Teacher takes 40 loads of black CUM a variety of unique ways Part 2

Teacher takes 40 loads of black CUM a variety of unique ways Part 2

Instantly I was in awe at how it stretched my mouth in ways Emery’s couldn’t possibly do. It also made me wonder how it would stretch my pussy and destroy my asshole. Not if, but when.

“Oh yes, honey, take that big cock right down,” Mom encouraged, her hand stroking my back.

I couldn’t believe I was not only sucking cock in front of a room full of strangers, but also with my mother present… albeit she had already swallowed two of them this evening and was the one who had brought me here.

I wanted to say, ‘Just trying to catch up, Mommy Dearest, you’re two cocks ahead of me, but I wasn’t taking my lips off this big beautiful bodacious black cock (Ooooh more alliteration)!

So I focused on the cock that was so long it never seemed to end. I wasn’t sure I could get it all in my mouth, but damn it, if necessary I was going to gag trying.

Each forward bob, I took a bit more of his rock hard cock in my mouth.

Jake groaned, “You look so perfect wrapped around my cock.”

I moaned on his cock in response, as I wanted to say, ‘Your perfect cock feels amazing in my mouth.’ But again these lips were not leaving this cock until I got a load of cum the old fashioned way… through good hard cock sucking.

Over the next couple of minutes as I proceeded to bob, finally reaching a milestone of seven whole inches into my mouth, Jake said the following:

-“Oh yeah, your lips are magical.”

-“You’re a natural.”

-“Keep going, you’ve got over half of me in that pretty white mouth.”

-“God, I’ve been looking forward to this all semester.”

That made me wonder. Had he been imagining this moment since we first met?

Before I had much time to consider this, he warned, “I’m about to come, Connie.”

I bobbed faster, wanting to ensure that he knew I wanted to swallow this load.

“Deposit your nigger seed deep inside the slut,” a girl urged him, just as he grunted and did exactly that.

Feeling his warm cum shoot in my mouth was ultimately satisfying. A perfect finish to a craving I’d had all week, and the end of over a dozen hours of cum teasing.

The gooey load glided down my throat and warmed my belly, as load eleven was swallowed and tallied on my mental checklist.

“Oh yes, Connie,” he moaned, as I kept bobbing, wanting every last drop of this cum he had teased me with in the coffee and on the donut.

Of course, my pussy was on fire and I wanted his cock in me… now. I prayed that being young, he was ready for round two… I was also hoping for a marathon fuck session after extracting this load from his balls.

When I let his beautiful cock slip out of my mouth, I asked, forgetting I had tons of eyes watching me, or not caring, “Are you going to take me back to your place and fuck me, or what?”

He was about to respond, when the DJ interjected from the stage, “Birthday Girl! Are you ready for your second special gift?”

I turned around and saw a dozen naked black men had formed a circle around me.

I was dazed.

I was confused.

I was incredibly horny.

I objected for show, “I’m not sure my jaw can handle all twelve.”

“It’s time for your chocolate baptism!” he declared.

“My what?” I asked.

Jake said, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“You take off your dress and bra, panties optional, shoes and stockings remain, and you bathe in twelve loads of the dominant seed,” the DJ explained.

“Oh my,” I said. A gangbang was a secret fantasy I had often thought about but never envisioned having, but tonight with my cunt on fire, was the perfect night to make it happen… although what I really wanted was Jake’s cock.

Jake was pulled back by someone and soon I had a thick, smaller cock in front of me. I looked around, but all I could see was black cock and black hands stroking them. The man in front of me pulled my dress up and over my head, while someone behind me unclasped my bra. I was now in a bar wearing only my thong and thigh highs, surrounded by a dozen black cocks… this was birthday heaven.

Deciding fuck it, and adopting the ‘when in Rome’ principle, I leaned forward and took my second black cock of the evening in my mouth, while I reached for the cocks on either side of me and began stroking them.

And for the next who knows how many minutes I dined on a bouncing buffet of black cock (another great alliteration).

I sucked and stroked all twelve cocks a couple of times as I moved around the circle, maybe more. I lost track as I focused on the task at hand (and at mouth).

Every cock had similarities: they were all big (much bigger than my husband’s, meaning Mom’s not cheating rule was still good), black (although there was a wide variety of shades of black), and hard as steel.

Yet, there were also differences. Some cocks were straight, some curved up slightly, one curved down, and another curved to the left. Some were thick as my wrist, some were thin. Some were hairy, some shaved. Two were uncircumcised, something I’d never had in my mouth (or anywhere else) until today. Each helmet was also distinct in its own way.

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Suddenly the DJ declared, “Circle Jerk!”

One of the men gently guided me to my back on the floor, which I was thankful for as my knees were aching, and then I stared up at the black owners of twelve cocks all dropping to their knees as close to me as possible and furiously pumping their cannons at me.

It wasn’t until that moment I realized what ‘chocolate baptism’ meant. I was about to be covered in cum from head to toe.

Suddenly excited, well, I had been excited the entire time, but even more excited to be the centre of a torrential downpour of cum, I begged, “Shoot your hot cum all over this white slut!”

It wasn’t fifteen seconds later when the first guy grunted and shot his cum all over my tits.

“Yes, baptize me with your dominant cum,” I declared, loving the feeling of warm cum splashing on my body.

Over the next couple of minutes I became coated with cum. My face took four loads, my tits and belly a few as well, one load landed square on my thong, and a couple more appeared on my stockings.

I suddenly felt my shoes removed, my ankles lifted, and a cock suddenly pistoning between my nylon-clad soles.

Unfortunately, I had so much cum on my face and on my eyes, I couldn’t open them. Getting cum in your eye is not pleasant.

So I lay there and felt my feet used as a pussy.

Suddenly another grunt from left field, and a fifth load covered my face as I wondered how many loads were still being prepped.

A loud grunt disrupted this thought as I felt the cock slip away from my soles and felt them coated in cum.

“And the baptism is done,” the DJ declared, before adding, “don’t move, Birthday Slut. We have some fellow cum addicts to clean you up.”

He snapped his fingers and in seconds I felt lips and tongues all over my body.

Someone was licking cum off my tits.

Two girls were licking cum off my face.

I felt lips sucking on my legs, and then I felt a tongue and lips licking my panty crotch which made me moan extremely loud… my long neglected pussy was finally being touched, although not at all how I’d imagined.

I wanted to see who was cleaning me, but they were avoiding my eyes as they sucked on my nipples, kissed my lips, teased my pussy and licked the cum off the soles of my feet… which tickled.

This all lasted for a minute or two before suddenly they were all gone as quickly as they’d pounced on me…leaving me even hornier… the multiple lips and tongues, especially on my neck, lips and pussy had only enhanced my lust and satisfied it not at all. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life, but any semblance of an orgasm still eluded me after now receiving 23 loads of black cum in a diverse variety of fashions.

I scooped some of the cum from my eyes and slurped it into my mouth, just as a wet cloth suddenly appeared on my face, wiping my eyes clean.

Once I could see, I saw Mom, now naked except for her thigh highs, smiling down at me. “Having a pleasant fortieth, baby girl?”

“Amazing,” I nodded, before adding, exasperated, “Although I still have not… fucking… CUMMM!!!”

Jake chimed in, “Time to change that.”

At last!! He pulled me up and led me out of the main room and down a hallway. I joked, “We’re not going to just fuck on stage?”

“Maybe later,” he said, as he stopped, pushed me against the wall and kissed me with great force.

I had never been kissed with such passion. I melted into his kiss as we made out like high school kids.

Breaking the kiss, he said, “I want to be your first.”

“Too late,” I chuckled. “I already have two kids.”

He grabbed my hand as he laughed, “Your first black cock.”

“Aaaaiiii see, you want to take my Black Cock Virginity,” I joked, as he led me into a room.

He closed and locked the door as I asked the obvious, “There are rooms in here?”

“A few,” he nodded. “Sometimes for group parties, sometimes for the rich, sometimes white women are brought in through the back door to keep their identity hidden, and sometimes for encounters like this.”

“Maybe I should have come in the back door,” I said, “I did a lot of things that could get me fired.”

He laughed, “Trust me, discretion here is very important. Almost every white woman here is like you… with a career, often a husband and a family, but an addiction to black cock that they have to satisfy.”

“Wow,” I said.

“What would you say if I told you one of the women who licked cum off you was your student a dozen years ago?” he asked, as he moved to me and reached a hand to my soaked thong.

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My mouth dropped open as I wondered who it could possibly be.

“Don’t worry, she just got married a month ago, but still comes here once a week for her black cock fix. In many ways it’s an addiction like smoking,” he said, his finger sliding easily inside my fevered twat.

All the pent-up horniness that had been building up inside of me for over a week, and that had today been growing into a towering inferno of lust ever since I’d entered this Temple to the Wholly Black Cock, finally blew its top and I totally lost it!

“I can’t get fucking addicted until you fucking show me what ten inches of fucking black cock can do for a fucking lily white slut like me!!” I babbled desperately, not caring a fuck about which fucking ex-student had fucking seen me, but only about finally getting royally fucked!!!

“Calm down, Birthday Slut, help is on the way. But be warned,” he said, “the saying is true.”

“What? Once you go black, you can’t go back?” I finished for him.

“No, once you get ten inches of black cock up your snatch, you’ll be walking bow-legged all day at work tomorrow,” he said, pulling my thong off.

“Oh God, I need to work tomorrow,” I realized.

“And I need to get to work right now,” he countered, as he lifted me up and tossed me on the bed like a man who knew what he wanted… God I loved that.

“I hope you plan to use me like you would any white slut,” I demanded, spreading my legs as he joined me on the bed. FINALLY!

“If that’s what you want,” he said.

“It’s definitely what I want. I can have pathetic making-love-tenderly-sweet-cheeks-sex with my small dicked husband any time I want to be disappointed. No, I want to know what it’s like to be used like a dirty cum bucket. Plus, I’m a load down.”

“Load down?” he asked, as he got undressed.

“Yeah, I’ve taken twelve loads on my outside and only eleven loads in my inside, and none in my most ravenous cum catcher,” I pointed out, rubbing my pussy.

“We’ll here’s to a dozen loads,” he said, as he slid his cock in my mouth and face fucked me. Years of sucking tiny cock and the blow jobs earlier cannot possible prepare you for what ten inches feels like pounding into your mouth. His balls bounced off my chin, as the question of whether I could take all ten inches was suddenly answered.

I slobbered all over his cock.

My only disappointment was that if I didn’t get a dick in my cunt and soon, I might explode, barge out of this room and go fuck the first big dicked stranger I could find out there.

When he pulled out, I shouted at him, begging frantically, “Please, Jake, fuck the hell out of me with that massive cock of yours!!!”

He flipped me onto my stomach, pulled my hips up and slammed into me in one hard thrust.

“Mother fucker!” I screamed, as his cock reached depths of pleasure I didn’t know existed.

“If you only knew,” he said ominously, yet I was way too overwhelmed with pleasure to question what he meant by that.

“Pound me Jake, show me how you treat a white slut,” I demanded, wanting to be fucked into submission and into a completely comatose state, my cunt so desperate that I was already inches close to coming the moment he slammed his ten inches inside me.

“You’re just another slut for black cock, aren’t you Mrs. Jones?”

Hearing my last name reminded me I was now definitely cheating on my husband, all the technicalities I’d manipulated earlier blown away like smoke when ten inches of superior cock was thrusting into me and making me a complete bimbo. Yet that was exactly what I was… a bimbo slut for black dick.

I wouldn’t have cheated for white cock, even big white cock, but black cock, or as mom called it chocolate… well you know it’s a girl’s best friend.

Plus, as Mom had pointed out, it wasn’t cheating if the cock was bigger than my husband’s, and that had to be doubly true if it was more than double in size.

So I responded, wanting my long delayed orgasm, and wanting that 24th load, “I didn’t know it until now, but God, yes, I’m a slut for YOUR black cock!”

“I want you to come for me and become my submissive fuck toy,” he ordered, as he slammed into me.

“Oh God, harder, fuck,” I begged, the idea of being his fuck toy enhancing the pleasure, as I knew the saying was indeed true… I would definitely be coming back for black.

And as all ten inches took my black cock virginity, filling me in ways I didn’t know were possible, and I became a white slut for black cock just like my Mom, I had my first orgasm of this long day… my first orgasm ever from black cock, which I discovered also meant my first real orgasm in forty years, as my entire body erupted with sensation. “Yesssss, I’m coming!”

“You’re a black cock cum deposit bitch forever now,” he declared, as fireworks exploded in my head.

“Oooooh,” was all I could muster, the pleasure literally shutting off my ability to think and speak! All I could do now was feel, but dear God, could I ever feel!

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He kept fucking me throughout my orgasm, never slowing down, and before I knew it I could feel a second orgasm building even as the first still lingered inside me.

He said, “I hope you’re capable of multiple orgasms,” he said, “because we’re not leaving until you’ve had at least three.”

“Second,” I kind of said, struggling to speak, the pleasure still intense and a second orgasm about to overlap my first… something else that had never happened before.

“Already?” he asked, impressed, half a dozen deep strokes later.

I blurted out as back to back orgasms tore through me like the delayed aftershocks of an earthquake, “Coming!”

“You’re in comatose pleasure mode,” he diagnosed, which seemed to be the perfect descriptor.

He continued, “It often happens to black cock first timers.”

“Morrrrre,” I moaned, loving the talk and the deep pounding.

“Imagine a morning load up your cunt before you go and teach,” he said.

“So bad,” I barely got out, the idea of a morning fucking so hot… I hadn’t been fucked in the morning since our ten year wedding anniversary.

Suddenly he pulled out of me, sat up against the bed and ordered, “Show me how you ride.”

I don’t think I’d moved so fast since I was a track star in high school. I was straddling his cock in less than a second, and once in position I didn’t slowly lower myself on it, I dropped myself on it, wanting to feel myself be impaled by ten inches of God’s perfect creation.

I cupped my breasts and began bouncing, staring directly at Jake, wanting to put a show on for him, wanting to extract his load and feel it shoot deep inside my pussy.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” he complimented.

“I bet you say that to all the white sluts you blacken,” I teased.

He laughed, “I’ve had some utter beauties, but none that are beautiful on both the outside and the inside like you.”

And before I could respond, he pulled my face down to him and kissed me.

I was in awe.

This had started as flirtation, transitioned into kink and now arrived at intimacy…. my feelings were suddenly all mixed up. I saw him as a dominant young man who could fuck me the way my husband couldn’t… but this was more than that.

I kept riding him, slower now as we kissed, plus the position didn’t allow for fast fucking, and my third orgasm was beginning to build, but as we kissed, since I was in charge of the fucking, we just ground to a halt for now and became lost in the kiss.

But we couldn’t remain on that low plateau. We kissed for a couple of minutes starting tenderly, but slowly becoming more passionate. More urgent. Again my libido began to grow and grow, and finally I couldn’t contain myself!

Finally I broke the kiss, rolled onto my side and begged, “Please fuck me with that massive stick and shoot that load in me!”

He rolled behind me and slid his cock back into me. I loved this position as it was easy… well, at least easy for me, and I loved the angle… this position was the only one that Emery could ever get me off with.

Jake seemed to know exactly what I wanted. He moved close, wrapped his arm around me to cup my left breast and then began to fuck me with firm, hard well-paced strokes.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, each solid thrust making my body quake, as he held me firmly in place, completely in control of me.

“Enjoying your birthday?” He asked.

“I’ve only gotten 23 loads so far, so where are the other seventeen coming from?” I asked, leaning back into him.

“I know where load twenty-four is coming from,” he said, before adding, “and in the very near future.”

“Mmmmm,” I purred, “it better be shooting inside my white slutty cunt.”

“That’s a guarantee,” he promised, as my third orgasm resumed building.

“I want that load deep in my cunt,” I repeated, my womb protected after getting my tubes tied years ago… my pussy of a husband too chicken shit to get himself snipped.

“That’s definitely where it’s going,” He confirmed.

And then for three or four minutes there was silence… well, if you ignore my moans that continued to echo around the room, or the groans that were coming from Jake.

Eventually, my third orgasm on the brink, I begged, “Now fuck the shit out of me, stud.”

He teased, as he began really drilling me, “You sure you’re ready for that?”

It was then I realized what I’d just offered. Then I realized that if I was going to be a complete fuck slut tonight that would have to include getting all three of my holes blackened.

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Teacher takes 40 loads of black CUM a variety of unique ways Part 2

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