The beautiful Rama Aunty – Sex Stories

The beautiful Rama Aunty – Sex Stories

The beautiful Aunty featured in this part is Rama Aunty.She was around 40years old and was the wife of a scientist,who used to work in my father’s office.Infact he was a geologist.He used to remain mainly in the mines area and hardly we see him in the colony.He was short tempered and somehow also absent minded.He never used to mix up with anyone and was busy most of the time with his work.His wife was also used to help him with his work and worked with a publishing company which published her husband’s books.

As Rama Aunty was totally opposite to her husband,there were times when a lots of shouting and crying used to be heard from her house which was just behind our house.My father used to solve some problems which her husband faced in the office due to his irritating behaviour,Aunty used to regard my father as elder brother and also used to visit our house and often talked with my mother about her various issues.One of them was-She was still not been able to provide her husband with a baby.Since her husband was 50 and she was 40,the time was running out for her.She was desperate to get one and she didn’t know what to do.Here I came into the picture.Those who are reading my exciting adventures,already know that I had earlier made an beautiful Aunty pregnant with my child and she was happy for that.Thats why I thought why not Rama Aunty.

As the luck would be ,one dayAunty invited me for dinner and also told me to stay overnight.My mother gave me that permission for that.When I was asleep,i woke up hearing sounds.I came out of my room and went downstairs where the sound was coming from.It was from the Aunty’s bedroom.I went to the door and stood there to hear whats going inside.Aunty was telling Uncle-Lets do it honey.You know we are running out of time for a baby.We have to do it as soon as possible.I have gone through my periods and now its perfect time to do this.Uncle said-See,tonight I am not interested.I have taken sleeping pills and I am feeling sleepy.Tomorrow I have very important meeting and I want to sleep now so that I can wake up in the morning.Let me sleep now.Aunty said-But?Uncle said-Go to sleep.Aunty said nothing and came out of the room.I hurried to the stairs and hid there.Aunty came out of the room and was heading towards my room.I was back to my room and she came in and saw me sleeping.She sat near me to make sure that I didn’t wake up.

Then to my supprise,she started to feel my body first my chest and then she gradually went downwards to my cock.She began to caress it over my trousers and began to press it too.I tired hard not to arouse it but her intense touching made me hard.She then said-So,you are not sleeping Arun?I had no choice but to reply-Yes Aunty.I am not sleeping.She then said-You heard what was going on downstairs?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-You now understand the situation I am in.Will you help Aunty to solve that problem?I said-How Aunty?She said-Just be a good boy and let Aunty do all the work.You will have to remain still and obey what Aunty says.I said-Ok Aunty.She began to remove her nighty and her beauty came out.She had big boobs but slighty hung and also a beautiful hairy pussy.She then began removing my clothes and took hold of my cock.

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She said-Wow,Arun,your cock is so big,even bigger than my husband and those big balls must have enough seeds to get your Aunty pregnant.I said-You know better Aunty.She said-Is this your first time with a woman Aurn?I lied completely and said-Yes Aunty.She said-Then you might not last long inside.Its better I take out your first juice.She then took my cock slowly in her mouth and began to suck it.I said-Wow Aunty,where did you learn to do that?She said-Your uncle bring magazines and DVDs when he goes aboard and we watch it together to get stimulated.Right now we were also watching one and I got hot.But your Uncle was in no mood for sex and I thought you might want to have sex with your beautiful Aunty because tonight I want to get pregnant and I think you are young and have lots of stamina to satisfy me for long time.I said-I will try Aunty.

She then sucked me hard and also fondled my balls.I wanted to cum soon and also pressed her head towards my cock.After 5mins of sucking,I let my juices flood her mouth and she began gulping it hard.She let go my cock and said-Come,now play with your Aunty’s body for sometime.I went onto her and began pressing her boobs.She said-Why don’t you suck one and press another at the same time?I did that and she was saying-That’s so good now switch to another one.Soon she was moaning and asked me-Would you lick her Aunty’s pussy now?I said-Ok Aunty.I went to her pussy and began licking it.She said-Good Aurn,keep on going.Aunty wants to cum now.Your Uncle never done this as he hates it.Ooh here I go baby,here I go and she cummed in my mouth.Then she asked me to lie on my back and began sucking my cock again.My cock was hard instantly and she then mounted me.She rubbed my cockhead on her pussy for sometime and said-Welcome into the gates of heaven baby and then began sliding my cock into her.She twitched her lips as she took inch by inch in and took it full.She rested on my chest for sometime and said-Now its time to get the show going.

She began up and down motion and asked me to join her.I began pumping her from below and she said-Yes yes Aurn,my baby,just like that.Movw with your Aunty now.You gave me a huge load last time.Its time to give me again in my pussy.Give it to me my love just go on like that.After sometime,she said-I am going to cum now baby,I am going to cum.She bent to towards me and keep on moving.I pushed my tongue into her mouth and French kissed her and her body shuddered and she came.I let her go and she said-Ooh baby,you are still hard inside me.Lets finish this.She then got off me and lied on her back and said-Now baby,enter me.I positioned my cock infront of her pussy and pushed in.

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My cock went in without any problem and she said-Now move forward and backwards.I did that and she also joined the action by pushing forward to meet my stokes and we were soon moving fast together.I fucked her hard for sometime and Aunty told me that she was about to come.She embraced me hard and wrapped her legs around my shoulder and held bent towards her.Now she pushed her tongue into my mouth and began playing with my tongue and I kept on pumping.She again shuddered and came and I also came hard into her.We lied in that position for sometime and them went to the bathroom together to clean up.

She then said-I should go back to Uncle now.You sleep tight.Thats what I thought.But she came back two times that night and again we played the game of lust.In the morning I went home and when my mother asked me whether I had a sound sleep or not,I said-Yes,although I found it a bit hard to adjust me to the atmosphere but soon I coped well.After one year to this incident,Aunty gave birth to twins-a boy and a girl.When I with my mom and dad was invited to the function,Aunty welcomed us with big smile.My mother said-Congratulation Rama.You finally got what you wanted.She said-Thankx but without Arun’s help,this thing would have never happened.My mother was surprised and said-How is that?Aunty said-Well,you see Aurn hired one of his friend to do all the decorations for this function.So,without his help,there wouldn’t be any function.My mother said-Ooh,I see.Aunty looked at me and winked.Once in my room I took her to the balcony naked which faces a park. She begged me to take her in as it’s so cold and also someone might see us. I told her that no one would see us and just continued fondling her boobs and rubbing her pussy with my cock. She turned around and got down on her knees and started giving me a blowjob. My god, she really know how to give a head. I pulled her up and turned her around so that I can fuck her from behind. As I pushed in to her she let out a long sigh aaaaahhhhhhhhh. I slowly increased my pace and I was really enjoying it as her nice round ass was cushioning every thrust of mine and giving me a tingling sensation which is giving me extra pleasure.

I was fucking her really hard now and she’s moaning quite loud but I didn’t care and continued fucking her. I felt I was nearing my orgasm so I pulled it out and went to my room to get the lubricant. I came back with it but didn’t tell her what it was for. I again inserted and started fucking her nice and easy. As I fucked her, I put the lubricant in my hand and started applying it on her ass and trying to insert my index finger. She’s enjoying the fuck so much that she didn’t realize what I was doing. Once lubricated well, I put some more of it in my hand and withdrew myself from her pussy and applied a lot of it on my cock.

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I then told her that I want to try her ass and she objected to it as she’s never done it before. I told her that it’d be fine and if she can’t bear it I’d remove it and she agreed. I slowly inserted in her ass and she started crying out in pain and begged me to stop. I told her that it’d be fine in a bit and inserted the whole of the tip and stopped moving to help her adjust to the intrusion.

She kept crying but after a while she stopped crying and that’s when I started moving slowly and again she started crying in pain. I was not ready to stop now, her ass was tight and also the cushioning that I get fucking her from behind. I continued fucking her and after a minute or so, shit started coming out of her ass mixed with blood and it stank but the pleasure of fucking her made me go on. Slowly she started moaning softly and started enjoying the fuck. She fully opened up for me and I pushed in the whole of my cock in her ass and I was ramming her ass with all my might and the shit kept coming too. At last I came with a loud moan and we both fell on the balcony floor exhausted. As we lay on the floor trying to regain our breath, we were covered in her shit which fell on the floor.

We stood up and went to the bathroom and washed up. We were both tired and we went back to her room to sleep. She’s walking really funny as she got her ass fucked for the first time. I’ve read so many people saying they fucked someone’s ass but I never believed those as it’s always shitty when you fuck someone in the ass. Of course if the partner shit before doing it, then it’s different.

Today, she has left for her sister’s place today and she’d be back tomorrow to be with me for a week alone.

The End……………………..

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The beautiful Rama Aunty – Sex Stories

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