The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish Chapter 1: Becca’s Hot Interview by mypenname3000

The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish Chapter 1: Becca’s Hot Interview
by mypenname3000

The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish
Chapter One: Becca’s Hot Interview
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

“Dr. Rita is waiting for you in her office,” the Hispanic nurse said. She had a nametag that read Pita pinned to her lilac scrub top, a bright smile on her face. “Just this way.”

“Lead on,” I said, masking my yawn. I needed to be perky and energetic despite the early hour. The sun wasn’t up. Yes, in late November that wasn’t too early, but still…

My camerawoman didn’t bother hiding her tiredness, Hosannah letting out a loud yawn as she lugged her camera with her. My jaws fought to open, wanting to stretch out into a big, wide exhalation, too. An interview at 6:30 AM meant I had to wake up far, far too early.

We walked through St. Claire Hospital in Lakewood, a small city south of Tacoma and near my own home in Parkland. My employers, Channel 5 News, wanted a report on the miraculous cures Doctor Rita Jones performed. It was a puff piece, something a reporter with half my experience should do.

My heels clicked as I followed Nurse Pita’s brisk pace, my tight pencil skirt whisking about my nylon-clad thighs. My breasts bounced in my low-cut blouse, showing off my assets for the camera. Though I would feign shock and outrage if any one questioned why I wore such daring tops, often with the lacy hints of my bra peeking out, during news broadcast.

It kept me employed, something my twenty-year-old daughter appreciated.

“Here we are,” Pita said, reaching the door and opening it. “She’s waiting for you.”

I had been in many doctor’s offices, small, cramped, a desk with a computer, filing cabinets, a small shelf with reference books, walls covered in anatomical pictures. Dr. Rita’s had nothing unusual in hers save for the young girl kneeling before her, bobbing her head and making slurping sucks.

The sounds of a wet, sloppy blowjob.

“Becca Brittany,” beamed the African-American doctor. She wore light-blue scrub tops, but no bottoms, her ebony face lighting up as she stared at me, white teeth flashing between dark lips. Her hands gripped the black, beaded braids of the girl slurping away. The girl, also Black shook her hips. She wore pleated, schoolgirl skirts, her ebony thighs peeking out the swaying hem. “I’m so glad you could make it so early. But I wanted to show you what makes my cures so special. And I only have it during the night.”

My cheeks went crimson, a strange lust shooting through me. I could see the dark shaft thrusting up into the girl’s bobbing mouth, thick and long, bigger than my ex-husband’s or my current lover’s cock.

Or any of past boyfriends or lovers.

Her breasts jiggled beneath her top as she shifted, her nipples hard points. I swallowed. “I didn’t know you were a shemale, Doctor.”

“I’m not,” she smiled. “I’m a futanari. I have a pussy. My clit just turns into a cock. And you can have your camerawoman set up. I need my fluffer keeping me on the verge of eruption in case we’re needed.” She licked her lips. “My daughter volunteered since it’s Sunday. Isn’t that wonderful of her?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Your…daughter?”

“She’s such a cock-slut for what futa’s are packing,” laughed the doctor. “I think she’d have her mouth attached to my dick all night if she could, but then my girlfriends would get jealous.”

“We would, Doctor,” Pita, the nurse, cooed.

I blinked. They said these things like it was so normal. And…and why did I have a problem with it? So a girl sucked her own futa-mother’s dick? What was the big deal? I bet my daughter would love to suck mine if I had one. She’d kneel before me while I gave a report, her head just out of frame, fluffing my big, throbbing girl-dick.

A heat soaked my panties, my hips wiggling.

“Well, this is different,” Hosannah whispered, unfolding her tripod with quick dexterity. She was a short, curvy woman, her face round with a bold, Jewish nose. In moments, she had her camera mounted, light turned on, pointing at the doctor.

I took a chair, crossing my legs tight, my poor clit aching as I watched young Pattie, who couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, loving her mother’s dick. I shivered, licking my lips. My blonde Jenny would look so cute bobbing her head, sucking on Mommy’s girl-cock, the cameras rolling and…

Such strange thoughts. They infected me as I noticed Pattie’s fingers sliding into her mother’s pussy, pumping in and out of the folds. She truly had both. Her cock looked like it thrust from where her clit should be.

“Here’s your microphone, Dr. Rita,” Hosannah said, her short, brown hair swaying. She leaned over in her tight jeans, her curvy ass pointed right at me. She had the type of rump that jiggled during sex. The type I bet her lovers loved to grab as they fucked her hard.

Flashes of me, my own cock thrusting from my blonde-muffed pussy and ramming into her snatch, made me tremble. The heat swelled in me. The ass wiggled back and forth. She bent over more, working on attaching the lapel mic, her jeans hugging tight to her pussy, the seam of her crotch almost swallowed by her plump pussy.

She often had cameltoes the guys at work loved to stare at.

“There,” Hosannah said. She moved back to her camera aimed at Dr. Rita, we’d film my half later on back at the studio, having me repeat my questions. Then we’d splice it together and you’d never realize I filmed my part hours later. “We’re recording.”

“So, Dr. Rita,” I said, leaning forward, “rumor has it you have found a cure that heals anyone. Some would describe as ‘magic’ and others as a hoax. How did you discover it?”

“I didn’t discover it,” she groaned, her fingers digging into her daughter’s hair, unmistakable pleasure crossing her face. “I was gifted it.”

“Gifted?” I licked my lips. “That sounds…intriguing. So it wasn’t a chemical or a drug?”

“Oh, no, this is wholly magical.” She let out a little whimper, Pattie’s hips wiggling more. She sucked louder, slurping and loving her mother’s girl-dick. “I made a wish, and the futa-fairy answered it.”

“A…fairy?” I couldn’t keep my skepticism out of my words. “Like from Sleeping Beauty or something?”

“Or more like from a Midsummer’s Night Dream,” Dr. Rita moaned. “Her name is Leanan Sidhe, and she made me into a hermaphrodite. What she called a futanari. She gave me a clit that turns into a cock between sunset and sunrise. And my cum heals anyone who touches it. It’s why my daughter’s is fluffing my cock in case an emergency comes in. Then I can have my futa-dick ready to go.”

“So you’re claiming to have magical cum that heals anyone?” I didn’t hide my doubt. This was ridiculous. She worked at a real hospital and said this BS. And yet she had that big, beautiful, ebony shaft buried in her daughter’s hungry mouth.

I licked my lips, my nipples aching in my bra.

“Not claiming. I do heal people. There are plenty of people I’ve helped.” She shifted. “We do keep a stockpile of my futa-jizz on hand, able to be administered to any patient, especially the men. But I do like taking a special interest in the female patients, healing them personally.”

“And how did you…learn about this power?”

“There was this girl in a coma.” A loving smile spread across her lips. “My own sleeping beauty. And I just wanted to heal her, to—”

Her pager beeped at her side. I blinked as she pulled it off her hip, glancing at it. “We have an emergency patient. Bring your camera. You can see the cure being worked personally.”

Pattie pulled her mouth off her mother’s cock, her saliva dripping down her chin. She brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking Dr. Rita’s pussy cream off of them. The girl moaned, savoring the incestuous flavor, her eyes rolling back into her head.

“Becca?” Hosannah asked as Dr. Rita stood up, her big dick bobbing before her, the tip glistening with her daughter’s saliva.

“Follow her,” I said as the futa-doctor hurried between the camera and me. “Let’s see if she’s telling the truth.”

“She is,” Pita grinned.

Hosannah unhooked her camera as I bounced to my feet, big tits heaving in my bra. My blonde curls danced about my shoulders as I hurried after in my heels. Running in five inch pumps was an art every female reporter had to master. I chased after Dr. Rita’s naked ass, following her around a hallway. She didn’t care her cock was out, bobbing for the world to see. None of the nurses of doctors even gave her another look.

She did this all the time. What was going on at this hospital?

Hosannah chased after, camera on her shoulder, recording it all. “We’re following Dr. Rita to a patient just admitted with a serious injury,” I said into my microphone, looking back over my shoulder at the camera. “Dr. Rita claims her magical futa-cum will heal the patient. Channel 5 News will bring you this exclusive footage that will either vindicate her outrageous claims, or prove her to be a deluded, and perverted, fraud.”

Dr. Rita vanished into an exam room. I reached the door, yanking it open. Hosannah went through, filming. I followed her in, my heart pounding, my hand gripping my microphone. This could be remarkable if it was true.

Actual magic.

A girl whimpered on the exam table, maybe twenty-one, her pink hair swaying about her face. She had a fade on the right side, her hair long on the left. A diamond nose stud glinted as she shuddered, cradling a right arm that was…

“Oh, god,” I gasped at the side of the broken arm.

“It’s okay, honey,” Dr. Rita said. “I have just what you need right here.”

“Doctor?” the girl gasped as the Black doctor seized pink hair, hauling the injured girl’s mouth to that big, throbbing futa-dick.

“Dr. Rita is applying the cure directly with her futa-cock, introducing it to the girl’s mouth. The patient’s sucking, her cheeks hollowing. I can’t believe this is happening,” I commented, my pussy clenching, itching to be touched.

“That’s it, sweetie,” moaned Dr. Rita. “Just keep sucking. You’ll feel so much better and… Yes!”

“Fuck me,” Hosannah muttered beside me as she filmed Dr. Rita cumming.

The orgasm was unmistakable. Dr. Rita threw back her head, her breasts bouncing beneath her scrub tops. She shuddered, bucking with every pulse of girl-jizz firing out of her big dick. The pink-haired patient’s dark eyes widened. She swallowed, gulping down the supposedly magical cum, more trickling out of her mouth, running down her cheeks, overflowing her mouth and…

I almost dropped my microphone.

“It’s working,” I said in awe. “Her arm is healing. You can see the bones shifting, the piece punctured through her skin is retracting, the flesh is healing. This is not a special effect. This is happening live before us.”

“See,” groaned Dr. Rita. “Mmm, you’re feeling so much better. Just drink down all my futa-cum. That’s it. Ooh, yes.”

The girl sucked a final time, then her mouth popped off the doctor’s big, ebony cock. She flexed her finger on her once-broken arm. She stared at the wound, rubbing at it. The blood remained, but no sign of the bone splinter or the bleeding puncture it caused.

“You healed me…” The patient stared up at the doctor. Then she threw herself at the Black physician. Her arms went around Dr. Rita’s neck, kissing her hard, tongue thrusting. She pulled Dr. Rita on top of her, the doctor not fighting at all, her ebony shaft swaying, still thrusting hard before her.

The doctor’s dark rump faced the camera, her legs spread wide, showing off her pussy’s pink gash surrounded by her black, curly pubic hair. Juices clung to the strands, glistening in the light. The girl grabbed the doctor’s futa-dick with her healed arm, stroking it with pale fingers.

“She’s going to fuck her,” groaned Hosannah, her camera aimed at the action.

“Dr. Rita,” I gasped, the words tumbling out of my mind, my reporter training taking over, “is it standard to have sex with your patients after healing them?”

Dr. Rita broke the kiss with the patient, throwing a look over her shoulder, eyes glossy with lust. “Drinking my futa-cum makes the patient extremely horny. And I like to administer a second dose directly into their pussy or asshole, just to make sure they’re all better.”

“She’s very thorough,” purred Nurse Pita.

I hadn’t realized her or Dr. Rita’s daughter had followed us. But the pair were fingering each other in the back, Pattie’s dark hand down Pita’s lavender scrub bottoms, Pita’s brown hand beneath the schoolgirl’s skirt. Both had pleasure crossing their faces.

“Oh, doctor, yes,” groaned the patient, her hand guiding the ebony dick beneath the jean skirt she wore, a pink thong flashing, covering her pussy. “I need you to keep treating me.”

Dr. Rita’s fingers ripped the pink thong to the side, exposing a shaved, tight slit. Hosannah groaned nearby. She licked her lips, recording the ebony cock’s head rubbing on the pale, pink flesh. Then the patient’s labia spread wide, engulfing that huge dick.

My pussy tightened, envying the patient and her moans of ecstasy as that monstrous girl-dick slid deeper and deeper. I whimpered, my hand clenching my microphone so hard. My entire body burned as I watched Dr. Rita bury herself into her patient.

And then fuck her.

The hospital bed creaked as the futa-doctor treated her patient with hard, vigorous strokes. The pink-haired girl gasped and moaned, bucking beneath the ebony futa. Dr. Rita’s ass clenched, White fingers clawing at it.

“This is so hot,” Hosannah groaned. “I can’t believe this, Becca.”

“I can’t either,” I said, lowering my microphone. “This is gold. She healed her with her cock and cum.”

I rubbed sweaty hands on my skirt, so envious of the patient. I wished I was hurt so I could be cured. To feel that big, throbbing futa-dick slamming over and over into my pussy. The pair writhed together, the girl bucking into Dr. Rita’s hard thrusts.

Faster and harder. Dr. Rita moaned and gasped, her back arching, her butt clenching. Frothy juices clung white on her dark shaft as she stirred the patient’s pussy hotter and hotter. I licked my lips, my pussy begging for attention.

I wanted to masturbate so hard.

“And as you can see,” I narrated into my microphone, “Dr. Rita is dedicated to treating her patients, making sure they are cared for.”

“Oh, my god, Doctor!” howled the girl. “I’m going to cum on your big, beautiful dick! Yes, yes, yes! Keep fucking me!”

“She’ll do anything to make sure they’re cured,” I continued, my cheeks burning, such a throaty, longing purr in my voice. My free hand squeezed my large breast through my blouse, my nipple throbbing. “She drives her futa-appendage so hard into her patient’s vagina, bringing the girl both closer and closer to her explosive finish.”

“Cum in her, Mom!” moaned Pattie. “Oh, yes, just flood the little slut. I want to lick her clean!”

“Such a greedy slut for your mother’s jizz,” groaned Nurse Pita.

I squeezed my breast harder, brushing my nipple. Electricity shot down to my pussy. I shuddered, squirming my hips. My eyes rolled back into my head. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The pleasure, the rapture, burning through this room. A dizzy surge shot through me.

I wanted that futa-cock. I wanted to be fucked by one. I wanted to feel it ream me, to fill me to the brim. I wanted to cum and cum and cum on it. To explode on her that big, thick, ebony shaft. I wanted to have my own.

To fuck the women I interviewed, to have my daughter or others suck my dick while I gave my reports, the world oblivious to what was going on. I wished to experience the joy Dr. Rita had, her moans echoing through the room.

“Oh, fuck yes!” howled the girl, bucking beneath the doctor, cumming on that huge dick. “Fire that jizz in me. Heal me! Make me feel sooooo much better!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Dr. Rita thrust forward, her back arching, her head snapping back. “Take it!”

“So hot!”

“Yes,” I hissed. “Dr. Rita is finishing her treatment and flooding in her patient’s hot vagina. Look at the passion on her face. Dr. Rita is dedicated to her job and to her miraculous cure.”

I bit my plump lips. My hand squeezed harder at my tit, feeling the silicone implant that gave my breasts their perky plumpness. I wanted to be both Dr. Rita and the patient right now. I wanted to have futa-cum flooded my pussy and to have my own girl-dick firing jizz it into hot snatch.

My phone vibrated in my skirt pocket.

“Oh, Dr. Rita,” mewled the girl, her orgasm dying. “Ooh, you healed me so much. I can’t believe it. I’ve heard about you. My sister attends Washington College, and she told me about her futa-teacher, Ms. Marcie, and the futa-cheerleaders. Mmm, they sound so hot.”

Futa-teacher? Futa-cheerleaders? Washington College was the rival school to my daughter’s Franklin Pierce College. This year, they’d trounced my daughter’s college at the homecoming game thanks to the inspiring cheering of the cheerleaders.

Where they fucking on the field?

“Well, Becca Brittany, do you want to experience my treatment?” Dr. Rita asked, throwing a sultry look over her shoulder.

My eyes widened. “You don’t mean…?”

She licked her lips, arching her eyebrows. “I do. I can fuck you hard. If you want. I bet you have a few things wrong, little, minor things, that I could heal.”

“And now Dr. Rita is offering me a chance to experience her futa-treatment,” I purred into the microphone, my pussy melting. “I would be a fool to say no to her.”

“Such a fool,” her daughter moaned.

Then she appeared before me, taking the microphone. “Let’s get you ready. I’ve ogled your tits on TV. And I know Mom’s such a fan. She likes White girls boobs. She’s always fucking her girlfriend Carly’s little White titties.”

I shivered as the eighteen-year-old girl unbuttoned my gray-blue, silk blouse. Her fingers deft. She licked her lips, throwing my blouse open and exposing the soft-pink bra beneath, my nipples hard points. She giggled, realizing my bra clasped in the front.

My big, ivory breasts spilled out into her ebony hands. She squeezed then, hefting my large breasts, feeling the silicone beneath. She arched an eyebrow at me, her grin mischievous.

“I’ve never played with fake tits before. They’re so firm. Like playing with a stress ball.” Then she leaned over and sucked on a dusky nipple.

I gasped, the tingles racing straight down to my pussy. Behind Pattie, her mother rose, still wearing her scrub top and lapel mic. Her dick bobbed before her, glistening with the patient’s pussy juices. While Pattie had called dibs on licking out the girl’s pussy, Nurse Pita used Pattie’s distraction with my tits to pounce and bury her face into the pink-haired patient’s snatch.

The girl gasped, her back arching, grinding her pussy against the Hispanic nurse’s hungry mouth. I just shivered, staring from her to the smoldering eyes of Dr. Rita. She licked her lips, watching her daughter feast on my breast. The girl’s hands stroked down my bare stomach, tingles racing across my skin, and found the hem of my skirt. She searched for the zipper. It rasped. I groaned, shivering as the skirt grew looser.

Then fell off my hips.

“My daughter loves getting women ready for my cock,” Dr. Rita purred, her voice a mix of passion and maternal pride. “She always comes in on the weekends to help out.”

“My daughter just sits around the house,” I groaned, my eyes widening as the barely legal girl’s hand slid inside my panties, sliding through my blonde bush, and finding the wet lips of my pussy. I let out a whimper as she stroked me. “Ooh, I wish she was so…invested in my job.”

“I bet you do,” Dr. Rita said, rubbing her dick into her daughter’s skirt-clad ass, smearing the patient’s pussy juices across the girl’s rump. “How hot is she, Pattie?”

“So hot, Mom,” Pattie moaned between sucks on my nipple. “She’s got fake titties. They’re so much fun to squeeze!”

“I bet,” moaned the doctor while I shuddered, my nipples throbbing in her daughter’s hungry mouth.

The girl loved my tits.

Then Pattie fell to her knees, pulling her hand out of my panties. Her wet fingers hooked my waist band, hauling them down my hips, exposing my blonde bush. She breathed in, her nostrils twitching. She let out a purring sound then buried her face into my snatch.

Devoured me.

“Oh, my god, your daughter’s eating my pussy!” I gasped, staring at the futa-doctor stroking her big, Black dick. “She’s licking me. Oh, my god, she’s good.”

“My little girl is a pussy hound,” Dr. Rita laughed, running her free hand across her daughter’s braided hair.

Beads clattered as Pattie licked, her tongue diving through the folds of my pussy. I shivered, my tits heaving in my blouse. I let out little whimpers, squirming, grinding my snatch against the eighteen-year-old girl’s hungry mouth. She was barely legal. That sent such a wicked thrill through me, my cunt clenching on her probing tongue.

Beyond her, my camerawoman recorded, only using one hand to operate her camera, the other rubbed at her tight jeans, digging into her delicious cameltoe. The busty Hosannah moaned, her body shuddering as she masturbated herself.

“Yes, yes, yes, your daughter’s fluffing me,” I gasped. “She’s getting me so ready for that big dick.”

“I just love helping Mom,” moaned Pattie between hungry licks, her dark face peering up from between my pale thighs.

“I can tell,” I groaned. “I wish my daughter was so eager to help me.”

My phone vibrated again, wrapped up in my skirt bunched around my waist.

“It’s such a delight having a daughter so eager to help her mother,” groaned Pattie, her hand stroking faster and faster.

“I bet,” Hosannah moaned, her camera locked on the eighteen-year-old devouring my mature pussy. I was old enough to be her mother. I shivered, picturing my blonde, twenty-year-old daughter between my thighs, licking me with such enthusiasm.

“Yes!” I gasped, Pattie’s tongue finding my clit, stroking and petting it.

Pleasure coursed through me. I moaned, joining the patient. Pita devoured her pussy with the same enthusiasm Pattie ate mine. My naked breasts heaved, jiggling, being recorded for posterity. This would all go into my story. Somehow, I just knew I could broadcast it. That magic worked through the room, making this all seem so normal.

Incest. Sex with an barley legal girl. Futanari. All of it.

I threw back my head and came. My tits heaved, bouncing before me as I came on the hungry minx’s licking tongue. She moaned, feasting on my juices gushing out of my pussy. Pleasure rippled through me.

“She’s all ready for you, Mom,” Pattie beamed, ripping her face from my pussy. She hopped to her feet and then gasped. “Pina! I called dibs on the patient’s creampie!”

The Black girl charged at the bed while her mother stepped up to fuck me. I shuddered, grabbing her big, Black dick with my ivory fingers. I loved the contrast, stroking her as I guided her to my blonde bush.

I stared into the camera over the doctor’s shoulder, moaning, “This is Becca Brittany about to experience first hand the futa-doctor’s unorthodox, though highly effective, treatment.”

“Mmm, you are,” Dr. Rita purred, her cock’s thick, dark crown probing into my blonde bush.

I gasped, feeling her hot dick rubbing on my pussy lips, sliding down to the entrance to my cunt. My labia engulfed the tip, her shaft sliding into me. I shivered, my thighs clenching about her ebony waist, pulling her deeper and deeper. My eyes widened as she kept plunging more and more of her shaft into me.

I felt stuffed so full. I whimpered, still staring at the camera, letting the world see the rapture crossing my face. It was my job to report the news, and this was amazing. Every woman had to feel a futa’s big dick in her, stretching her open.

“She’s got a very large…applicator,” I groaned. I couldn’t say cock on the air. Or pussy if it didn’t refer to a cat. “It reaches so deep into my…sex. Oooh, yes, so deep. Women, you are going to want to try this out. I… Yes!”

I shivered, the doctor pulling her big cock back and then jamming it back into my pussy’s depths. My back arched, my blonde hair sweeping behind me as I trembled on the table. My cunt embraced her cock burying back into me, filling me to the hilt and sending pleasure through me.

Whimpers escaped my mouth, her girth plunging over and over into me, stirring me up. My eyes fluttered, such delicious rapture spilling through me. She groaned and gasped, pounding me so hard, her mouth sucking at my neck, nibbling, biting. She moaned her pleasure, enjoying my pussy.

“Dr. Rita is dedicated to her patients,” I gasped. “She loves treating them. I can feel it in every thrust of her applicator. Mmm, yes, she stirs my sex up. She’s bringing me closer and closer to my climax.”

“Yes,” Hosannah groaned, her fingers digging into her jeans’ crotch, a wet spot staining the denim. But she kept the camera steady as she masturbated, recording my first time with a futa.

A shiver ran through me, another orgasm swelling fast in my pussy. The excitement burned so hot through me. This was truly happening. I was taking her dick to the hilt. I wished to have my own so badly, shivering, groaning.

My phone vibrated.

Dr. Rita sucked at my neck, her lips so hot. I knew I’d find a hickey. I loved it. My blonde hair swept about my shoulders as I shuddered, my hips bucking into her thrusts. Her girl-dick plunged so deep into me.

I gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head. My pussy tightened on her dick as she thrust harder. The friction burned so hot, our flesh slapping together. My clit drank in every smacking impact of her crotch. I trembled, standing on the edge of my orgasm.

I leaped into it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled. “Her treatment… Her treatment’s so successful! She’s made me…” I bit back cum. “Climax!”

My pussy spasmed about her hammering dick, ripping about the big girl-shaft. She moaned into my neck, sucking harder. She rammed her futa-cock to the limits of my pussy. Her teeth nipped my neck.

Hot girl-cum filled my pussy.

“Yes, she’s firing her special medicine into my depths. Ooh, yes, that’s invigorating!” My eyes widened. Through my orgasm, I felt energy wash through me. Heat. Little aches, the tiredness about my eyes, muscles soar from playing squash with a lover yesterday, all vanished. Her cum healed me. “This is amazing!”

Her cum pumped over and over into me. It filled me, sloshing around her cock still plunging into my convulsing snatch. I gasped, another orgasm bursting hot inside of me. My body heaved and thrashed beneath her.

I fought against screaming out profanities as my orgasm peaked through me.

“That is the hottest thing I’ve ever filmed,” Hosannah moaned, her body trembling, pleasure crossing her face, joining me. “This will go viral, Becca.”

“Viral,” I whimpered, my pussy spasming a final time on the big girl-dick.

And then the futa-dick grew smaller inside of me. I gasped, looking down between our bodies. She pulled away. Her black shaft emerged, glistening in my cream, as it shrank. It dwindled, retreating the folds of her pussy, becoming a little clit.

“Sunrise,” Dr. Rita panted. “I have to wait until sunset to get it back.”

“Thank god it’s winter,” Pattie moaned, lifting her head from the patient’s pussy, cream smeared on her lips. “Summer’s going to blow big time.”

I stumbled out of the hospital room several minutes later, my body buzzing, my clothing disarrayed. I struggled to fix it, brushing my phone in my pocket. I walked in a daze out of the hospital, trying to process what had just happened. I had the hottest sex in my life with a woman who had a dick.

And Hosannah filmed it.

“I can’t wait to cut this together,” Hosannah groaned. “It’ll have to air tonight. Or maybe with the morning news tomorrow. I think it’s a great piece for the morning news. Luka’s going to love it.”

“Yeah,” I said. My producer, Luka, would love it.

“We just need to record the intros and outros. Have you do it out front of the hospital now that the sun’s coming up. Get some good lighting.”

I just nodded my head.

A few minutes later, we were out in the cold. I ignored it, not wearing a heavy coat, my breath frosting before me, my cheeks pinked by the bite in the air. I stared into the camera, gathering myself as I rose out of my orgasm.

“This is Becca Brittany at St. Claire Hospital where some claim miracles are being performed.” I paused. “Naughty miracles. Inside, Dr. Rita says she can heal her patients with nothing more than her magical semen.” I paused. “Yes, that’s right. A woman who has semen. And Channel 5 News has gotten an exclusive interview with her coming up next.”

Hosannah nodded. “Let’s get the outro.”

“Some may call Dr. Rita a fraud, but this reporter experienced first hand the power of her futa-semen. It’s invigorating. Real miracles are happening here in Lakewood, and they are wicked.”

“Perfect,” Hosannah said. “Let’s get this cut up.”

I nodded, yawning again. It was too early. I headed for the passenger door of our news van while Hosannah went into the back to edit the story together. She was a natural at it. I sank down into the passenger seat, starting the engine to get the heater running and pulled out my phone.

I had three missed messages, all from the same person. I opened the first and blinked as blue snowflakes swirled down the screen before the message, written in icy font, appeared. I furrowed my brow, wondering how they did that.

You are just the naughty woman I’m looking for, Becca Brittney. Your wish melted my pussy.

So don’t you worry your hot, naughty cunt. I will make it happen. I will make sure your daughter can fluff you while you’re reporting the news. You can have all the naughty fun you want while the sexy camerawoman rolls. I guarantee you’ll love it. Expect me real soon. I’m going to fuck you so hard.

Oooh, you’re such an exhibitionist slut! I love it.


Esq. of Winter

“What the fuck?” I blinked. Did Hosannah send me the text? She knew how to do all that technology crap.

I opened the next one.

You really shouldn’t ignore your phone, Becca Brittney. I am so eager for this. I’m hard and aching. Check your messages. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

“Opportunity?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. I glanced over my shoulder, Hosannah working on the computer built into the news van’s control console. What was she up to?

I get that you’re a horny bitch and the summer slut’s patron has a big dick, but don’t ignore me! I hate that! Maybe I should give this to someone else! Someone who will appreciate becoming a futanari!

“Real funny, Hosannah,” I said, leaning back into my chair.

“Huh?” the Jewish woman asked. Then she grinned, staring at her screen. “Oh, that his hot, look at that barely legal slut sucking on her mom’s dick. I am making a copy for myself.”

I sighed, too tired from waking up early and cumming so hard with Pattie and Dr. Rita to care about Hosannah’s prank. I leaned my head back against my seat and closed my eyes. The warm air from the heater caressed me, wrapping about my face and carrying me off into…


The seat no longer felt like half-way comfortable upholstery but like…ice. Smooth, slick, and cold ice. And yet…it didn’t make me cold. I felt hot. I opened my eyes and gasped. The van had become all ice, every surface made out of the clear substance.

I grabbed the door handle, squeaking in fright. I threw it open, almost falling out of it. My bare feet slapped on rough ice, with the same craggy texture of asphalt but still slick at the same time. I shuddered, my big tits heaving before me.

I was naked. And the world has become winter. Not a chilly morning, but frigid. Arctic. I spun around, the parking lot of St. Claire Hospital entirely covered in frost, the hospital rearing above me like a sculptures made out of frozen water, carved to perfection. Trees, denuded of leaves, shone in the soft sunlight, twinkling as it refracted the light.

“What is going on!” I gasped. “Hosannah! Everything’s ice.” I shoved my head back into the van, peering into the back.


“I only brought you,” a voice purred behind me.

I whirled and found the only color to exist in this new world: purple hair. It spilled about the shoulders of the equally nude woman, falling in violet curls about a lush and mature face, hungry, a predator on the prowl for her next meal. My gaze swept down her body, tits as big as mine, hips curving.

And a cock.

A big, throbbing futa-cock.

Something buzzed, drawing my eyes upward again. Gossamer, delicate wings thrust up above her shoulders, fluttering as she approached me. I licked my lips in realization. My entire body convulsed as it all clicked into place and—

I met her silvery gaze.

Her ancient eyes swallowed me. They were immense, towering over me, the entire universe spread out before me in her eyes while I was just a little speck. Something so insignificant in the scheme of everything, a little grain of dust blowing amid the vastness of eternity.

“Y-you’re her,” I croaked, breaking my gaze from her eyes, staring at her tits instead. They jiggled as she stopped before me. “You gave Dr. Rita her futa-cock.”

“No, that’s the summer slut,” purred the futa-fairy. “I’m B. You got my text messages. Normally, people read their messages right away. They don’t ignore them.”

“Sorry,” I swallowed. “I was just…being professional.”

She arched a violet eyebrow. “Fucking a futa while your camerawoman records is professional?”

I flushed. “I guess not.”

“Oh, it will be.” She moved closer, her futa-dick bobbing just an inch or two from my stomach, so big and thick, as ivory as her skin. “Once we make our deal and you become my patron. I’ll grant your wish, make you into a futa, and you can have all the naughty fun you want. All I need is a favor.”

“Favor?” I asked, my heart thudding in my chest, my pussy molten.

“Just a promise. An IOU. One day, I might call on you, ask you to do something. That’s all.”

I shivered. “That sounds like a bad contract. If I don’t know what I’m signing. Maybe I should get my agent.”

“This offer has a time limit,” she purred, grabbing her dick. She moved closer, rubbing the throbbing tip of her girl-dick into my stomach. She dragged it in a swirling pattern, leaving a streak of precum. “It expires the moment you wake up.” She moved her cock lower, sliding into my blonde bush. “Get a futa-cock, have all your naughty fun, and owe me something. It won’t hurt you. Or anyone you know.”

I sucked in a deep breath, her dick reaching the folds of my pussy, pressing against my clit. Pleasure surged through me. “I don’t know. I made a bad deal once. It kept me from being an anchor. I’m sick of doing these fluff pieces.”

“Mmm, fluff,” purred B. Her futa-cock moved lower, pressing at the entrance of my pussy.

I wanted her in me so badly.

“You can have that sexy daughter of yours fluffing your clit-dick.” She licked her lips. “Have that lovely thing bobbing her mouth on your new shaft while you give your news report, everyone oblivious to her sucking that magnificent girl-cock.”

I shuddered, my pussy aching to engulf her dick.

“Just unite your body with mine.” Her naked tits rubbed into mine, our nipples kissing, sending pleasure shooting down to my shaft. “Just slide that hot cunt down my dick. Impale yourself, and you shall have your wish come true. Your daughter will fluff your clit-dick. You’ll cum down her pretty throat. You’ll fuck her hot pussy. You’ll have so much fun with your cock. And Hosannah will immortalize it all.”

I bit my lip. This wasn’t smart. Agreeing to something without knowing details. Scammers did stuff like this. But…


“Fuck it,” I groaned and then I pushed myself down her dick.

I whimpered, the futa-fairy’s dick filling my pussy. Her wings buzzed behind her as she groaned. She pressed me against the icy side of the van, her cock buried to the hilt in me. I hugged her, grabbing her ass, not caring about the favor.

Not when I could have my own cock as magnificent as hers.

Her lips found mine, claiming them as she rammed her futa-dick in and out of me. I shivered, feeling her ass flex beneath my hands as my second girl-cock ever stirred my pussy to a hot froth. My back rubbed into the icy coldness of the van, drinking it in, feeling it as burning warmth. My body shivered, my pussy clenching on the dick plunging into me.

She pounded me hard, fucked me like a dirty whore. I felt like one, selling myself to her to gain my heart’s desires. I groaned, my tongue dueling with hers, my body matching her thrusts, my hips rolling. Our flesh sucked together.

Over and over, she plunged into me.

“Damn,” groaned B, breaking our kiss. “The summer slut is going to hate you. Ooh, yes, yes. So much power. This is it!”

“What is?” I gasped, sensing a story.

She just grinned at me, plunging that hard cock into my pussy. And questions didn’t matter. Not with that huge shaft filling me to the hilt. My flesh quivered about her, my clit aching, throbbing, yearning to sprout into a massive shaft.

I nibbled at her chin, kissing down to her neck. Our breasts pressed tight, nipples sliding past each other as our bodies heaved. Juices flooded down my thighs as she stirred my cunt to a hot froth, whipping me into cream.

“Fuck!” I groaned, my pussy tightening on her dick.

“That’s it, just explode on my dick,” she groaned into my ear. “Just cum. Let’s make our pact complete.”

My fingers dug into her asscheeks, pulling hard on her as she rammed into my snatch. “Yes! I want that! Make me into a futa!”

“What a naughty reporter you’ll be. Everyone will watch you fucking and getting your cock sucked. You’ll be famous! The futa-reporter!”

She rammed her futa-dick into my pussy. I gasped, my head growing dizzy. Then pleasure exploded through me. My snatch convulsed hard on her huge shaft. She groaned, drawing back her cock through my spasming flesh. My cunt sucked at her shaft, eager for her cum.

“Spill in me!” I gasped. “Let’s complete our pact!”

“Yes,” she snarled, ramming her dick into the depths of my pussy. “Take it! Enjoy!”

Magic and girl-cum spurted into me. I shivered, my pussy milking her dick, feeling her cum splatter into me. The pleasure swirled through me. My head leaned back, my hair sweeping across my back. I drank in her pleasure, loving the feel of her cum spurting over and over into my hot depths, the power surging into my clit.

It sprouted.

I gasped, my bud growing into her stomach. The sensitive tip slid up it, growing bigger and bigger. I squirmed, loving the feel of it swelling to its full size, the same huge girth of Dr. Rita or the futa-fairy’s massive shaft.

“Oh, god, yes!” I gasped. “Thank you.”

“Mmm, yes, you will thank me,” groaned the futa-fairy. “You’ll do anything to keep this gift.”

“Anything!” I whimpered, wondering about this favor. What did I owe her and—

Someone sucked on my cock. I gasped, trembling. How was that possible? Our stomaches trapped my new girl-dick between them. No one could reach it, and yet I felt a warm mouth fluffing it, sending pleasure through my body.

“Enjoy,” the futa-fairy whispered as the world grew darker around me.

The mouth sucked harder and harder on my dick. My head swam. The darkness swallowed the futa-fairy had then…

My eyes opened. I stared at the dashboard of the news van. It wasn’t made of ice and…

Blonde hair spilled across my lap. My new dick twitched and spasmed in the mouth of whoever sucked my girl-cock. My pussy clenched, my ovaries boiling. Like a virgin boy using his dick for the first time, I came so fast.

I gasped, my orgasm exploding through me. Hot cum spurted out of my dick, straight into her…


I gripped my daughter’s blonde curls as she sucked down my incestuous futa-cum. Ecstasy shot into my mind. I gasped and groaned, my mind dizzy as my daughter sucked down every blast of cum I fired into her hungry mouth.

“Oh, Jenna, yes!” I howled, savoring my new futa-dick. “Drink all of my cum!”

To be continued…

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