The Mermaid’s Courtship 1: Rebellious Daughter by mypenname3000

The Mermaid’s Courtship 1: Rebellious Daughter
by mypenname3000

The Mermaid’s Courtship
Chapter One: Rebellious Daughter
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Kolin – Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin

The net was set, drifting in the water behind the boat. I sat on the lip of the small fishing boat I worked with my wife, Willa. The craft was a wedding gift from my father, a small sloop to begin our fishing trade. It had only one mast and two sets of oars to row.

It was perfect.

My feet dangled in the calm waters as I perched on the side. The blue depths fell away beneath me. My feet were bare, enjoying the cooler waters as the sun rose high. I wiped at my brow, my skin tanned darker red than the soft merchants who bought our salted fish and leathers.

Willa, my new bride, sat beside me. She wore a simple skirt sewn of fish-leathers, the scales flashing blue-green in the sun. The skirt was a wrap that tied at her right hip, letting her right leg move freely while still covering her modestly. Her small breasts were exposed. She had undone the lacings of her vest, exposing her dark-red nipples topping her conical tits.

There were no boats around, and I smiled at my wife’s delights.

“What are you thinking on?” she asked as she stared down into the dark waters.

“Nothing,” I answered.

“You mean mermaids,” she smiled. Willa had a great smile, still girlish with the youth she had only recently shed. It complimented her bold, beautiful nose and her high cheekbones. Her white hair spilled about her reddish face, contrasting with her skin. Her orange eyes had a sparkle. “Have you been dreaming of a nubile merwife to poke?”

My cock stirred in my fish-leather shorts. The shorts extended to my knees, leaving my legs able to bend as I moved about the small boat. “Yes.”

“They’re all gone,” sighed Willa. “They all died out or moved away. They don’t like Calthin Bay no longer.”

“They still exist in the rest of the Myrt Sea and the Nimborgoth,” I groused. “Why did they flee here? What offense did we give our sea wives?”

A hundred years ago, a fisherman and his fisherwife would have been honored to be courted by a mermaid. A family with a merwife always had the largest catches. Young couples on their wedding day would be presented with a new boat and sail out to the middle of the bay, there to spill their seed and dew upon the waters, hoping to entice a budding mermaid.

Willa and I had done it, masturbating each other on the dark waters while the full moon burned above. No comely mermaid had broached the surface. They were gone.

“Pity the waters are too deep to reach the Merpool,” I sighed, “then you could swim down there and become a merwife.”

Willa smiled. “And then who would be your fisherwife?”

“You’d be both,” I laughed. The Merpool was probably a myth. In the songs, it was claimed the original mermaids were birthed at the bottom of Calthin bay when the potent seed of Las, God of Lust, landed in the water and sank to the bottom. It was said to be beneath our keel on the sea floor, transforming any who bathed in it into a mermaid.

“They must have all died out,” sighed Willa as she peered down into the water. There were no merman, at least the stories claimed, so the mermaids had to seek their mates with the human sailors and fisherman who plied the Myrt Sea and beyond. Willa sang the Mermaid’s Lament as we waited for our net to swell.


Ayral – Bottom of Calthin Bay, Triton’s Kingdom

I stared up at the azure heights of the sea, to the surface. My purple tail fluttered as I swam through the coral growths and swaying kelp of the seafloor. Schools of blue and silver fishes swam about as I wended and wove through the kelp to my father’s house.

In the stories of old, we used to seek for our fisherman and fisherwife above the waves. That was before King Triton appeared. The only merman to exist. We no longer needed to cavort with the surface dwellers.

At least, that was what I was told.

I was so curious. What was it like above the waves in the strange realm of air. Sometimes, I would watch the sunlight play on the rippling waves while dark shapes passed above. The fisherman and his fisherwife would trail great cloaks of bound kelp behind them and scooping up schools of fish.

“There you are, Ayral,” King Triton smiled. I was one of his many daughter-concubines.

He was a handsome merman, I guess—I really had no frame of reference. His lower half was a crimson fish that seamlessly transitioned into a muscular, male torso. Unlike mermaids, he hand no breasts but hard muscles and broad shoulders. His hair was white and he had a thick growth of hair covering his cheeks, chin, and lips. He called it a beard, another thing unique to him.

“Father,” I smiled, my purple hair flowing behind me as I swam through the opening in the coral building. Father lounged on a bed of kelp.

“My sweet Ayral,” he smiled, his hand reaching out to seize one of my large breast—the biggest in the harem—and pulled on the polished, blue coral piercing my pink nub. I moaned as he drew me closer. I brushed his reddish skin—all merfolk of the Myrt Sea had red skin, though I heard other tribes had pale, bluish, ebony, or brown skin.

Pleasure shot down to my pussy. I groaned and my pussy slit opened, my delicate petals caressed by the slight current floating through the house. My nipples always seemed connected to my pussy, and whenever Father played with them, my scales parted to expose my sex.

“I’ve been thinking about you all morning,” Father continued, pulling me to his lips.

His white beard tickled my face as I pressed in for a kiss. His lips were strong and made my heart beat, but my thoughts drifted to fisherman. They did not have fins. I tried to picture what that would look like.

Father’s fingers tugged on my nipple, the pleasure driving away my daydream. After pleasuring Father, I would have a free afternoon to frolic in the waters. I hoped to have the courage to swim above the kelp and for the surface.

I wanted to meet a fisherman, even if Father said they were the most violent creatures and would only hurt me. How could that be true? Before the miracle of Father, mermaids would wed fishermen and fisherwives.

Father’s tongue swirled through my mouth as his fingers pulled on my coral ring. My pussy clenched and throbbed. My slit parted fully, my pussy exposed to the sweet sea’s caress. Father’s other hand stroked down my belly to my purple scales. My fin twitched as he stroked me, nearing my slit.

His fingers were skilled as he brushed the petals of my pussy. I gasped into the kiss, my tail kicking hard and sending the kelp waving about us swirling. Father’s fingers caressed my folds and dipped into my hole.

“My sweet Ayral,” he gasped, breaking the kiss. “My sweetest daughter-concubine. You always know how to excite me.”

“Thank you, Father,” I smiled as he gave another tug on my nipple.

The pleasure ran right to my pussy and my hole clenched about his probing finger. My fingers curled in bliss and I moaned. My hair floated about me as I let my head drift back and enjoy the skill of Father’s fingers.

“Have you been thinking of the evil fishermen again?”

“Of course not, Father,” I moaned.

“Ayral?” A second finger entered me.

I gasped and twitched. “Definitely not.” The lie came easily to my lips even as the pleasure built inside me. “I do not want to be discipline again.”

Father had spanked me harshly. My tail was always so sore when he finished.

“I just want to be obedient and loving, Father.” And to see a fisherman. I wanted to find out if they were as handsome as the stories claimed. And were the wives as beautiful? Would they spill their seed and dew into the sea for me to devour. Would their sexual fluid excite me?

I felt something was lacking even at the height of my pleasure with Father.

“I love you, Father,” I smiled and gave him another kiss, my hands stroking through his beard. I did love Father, but it didn’t feel the same way as the songs described. I didn’t yearn for him when we were apart. He didn’t make my heart race.

Though his fingers knew how to stir my passions.

My pussy clenched down on his fingers as I floated near him. My tongue fluttered through his mouth as we kissed. His thumb caressed across my clit. My tail fin fluttered hard, breaking our kiss as I slid up his body.

“Do you want me to suck on your tits?” Father asked as he buried his face between them. His wiry beard caressed my nipples as his mouth sucked on my nub.

“Oh, Father,” I moaned as his strong lips nibbled. His fingers dug faster and faster in and out of my pussy.

My hands stroked his powerful muscles as my tail swished. The pleasure swelled through me. Moans escaped my lips. Father’s fingers were so thick. They were almost as nice as his cock. What would a fisherman’s dick be like?

I closed my eyes and imagined a fisherman, his cock thrusting from his fleshy crotch, slamming in and out my pussy’s depths as his fisherwife rubbed her pussy on my lips. I pretended to devour her salty, silky snatch as my pussy clenched on Father’s fingers.

“Yes, yes!” I groaned. “Fuck me! Make me cum!”

I needed to be careful. I couldn’t let Father know I fantasized about a fisherman. I would be in so much trouble. My tail swayed, brushing father’s scales. My fins slid up his scales, sending warm tingles shooting up to my pussy.

I was lost to my fantasy. The fisherman’s face was so handsome. He made my heart beat fast, and his fisherwife was beautiful, her hair floating around her shoulders as she rubbed her pussy on my lips. I stuck out my tongue as my pleasure swelled.

I wanted to meet humans. I wanted to see what it was like above the waves. I climbed higher on higher on my climax. I let out a wordless moan as my orgasm crashed through me. My body shuddered as I savored my fantasy.

“My sweet Ayral,” grinned Father as he pulled his fingers from my pussy. He brought them to my lips before the currents washed away my juices. I could taste my salty flavor in the water, my milky juices leaking out and letting out a small cloud of passion to drift around us. Father moaned in delight as he licked at my juices. “Delicious as always.”

I smiled, pleased Father enjoyed me. “You must be excited, too.” My hand slid down his stomach to where his crimson scales began. I slid down his sleek scales to his own slit. I teased the edge, the scales parting and the tip of his cock appearing.

My fingers dipped inside, caressing the tip of his cock. He expanded into the water, thick and throbbing, eager to fuck me. He wanted to fertilize my egg. I was nearing my first ovulation. The full moon approached, and Father was eager to impregnate me.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to lay his egg. It would tie me down to the seafloor while I cared for our little egg. But I couldn’t resist his commands. He was King Triton. He ruled the bottom of the sea, and I was his daughter-concubine.

It was my duty to pleasure him.

I leaned over, my lips kissing his scales as I neared his cock. Maybe he would spill in my mouth and I wouldn’t have to fuck him. It would deny me more pleasure, but limit his chances to fertilize me. My lips kissed nearer, my cheek sliding across his scales. His tail fluttered lazily as my hand grasped his throbbing dick.

My mouth nibbled on the tip of his cock as I stroked him. His tail fluttered faster as my pink tongue swirled around the reddish tip. He let out a groan as my lips swallowed the tip. My fist pumped faster at his cock as my mouth sucked hard.

“Are you trying to suck me dry, merslut?”

I moaned around his cock, my own tail fluttering as my excitement grew. I was Father’s little merslut. My mouth worked farther down his cock. His dick had fully emerged and pulsed in my mouth. My hair fluttered around my face as I bobbed and the salty flavor of his precum tickled my mouth.

Such a delicious taste.

His hand stroked the back of my tail, sliding up to where my scales turned into flesh. He brushed my rear slit. I gasped on his cock as he circled the slit. My scales grew excited and parted, exposing my sphincter.

His finger pushed into my asshole. I groaned about his cock and sucked as hard as I could. Father let out a low groan as his tail spasmed hard. His cock thrust deeper into my mouth, brushing the back of my throat as his finger wormed deeper and deeper into my bowels.

“So beautiful, my little merslut,” Father groaned as he stroked my purple hair with his other hand. His fingers combed through my locks as his other digits pumped in and out of my bowels. “You are so eager for my cum. But which hole should I dump it in? Not your mouth. Mmm, I need something more exciting.”

I pulled my lips off his cock. “Your finger seems to enjoy my rear slit,” I purred, my thumb sliding across the crown of his cock. “Wouldn’t you like to experience my bowels? I know how much you love my tight flesh wrapped around your thick cock.”

“That is tempting.” His finger pushed deeper into my bowels. “But it is so close to the full moon. I think you want me to spill in your pussy. Or are you scared of being a mermother?”

“Scared,” I admitted, my asshole clenching down on his finger.

“You will be an amazing mermother,” he grinned as his free hand cupped my chin and pulled me to him. My body turned in the water, floating right over him. His hard cock brushed my scales, so close to my pussy slit. “You will love our egg and watch over it while it grows, waiting for our daughter to hatch. Don’t you want that?”

No. I wanted to go above the waves.

“Yes, Father,” I moaned.

Father pushed up from the bed of kelp, holding me tight. We drifted through his coral room as his cock slid closer and closer to my pussy. I bit my lip as he nudged my folds. I wanted him in me. My pussy itched.

I was such a merslut.

“I can see it in your silver eyes,” Father smiled, his tail flexing and pushing the tip of his cock into my pussy. Just enough to tease me and drive me wild. “You want my cock in you, don’t you, merslut?”

“I do, Father,” I admitted, finally being honest with him. My body was betraying me. Maybe he wouldn’t fertilize me today. It was still early. “Fuck your little merslut daughter, Father.”

Father’s grin grew. His tail flexed and drove his cock deep into my hot depths. I groaned as his scales rubbed against mine, his arms wrapping around my body. He slipped his finger back into my rear slit as his tail flexed, driving his cock into and out of my pussy.

I convulsed against him, my pierced nipples rubbing on his strong chest. We spun in the water, our tails flexing as we humped our bodies together, sending us drifting up and down, back and forth. It was so wonderful and wickedly fun.

“Yes, yes, fuck your little merslut, Father,” I moaned, my tail wrapping around his. I groaned as I undulated my tail faster, meeting his cock’s thrust. “Mmm, yes, Father. I love it.”

“You want me to cum in you, don’t you?”

“I do,” I moaned, lost to the pleasure. It was hard to care about being fertilized when such pleasure burned through me.

My breasts rubbed against his hard chest as our tails gripped each other. His cock speared so deep into me. Pleasure rippled through me every time. His finger pushed deeper into my asshole as my body tensed.

“Father,” I moaned. “Yes!”

“Do you want me to spill in you?”

“I do,” I moaned. “Cum in me, Father. Oh, yes! So good! Mmm, I’m going to erupt like a sea vent.”

Father drove his dock into my depths. My pussy spasmed about his dick, eager for his cum. The pleasure shot through my body, electrifying me from head to fin. My tail spasmed in Father’s embrace as I squeezed my eyes shut.

His tail undulated, working his cock faster and faster out of my cumming depths. My little pussy milked his cock as I spasmed beneath him. He growled and thrust hard. His cock bottomed out in me and his seed erupted.

“My darling Ayral,” he moaned as he filled me up. “Soon you’ll lay my egg.”

I shuddered, sucking back into reality. “Yes, Father.” I tried to keep my bitterness out of the voice. I was just one of his many daughter-concubines. I was only his favorite because he took my virginity a month ago.

Soon, he would stop paying as much attention to me. I would be like the older mermaids, bitter and complaining as they worked the kelp fields, lamenting about their time as King Triton’s favorite fish. I stared up at the coral ceiling, trying to see past to the waves.

Father leg me go, his cock softening out my pussy. He pushed away from me. Milky cum leaked out of my pussy as I drifted down to the bottom. The fluid swirled away in the current. I clenched my pussy and forced out a white gob, watching it aimlessly tumble as it grew more and foggy and diffused until it was vanished into the water.

“You can go,” Father said. “I have business to attend to.”

“Yes, Father,” I sighed. I felt so used. All his loving caresses were gone.
My tail swished, and I shot out the opening. I swam through the coral houses, passing other mermaids as they went about their chores. I turned over on my back, staring up at the rippling waves high above.

I left behind the village and entered the kelp fields. Older mermaids glanced at me as they flitted through the strands, cleaning away starfish and other pests from the crops. I gave them a wave. They only gave me flinty stares.

It wasn’t my fault Father liked his younger daughter-concubines.

Beyond the kelp fields was soft sand littered with starfish and scuttling crabs. I fell down on the bed, sand puffing around me before the gentle current swept it away. My breasts swayed as the water caressed them. I watched the surface.

A boat was up there. Its shadow drifted with the waves. My eyes widened. I wanted to go up there and say hello. I didn’t care if it was forbidden. I licked my lips as the shadow slid slowly closer and closer, drifting on the same current that washed around me.

“Daydreaming,” Yrsla asked.

My sapphire-scaled sister flipped her tail and shot across the bottom of the sea, her nipples almost brushing the seafloor. Her bright-blue hair flowed around her as she hurtled right for me, a determined look on her pretty face. I gave her a smile.

“Hello, Yrsla,” I answered. “I was just…thinking.”

“About those disgusting humans you are fascinated with,” Yrsla sighed. She settled down next to me and pressed her soft breasts against my side. Her hair fanned about us in the current, merging with my purple strands.

“Yes,” I answered. I didn’t keep secrets from my sister. She would never betray me. “I’m tired of being Father’s merslut. He makes me feel so…dirty.”

“He’s the only male mermaid,” Yrsla pointed out. “Not only is he our father, but he is our merking.”

“I know,” I sighed. “It’s just…I love the old tales of swimming up to the surface and meeting a fisherman and fisherwife. Of loving them together.”

“Mermaids can love each other,” she cooed. Her lips nibbled on my ear as her hand caressed my face. “We could rub our clams together, or spread them apart and devour all the tasty goodness.”

“You’ll really want to eat mine,” I smiled. “I was just with father.”

Yrsla’s eyes widened. She spun around, her tail kicking up a large cloud of sand as she twisted. Her fingers caressed my slit, tracing my scales and coaxing my pussy to be unveiled. It was like coaxing up a clam to find a pearl, the same gentle caresses and then the pink, salty flesh was exposed.

We even had our own little pearls—our clits.

Yrsla’s tongue licked through my folds. I let out a moan as I watched the boat. It was practically overhead. I could swim up there and meet the humans. It kept drifting by as Yrsla’s tongue licked and sucked through my folds.

“Oh, you are greedy for Father’s seed,” I moaned.

“It’s so salty and good,” she moaned, her face pressed into my slit. Around her lips, cloudy juices leaked out, a mix of seed and my cream. “Mmm, and you taste wonderful.”

I gasped as her tongue brushed my clit. Yrsla was always wonderful to make love to. I never felt used afterward. She knew how to love me. Not like father. He only knew how to make me feel like a merslut.

Yrsla’s tail swished, the soft ends brushing my face. I groaned and nibbled on her fins. She loved it, her tongue swirling faster through my folds while her hands stroked my tail. My body shuddered as the pleasure washed through me.

“Play with my tits, too,” I groaned.

Yrsla contorted her body as she moved over me. Her tail bent so the ends of her fins could fan over my breasts and caress my nipples. I moaned and shuddered. The boat was drifting by. I stared at its bottom as the pleasure swelled through me.

“Ooh, yes. You know how to please me. I love it when you eat me.”

“Does it take your mind off staring at the humans,” she panted.

“No,” I admitted. “But it sure is nice.”

Her tail straightened and she lowered her clam to my lips. My vision of the floating boat was obscured by her scales rubbing on my face. I found her slit and tongued along her tightly closed slit. She opened up. Her pink, delicious clam revealed all it’s delicious morsels.

I swirled my tongue through her salty folds. She moaned into my pussy as we tongued each other. My tail spasmed. We rose from the sandy bottom. The current seized us. We drifted along as we pleasured each other.

Her tongue sent ripples through my body. I moaned and licked harder through her folds. My tongue probed deep into her sheath, fucking her like Father’s cock. Yrsla squealed into my pussy and nibbled on my clit.

“Oh, Ayral,” she moaned as we spun about in the current.

“I know,” I panted. The boat was finally forgotten as we shared our sisterly love with each other. “Mmm, I love it when you nibble on my clit.”

Her finger caressed my pussy before she buried her mouth back into my body. I moaned, my fingers sliding along her smooth scales. My body spasmed against hers. It was so wonderful and sweet. I never wanted to stop licking her.

“Let’s cum together,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes! You have the best ideas Ayral.”

I smiled into her pussy. I stroked the back of her tail up to her back, playing around at the transition between scales and flesh. My boobs pressed into her stomach, my nipples aching points massaged by her skin.

We moaned together. Her fingers dug into my scales as her passion built and built. I knew Yrsla, she grew closer to cumming. I latched onto her clit. I nipped it with my teeth as my tail shuddered. I was so close.

“You ready?” Yrsla panted. “I’m so close.”

“Yes, yes! I am so ready to cum with you.”

Our bodies shuddered together as our orgasm burst through us. Such wonderful bliss washed through me. Our tails thrashed, spinning us faster in the current. We tumbled through the water as our orgasms surged through us.

I was lost to the pleasure. I let it drift through my mind. I kept licking her. Yrsla’s tongue never stopped playing with my pussy. I held her tight, cuddling her as we drifted, the pleasure relaxing out of my body.

“Mmm, that was fun,” Yrsla smiled, her tail fluttering.

“Uh-huh,” I smiled, letting go of her. We parted slightly. I was facing down at the sand. It drifted past us. We were caught in the current.

“Did that take your mind off the boat?” Yrsla asked as she turned over to give me a kiss.

“The boat?”

Her lips pressed on mine. We turned and the surface came into view. My eyes widened as I kissed my sister. The boat was still over us. We drifted with it while making love. I broke the kiss and pushed away from my sister.

We were far away from the village. No one would know. I swam for the forbidden surface.

“Ayral!” Yrsla called out. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to look at the humans! I have to!”

“But…the law! Father will be very angry at you.” Yrsla swam after me and snagged my hand, yanking me around.

“Please, Yrsla,” I said, cupping her cheeks. Her blue hair floated around her pain-filled face. “I need to find out.”

“But…humans are monsters.”

“Then why did the old mermaids love them?” My eyebrows furrowed.

“Well…they didn’t have a choice…” Yrsla looked up at the boat. “They have a net out. They’re <em>fishing.</em>”

I rolled my eyes. “We eat fish.”

“Well…” Yrsla bit her lip.

“We keep schools of fish for eating, Yrsla. How’s it different?”

“They’re air dwellers. Why don’t they throw their nets in the air and catch those flying fish.”

“Yes, birds. Then they don’t need to pollute are waters with their boats.”

I shook my head and peered into her silver eyes. “Please, Yrsla. I need to know. Every day, I wonder about them. Why do we have such romantic songs about them and stories about brave fisherwives and strong fisherman? There has to be a reason.”

Yrsla’s eyebrows scrunched up. “But…that makes Father…wrong.” Yrsla licked my lips. “If you go up there, they’ll hurt you. Father can’t be wrong.”

“I’m willing to take the risk.” My thumbs stroked her cheeks. “Please, Yrsla.”

“Fine,” she pouted and jerked away from me. “Go up there and break the rules. It’ll be your own fault when you wind up dead.”

Yrsla turned and swam fast, shooting back to the village.

I watched her swim off. I wasn’t making a mistake. I felt it in my heart. This was the right decision. I loved Father, but I couldn’t be his merslut, daughter-concubine any longer. I didn’t want to be discarded. I wanted to be loved.


Willa – Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin

I stared at the profile of my husband as he stared into the water. His skin had that burnished, red tan of a true fisherman, not like some of the louts that tried to court me. A gorgeous mane of yellow hair spilled about his neck in a tangled mass. He was strong, working a ship put muscles on any man or woman, and it was nice to lean against his frame.

So I did that, resting my head on his shoulder. The bay wasn’t choppy today. The boat rocked in the gentle swell. We drifted on the current that circled the bay. The water lapped cool at my feet as the sun warmed my face.

I loved being out on the bay. It was partly why I chose to marry a fisherman. And Kolin had something all the other boys that pursued me—fishermen, dockworkers, merchant sons, carpenter apprentice, and more—all lacked. Kolin had dreams.

He always talked passionately about the old stories, pining to see a real mermaid. The way he talked about them, well, it stirred a girl’s heart. He had vision. On our marriage night, he had me convinced we would see a mermaid. I knew my older sisters and their husbands never went through with the mutual masturbation into the bay.

I was crushed with him when she did not appear. He made me believe.

“Maybe there are mermaids down there,” I whispered, my hand on his thigh. I stroked up the fish-leather shorts, my fingers crossing the fine stitching that held the hides together until I reached his groin, I rubbed him. “We could try to attract one’s attention?”

A smile crossed Kolin’s lips. “I married the best girl on all of Rez. No, all of the Myrt Sea.”

“Not all of Thlin?” I asked.

“Well,” he smiled, “I’ve heard of the girls of Lusor and their large, round breasts.”

I elbowed him in the stomach. “You think a girl that’s never tasted the sea could be better than me? Their skin is so light it’s pink, never burnished by the sun.”

A grin split his lips. “I guess you’re right. The best girl in all of Thlin.”

“Then let’s summon a mermaid,” I grinned, “and court her.”

My hand caressed his bulging cock. He swelled beneath my hand, always so ready and eager. I pulled at the lacings, the knot coming undone. My hand pushed inside and grasped hid dick. His groan was satisfying to my ears. I drew out his cock, his tip dark-red and throbbing, leaking precum.

“You’re eager,” I purred to him as I stroked up his cock. I squeezed harder, letting the drop of precum bead the tip before I smeared it around his thumb. “You’re just eager to cum, aren’t you?”

“I want the mermaid to taste my salt on the waves,” he panted.

Kolin’s hand reached over and touched my bare stomach before sliding up to my breasts. I had freed them earlier, letting the sun kiss my tits like a proper fisherwife. The town girls didn’t know the freedom of the bay and the salt, and hid their breasts like shy maids. Kolin’s calloused hand reached my breast and squeezed, his thumb stroking over my nipple.

The pleasure shot down to between my thighs, moistening my pussy. My hand tightened on his shaft, stroking him faster as I squirmed. I crossed my thighs, caressing my aching clit. I turned my face, pressing my lips against his cheek, his stubble was rough on my lips.

“Willa,” he groaned as my hand flew up and down on his cock. His hand squeezed my breast as his passion grew.

I kissed to his ear. My tongue flicked out, caressing it. “That’s it, seed the ocean and attract us a merwife.”

Kolin’s cock throbbed in my hand. My other hand pushed inside his shorts to massage his cum-laden balls. His hand squeezed my tit every time I played with his sensitive nuts. My hand slapped into his groin as I stroked him.

“I’m so close,” he groaned. “Willa, yes.”

“Just imagine the little mermaid beneath the waves, her hair fanning about her beautiful face, her breasts bobbing in the underwater current. She is staring up at us, her mouth open, eager to taste your salt on the water.”

“Gods, yes,” he panted. “Vedr’s stormy wind, I want her to taste my salt.”

I hoped Vedr, Goddess of Storms, would show us her favor instead of her anger.

“She’ll love your flavor. Her little mermaid pussy will grow so excited. She’ll draw closer to the surface while you rub my little clit and make me cum so hard I squirt my dew into the water. She’ll love both of our flavor and rise to the surface. She’ll court us and love us and bless us.”

“I can almost see her!” Kolin moaned as he stared into the depths. “She’s a dark shadow, her hair fanning out. She’s watching us.”

I looked down. The water rippled around the boat, glinting with the sunlight. For a moment, which was probably merely a trick of light bending and playing on the surface, I thought I saw her staring up at us.

“Cum!” I moaned as my hand stroked up his cock. “Seed the water!”

“Las’s cumming cock!”

My husband’s dick throbbed in my hand. He growled. His dick shuddered. I could feel the cum shooting through his cock to the tip, then the white fountained onto the sea, a small bit of foam before it dissolved into the water.

“Yes! Taste my salt,” Kolin groaned as a second blast erupted.

I squeezed hard as I slid my hand up his cock. A third blast shot into the water and then more dribbled out, running across my hand. Kolin panted as I raised my hand to my lips and enjoyed his salty seed.

“How can a mermaid resist this?” I purred as I took a second lick.

“She can’t,” he groaned. “Now let’s add your dew to sweeten the waters.”

I grinned at my husband, my poor pussy on fire.



I was so close to the surface. The humans sat on the edge of their boat, dangling their land-fins in the water. Through the rippling waves, I could see the fisherwife stroke her fisherman’s cock. The man’s strange appendages, tipped with stubby fingers, curled in the water.

Something white shot from him. His seed. It splashed on the water. They were giving me an offering. They were looking for a mermaid to court. My heart beat with excitement. His strange not-fin appendages kicked, swirling the water as more of his cum rained down.

I opened my mouth, breathing in the sea. I moved higher, searching for the taste of his cum. There was something saltier in the water. It was so faint, but it was delicious. My heart beat with excitement as I swam higher and higher.

I was breaking the law. The ocean’s surface was so close. The salty flavor grew stronger. I loved the taste of his seed. It was so exciting.

But what if they were evil like Father claimed? I bit my lip as I watched them. They shifted around. The fisher wife knelt on the edge of the boat. The fisherman ran his hands between her land-fins. They were almost like another set of arms, but thicker and longer. He rubbed between them.


I swam a little closer. My eyes widened. Between her strange, lower arms was something pink. A slit lay between them. Her pussy. The man stroked and fingered her, rubbing across her little clit. My own hands slid down my belly to my scales. I brushed around my slit. My flesh opened up to reveal my excited clam.

I stroked my folds as I watched the man pleasure his fisherwife.

The woman’s moans were muffled, but full of pleasure. She sounded as sweet as any mermaid crying out in bliss. The fisherman knew how to please her. His fingers were so deft as they stroked through her folds.

I fingered my self, pumping my digits in and out of my greedy hole. The salty flavor of the man’s seed was so strong in the water. I just had to flick my tail a few times, and I would broach the surface. I bit my lip.

They couldn’t be evil. Look at how much pleasure he gave her.

But Father also gave me that same pleasure.

The fisherman leaned over and kissed the curvy cheeks that adorned the woman’s rear. They almost were like breasts, forming a delicious, heart-shaped mound at the tops of her strange land-fins. His lips kissed deeper and deeper in between those curvy cheeks, licking and sucking at something.

“Yes…my asshole…lick it..” moaned the woman, her words momentarily clear before a wave slapped up against the side of the boat.

“Wow,” I gasped. “He’s tonguing her rear slit. That’s so…”

I almost said nasty, but then I remembered how passionate she moaned as he licked her. She loved it. This man wanted to pleasure her. Not like Father. He only used me for <em>his</em> pleasure. He fingered my pussy so I would let him fuck me.

But the fisherman already came. He didn’t have to pleasure his fisherwife. He wanted to. It was so beautiful.

My fingers curled in my pussy’s depths. My tail fluttered beneath me as my pleasure rose. I wanted to meet them. I didn’t care how much in trouble with father I would get into. This felt so right to me. I brushed that special spot inside of me.

My pussy spasmed about my fingers.

“Kolin!” gasped the woman.

Her pussy clenched. My eyes widened as clear juices squirted from her pussy and splashed on the surface of the sea. I breathed through my mouth and tasted something tangy and exciting. Her pussy was wonderful.

They had to be wonderful.

My fin fluttered and I propelled myself the last ten feet to the surface. I broke through the water and entered air. I gasped in shock as my skin suddenly felt…not wet. My hair clung around my face and shoulders instead of fanning about me. Everything sounded so different—sharper, louder. Not muted by the dull roar of the ocean.

“It’s a mermaid, Willa!” the man gasped, his words loud, almost assaulting my ears. But there was such excitement in his voice.

I knew I had made the right decision to court these humans.

To be continued…

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