The day that changed Kate Beckinsale

The day that changed Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale was happy with her role in the new movie WHITEOUT.

Filming was going to schedule and she was starting to get used to the crisp cold weather by Lake Manitoba. The accommodation wasn’t luxurious but Kate had a pleasant cabin on the edge of the nearby town.

Tonight Kate had decided to eat at the Skye Café, several people had recommended the place and she fancied a change from the usual place.

Kate dressed and prepared herself the way people in a small town expected a Hollywood star to appear. She glanced in her mirror; her long auburn hair was perfect, the black dress she wore hugged her, highlighting the hourglass figure that she worked so hard to maintain. The dress exposed part of her shoulders and supported and pushed out her breasts. Kate knew that under certain conditions the dress appeared see-through, but tonight in the middle of nowhere she just didn’t care, and besides it might thrill the locals she thought with a smile. Finally Kate slipped on a pair of knee high black leather boots, perhaps the heels were a little high for the snowy conditions but they were warm and she was getting used to snow under foot. Kate wrapped a huge faux fur coat around herself and slipped into the night.

The walk to the Skye café was invigorating; the weather was cold, cold enough for Kate’s nipples to instantly harden under her coat and rub against her dress. She walked faster anticipating the hot food that she would enjoy soon. As Kate entered the café she was greeted by the owner a short balding man in his 50’s then his wife and kids, the teenage son did his best not to ogle her. Kate happily posed for pictures with them smiling broadly as she did, she signed autographs and chatted pleasantly while they made a fuss over her. Eventually they led her to a nice table by the window, close to a handsome man who was eating alone.

The man smiled, he sat watching Kate for a while, he had noticed her hard nipples instantly and the thinness of her dress. The man smiled to himself this English actress across from him could have no idea that the only reason he was here in this nowhere town was because of her, and tonight his plan was ready. He left as soon as he could without drawing attention to himself.

While Kate ate the man easily broke into her cabin, the security was rudimentary at best. He carefully searched through the actresses belongings. He found a number of interesting items; a digital camera, containing some topless and naked shots, clearly intended for her boyfriend. There were some adult toys, and a small bag of drugs, all great blackmail material.

The man sat in a dark corner, waiting for the actress to return. He had removed the light bulbs in the main rooms of the cabin and Kate’s camera was in his hand as he patiently waited for her to return.

Some time later the man heard a key in the old lock. The door swung open and Kate entered. She cursed like a sailor as she flicked the useless light switch. Kate sighed and slipped out of her boots and big coat, she started to cross the darkened room and swore again as she bumped into a coffee table knocking over a table lamp that smashed on the floor. Being more careful Kate made her way to the bed, she flicked on a tiny nightlight that barely illuminated the area she stood in.

Kate reached up behind her and pulled down the long zipper. Its hiss seemed to fill the quiet room. Next she shimmied and wriggled and tugged on the sleeves of the designer black dress she wore. Soon it was on a coat hanger and Kate was stood in just her underwear and hold up stockings as she hung the dress up in the closet. She was totally oblivious to the stranger lurking in the corner.

Kate reached for her silk baby doll nightie and she laid it over a chair. Her mind wandered and she wondered if she would have time to play with her favourite toy tonight. Perhaps she would fantasise about the teenage boy in the café she’d been introduced to who couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits or hide the bulge in his jeans. Kate reached up and unhooked her bra. It slid from her arms and freed her beautiful breasts. She sighed, sounding a little tired as she hooked her thumbs into her delicate panties and prepared to roll them down her thighs.

The hidden man licked his lips in anticipation of seeing the naked body of the famous actress before him, time to begin he thought.

Suddenly the room was illuminated with a brilliant, blinding light as the man took her picture.

Kate shrieked and screamed as the flash popped. Her first reaction was to cover her breasts as the room was filled with light again.

A confused Kate screamed “WHO? WHAT??”

A cold voice rolled from the darkness, “Hello my dear,” The man reached out and flicked on the only working light in the cabin and stood.

Kate shielded her eyes against the sudden light and tried to look in the direction of the voice.

The camera flashed again and Kate recoiled. She backed against the wall as she realised this wasn’t a prank by her partner and that there was an intruder in her room.

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”Get out, get out!” she screamed. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw the huge knife in the man’s hand.

The man stood and started to speak. “I can’t leave Kate, I only just got here.” He smiled and moved closer to the actress forcing her to back into the corner. The man smirked and said. “My dear this can go the hard way or the easy way, but either way, I WILL get what I want… do you understand?”

Kate whimpered and then with false gusto she said “I don’t care who you are or what you want. GET OUT, get out now!” Kate paused then added “I’m a black belt I’ve eight years of karate training. I’ll kick your fat arse if you come any closer”

The man laughed “You can try, but I think I would find the experience more pleasurable than you would imagine.” His confidence and size unnerved the slender actress but she continued with her bluff. She tried to sound confident and strong but her voice was shaky “I’ve taken bigger mugs than you down before”

The man stood prepared and smiled almost pleasantly as he said “Then what’s keeping you, come on teach me a lesson.”

Kate gulped. “Look just go now! Before you get in trouble, I’m a big Hollywood Star you know; they will throw the book at you unless you leave now. I won’t even tell the cops you were here, that you broke in.”

“Shut up…” Said the man growing bored with her lies. He sat on a chair a few feet from her and continued. “Now here’s my counter offer. If you say a word, or don’t cooperate there will be trouble big trouble.” He paused and looked squarely in Kate’s eye. “By the way how’s Lilly these days?”

Kate’s jaw dropped, her eyes were as wide as saucers, and horror filled her face. In a broken voice barely hiding her panic Kate said “Lilly!”

“Yes,” replied the man “How is your little girl?” the threat was left unsaid, but Kate understood it was there. “Now, if you cooperate, this will go much better… but either way, I don’t care…!” Said the man menacingly. He could see Kate trembling; he knew he had scared her to the core by mentioning her daughter, a daughter who was hundreds of miles away in LA.

“Look I’ll cooperate, I’ll open the safe and give you all the money and jewellery I have here, I’ll give you everything I have, just don’t threaten my daughter” Kate’s breathing was hard and rapid and she was having trouble holding back tears that threatened to pour forth at any second.

“That’s good, and yes, you WILL give me everything.” His words hung in the air and suddenly Kate noticed how he was staring at her. His eyes were glued on her skin as she stood almost naked before him. “Money and jewellery are nothing to me.” He paused. “What else can you offer me?”

“You don’t want money?” Said a confused Kate.

The man laughed at Kate’s words, at her innocence, her ignorance. She was so pampered and sheltered in her celebrity life; nothing could touch her but tonight would be different. Then he continued “I have money but there are other things I don’t have, yet.”

The realization started to dawn on Kate.

“No, no you can’t mean THAT you can’t. I mean I’m a huge star and you’re a. . .” Her voice dropped off suddenly.

“I don’t care how famous you are…”snapped the man.”My dear, tonight you are here only for me.”

“No please, don’t make me do that” Tears started to trickle down Kate’s pretty face, then she slumped to her knees realising she was trapped and helpless

The man watched her kneel for a long while as tears fell from her swollen hazel eyes. Then his words cut into Kate’s helpless thoughts. “Stand up. Show me what you have for me. ”

Kate stood up and stopped crying, she knew it was useless, but there was still defiance in her eyes.

The man licked his lips, his elbows rested on his knees; he leant forward, with a greedy look in his eyes, he would enjoy breaking this spoilt bitch. “Show me my dear; let me see what I have been waiting for and by the way I like to see erect nipples”

His words burnt Kate’s ears, knowing that she would have to play with her nipples just to please him.

Slowly she moved her arms away from her breasts they heaved and jiggled as her breathing became harder as she exposed them to the stranger.

It was like being in a bad movie. It was like a sick version of Vacancy. The actress burnt in shame as her fingers stroked and teased her nipples but it wasn’t enough. Her face was bright red as she had to pull and yank and tug and maul her nipples to get them to harden.

The man leaned back, his eyes still glued on Kate’s body. There was now an enormous bulge in his pants, a bulge that could only mean one thing for pretty Kate.

“Mmm that’s it, show them off, stretch them as far as you can, get them nice and hard, just for me” He commanded, then he added something that hit Kate like a blow. “I’ll have to take pictures of this just like the ones you took earlier”

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Kate gasped and shrieked as she realized that the stranger had found her “Private” pictures. She moved her fingers away from her nipples which were now defiantly hard.

The man stood and walked to the far corner, where in the shadows, unnoticed by Kate there was a tripod with a video camera. The man looked into the lens, checking to make sure it was focused and aimed correctly.


Initially as the man got up Kate breathed a sigh of relief thinking her ordeal was over. Her eyes followed the man and her hope died.

“No please, please don’t do that. Don’t film me. Don’t record me doing this, debasing myself.” Begged the desperate actress.

The man turned to her and smiled “Oh, you needn’t worry about anyone seeing it.” He paused for effect as he walked back to his seat “As long as you do as I tell you” His words were cold and menacing. Kate realised that what was happening here tonight in this room would not be an isolated incident.

Fear and despair filled Kate’s heart as she realized that she trapped and once this man filmed her masturbating or worse. She would be trapped forever.

The man sat and leaned back smiling wickedly. “Now Kate, get on your knees and crawl to me. You are going to pleasure me” As he said this he to opened his pants

The horror of the situation hit home. It was going to be worse than Kate had imagined. She wiped her eyes trying to hide the fact she was crying again. “Please this isn’t fair this shouldn’t happen to me.” But still she sank down on her nylon clad knees

“SHUT UP!” His anger welled up quickly and he waved his knife at the actress again “Don’t make me go and find your sweet little Lilly” Then he pulled his massive cock free the head was coated in shiny precum.

Kate recoiled at the venom in the stranger’s voice. She was drawn between revulsion and fear, fear of what could happen to her Lilly.

Kate swallowed her pride and slowly crawled to this detestable man. She stared at the carpet, but glanced over at the camera to the side. The camera’s red eye blinked at her. He was filming everything.

The man’s cock throbbed and pulsed as the famous actress obeyed him. His legs were spread, his hand rested on his hip, the knife held there ready just in case it were needed.

Kate stopped and knelt before the man. She gulped and spoke. “Please you’re a good man, I can tell. You don’t need to do this” The man burst out laughing and then snarled. Kate wanted to back away but stuck out her tongue. It tentatively licked the tip of his cock, it moved delicately as if she were licking cream off a sundae. Kate faked a smile as she licked the head of the cock. It bobbed suddenly, more of the thick liquid bubbled from the tip.

“Suck me good and I shall be pleased” then the man smirked and added “You know what Kate, I think you want to please me really.”

Kate looked like she was going to be sick at any moment. Her tongue twirled around the head of the stranger’s cock and under the lip. Then in long strokes she licked all the way to the base and spiralled back to the top. Every time it twitched Kate wanted to pull away but despite herself she continued.

The man groaned as Kate licked up the shaft his eyes fluttered; his cock was rock hard and aching. He sniggered “Mmmm suck my cock like a whore… suck me good slut!”

Kate’s lips opened wide and she locked them around his cock head. She started to suck tasting his vile salty precum, her cheeks hollowed as the pressure increased. Kate couldn’t believe how large his cock was becoming. Her tongue continued to lick around the opening on the tip tasting even more pre cum

The man gasped as the famous actress sucked his cock head powerfully, but he wanted more.

Kate hated herself for surrendering she dreaded what fiendish things this man would do to her especially as he was recording her surrender, her debasement, her shame.

The man moved his hand to her hair she wanted to recoil to run His touch made her shiver. Kate folded; she surrendered again and slid her ruby red lipstick coated lips down the engorged shaft as her head bobbed back and forth.

The man felt Kate’s hot mouth on his cock as it descended along his shaft. He jabbed it deeper and deeper into her. He smiled as he felt his cock stab against the back of her throat and he groaned.

Then something terrible happened. Kate felt a twinge pass through her clit and it sent a shiver up her spine as she realized in horror that this monsters groan of pleasure had made her feel proud and excited.

Kate was shocked, she thought to herself “Oh my god what’s wrong with me” The realization hit her like a slap in the face and numbed her. She couldn’t hide from the facts. Her mind was confused. How could her clit have twitched like that? She thanked god he hadn’t seen the spot on her panties.

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About ¾’s of the cock filled Kate’s mouth. She slowed, she still sucked and licked but there was no enthusiasm as there had been a moment before. To the man it felt like he was being sucked by a machine, something with no soul. Kate’s head rolled back and forth and she could feel the cock growing in her mouth despite her lacklustre effort. She screwed her eyes up as even more of his hated precum filled her mouth. Kate knew she daren’t spit she had to swallow she grimaced as she did, she wasn’t a girl who normally swallowed.

The man could feel Kate’s growing disdain and his cock wanted so much more. He pulled her head back off his cock and pushed her away. “Either you do this right, or I will leave you here and let you think about Lilly.” The man’s face was dark and cruel.

Kate almost panicked “I’ll be good I swear I will” She pleaded pathetically. “I’ll give you the best blowjob ever. Please give me another chance” Said Kate. “I’ll suck you so good I promise.”

The man stood and grabbed Kate, pushing here back to the wall “It’s too late for that. I want more now. Show me what else you can offer me.” He licked his lips and his cock stood tall and straight. His lust was almost palpable in the air.

Kate was slammed against the wall; she looked anxious and bemused

“What else?”

“You want me to show you what else I can offer?” Kate almost snarled as she said these hateful words.

The man could feel Kate’s loathing and hatred of him as she leaned forward on her pretty toes and rolled her panties down her pale white thighs. She raised one foot and then the other and stepped out of them. Kate shook her head as if trying to concentrate and said. “This is what you want to see is it?” The man gazed at Kate’s neatly trimmed pussy and nylon clad legs a few feet away and smiled.

“Yes it is, now turn around. NOW!” His anger exploded at Kate’s attitude. Kate suddenly realized just how strong the man was as he grabbed her and spun her around then bent her over despite her resistance. The man forced her legs wide and pushed her arms forward, her forced her to stand on her tiptoes. Kate was reminded of the time she was frisked by airport security and that time she’d liked it. To her shame she felt that same tingle run through her again. Suddenly Kate grunted as she was brought back to reality and felt something hard and plastic and buzzing forced between her pussy lips it sank in with ease. “Keep that there in place or you’ll be sorry” snapped the man. Kate turned scarlet but luckily her face couldn’t be seen, however the camera saw it, and it recorded the expression of momentary pleasure cross the actresses face.

The man had pushed the vibrator about 2/3’s of the way into Kate the buzzing was deep, fast, intense. She realized that she would have to grasp the toy with her muscles to keep it in place or else it would slip out. If it fell, if Kate failed to keep it inside her who knew what her punishment would be

The man pulled the chair up close, leaning in. Kate could feel his hot breath on her thighs and ass. She knew that he was staring at her pink enflamed pussy and the vibrator between those lips.

Kate knew that she would not be able to resist the insistent vibrations of his her favorite sex toy, which the man had placed expertly at the right angle to tease both her clit and g spot.

Kate bit her lip as she felt the familiar vibrator doing its expert job inside her making her pussy drool as the vibrations spread in waves through her body

“Must concentrate” Thought Kate “Can’t give in.” But as it vibrated it became so hard to keep it partially inside her. Her thigh muscles quivered with the strain as the forced pleasure built up within her, she let her feet rest on the floor but instantly the man slapped the back of her thigh and ordered her back onto her toes.

“Oh Jesus, no” She thought “Please no, no don’t let me enjoy this.” Kate gritted her teeth but despite this a long, loud groan of pleasure escaped her lips.

The man watched closely as the vibrator did its work. Her lips ripened and swelled, and then a thin line of moisture formed soon it became a trickle that started to ooze constantly from Kate’s folds it passed along her swollen cunt lips and gathered there. Kate’s hips started to shiver and her legs quivered she rose higher onto her toes without realizing. She hung her head and a series of desperate grunts spilled from her lips.

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The day that changed Kate Beckinsale

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