. That’s why I saw some cum stains on the bedsheet.

Ishita – Ya, but don’t tell  Ayesha.

Shreya  (naughtily) – Ya, I won’t tell, but by the way, how long it is?

Ishita – About 8 inches. It’s very long and thick too.

Shreya – Then I also want that one inside me.

Ishita – Ok, then, let us give him the best service he can receive.

Then they had their dinner between which Shreya was bending intentionally to expose her deep cleavage to Aarav. After the dinner, Shreya asked Ishita, “Where’s the ice cream, Ishita? I want to taste that.” Ishita said, “It’s with Aarav. He knows where his ice cream is.”

Aarav was confused and asked them what they were trying to say. Then they both came near Aarav. They removed his shorts and pointing at his erect dick said, “This is the ice cream we were referring to.” Both the girls quickly held his cock and pushed him on to the bed and started stroking it.

Aarav was in deep pleasure. Meanwhile, Ishita had started sucking his dick. Shreya was sucking his balls. After some time, they both started sucking his dick and kissed each other.

Aarav said, “You both are such sexy and horny girls. Thank you for sucking my dick so well. Oh, yeah, suck that one, you sexy bitches.” And soon, he got up and started to kiss Shreya. He was pressing her boobs and undressed her.

He said, “Oh, Shreya, you have such a nice pair of tits. I am in love with those.” Shreya replied, “You liked them, baby? Please don’t stop sucking and squeezing them. Then please put your big fat cock inside my hungry pussy.”

Meanwhile, Ishita was sucking his dick and taking it completely inside her mouth. Soon he cum inside her mouth. She got up and said, “Oh, Aarav, now lick my pussy, and Shreya will definitely love to make that big dick hard once again.”

Shreya replied, “Oh, ya, I would love making that dick hard again for the pounding.” Now Aarav lay on the bed, and Ishita sat on his face. He licked her pussy while Shreya was sucking his dick like a real lollipop. Now Shreya stood up and guided his hard cock inside her wet pussy.

He started to ride her, making very loud moans. Aarav was saying, “Oh, Shreya, you bitch, fuck me.” Ishita said to Shreya, “Now, I think you have got to know the strength and power of his long cock.” Shreya moaning, “Oh, yes, you bitch, this cock is amazing. I am going to cum soon.”

She increased her speed, and soon they both cum with a jerk. Ishita said, “Come on, you bastard, fuck me in doggy style now.” She sat in the doggy style, and Aarav positioned his dick at her pussy entrance. He pushed it inside in one go and started to pound her pussy hard.

Shreya had now spread her legs wide. Ishita was licking her pussy and was fingering her while having Aarav’s cock was taking her to heaven. He was spanking her ass and fucking her with enormous speed. He was thrusting her dick inside her pussy with great force.

She was constantly moaning, “Oh, yeah, you motherfucker, fuck me harder, make me your slut.” Aarav said, “Take this dick inside your pussy, you slut of mine. I want to make that pussy lips swollen so that you remember me even after I leave.”

Ishita replied, “I will surely remember your dick for months now.” Soon Ishita cum. Aarav, too, with a sudden jerk, released his juices inside her and fell on the bed exhausted.

Shreya – That was intense from you both. I could feel it, but it’s not correct, Aarav. My pussy should get some respect. It’s demanding to get swollen and wants more of your juices inside her.

Aarav – Ya sure why not. My dick is always ready to fill holes of hot and sexy women.”

Now they got inside the bathroom and turned the shower on. Aarav started to fuck Shreya in missionary style. He sucked and squeezed her big boobs and kissed her. she was moaning like hell and was having immense pleasure.

Shreya was saying, “Though I have some 15 odd dicks filling up my holes, definitely, yours is the best.” Aarav said, “You are such a slut, Shreya, you would perhaps be the sluttiest girl in your college. And you should be because your spongy boobs are amazing.”

And they both cummed soon and released their juices. After that, all of them were exhausted and slept. Aarav slept on the couch and both the girls on the bed. The next morning Aarav was sleeping but was feeling something near his dick.

He opened his eyes and saw that Ishita and Shreya had undressed him. They poured chocolate syrup on his cock and were licking and sucking it. He asked, “You fucking bitches last night wasn’t enough for you?” They said, “One thing is remaining, that is your big cock sliding between our sponge balls.”

Now both of them joined their boobs and put his dick between their huge boobs and started to tit fuck. Soon he ejaculated on their boobs, and they all had one good morning session before Shreya left. Now Ayesha had arrived, and they went out for some shopping and movie. In the evening, Aarav left.

After that, Ayesha asked Ishita, “ I am hoping that he didn’t trouble you.” Ishita said, “No, not at all.” Ayesha saw that Ishita was not able to walk properly.

Ayesha – Is there something wrong because you are not able to walk properly?

Ishita – No, it’s fine.

Ayesha – Oh, now I understand why Shreya was still there till morning. You three had a fucking session. Correct?

Ishita – Ya, but sorry. I was really into it yesterday after talks with Khushi sometime ago.

Ayesha  (smiling) – Come on, bae, it’s absolutely fine. He is good at fucking chicks. He would have absolutely nailed it.

Ishita  (surprised) – How do you know?

Ayesha (laughing) – Bae, I am his cousin, if he can drill his cousin’s friend then he certainly fuck her cousin too. By the way, his dick is amazing. Isn’t it?

Ishita – You fucking bitch. My best friend, Rohan, should be enough for you. But ya, you are right, his 8-inch tool just rips you apart.

Ayesha – Ya Rohan is good at it too. Now according to what you said to Khushi that after you become a pro at fucking, you would like to get fucked by Rohan and Rahul. Were you serious about it?

Ishita (squeezing Ayesha’s boob) – Oh, yeah, definitely, and I don’t think that they can reject my offer.

Ayesha  (pinching Ishita’s nipples) – Ah, they won’t reject you as we all 4  (Mitali, Khushi, Ayesha, Ishita) know that they masturbate seeing our pics.

Ishita – I expect that day to come soon.

So this was the end of this story of mine. I hope you liked it. Comment below so that I write more stories. And any horny girls interested in sexting can reach me at [email protected]

Taking Best Friend’s Cousin From Airport To Bed – Part 2