Teja losing virginity to Science teacher

Teja losing virginity to Science teacher

friends this is teja,i am a keen follower of the debonair and I am here to share experience. This thing happened when I was in my 12th class.I was 19 years old when I lost my virginity to this woman. Due to some decipline problems I was put in a military school from my 6th standard onwards and its exclusively for boys.

Growing up was very hard there with constant drill and exercise and fierce competition and there was very little entertainment except for few lady teachers who were like a little mustard plant in the Sahara. Actually there were alot of gays in our place due to lack of girls around. But I have other ideas. I had a huge crush on my science teacher Aruna.

She was around 25 then and was unmarried.She is a not very fair but has superb structure with round boobs and nice arse.I never missied a chance to look at her when ever comes the situation. My room in the campus situation beside the staff quarters and to my luck the window near my bed opens directly oppisite to aruna mam’s room.

I often used to mastrubate thinking about her in the shower and there were incidents when my mates caught me shagging in the shower as our bathroom were open top.Its a very common thing there since its exclusively for stags like us. One day I got this idea that why not watch her window so that may be I can get glance of her in her room.

So I did that,i used to watch her room with the binoculars I have till late in the night hoping that I can have glance of her private moments.I watched like that for about couple of month daily but she never opened her window which faces my room but my hope for a sight of her made me more patiently wait and watch.But the plan never worked.

One early summer morning I skipped my drill in the early morning since it was very boring and went to the indoor stadium.There was no one there since its drill time and so I was just sitting on one of the benches.I was in my drill dress, a jockey sport brief and white shorts and reebok shoes.I saw someone jogging outside the hall and that some has opened the door.

To my pleasant surprise it was aruna madam.She was in her track pant and cotton t shirt and a jacket over it.Seeing her I stood up and saluted her.She wished me back and asked me why I was here and I explained her that it boring.She was a bit liberal so she never made an issue out of it but she offered a game of batminton to play with her.

I was the happiest man when I heard that, not for the game but I will get to watch her her boobs dance when she plays with me.She took off her jacket and throwed it on to the bench and we took positions.All my concentration was on her body.She was wearing a cement color t shirt and her milkey mountains were pressing out.I can see the out like of her bra also.

We started the game and she was playing really hard but for me her hard work is pleasure to my eyes.Every time jumps up in the air her boobs would shake.It was quite a view and after a good hard game we sweated a lot and her wet shirt has stuck to her skin and the view was even better.I felt like going to her court and crush her breasts in my palms.

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When I smashed the cock to the ground she would pick it up by bending forward and I would take great look at her cleavage.But she caught me once while looking at her boobs and she looked at my shorts and I had a huge buldge under it.She knew what was going through with me and discontinued the game and silently went off.

After that I was very frightened of what she might do till when I got this great thought.She will definately go to bath after this hard game and so if I go back to my window and if have luck I can see her..NUDE.So I rushed back to my room and pulled out my binoculors and started watching her room.

I waited for some time and got dejected that this time too she is not going to open the window and just when I was about to put away my binoculars she has opened the window.I was utterly very very happy.I just forgot everything and just was watching her through her window. She was drenched in sweat and she pulled out a bottle from the fridge and drank and threw the bottle.

She put on the fan and pulled off her t shirt off her body.Her body was shining with sweat and she was jun in her bra and a lower.She the pulled off her lower too.She has a great piece of arse.She was wearing a grey color panty.I was getting more and more exited.She then pulled a towel from her locker and placed it over her shoulder and had another gulp of water and walked off into her bathroom.

I was disappointed.I thought she would take off all her cloths and get nude.But I continued watching her window hoping that I would get something to see.Minutes ticked by like hours and finally after some 20 minutes her bathroom door swung open and out she walked.What I saw next was just like a dream come true.

She was totally nude from her head to toe except for she was wearing the towel around her hair.She walked out like a queen and she was like a sex goddess to me.My dick is raising like a radio tower and my hands are shivering.She was having black tits and nice suckable boobs. Her pubic are is clean like a runway.She pulled out another towel to dry herself off.

She raised her right leg and put her towel inbetween her legs and rubbed it to dry off the wetness there and then took the towel and rubbed it around her boobs and kneeded them like flour and the dried her armpits and then her back and finally threw the towel on to the bed. Then I suddenly heard foot steps and they are of my mates coming off the drill.

I quickly hid the binoculars and acted as if everything is normal.Later in the shower I masturbated again thinking of her.I told the whole thing to one of my friends and then he gave me a great idea that has made me lose my virginity to aruna madam.It was evening and we were having our regular tutorial and after the session we were to go for dinner at 8pm till night and then to recreation or sleep.

So tactfully posed a doubt to aruna madam just when it was a few seconds away from bell.So she asked me to come to the staff quarters after dinner and clear my doubt.So I finished my dinner and rushed back to my room and changed into my night dress and I went to the quarters with a science book in my hand.

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Her door is locked and I knocked the door and waited a minute, it didnt open and then I knocked again and out came a frustrated voice of aruna mam “wait a minute I am coming”.And then the door swung open in a minute.And when I saw her I was shocked,she was in her face pack. She invited me in and asked me to sit in the chair. She went in to the bathroom and shut the door loud.

And after a few minutes she came out, she was gorgeous and she has changed in to her nighty. She sat in the chair next to me and “tell me now whats your doubt?” I put forward her doubt and she was trying hard to explain me and I was just starring at her round breasts and she caught me but ignored it.

She continued to explain but I was in no mood to listen to her and kept watching her assets like an eagle this time she gave me no chance she jus gave slap on my face and I came to my conscious. She caught my face with her right hand and asked me what I was looking at. I just looked down like a beaten dog.I know that she is liking my looks but she is too smart.

I just apologized.She said she would not leave me like this and told that she would punish me.I was horrified and starting to beg her that I would not watch her like that again.She took out the cane and asked me to remove my shirt to take the beatings.I simply obliged her and took of my shirt facing her with my naked chest.

She startled at my body which is well built after all the training and drilling I got.And seeing her look at my body I got an arousal under my night pant and it formed a huge tent.She looked at my tent and shouted out “you shameless”.I know what she meant inside is different.

I know she is dying to get fucked by a hunk like me after all she one of very few in a male infested campus and thousands of eyes would be burning her boobs down and that would have made her pussy drip liters of love juices.She knew this is her chance and I too knew its mine.

She continued her shouting at me like “how dare I was to look at my teacher with wrong intentions and bull shittttt….” you deserve a bigger punishment she said.She then took the towel, the one which she wiped her pussy in the morning and tied it around my eyes.She has tied my hands too.

She continued to cane me gently which is more of tickling me than hurting me and started circling around me asking me “will you watch me again like that” She then pulled down my night pant along with the boxer inside making me nude.My cock instantly rocked out and stood like a light pole.

She asked me to kneel down on the floor and Then she caned me gently on my buttocks like a whore.She then reversed the cane and using the steel know she started to rock my hanging balls.As the cold steel touched me I shivered.She again gave a wack on my bum with the cane and threw it.

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She went behind me and held my hair tightly which was paining and wishpered in my ears “will you watch me like that again” rubbing her boobs on my back. I very reluctantly said “n-o-o-o m-a-a-a-m”.She hugged me from behind tightly and started to lick my ears and suck my ear lobes.

It was very arousing and she slid her hand over my back touching my arse and from inbetween my legs it caught my balls and the my dick is ever increasing in size.She bit me over my shoulder and made me stand and came infront of me.She licked my armpits and her hands were exploring my chest and she sucked my nipples and down she went.

She kneeled infront of me and took me hot rod into her hands.She took it into her mouth bit by bit making it wet with her saliva.She increased her speed and vigorously sucking my cock like a popsicle.And in no time I cummed in her mouth as it was the first blow job of my life.She untied my hands but never let me take off the towel around my eyes although its slightly visible but I have to oblige her.

She guided my hand over to her boobs and made me squeeze them and then I understood the rest.She locked her lips with mine and was sucking my tongue with a lot of love.After a bit of exploring her assets over the nighty I unhooked it and let it drop to the floor.I could only feel her nakedness under my palms but not with my eyes.But it was enough for me.

I took her boobs into my mouth and started sucking them like juicy mangoes.Her nipples were erect and were like cherry and continued sucking them while one of her hand held my hair and the nails of another dug deep on my back.She was moaning out.Now I wonder how much she has been controlling her urge while roaming inbetween huge dicks of my kind in the campus.

She has called out to suck her pussy.She went back and sat on the bed and guided me there and pushed my head near hear her pussy as she opened her legs wide and as I was getting nearer I was getting a strong scent of her juices.Finally my tongue reached out to her pussy which was literally wet with her secretions.

I started licking her reluctantly as it was my very first time but she pushed my head hard inbetween her legs that my tongue went a little deeper side her pussy.I touched her knob like thing in her pussy the clit and she moaned ahhh ahh aha hahhhhh ahhhh and I knew this is the place.I sucked and licked and finally she came.She then released of my bonds.

She removed the towel around my eyes and the first thing I saw was I was kneeling in fronting of my science madam’s pussy both of us totally naked.An when I looked a little more to the side the window was open.The one facing right toward my room….So guys will be feasting upon their eyes on us.


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Teja losing virginity to Science teacher

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