The Neighbor’s Wife

The Neighbor’s Wife

Hi guys. My name is James. How are you guys. I loved all feedback for my last story. Thank you so much.

This story takes place in my last semester holidays. I had gone home to my native. It is here in Mysore. The construction of a new house near the mind had just got over. The tenants had moved in by the time I had reached home for the holidays. But the day I came back, a beautiful woman had come to my home.

I came down for dinner and my mom introduced me to the beauty as our neighbor Sharanya. My mom and Sharanya got along do well. Sharanya was a fair woman with a wheatish color skin tone and good-looking woman in her early 30s.

She had a cute little daughter who would greet me in the morning after I come back from the jogging, as she waited for the school bus. My room was on the first floor that was the only room on that floor. The rest was just a barren terrace. One day I was strolling through the net on my phone.

I looked around and saw Sharanya hanging clothes for drying on their terrace. The sweat on her beauty and beautiful skin shining under the sun attracted me to her. I ran to the window, gazing at her beauty. She was wearing a black nighty, that was raised at her right leg to join at hips.

Sweat flowed from head to neck then to her cleavage. I gulped and was mesmerized at the sight. As I saw her in a sexy way. As she bent each time, she showed her cleavage, which I gazed upon like a mad man. Her breasts looked fine and nice.

When turned around her swaying ass, seen as a perfect fit to her beauty. I remembered last night. She walked and talked around the dining room. Naughty thoughts started to fill my head soon. I was down for jacking off in her name. That day I decided to get closer to her.

I used to go there myself during the evening, even talk to her daughter and get acquainted more. I got close to her daughter. Soon, I used to take her to the bus after my jogging. I used to see her smile at me every day during my jogging, as days went by, we started chatting.

One of those days, she invited me in for a coffee after I dropped off her child. As I had coffee, she chatted with me. I asked about her husband. She told me that he was in the merchant navy. Then the coffee in the morning became a daily routine for us, where we used to talk.

In the evening before we picked up her daughter from school bus we used to go for walk around complexes. She told me she used to feel lonely or left during some days. But my mom was a great help. So was I during these couple of days. Whenever I talk to her, my body was in heat.

I could have sworn that she felt the same heat as me. Or I developed that heat in her. I thought of proceeding more and give it more. As my mom used to lend me the car. I used to help ladies go around shopping for some weekends and some evenings.

As our relationship grew, I asked for her number, threw in my chat list. I got her much closer to me. After two weeks, we had a residential get together. I was told to sell coupons to raise funds by my mom as she was the president. I went around the complexes selling coupons and saved my sweetheart for the last.

That day passed, next day by around 11, I went and rang the bell. Sharanya came and opened the door in kurti and pants. The kurti was black in color was too loose, yet made her breasts stand out. She smiled at me as she saw the coupons and invited me in.

She greeted me well and gave me a cup of coffee. She invited me to see around the flat, as she gets the purse. I looked around and there was a lot of good designing put into it. I asked her about the interior design. She told me, she did it herself as a hobby.

I appreciated her and told it was marvellous. It was truly mind-blowing people. After we sat on the sofa, we started to chat. She asked me about how many coupons have I sold, what it was for. She smiled and giggled as I explained it. Later on, she told me she will take them.

I handed her over the coupons to fill out the details. As I passed the pen, it dropped and as she bent to the floor to take it. I got to see her breasts, those fine soft round big breasts hanging in front me. They were lighter than her skin tone. I thought I got high, as a jolt of lighting went to my crotch woke up my dick.

My body started to heat up and so my dick rose to high length. She later filled the form and took out the coupon and gave me back it. I asked her for a glass of water in a low voice. She walked to the kitchen her ass swayed. I couldn’t stop and look at it.

As she came back with water, I tried to hide my hard-on. But it stayed as she sat near me and started talking. I inquired about her daughter. She told her she was in school and so the chat continued. To divert my mind, during the chat, I started to crack jokes.

She started to laugh and tapped my thigh saying, I have a great humor sense. As we were talking, my hardness became more evident. My dick started to throb, as she noticed it. I was wearing trousers. So, my dick full size was visible. She looked at me and then gazed at it.

She was awestruck and her voice stuttered as we continued the conversation. Then she got up and reached for the glass on my side as her left hand touched my cock. She suddenly pulled the hand away. She felt surprised. Later she kept the glass in the kitchen. I then had to go to the kitchen to apologize.

I went there, she was just standing there facing the sink. I told her sorry, she turned our faces were so close. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I initiated a kiss, as she reciprocated for a moment. Then pushed me away and told me to stop. It was now or never.

I placed my hand on her shoulders and started to kiss her after leaning on her. She then again broke the kiss, as her hands were on my chest with little resistance. She told me it enough and asked me to leave. I then started kissing her neck from a side just under face on the side.

She told me in a low voice, it wasn’t right, she was married. I felt her gasping in air, as she loved my touch and my kisses. I then continued to kiss her neck on both sides under the face. Then moved on her kiss on her face, while hands felt over her body from her thighs to her navel.

Her hands were on my chest moved to my hips, slowly tightening the hold on it. I then took my hand put it over neck hips pulled her close. I licked her earlobes and dropped down again to her neck. She gasped even more and more with light moans. Then I kissed her passionately, lip to lips, this time.

She kissed me back, as my hand around hips, rubbed over back. We both moved from the sink to the side of the kitchen. I then kissed her neck again and licked it down to her cleavage. I put my hands slowly into her trousers, rubbing over near her pussy.

I felt her shiver. She was slowly circumventing the pleasures of lust. I then slowly started to rub over pussy, with a small force. I then removed her trousers completely and threw it in the kitchen sink. I raised her legs one by one and kissed. I licked her from toes to the thigh.

Then I kissed deeply on her inner thighs. She was gasping and rubbing her hands over my hair. Her resistance died and she wanted me to pleasure her. Bite her thigh as it got my love bites, she moaned. Then I slowly went to her licking my tongue to the navel.

I removed her kurta. Her breasts were caged in the bra. I unhooked the bra with my teeth. The hooks were on the front. Her large 36d boobs fell out. I loved it. How they hanged. How they were round and their crown jewel, their pink nipples. I took both her boobs in my hand.

I fondled them together then took booth nipples in my hand. I rubbed them with my tongue, so much time. My hands lowered to her wet panties. I rubbed over the panties, then lowered them. I slowly inserted in my fingers into her tight pussy. I pinched in her clitoris as I rubbed on g-spot.

I took both nipples in my mouth one by one. I started to suck on them like it was for milk for just born child. She moaned as my fingers did their magic on her g-spot. I made her cum in her kitchen with hot foreplay. I then carried her to her dining table and I sat on the chair.

She then kissed over my chest then over the body as she made me naked. She then took out my cock from the Jockey. She saw the thickness as she told me you are so hard and big. She then slowly sat on my dick. She moaned as it went into her tight pussy.

She moaned more and more. Even I was in cloud nine, way her pussy crushed my cock. I slowly grabbed her tits and started fucking her. She rode me so well and her tits kept bouncing. She got off and turned around and she slipped my cock inside her slowly.

As she rode me I could feel her ass hitting my legs. My cock was deep inside her tight wet pussy. I slowly grabbed her tits and told her rest back on me. I used my left hand on her tits and right to rub her pussy as I fucked her. Then she started to ride me.

At first, the pumps were slow. I played with her tits, as fondled them, sucking them. In between, I would kiss her and lick her. I then put my hips into it as I fucked her hard and fast. She moaned and moaned for more. She was almost out of breath. I then carried her and placed her on the dining table.

She lay on the table as I pumped in my dick with all my thrust into her tight pussy. She gasped for more air and moaned as her tight pussy stretched. Her boobs bounced on her chest. In between, I took hold of them. I played with them. I then fondled and bit her nipples.

She squirted on her floor and had an orgasm. We fucked like that till I came in her pussy. After we climaxed, we sat on the chair. She got up and dressed. She didn’t even look at me and told me it was an accident. She made me promise it would never happen again. But it did.

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The Neighbor’s Wife