Taking her virginity – Daughter and father sex story

Taking her virginity – Daughter and father sex story

Hi, all. I am back with the next part of the story about my daughter. Sorry for the delay. I know many of you were asking me to write the next part soon. But due to some reason I didn’t get time to write it. My apologies. And thank you for all your appreciation.

This story about taking her virginity is a direct continuation of the previous part. And it is narrated by the 45-year-old father. Hope you like it.

So the next morning, I was sleeping in my room. Riya came, and she tried to wake me up. But instead of calling me ‘Dad,’ she referred to me as ‘Honey’ as my wife Sushma used to call me. We had a deal last night that from now on, she will act as my wife.

I was in sleep and forgot about the deal and about the lockdown. And that Sushma was not in the house. So I thought it was Sushma who was waking me up. My eyes were closed. I pulled Riya towards me and I hugged her around the waist, thinking her to be my wife.

I lay my hands on her ass and squeezed them a bit – this time, I did it unintentionally. I kept caressing and squeezing her ass for a while. Then Riya called me, “Dad.” This woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was Riya. I immediately removed my hands and apologized.

I told her that I thought she was Sushma. She kept quiet for a while and then said, “It’s okay, dad. Don’t worry, it was a genuine mistake, and from now on, don’t call me Riya but Sushi, as you call mom.” I agreed to her proposal.

Then she went outside to prepare breakfast. I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen. The breakfast was ready. She had made a delicious breakfast. While I was eating it, a bite fell on my shorts, just above my crotch. I was about to wipe it when Riya took a cloth and said, “Don’t worry, honey, I will remove it.”

She wiped the food over my crotch. It felt like she just rubbed my dick. But I didn’t think much about it and finished my breakfast. I went to my room, and Riya went to take a bath. This time I didn’t peek inside as much had happened since morning. I didn’t want to risk anything.

After taking a bath, Riya came to my room, and she was wearing Sushma’s suit. But as Sushma used to wear salwar after coming inside our room, Riya did the same. She was just wearing the kameez, and her legs were naked. I could see her milky thighs from the side of the kameez.

I don’t know why Riya did so, but it was a treat for me. She then smiled and asked how she was looking. I replied, more beautiful than her mother. She laughed and then went outside.

Then I went to take a bath. I went inside the bathroom. I took off my clothes and thought about all the incidents that took place, from squeezing Riya’s ass to seeing her milky thighs. I closed my eyes and started rubbing my dick, imagining how good it felt when I squeezed her ass. They were so soft.

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Then I imagined her milky thighs and increased my speed. But suddenly, Riya bombarded in the bathroom with a towel in her hand. This sudden incident made me cum, and unfortunately, it was released in Riya’s direction. My cum was all over her.

She tried to dodge it. But it was so sudden she couldn’t do anything about it. She had seen me in such an awkward position. My erect dick in my hand and cum all over her body. She just threw the towel and ran outside. I was feeling embarrassed about what I had done.

After this, we didn’t talk at all that day until we met for dinner at night. We were at the dinner table when I spoke.

Ramesh: Sorry, beta (I paused)… It was a mistake. I don’t know what to say.

Riya spoke after a few seconds.

Riya: (in a low voice) I just came to give you a towel as you had forgotten it. I was about to knock on the door. But then I stumbled and leaned on the door, and it opened, and then you know.

Ramesh: Ohh… I am sorry I didn’t mean to.

Riya: Honey, it’s okay, I can understand. And I told you to call me Sushi.

She smiled. I felt a bit of relief and was surprised, too, as Riya didn’t mind anything.

Ramesh: Oh, Sushi, I love you so much.

Riya: I love you too, honey.

After dinner, I went to my bedroom. Riya, after finishing all the chores came to my bedroom. She was wearing Sushma’s nighty and she picked the shortest one. It covered less than half her thighs and the neck was too deep as well. She was looking mesmerizing in that.

She then came and sat beside me. She again asked, “How I am looking, honey?” to which I replied,” As beautiful as always.”  Then she slept beside me and with her back towards me. She told me that I can hug her as I used to hug mom. I hesitated at first but then I hugged her from behind.

I went close to her and put my hands just below her boobs. She kept her hand on mine. And my cock was inches away from her ass. She then switched off the lights and turned on night lights. We went to sleep after that.  But at night I woke up and what I noticed amazed me.

The way Riya was sleeping made her nighty go up a bit and it had come to her waist. I saw Riya was wearing a sexy panty. It only covered half her ass revealing the rest. I couldn’t control myself after seeing this and I lay my hand on her ass again. I caressed it.

But this time I went further. I slowly moved my hands over her pussy and gently rubbed it. Wow her pussy was so warm. And I placed my other hand on one of her boobs and gently squeezed it.

Her panty got a bit wet with all that rubbing. She even moaned a bit, but I checked that she was still asleep.  I didn’t want to take any risk so I didn’t do anything after that. I just hugged her and went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, Riya was not there. So I went outside and saw her in the kitchen wearing the same nighty. I hugged her from behind this time pressing my morning wood on her ass. She bumped me back with her ass. She told me to freshen up or else I will not get breakfast.

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I did as she told me and came back into the kitchen and sat on the dining table waiting for breakfast. At that moment a utensil fell from Riya’s hand and rolled below the kitchen platform. Riya bent down on her fours to get it and she stretched her hand to reach the utensil.

When she stretched her hand, her nighty again got pulled up. This time I saw Riya’s naked ass and pussy. Yes, she was not wearing any panty at all. This was like a porn scene. I felt like going behind her and just start fucking her. Riya then took the utensil and got up.

Seeing all this had made me hard and horny and I was out of my senses. I wanted Riya more than ever.  While eating breakfast, I intentionally dropped food on my crotch again. And looked towards Riya. She took a cloth and wiped the food over my hard cock.

As soon as she wiped it I again dropped the food. She immediately wiped it again. I again dropped the food. When she was about the wipe, I took her hand and made her hold my hard, rigid cock. We looked towards each other for a while.

Then suddenly we both got up and started kissing each other vigorously. Yes, Riya was also kissing me back while still holding my dick in her hands and rubbing it. Then we stopped kissing and we both stripped down and were standing fully naked.

I then pushed her against the wall and again kissed her. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths. Her hands were all over my back and mine were on her breasts. I was fondling them, squeezing her soft mesmerizing boobs. I could feel her perky nipples on my palms.

Touching her perfect round boobs was making me hard. My throbbing cock was striking against her. She felt it and took my cock in her hands and started rubbing it. I placed my hand on her pussy which was already wet. I rubbed it from outside. It was warm. She bit my lips when I did so.

I replied to this by inserting a finger in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight. After fingering for a while I couldn’t resist. I had waited long enough. I wanted to fuck my daughter’s pussy. I removed her hand from my cock placed it on her pussy and inserted it with a thrust.

Her pussy was tight so only half of my cock was inside her. But she screamed out of pain. I was more aroused by her scream and with a second thrust, my whole cock was inside. I started fucking her and experiencing the pleasures of forbidden sex. My cock going in and coming out of her pussy.

With each thrust, she screamed louder. Her pussy had grasped my cock so tightly after a long time. My cock was fucking such a pussy. My daughter’s pussy had given me a new experience with my cock. I kept thrusting her and after a while she started enjoying.

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Both of our bodies were moving in rhythm. Now her screams had turned into moans. She was enjoying it more than ever. Riya’s perfect boobs were bouncing up and down. She then told me, “Pick me up, dad, pick me up in your arms like you did when I was small. Only to love me more this time.”

Her words made adrenaline boost inside me and I picked her up at once. She was in my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock going deeper in her pussy. She pressed her against the walls and fucked her vigorously. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open.

Since her pussy was so tight I couldn’t last long and I was about to cum. I told her that I was about to cum. She replied, “Cum all over my body, dad like you did in the bathroom. I want your cum all over me.” So I pulled out and she knelt before me.

She was jerking my cock with her hands and her body below it. I released all of my cum on her. Some on her face, some on her boobs and hair. She loved the shower of cum.

But after all, this was over, I noticed something. There were few drops of blood on the floor and on Riya’s pussy too. At that moment I realized I had taken my daughter’s virginity.

Ramesh: Riya, why didn’t you tell me that you were a virgin?

Riya: Dad, what’s better than a father taking his young daughter’s virginity?

We kissed again, and then she told me to take her to my bedroom. She told me to fuck on the bed where I fuck her mom. I picked her up in my arms she hugged me and I walked towards my bedroom. I threw her on the bed and stood there.  Riya got her on her fours with her ass towards me.

Riya: Spank your little daughter, daddy, spank her hard and make her ass red.

I was amazed at how naughty my daughter can be. I started spanking her with my bare hands. With each spank, she moaned louder, and her ass became redder. After a few spankings and her moans, my cock was hard again. I again fucked my naughty little daughter from behind.

That day I fucked her three more times. After that, we used to roam around almost naked in the house most of the time. As it was a lockdown and no one will come. We enjoyed each other’s bodies. I even fucked her when she was on a call with Sushma. We enjoyed our lockdown to the fullest.

So, guys, this part ends here. In the next part, I will tell you about what happens when Sushma returns. Will she find out about our relationship, or will we be able to hide it?

To know about it, keep reading. Please give your feedback and views at [email protected] I am on hangouts too. Thanks for reading.

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Taking her virginity – Daughter and father sex story

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