The Neighbor’s Wife – Part 2 (The Peeping Eyes)

The Neighbor’s Wife – Part 2 (The Peeping Eyes)

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Hi, guys. This is my second story. My last story was about my great experience with my neighbor. I had a neighbor over to my house. Her name was Sharanya. We both were great friends.

Our friendship grew to lust. We fucked each other on a fateful day when I visited her home and things got heated up between us. I had made the first move. She was reluctant with me. But after it she made me promise it will be the last time we do something like this.

Let come to the second part:
After a great sexual fling like that, I couldn’t stop thinking about Sharanya. We used to have less eye contact whenever we met. Less talking whenever met eye to eye. She completely shut me out. She didn’t respond to my messages. But I sincerely apologized to her, yet of no use.

So I thought of taking the first step. After a week of the incident, I went to her flat. I knocked on the door, there wasn’t any response. Then I opened it, I called her name. I searched for her in the room and kitchen then went over to the storeroom side, near the balcony.

I thought she might have gone out or to the balcony to dry out clothes. I approached her. She saw me as she turned back. But there was not much change in facial expression. She was wearing a black loose t-shirt and white pants slightly raised on her legs.

I then again approached further up to her. She turned towards me and asked what I was doing there. I told her she wasn’t returning my messages, so I wanted to check up on her. Then she told me she was too busy with her work to be a loose cannon again. I stepped in closer as she came out from the balcony.

I apologized to her again. But no response. I told her that I knew that she also had a great experience. Her face frowned and she told me that it was a mistake. We should never have done it. She asked me in a demanding way to keep it secret. I came closer to her and took her hand.

I held it with both my hands and raised it to my chest. I told her it’s fine. But she just took my hand away and slapped me. Then she told her she can’t and she won’t, that she was married. That slap was like putting a knife in my heart. I turned to her and asked her to tell me that she didn’t enjoy that day at all.

She kept quiet and walk past me and left. As she was leaving, I took her right hand and pulled her close and hugged her tight. She kept her hands on my hands teying to push me away. I pushed her to the wall. As she extended her hands again to my hands. I took each of those hands and pinned them onto the wall.

I started to kiss her. She was fighting with me first. But I didn’t let her hands go. I took them both in my left hand, put my right in her panty. I rubbed her pussy over the panty as I kissed her very deeply. She finally got free and pushed me away.

I told her that I would be leaving. I left.  In the next few days, we did have much contact. I used to slither away whenever I saw her.

Then at the last Holi festival, she came to our home for a celebration. During the celebration, my mom asked me whether I could go over with Sharanya to get something from her house. I was hesitant at first but my mom insisted. So, I went over. It was some crockery for guests.

She told it was on the upper level. So, I held the stool, as she rose herself and she took down the crockery. As she passed it down to me and I kept in down on the kitchen counter. She was suddenly in imbalance, so I held her by her navel as she was rocking on the stool.

In that effort, I deep pressed her navel. After she came down, we had an awkward moment. Then we moved to the party. After the party, I went to keep back somethings borrowed from her home. As I was going, I saw a light in her bedroom room. The door was slightly open.

She was struggling to remove her blouse. I then went in, she suddenly freaked out. after I helped her remove the blouse. She turned and jumped. In her hastiness, the blouse fell down. She was just in her bra and petticoat. I told her sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.

But as I turned back, I had again a naughty thought. I went back as she was relaxed. I pushed her to bed and this time I pinned down her hands on to the bed. I started to kiss and lick her neck, her earlobes, chin, neck, collarbone, her cleavage, midriff, her ribs. She gasped.

I deeply kissed her navel and ripped off her bra. I then kept on putting my tongue swirling around the belly button. She let out a breath of relaxation. I then slowly let her hands go as I went for a kiss with her. She kissed me back as her hands caressed my hair, then went to rub on my crotch.

I then lined my tongue through her body to her petticoat. I raised her legs and kissed her along the sexy legs to her thighs. She had a shaved pussy with shaved killer legs. As I reached her inner thighs, raising her petticoat to the brink of her waist. I saw the marks I left behind last time.

I kissed on them, then started to lick and suck her thighs, then bit her thigh as my hands raised to her boobs. Those melons wouldn’t let me leave. I took them in hands and started to suck on them. She bit her lips in pleasure as her fair complexion fat thighs, placed on my shoulder. I went in for her pussy.

I started to lick it over panty and then rubbing it nicely. I slowly removed out the panties and started to suck on her pussy. I gave a deep kiss to her pussy lips. I played with her clit as she moaned loudly. I don’t know what came over me but I started eating out her pussy very roughly.

With her legs resting on my shoulders, she leaned back on to the bed, supporting herself with her hands. Her legs squeezed my head to pleasure her more. She started to move her head to sides. I put in my tongue in her and start to finger her.

I put in my three fingers and started to finger as I sucked on both of her pussy lips. In between, I would raise my other hand to press her navel. She then caressed my head pushing it deep into her pussy wanting more. Her moans rose as I rubbed my hands over at her asshole.

I then put in my one finger in her asshole. I fingered her both in her asshole and pussy. She moaned quite wildly. Her desperate and rapid breathing was echoed throughout the room. Her hands started to shiver as she pulled in more of the sheet into her grip.

I rose my hands to press her boobs. I fingered her both holes as I pulled each one of her nipples on by one. I then squeezed them as I pulled making her moan wildly. She was biting her lips in passion. She then leaned on the bed and massaged my hair as she moaned more.

Her breathing started to become heavy and her body shivered as she came. She squeezed her thighs against my face. she squirted some on my face and rest on her floor. I drank her juice as I shared with her when I kissed her. I then raised my body above hers. She was completely nude as she lay down

I kissed her again. She then broke the kiss and caressed my hair and told me this should be the last. I agreed. I spread her legs, placed my dick entrance of her pussy and rubbed over the pussy lips. She then reached out to my hips as the rubbing intensified and helped me push it in.

It was heavenlier than last time. Her pussy was warm and moist due to her pussy juices. I then gave a hard push to her pussy, as she bit the sheets. I then feel on her boobs and started to suck on them in my one. I slowly started to move my dick. I then pumped in and out my dick to her pussy.

As I pumped her melons bounced in my hand. I then pumped her for some time till she turned and came on top of me. She herself started to jump on my dick very wildly as she moaned and showed her slutty face. I rose myself and I took her bouncing boobs in my hand. I continued to play with her boobs.

While she made sure my cock went in deep. She was like a beast, jumping on its prey. She was wild. I hugged her tightly as I once again kissed her. My hands played with her boobs, squeezing those nipples and fondling them as they bounced. Then I started to lick over her neck again.

At that moment, I saw another pair of eyes peeking into the room seeing Sharanya moan, riding her neighbor. I too was out of my breath. I hugged Sharanya tight and started to ram her using my hips and looked closely to see who that was.

But as Sharanya was about to cum, she hugged me tight and came on my cock. I had seen that set of eyes before. They were familiar. I knew who it was. I then fucked Sharanya with more force to give a good show. Till I came in her pussy. After I came, Sharanya lay on me as I lay on the bed.

I then cuddled with her and she made me promise this shouldn’t happen again. I had nothing to do but agree.

Stay tuned for more. My name is John. I am from Bangalore. Mail me your feedback on [email protected]. I welcome all beautiful women out there to ping me. I am strictly confidential about my chats. So you don’t have to worry.

The Neighbor’s Wife – Part 2 (The Peeping Eyes)