Taylor’s Revenge – Sex Stories

“Why are you helping me?” Taylor asked her sister, Anne.

It was a question that Taylor had been pondering all week. Since the horrors of prom night, she and Anne had been scheming non-stop the course for their revenge against Viktor, Jackson, Ky, Ash and most of all Bradley; the group that had been forcing Taylor into all manners of sexually degrading Acts for the past few months.

Anne had been one of them until a sudden change of heart during prom week. Now, she was helping Taylor plot against the others, and Taylor wanted to know why.

Anne took a few moments before answering.

“Honestly, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Right now it seems so clear that helping you is the right thing to do, it makes me wonder why I ever thought of hurting you,” said Anne, somberly looking Taylor in the eye, “I owe you so much, but you don’t owe me a thing other than your hatred. Please, let me help you. When it’s over, you have every right to cut me off entirely or worse, but let me help you end this.”

Taylor didn’t know if she could trust Anne or her motives, but she didn’t have much choice. The plans they’d made had already been put in motion. The plan was good, but there was no room for error.

Their first task had been to find an accomplice. Someone older, with skills and connections they simply didn’t have. On top of that, they needed somebody with a…fluid sense of morality. The internet proved helpful and they soon located a man who seemed willing to help.

They met him at a local Starbucks, wanting someplace public in case he turned out to be a psychopath. He was already there when they arrived.

“Jamaal?” asked Taylor as she and Anne stopped in front of his table.

He looked at the two pretty high school girls, sizing them up for a long moment. Then he smiled.

“Fuck, you weren’t lying,” said Jamaal. The girls had described themselves to him online and he had been vocal about not believing two young girls wanted the kind of assistance he could offer.

The girls sat down with him and started explaining the situation in further detail. They told him everything that had been done to Taylor up to that point, their plan to get back at Bradley and the others, and what they hoped he could do for them. They offered him money and, if he desired, sex with one or both of them for his help. Once they’d finished, Jamaal started laughing.

“I aint trying to fuck you, but I will help you out. Throw in some more cash and you’ve got a deal,” said Jamaal.

The girls were happy to oblige. From what he’d told them, he was the perfect person to help them carry out their revenge. They’d been willing to fuck him but were happy to simply pay him more.

The trio discussed the plan in greater detail and each left the coffee shop with their assignments.

Finally, after a week of non-stop planning, the night of Taylor’s revenge had arrived. Taylor was sitting in the passenger seat of the van Jamaal had rented for them. The plan was playing through her head over and over as Jamaal hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Rooms are ready, everything’s set,” said Jamaal.

They were in the parking lot of a seedy motel on the outskirts of the city. A couple of 18 year-old girls renting three rooms there would have raised some eyebrows, but Jamaal could do it easily.

“Great. Anne should be here soon,” said Taylor. Her hands were fidgeting non-stop in her lap. Try as she might, she couldn’t keep still. Jamaal noticed.

“They really did a number on you, huh?” he asked. Taylor and Anne hadn’t told him everything about Taylor’s torturous past few months, but they’d told him enough.

“It’s nothing compared to what’s coming for them,” said Taylor, squeezing her hand into a tight fist.

Jamaal chuckled, nodding his head.

“Yeah I’d have to agree with that,” he said.

Anne’s car pulled into the parking lot. Taylor ducked down in her seat. Anne wasn’t alone.

“Looks like they’re here,” said Jamaal.

Anne parked the car and stepped out, followed by Viktor, Ky and Ash. They all looked excited as Anne led them towards the motel.

“That’s my cue,” said Jamaal, opening the door and stepping out of the van. Taylor watched as he followed the group out of her sight. The plan had begun.

Anne’s first job had been to convince Viktor and the girls that they were at the hotel on Bradley’s orders to inflict more pain and humiliation upon her sister. They fell for the trap without question.

Before they’d left, Anne managed to slip Ky and Ash each a dose of a drug which made them highly…agreeable, to say the least. Once they were in Room 207 of the motel, it was just a matter of finding as many men as possible that they wouldn’t want to fuck. There were plenty of dudes at the seedy dive bar nearby who fit that bill. More were lined up outside the homeless shelter down the street. For good measure, Jamaal had helped them drive the van around earlier in the evening to pick up the dirtiest, ugliest bums they could find in the city. The promise of a sandwich and a lay was plenty to get all to agree.

Viktor required even more of Jamaal’s assistance. Lured to the motel with sweet promises of debauchery by Anne, he was met in Room 209 by no less than a dozen burly men who jumped him without warning. The men were gang members and ex-cons, guys Jamaal knew would be interested in helping with this particular piece of the plan. Viktor tried to fight back but the bigger, tougher men subdued him, stripped him, and lashed him to the bed on his stomach. For the next few hours, they ravaged the young man, taking turns and making it as painful and degrading as possible (per Ethan’s request). Ethan in fact was in the room for most of it, gladly accepting the task of recording the event on camera. He didn’t partake in Viktor’s flesh himself, but the feeling of vengeance was orgasmic in its own way. Viktor had fucked him in the ass, cum on him multiple times, fucked Taylor in front of him constantly, and done everything else in his power to humiliate, emasculate and torture him. Watching Viktor whimpering in pain and degradation as a gaggle of men did the same to him was the best revenge Ethan could have asked for.

Getting back at Jackson was easier than the girls had originally thought it would be, though it did require some additional prep and planning. Anne had texted him privately asking if he wanted to fuck one of her and Taylor’s aunts. Anne promised she was a hot piece of ass, and suggested Jackson invite his brother, who was the leader of the college guys who had gang-raped Taylor for two days the weekend before prom.

Jackson agreed without reservation and he and his brother Jake met Anne outside of Room 211 at 10pm. She led them inside, where the hot older woman was already naked on the bed, wearing the same style of black leather gimp mask that the guys had forced Taylor and her mom to wear on prom night. The guys couldn’t see her face, and she couldn’t see anything at all. Some high quality earplugs underneath the hood made it impossible for her to hear anything as well, explained Anne as the guys stripped off. As the brothers pulled out their epically huge cocks, Taylor went on to explain that her aunt wanted to be fucked long, hard and dirty and that anything goes except removing the mask.

This last rule was especially important since it was not, of course, Taylor and Anne’s aunt the brothers would be fucking. It had been predictably easy for the two hot, young girls to seduce and fuck Jackson’s dad not five days ago. They assumed they’d have to blackmail him for the next part to work, but when they raised the request he had agreed immediately, saying it would be no problem.

He of course wasn’t given the full details of exactly who would be involved, as surely he never would have gone along with it if he had. But as it worked out, he was able to easily convince his wife to allow herself to be blindfolded and fucked by two hung dudes in a motel room, all so he could get a couple more fucks from the Smith sisters.

And so Jackson and Jake crawled into bed, naked, with their surprisingly sexy mother and not one of the three knew it. The guys stroked their massive dicks fully hard as they played with their mom’s awesome huge tits, smacked her big, supple ass and fingered her pussy where, well, frankly, they had been once before. Jackson unzipped the mouth hole of the hood and pushed his mom’s wet mouth onto the huge, pulsing head of his thick cock. Mrs. Brooks had been instructed not to say a word and let the two “strangers” freely take advantage of her. Amazingly, neither she nor her husband had any issue with this rule, nor any other aspect of what Taylor and Anne requested. Apparently they were swingers of some sort, and in fact acted like this was nothing too out of the ordinary. The sisters found it odd, but were happy to use it to their advantage.

Jake got behind his mom and split her pussy lips with his big dick while his brother got sucked off by her. Anne was there recording the whole thing, careful not to get the brothers’ faces in every shot as she’d promised Mr. Brooks a cut of the footage. He wasn’t there that night; Taylor had gone over and blown him in the afternoon as part of the arrangement. He and his wife had actually been pretty cool about everything, so the girls didn’t want them to ever know that the dudes who fucked her were their own sons. That was not the case with Jackson and Jake, whom they intended to show the full video to (including the very beginning where their mom strips and puts on the mask before they arrived).

Mrs. Brooks continued to take her sons in each end, doing a shockingly good job handling the monster cocks thrusting in and out of her. Jackson and Jake switched, so that now Jackson was fucking his mom doggystyle while his brother laid down and got head from her. The two couldn’t help but talk about how hot the chick they were fucking was, what fantastic tits she had, how nice her mouth felt, etc. Anne almost blurted out laughing when Jackson called her a “true milf”. If only he knew how accurate that was. Anne made a mental note to edit their voices in the cut she gave to their father so he wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

Seeing how well their mom was handling their huge slabs of meat, the boys started getting rougher with her. Taylor couldn’t tell which was louder; the wet, slurping sounds coming from Mrs. Brooks mouth as Jake sloppily fucked it, or the wet slapping sound of Jackson’s heavy balls against her clit as he pounded her from behind.

“Unh, this slut’s gonna make me dump in her pussy,” said Jackson, unknowingly referring to the woman who birthed and raised him.

“Hold off for a few, I want to get in her ass and DP her first,” said his brother, their mom running her lips down his shaft.

“Too late, can’t turn back now. Don’t worry, for this bitch I can guarantee I’ll pop at least three or four times,” said Jackson.

He quickened his pace and indeed started dumping his load into her flaming hot pussy. Jackson and Jake could each shoot a ton, thought Anne. If they each came multiple times, their mom would be swimming in the stuff.

Jackson didn’t even pull his cock out after cumming, just helped his mom reposition so she was riding him while her other son crouched behind her, rubbing the wet head of his prick against her tight button. She moaned sexily as the big cock pushed into her slippery asshole. Jackson sucked and gnawed at her huge tits as they hung down into his face as his brother reamed her ass. Even having more sexual experience than Jackson did nothing to help Jake hold out much longer than his brother.

“Shiiiiit…” he groaned as he pulled out and stroked his load onto his mom’s great ass. It was a deluge and when he finished he smeared the pearly stuff around her butt cheeks with the head of his dick.

“I thought I already had the hottest milf possible, but this bitch is so fucking good,” he said.

The brothers rearranged themselves and their mother again, now putting her on her knees as they sat side by side at the foot of the bed so she could suck them. Even though she was willingly giving the boys passionate and experienced head, the blowjobs soon turned into rough face-fucking as both boys bucked their hips up to violently slam their giant cocks into their mom’s wet, stretched maw. She tried to corral Jackson’s cock by wrapping ber bountiful tits around it, but even her big melons couldn’t handle enough of his meat to keep the rest from choking her. Jackson tugged on his mom’s plump nipples while she sloppily titfucked and blew him.

“God, these tits are just amazing,” said Jackson, roughly pinching both nipples causing his mom to squeal around his thick cock.

Jackson grabbed his mom by the hair and pulled her as far down on his dick as he could. Mrs. Brooks took an incredibly impressive amount of her son’s meat, but eventually had to force herself away, choking, spitting and gasping for air. Jake grabbed her head and forced her to do the same to him and the brothers went back and forth abusing their mom’s throat, giving her very little respite.

After five or so minutes of that, Mrs. Brooks, likely needing a break from getting her tonsils pummeled, managed to grab Jackson’s cock with both hands and quickly moved her lips to his fat balls before he could throat fuck her. Jackson allowed her to suck at his balls as she jerked him, but when she dipped even lower to lick his ass he grabbed her by the ponytail.

“Woah, jesus, where do you think you’re going, slut?” he asked. She couldn’t hear him of course but seemed to get the message as he pulled her mouth back down on his dick.

“What, you don’t like getting your ass licked?” asked Jake.

“Hell no. I mean, I don’t think so…” said Jackson.

“Your loss,” said Jake, grabbing his mom’s head off his brother’s dick and impaling it on his own stiff rod. After a few pumps into her mouth to wet his shaft, he pulled her head away, put his legs up and smashed her face into his ass crack. It took her a moment to adjust but soon she was giving him the rimjob her other son had rejected. Jake stroked his huge cock, as did Jackson as they both watched their mother eat ass, naked but for her black leather mask.

Taylor relished the site but decided to check on the other rooms. Entering 209, she discovered that the men must have broken Viktor’s fighting spirit, as he was no longer strapped to the bed. He was now in a doggy position, still getting fucked in the ass but now also sucking a dick as well (not his first of the night, it seemed, judging by the wet and drying cum in his hair and on his red, tear-streaked face). Strangely, Viktor’s cock was rock hard as he was getting pounded in the ass. Taylor laughed out loud seeing that, causing Ethan to look over at her.

“He’s been hard for the last few guys who’ve fucked him,” said Ethan, knowing what Taylor was looking at.

Taylor recognized the guy Viktor was sucking as one of the bums who had been in room 207. Apparently the men were now moving freely between the rooms, taking whatever they desired.

Ethan was taking video of everything, making sure to get whatever angle necessary to not miss any of the Action. Taylor wanted to stay with him but needed to check out the last room.

The smell of sex and body odor in room 207 was somehow even stronger than in the other two. Taylor could smell it in the hallway through the closed door. Two more dirty, apparently homeless men had arrived and were waiting outside the door, looking a little nervous and confused.

“You guys here for the party?” asked Taylor, sizing up the pair of bums: they were both fairly lean and skinny, but one had short stubble on his face while the other had a wild, untamed beard and head of hair in various shades of gray and white.

“I guess so. It’s true that you can screw some pretty girls inside?” asked Beardy.

“You betcha,” responded Taylor.

“Are…that is…are you one of ’em?” He asked sheepishly.

“Unfortunately not, cowboy, but I promise you won’t be disappointed,” said Taylor, opening the door for the men and gesturing for them to enter. The sound of sex rang out from the room.

“And there’s food right?” asked Stubble, “Any chance I can take a shower?”

Taylor didn’t want to offend but her nose told her that both men could really use a wash.

“You sure can, but not until after you’re done fucking them. Both of them,” said Taylor, following the men through the door.

The group of dudes inside seemed to be getting worn out. Under the influence of the drug in their system, Ky and Ash were insatiable, both shouting in pleasure and begging to be fucked harder, faster, and by more men. Most of the guys were sitting or standing on the outskirts of the room in various states of undress and arousal. Taylor saw one bum sitting on the desk, eating a sandwich with one hand and beating off furiously with the other, his eyes glued on the orgy in front of him.

Ky was riding one of Jamaal’s convict friends reverse-cowgirl, slamming her hips down on his large dick with a zeal normally reserved for anger. Ash was lying beneath a homeless gentleman who was chewing on her soft tits as he fucked her, much to her apparent delight.

Stubble and Beardy watched with shocked enthusiasm. Taylor wanted to get their not-so-fresh skin in the game, so to speak, and offered to take their coats. They had four coats between them and they didn’t stop disrobing after handing those to Taylor. She laid them on top of a pile that had formed in the corner.

Despite their differences in facial hair grooming, once completely nude Taylor could see that both men had tangled messes of pubic hair: overgrown, matted and filthy from continuous poor hygiene. Taylor couldn’t help but notice that despite his otherwise nasty appearance, Beardy had a pretty good looking cock, which he was now playing with as he watched the girls get fucked.

Within minutes the two men fucking Ash and Ky came (in their pussies, as the girls more or less demanded). Nobody stepped up to take their spots immediately so Taylor took Beardy and Stubble by the hand and guided them to the beds. Inspired by the scene she’d left in 211, she got the men to sit on the edge of the bed. With a snap and a point, she got the very pliable girls to get on their knees; Ash in front of Beardy and Ky in front of Stubble.

“Eat their asses,” said Taylor forcefully, knowing that the girls would comply.

They did, willingly and with smiles on their faces. The men tried to object momentarily, insisting they weren’t clean enough, but the girls weren’t having it. Taylor watched as Ky pushed Stubble’s legs up, lifted his saggy ball sack and dove tongue first into his mangy, hairy asshole. Ash did the same in turn.

That got the energy in the room back up, introducing a whole new level of kink into the atmosphere. Guys were lining up again to have their way with Ash and Ky and Taylor felt confident the gangbang would continue for at least another couple hours. She watched for a while then slipped out of the room just as Stubble shot his thick, yellow load on Ky’s forehead.

Taylor made her way back to 211, passing Jamaal on the way who confirmed that things were continuing as planned in Viktor’s room.

“He was literally begging for one of us to help him cum,” said Jamaal with a laugh, “We’ve got that shit on tape, too.”

Taylor could hear Viktor’s muffled screams of pain (and what almost sounded like pleasure) through the door. She’d have felt sorry for him if he hadn’t put her through far worse the past few months.

Taylor knocked softly on the door to 211 and moments later Anne answered, smiling victoriously. She let Taylor in, pointing to the bed where Mrs. Brooks was in practically the same position as before but now back to rimming Jackson, who seemed to have gotten over his aversion to the act. Jake was behind his mom, tongue buried in her slightly stretched asshole. Together they formed an incestuous little human centipede and Anne was getting it all on camera.

Jackson was slowing stroking the head of his cock while his mom ran her tongue up and down his rubbery asshole.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again,” he said, slowing the pace of his stroking to try to hold back his second load of the evening. He did so successfully for another couple minutes, until Mrs. Brooks wet her index finger and slowly pushed it into his lubricated asshole, her tongue working on his perineum and balls as she did so.

“SHIT!” Jackson hollered as the unexpected anal intrusion set his cock off like a shotgun, blasting freely into the air in huge, arcing spurts and landing like hot lava on his stomach, the bed, and his mom’s hair and upper-back.

Mrs. Brooks withdrew her finger and brought her lips up to the sensitive, post-ejaculate tip of her middle son’s cock, sucking lightly to clean off the last drops of cum that had settled there.

“Told you, dude,” said Jake, taking a momentary break from eating his mom’s butt.

Jackson stood and walked to the bathroom in a daze to clean himself up. He came back and chugged a bottle of Gatorade, watching his brother continue to rim their mom. Taylor thought Jackson looked like a football player eager to get back in the game.

Jake pulled his tongue out and spanked his mom’s ass extremely hard a few times with his palm. Apparently sated with tonguing her hole, he turned to address his brother and the girls.

“I came up with this a few weeks ago,” he said with a shit-eating grin, as he went over to the backpack he’d brought and pulled out a rather large buttplug. Going back to his mom, he pulled her off the floor and onto the bed, keeping her on all fours. He pushed her head down and pulled her ass up higher, displaying the glistening wet asshole he’d been working on for the past fifteen minutes. Spitting on the buttplug for good measure, he slowly pushed it into her ass.

He could have gotten it in easily, but clearly wanted to savor the act. He’d push it in, then pull it out slowly. He’d let it hang right on the edge of going in, where her asshole was stretched around the widest part of the plug, then pull it back out and repeat the process. Mrs. Brooks moaned loudly into the hotel mattress. Jake smiled that douchey smile at Taylor while he did it, thinking it was her relative that he was causing so much pain and humiliation. It took all of Taylor’s willpower to keep from smiling back, since she knew the truth.

Jackson’s behemoth cock was starting to stir as he watched. Even Anne was getting turned on, or at least doing a good job of playing the part. As she watched the display, her hand slowly crept down the front of her pants to play with herself. Jackson must have noticed because Anne made eyes at him, beckoning him to her side where she started to gently stroke his pillar of meat. Taylor watched it all, knowing that she and Anne had talked strategy beforehand and had said if need be they’d do whatever they had to do to keep the brothers fucking Mrs. Brooks. Anne was doing that duty, getting Jackson prepped for round three. Taylor did wonder, as she felt her own pussy starting to tingle, if Anne wasn’t getting her own enjoyment out of it as well though.

Jake had let the buttplug slide into his mom’s ass and was now rubbing her pussy with his palm. He was a master at keeping her on the edge of orgasm, giving her just enough stimulation with the plug and his hand to keep her there but not enough to send her over. He toed that line for several minutes, loving the exasperated whines he was causing his mother to emit. Once he had her entire body quivering, ready to cum at the slightest touch, he made the unexpected move of abandoning her pussy altogether and slowly working the plug out of her ass. He turned and showed it, slimy and wet, to the group.

“Check this out,” he said with a grin.

Bending down, he stuffed the buttplug into her mouth, causing her to gag and sputter. Getting into a crouched position behind her, he pulled her hips up again and with no concern for her well-being, lined up his big cock and slammed it down into her ass. The pain was obvious from his mom’s sharp yelp, audible even with her mouth full of ass-toy. She tried to pull away but he held her hips tight and continued to pile-drive her asshole, fast, hard and deep. He kept up the intense pace long enough for her to somewhat acclimate to it, though her pained yelps continued throughout the experience.

“I love fucking your whore of an aunt,” he called over his shoulder to the girls.

Taylor couldn’t help it and let a broad smile come to her lips. Whatever you say, douchebag, it’s your whore mom’s ass your’e fucking.

Jackson was warmed back up and ready to jump into the action. His brother seemed unwilling to stop or even slow down jackhammering their moms butthole, but Jackson did see an opening (albeit a slightly awkward one). Jake was crouching and positioned so high up that Jackson could kneel behind him and snake his long cock through to his mom’s pussy. He’d have to be cautious to avoid undue contact with his brother’s rapidly humping dick and balls, and he’d have to turn his head to avoid getting his brother’s ass in his face, but he could otherwise enjoy the DP as he normally would.

Somewhere along the way, the shift from intense pleasure to intense pain had shifted back into the pleasure spectrum for Mrs. Brooks. It was hard to tell, but Taylor guessed she was either having rolling orgasms one after the other or just one hyper-extended orgasm with no end in sight so long as her boys continued to fuck her in this manner. Taylor was impressed that she hadn’t just passed out from the stimulation and the lack of air (she was still breathing mostly through her nose since the buttplug was filling her mouth).

Jake was the first one to break. After clobbering away at his mom’s ass for over ten minutes, he finally couldn’t handle any more and pulled out, shooting a huge load of cum at her ass and gaping asshole.

“FUCK!” he yelled, having one of the most intense orgasms of his life.

“God damn it, dude! You got cum on me!” said Jackson angrily, pulling up the bedspread to quickly wipe away an errant glob of cum that had landed on his pelvis.

“Sorry, bro,” said Jake, collapsing onto the bed in a lustful heap, a huge, happy smile on his face.

“Disgusting, dude. That’s practically incest!” said Jackson, entirely unaware of the irony as he picked up the pace fucking his mom’s hot pussy.

Taylor was confident these two would keep at it as long as they possibly could, all night if they could manage it. Watching the rough DP had gotten her pussy fairly wet and she now wanted to check in again on the other rooms.

She went past 209 where a couple of Jamaal’s friends were in the hallway, laughing and sharing a joint. They told Taylor that Viktor had puked up all the cum he’d been forced to swallow and now Jamaal was making him lick it back up off the floor. They found it hilarious and Taylor laughed with them, but wasn’t all that interested in witnessing it. Maybe she’d check out the video later.

In 207, to her chagrin, Taylor found that most of the men had left. The food was gone and the amount of cumshots Taylor could see both around the room and on Ash and Ky suggested that everyone had cum at least a couple times then left. Only four men remained: Beardy and Stubble, who had been late to the party; one of the well-muscled ex-cons from Jamaal’s group who seemed to prefer young pussy to young guy; and finally a very overweight man with a big white beard whom Taylor recognized from the homeless group. Taylor thought he looked like a homeless Santa Claus.

The ex-con was slamming Ky’s pussy hard from behind while she sucked on Santa’s cock, which matched his stomach as being very large and wobbly. In fact, Taylor was happy to see that, with the exception of Stubble, all the remaining guys were rather well-hung (not like Jackson and Jake but impressive nonetheless). If nothing else, the three big dicks would help ensure that the girls would be sore for days to come.

Beardy was laying underneath Ash, his wide cock piercing her pussy as he stared at her great tits in awe. Stubble was behind her, his dirty little cock fucking her asshole. She hoped both girls had been DP’d plenty of times that evening as it made for especially good entertainment. She checked to make sure the cameras in the room were still running and, confirming that they were, sat down to enjoy the show.

The ex-con fucking Ky was really giving it to her hard. She couldn’t keep Santa’s floppy white cock in her mouth for more than a few seconds. For his part, Santa couldn’t seem to stay fully hard, though Taylor could hardly blame him considering he was an older guy who’d probably shot a few wads already that night. He seemed to enjoy slapping his rosy-headed white cock against Ky’s young face as she grunted through the orgasm the ex-con was giving her.

The orgasm proved too much for Ky and for the first time that night actually had to relent and stop a guy from fucking her. The ex-con was nonplussed and walked over to the other bed, his swinging dick leading the way. Hopping up on the mattress, he dangled his cock in Ash’s face until she could wrap her lips around the head and start sucking.

Ky had collapsed into Santa’s lap, her head on his fat thigh and his chubby cock laying across her face. He gently slapped it around her face some more as she lay there catching her breath. He grabbed his big, smooth balls and pushed them towards her mouth. Fresh from the hard orgasm, it took her some time to even figure out where she was, but once she did she started lazily kissing and licking Santa’s heavy sack.

On the other bed, Ash was now deepthroating the con while Beardy and Stubble kept sawing away at her holes. The tingle in Taylor’s pussy was getting serious. She could feel her pert nipples standing at attention. Casually, she played with one over her shirt as she watched her former best friend get made airtight by a bunch of undesirables.

Santa had gotten Ky onto her back, her head facing the foot of the bed toward where Taylor was standing. Her pussy was sloppy wet and oversensitive, but he gently slid his semi-soft cock against it, letting it collect her excess juices. Ky’s eyes were closed tight, her breathing indicating that she was getting horny again.

Taylor got an idea and without thinking began to act on it. She quickly undid her pants and pulled them off with her underwear in one smooth motion. At one point in her life she would have felt exposed to be bottomless in a room full of strange men, but that shyness was long gone. Besides, only Santa even seemed to notice and he already had some ripe pussy.

Taylor climbed onto the bed and without warning her, straddled Ky’s face. Ky had forced Taylor to eat her out numerous times in the last few months, among so many other horrible and degrading things. Taylor thought it was well-past time to get some back.

Ky went to work on Taylor’s pussy slowly, willing but unsure of how to do it. Taylor adjusted herself a bit to give Ky’s mouth a better angle, and before long it was starting to feel really good. Taylor and Santa were watching each other enjoy either end of Ky’s body with rapt interest. Taylor noticed that his cock had started to bulge and stiffen. She’d known, even seeing it flaccid, that this guy had a big one, but seeing it grow even further was quite a sight. Now fully hard, the pale white cock was full of big, smooth vein ridges and had bulbous, reddish-pink head sitting on top of a good ten inches of pure man-meat. Taylor was a bit mesmerized, watching the thick bastard sliding up and down and around Ky’s wet snatch. She actually felt kind of proud that taking off her pants and mounting Ky’s face had helped bring the thing to full arousal. Even knowing he was a bum off the street, she couldn’t help but imagine fucking that beautiful dick.

Santa gave her a smile and a wink, running his hand along the full length of his member, seemingly just to show it off to her. Then he slowly guided the head down, past Ky’s pussy, to line it up with her tight asshole.

Taylor could feel Ky grunt into her pussy as Santa pressed his big sausage, slick with pussy juice, slowly into Ky’s rear. Watching it and feeling Ky’s hot breath was getting Taylor even hotter. She started to roll her hips, grinding her clit against Ky’s mouth and face. She looked over at Ash, who was now licking the con’s asshole and milking his cock with a downward motion as he bent over against the bed frame, his ass in her face. Beardy was trying to lean his top half out of the way of the con’s dick which was pointed directly at him. Stubble looked like he was going to have a heart attack as he fucked away at Ash’s butt, gripping her cheeks hard with both hands.

Santa was slowly picking up his pace. Taylor could feel his thrusts through Ky’s body. Her eyes met with his, and in that moment she would have fucked him silly at the drop of a hat but they were both so deep into fucking Ky that neither could pull away. Taylor ass was bouncing up and down as Ky licked and sucked and slobbered away at her soaking pussy. She was ready to cum when Santa suddenly pulled out and with a few slow strokes pumped a beautiful, bountiful, pearly load onto Ky’s tight stomach. Taylor moaned seeing it. She’d never desired a man’s cum so much; to have it on her, inside of her, it didn’t matter. She knew she shouldn’t but with her orgasm starting she bent forward and started slurping up as much of the delicious white cream as she could, bucking wildly on Ky’s face as she did. As her tongue made it down to Ky’s trimmed pubic hair, Santa’s slowly deflating cock was laying right in front of Taylor’s eyes. His cum was so sweet, she couldn’t stop herself from gently sucking the marshmallowy head of his gorgeous cock into her mouth, just this once, just for a few moments, to get the last of his cum into her stomach.

Taylor lost track of how long she slurped on Santa’s softening cockhead, but when she looked up at him he had his eyes closed, hands resting on his belly with the cheeriest look of contentment on his face she could possibly imagine. Across the room, all three men had gathered around a kneeling Ash to spray their cum onto her face. Taylor saw the last of the loads dripping onto Ash’s eager tongue, her face an absolute mess.

Taylor slowly dismounted from Ky and got her pants and underwear back on. She straightened her hair in the mirror a bit, then turned and addressed the men in the room.

“You guys have a few more hours with them. Around six someone will come by to collect them. Feel free to order a pizza, call up any friends you know, whatever, just make sure you fuck them as many times as possible before dawn,” said Taylor. Beardy looked at her with a toothy grin.

“These girls are pretty dirty, huh?” he asked, watching Ash suck some cum off her fingers.

“The dirtiest,” said Taylor, “think you guys can find a way to be even nastier?”

“We’ll think of something” said the ex-con with a laugh, smacking his dick hard against Ash’s cheek.

Taylor opened the door to leave. As she left 207, Ash was being dragged to the bathroom by the con who planned to “hose her down”, Beardy and Stubble were arguing over who would get to sit on Ky’s face first, and Santa’s eyes were back open, his glorious cock starting to stir yet again. He shot Taylor a wink as she closed the door behind her.

Taylor decided she had to check in on room 209. She could hear music still playing and the men inside laughing. Going inside, she saw the men all gathered around the bed. Viktor was again strapped to the bed, though this time on his back. He was of course completely naked and covered in jizz. Even with a bad angle, it was clear his ass had been thoroughly abused. His hard cock was stuck straight down between his legs, oozing pre-cum. She wondered if he’d cum at all during the evening. She’d have to ask Ethan.

Ethan was still filming and Jamaal had a rag in his hand which he was using to wipe the cum off Viktor’s body. Something about the way he did it clearly told Taylor he wasn’t just being helpful and considerate. He made sure to scoop as much cum onto the rag as possible, getting every bit of it off of Viktor’s destroyed body. Once finished, he laid it on the bed.

“Your turn, sir, as requested,” said Jamaal to Ethan. The men in the room chuckled.

Ethan handed the camera to another guy who kept the focus on the rag. Ethan unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Stroking it hard, he started masturbating in earnest.

Taylor could see where this was going and wanted to help. She stepped into the inner circle, right beside Ethan as he continued to jerk. Putting a hand on his arm, she told him to stop. He obliged, dropping his hands to the side as Taylor took hold of his cock and started jerking him off. She’d gotten pretty good at it recently and she cupped his balls while giving him a textbook-perfect handjob. It took less than two minutes for Ethan to announce he was cumming. Taylor aimed his spurting cock at the rag as Ethan unloaded. He’d clearly saved up for this, thought Taylor, observing that it was a good amount more cum than he usually produced. Fully spent, Taylor released his dick and he put it back in his pants. The rag was a cum-saturated disaster.

“Put it in his mouth,” said Ethan. The men laughed and a few even clapped. This was the culmination of their night’s work.

Jamaal carefully picked up the rag and brought it up to Viktor’s face. Viktor tried, with his last ounce of resistance, to turn his head away but Jamaal grabbed his hair roughly and kept it straight. He stuffed the filthy rag into Viktor’s mouth, just as Viktor has done to Ethan all those months ago when this had all begun. Viktor choked and gagged and sputtered, but Taylor knew the rag would be staying there until Ethan said it was okay to remove it. She squeezed Ethan’s arm and gave him an understanding smile. This was what he needed, and she hoped it would help him.

Taylor left the room. She’d been gone from 211 for over an hour at this point and she hoped things were still going well. Hopefully Anne hadn’t been pressed into joining the action, though frankly it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she had been.

Entering the room, Taylor was pleased to see that Anne was still on the sidelines, ardently filming the scene. And what a scene it had become.

Mrs. Brooks was on her back on the bed. Her big, beautiful tits were practically covered in clothespins, especially around her plump nipples. Jackson was perched up by her head, facing down towards his mom with his huge rod planted, absolutely PLANTED, in her mouth. It was like a magic act: her throat had somehow made roughly a foot of her son’s dick disappear. His dangling balls rested on her nose in such a way that Taylor marvelled at the woman’s ability to breathe at all.

Her legs were spread wide, and her other son was using a riding crop to violently slap at her inner thighs. Jake’s assault was rhythmic: hard slap on the left thigh, hard slap on the right thigh, rinse, repeat. Every 8 or 9th slap, however, he would without warning smack the crop down on her bare pussy. Her only response to any of this was to quake in pain and surprise with every smack, especially of course the ones on her pussy. Anne leaned over to whisper in Taylor’s ear.

“They’ve been at this for ages. They’re doing whatever they can think of to break her,” she said somewhat gleefully.

It felt a little strange to Taylor that Mrs. Brooks, blameless in all this, was being subjected to such cruelty while her sons, the real perpetrators, were getting to enjoy it so much. But she knew that it was just the cost of doing business so to speak, and that the more they enjoyed it now the more horrible it would be for the boys in the future.

Jackson slowly started to inch his beefy cock out of his mom’s very obliging throat. The last several inches popped out quickly, causing his hard dick to flail around in the air. He started stroking himself and moved forward a bit to teabag her. She gummed at his meaty balls happily as he started removing the clothespins.

“Sorry bro, I just have to fuck these tits,” he said to his brother.

Clothespins off, Jackson scooched forward a touch more and could now freely fuck his mom’s big hooters. She, in turn, could manage little more than to lick his asshole, which he was happy to let her do.

Jake stopped whipping his mom with the riding crop and crawled between her legs. He smacked his heavy cock against her tender pussy a few times before working it inside of her, building to a steady pace.

They fucked her like that for at least ten or fifteen more minutes, slowly and methodically. They’d both cum two or three times (that Taylor knew of) and she’d cum many more, so there was no rush.

“What time is it anyway?” asked Jackson, snapping from his sex-induced daze.

“Almost 3am,” answered Anne, pointing the camera at him as he continued to jerk off and sit on his mom’s tongue.

“Wow, time is flying,” he said, “How long do we have this bitch for?”

“As long as you like,” said Anne with a smile.

After a few more minutes Jackson announced that he was going to cum again. Jake quickened his pace and the two boy shot impressive wads across their mom’s bare torso. Even covered in cum, Jackson couldn’t keep his hands off her tits.

“Let’s clean her up a bit,” said Jake, “I’ll be ready to go again pretty soon.”

“Me too,” said Jackson, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Taylor was both amazed and impressed by the stamina of the boys, and frankly that of their mother for not tapping out. Must run in the family, she thought.

The guys mostly took turns on her for the rest of the night/morning. There was a solid hour where they fucked her doggystyle, switching between them every five to ten minutes. Around 6am Taylor left the room to make sure Jamaal was handling the wrap up for the other two rooms. He was indeed. Ash and Ky were both passed out asleep in the backseat of his car. Viktor was next to them, his eyes locked in the thousand-yard stare of a broken man. Jamaal and one of his buddies were about to go drop them off.

“You guys all good here?” asked Jamaal.

“We can handle the rest,” said Taylor. She hugged Jamaal, “Thank you for everything.”

“It was my pleasure,” he said, hugging her back, “Really, it was.”

He gave her all the cameras and SD cards, which Taylor put in the trunk of Anne’s car. Jamaal waved goodbye and drove off. Taylor went back to 211.

Jackson and Jacob kept on fucking their mom until well past 10 in the morning. They were men possessed; they simply couldn’t stop themselves. Anne’s gentle reminder that checkout time was approaching was the only thing that brought the night to an end. They each dumped one last load inside their mom’s pussy as a way to mark their achievement, then got dressed and left the room.

Taylor and Anne helped Mrs. Brooks remove her mask and earplugs for the first time in over twelve hours. Anne made sure to keep the camera rolling for the unmasking. As they helped Mrs. Brooks into the shower, she insisted that, though exhausted, she’d had a great time. One hell of a trooper, thought Taylor. That, or just a cock-crazed lunatic.

As she showered, they called Mr. Brooks who said he’d be by in half an hour to pick her up.

“What should we do until then?” Anne asked Taylor. Taylor knew right away.

“Now it’s our turn to fuck her,” she said. Anne smiled. Unlike Taylor, she hadn’t had an orgasm all night.

Mrs. Brooks finished in the shower and towelled off. When she re-entered the room, she found the sisters naked and waiting. With a smile, Mrs. Brooks dropped her towel and joined them.

Like the boys, Taylor and Anne couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Brooks’ amazing boobs. And, as they discovered, she was almost as adept at eating pussy as she was at taking huge cock. It was an amazing experience, especially considering it was one more thing to throw in the brothers’ faces. They hugged her goodbye and sent her on her way as Mr. Brooks pulled into the parking lot.

The aftermath of the fateful night in the hotel was everything Taylor could have hoped for. Anne spent much of the rest of that day editing all of the videos they’d made into three perfect highlight reels. Late that night, they showed Ash and Ky (who were exhausted and sore, but couldn’t remember why) the video which featured them. The girls were shocked, disgusted and pissed-off, but ultimately they were forced to accept Taylor and Anne’s demands: they would tell no one, especially Bradley, what had happened; they would give over any and all of the blackmail evidence they had on Taylor; and they would never cross either of the sisters ever again. Ash was in tears as they left her.

Viktor knew quite well what had happened so the girls had only to issue the same demands of him. They brought Ethan with just in case Viktor got physical. He didn’t, to their relief. In fact, he seemed to be every bit the broken man Taylor had watched ride away in Jamaal’s car. He couldn’t look any of them in the eye as he handed over the videos and pictures he had of Taylor’s past abuses.

They decided it was best to email Jackson and Jake the highlight reel of the pair fucking their mom. Anne had done a great job putting it together, saving the big reveal until the perfect moment. Her aim was to get the boys jacking off to the video before they realized what it truly was. They weren’t around to see their reactions, but heard that Jackson had puked and Jake had gone certifiably crazy, both understandable reactions. A day later, Jackson sent them an email with the videos he had of Taylor and a short message which said he would comply fully with their demands.

It was a full three days after the night at the hotel before they turned their attention to Bradley. He hadn’t heard from his compatriots in days and reached out to Anne to find out what was going on. Anne invited him over to the house, where she and Taylor were waiting.

When he arrived, they presented him with the evidence of their conquest over his co-conspirators. At first he seemed almost amused, the cruel fuck that he is. This turned to fear, however, when the girls revealed their masterstroke.

“So, Brad, what’s going to happen is that from now until the end of time, you are going to do every single fucked-up thing that Taylor, Ethan or I ever tell you to do,” said Anne. Taylor had requested that she do most of the talking. Bradley smiled.

“And why exactly would I do that? I still have all my videos of your whore sister doing the most depraved things imaginable, and all you have are videos of my friends doing the same shit,” Bradley said smugly.

“Actually, Brad, that’s not all we have. Those ‘friends’ of yours also provided us with the full, uncut footage of all of the things you put Taylor and Ethan through. You may have edited versions that make them seem like willing participants, but our footage shows the real story. You and the others raped Taylor. You forced her to do unspeakable things. If your version of the tapes ever get out, you can bet that we’re going straight to the police with our version. Do you know what the penalty for rape is, Brad? How about forced prostitution? How well do you think you’d do during an extended prison sentence?” said Anne.

Bradley’s face grew dark. He could see it now. The power he thought he had was now turned against him. He was no longer in control.

“You were part of this too, you bitch!” he said to Anne angrily.

“I know. And I’ll have to live with that. But that’s between my sister and I. You’ve got much bigger concerns,” said Anne, “What you just watched your friends doing in those videos? That’s just a taste of what we have in store for you. You’re going to live every horror you’ve ever put Taylor or anyone else through. When you think it can’t get worse, we’ll show you how it can. Your depraved mind can only scratch the surface of what you’ll be made to experience.”

Bradley was silent for a few moments, apparently mulling his options.

“Maybe I’d prefer prison,” he said, without much conviction.

“We both know that’s bullshit. With us you’ll have a chance to live out a normal life. Part of one, anyway. Plus, you’re too clever to wind up prison, aren’t you?” said Anne slyly.

More silence. His mind was working a mile a minute to think of a way out, but deep down Bradley knew he was trapped. The tormentor had become the tormented.

“Fine,” he said, getting up to leave. It was as close to an expression of submission as they would get from him, at least for now.

As Bradley walked to the front door, Taylor called out to him.

“Brad,” she said.

He turned back, pure scorn in his eyes as he looked at her.

“We’re going to fuck you wherever we want, whenever we want, however we want from now on,” she said. Bradley recognized the words as his own, “Get some sleep, tomorrow is a new day.”

There was a momentary glimpse of fear on Bradley’s face as he heard the resolve in Taylor’s voice. He left the house.

A few weeks later, on graduation day, Taylor was wearing a beautiful dress, her cap and gown and a huge smile. Things had been going well recently. Very well. She’d actually been able to live out her last few weeks of high school like a somewhat normal teenager. Kind of. Not really.

She watched as Viktor’s name was called and he walked on stage to claim his diploma. Everyone lost touch with Viktor after high school. He’d moved, apparently. Some say out of the country. It was believed that he had taken up drugs and alcohol in a significant way, though others swore they’d seen him starring in some gay Czech porn videos. Either or both could have been true, it didn’t matter to Taylor. She’d gotten her revenge and he was out of her life.

Ky’s name was called. Ky’s anger over what had happened boiled deep within her for far longer than any of the others. After a string of arrests for assault in her twenties, court-mandated public service landed her volunteering in a homeless shelter. She found her niche there, so to speak, and was very highly regarded by the men whom she “helped”.

Ash had learned her lesson better than probably any of the others. Not long after graduation, she went to see Taylor to apologize for the part she had played in her abuse and offered Taylor forgiveness for what she’d put Ash through at the hotel, though she admitted that Taylor need not apologize for it. It was difficult for Taylor, but she Accepted both her apology and her forgiveness. The two would not, could not ever be friends again, but Taylor wished her no additional ill-will. Ash went to college, fell in love and lived out a quiet life.

Jackson walked across the stage looking pale and unkempt. He’d been a wreck after discovering that he’d ruthlessly fucked his own mother. He hardly ate, seldom spoke and could not stand to be in the same room as her. He handled it slightly better than his brother Jacob, who dropped out of school and joined a seminary across the country, rarely coming back to see the family anymore. Jackson wanted to push the whole thing out of his mind and pretend it never happened, but he couldn’t help but think about it. How had they managed it? How could he have been so stupid, so trusting? And, though he tried to repress it, he found himself more and more thinking about his mom and how amazing it had been to fuck her. How perfect her body was. His resilience was admirable, but within a month he found himself fantasizing openly about her and what they did that night. He even worked up the courage to rewatch the video. It was hard at first, but soon he was masturbating to it constantly. The yearly summer trip to the family’s cabin that he’d been dreading now held an appeal it never had before: mom in a bikini, swimming in the lake, lounging in the hot tub…but that’s a story for another time.

Bradley’s name was called and he walked across stage looking very uncomfortable. Taylor laughed, knowing that his discomfort was caused by the giant anal beads they had made him wear for the event. She, Anne and Ethan covered a lot of ground in their revenge against Bradley. It continued in one form or another for many years. Over that time they’d let Jamaal and his friends cut loose on him, publicly humiliated him in countless ways, and with a good amount of effort they were even able to force him into incest with his mother, father and a few other family members. They always felt bad dragging innocents into the situation, but the real guilt laid with Bradley. He had started all of this, he had damaged so many lives, he would have to shoulder the blame for all of the fallout. Though the trio never officially released him from his subservience, eventually, as promised, they did let him live some semblance of a normal life. They kept tabs on him, though, to make sure he never used his cruelty against anyone else like he had on them.

Ethan walked across stage. Taylor and he had chosen to officially end their romantic relationship. It had been stolen from them in the first place, hijacked by Bradley and the lot and used against them. They knew it was just horrible luck that had driven a wedge between them, but that wasn’t enough reason to stay together. They remained friends and confidantes for a long time, their mutual history being a source of both pain and happiness.

Taylor could see Anne and her parents in the crowd. Her relationship with her mom and dad was strained after everything that had happened. They didn’t and never would know that they had fucked their daughter, but the fact was they had willingly complied with Bradley, had cheated on each other, and Taylor no longer felt like she knew or could rely on them.

It took more than getting revenge for Taylor and Anne to repair their relationship. At times, Taylor would be reminded of the complicity Anne had in Bradley’s schemes and would become furious. But the two always managed to talk it out. Beyond collaborating on punishments for Bradley, the two really never talked about sex and certainly never engaged in relations with each other again. They got along as well as any sisters can, especially considering the darkness in their past.

“Taylor Smith,” announced the school Superintendent.

Taylor walked on stage. Life was anything but easy recovering from her ordeal, but frankly, it was way easier than living through it in the first place. She was a stronger person for it, though it didn’t always feel that way for her. Personal growth probably could have been achieved in a less rape-y way, she thought, but she couldn’t change the past and instead chose to focus on her future. She could never forget what had happened to her, but she did learn to live with the pain. The best days were the ones she spent with her husband and children. They knew nothing about her past and Taylor felt it was the right secret to keep. She had a few sexual hang-ups but the man she married was understanding and thoughtful and always put her at ease. He did benefit from some of the skills she’d been forced to learn during her last months of high school, though.

From the day she and Anne had confronted Bradley, Taylor always had the lurking fear that someday she’d be forced into the same kind of situation she’d been forced into before. But as the years passed the fear grew smaller and smaller. By the end of her life, the whole thing was just a grim footnote in the wonderful book of her memories.

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