The story is about the circle of love/lust a man goes through in his life

The story is about the circle of love/lust a man goes through in his life

I’m a guy aged 23 years living in Chennai. To break the ice in this Quarantine, I have decided to make a story of real-life events that happened in my life about the circle of love/lust. It all happened during my college days. It is my first time in writing stories, So make sure you keep up the pace and read all my upcoming parts.

(The first few paragraphs and conversations would be about her introduction. So, make sure you read/skip based on your mood).

To begin with, it was my second year in college. I made a lot of friends. Most of the girls in my class were already in a relationship. It was in the evening when classes are finished. I had no interest in love until a day when I first saw her. She was dusky but with quite a lot appealing look. ‘Damn! who is she?’ I whispered.

‘Hey! Smriti’ someone yelled at her. It was at this moment I recalled myself, like in the movies when the Hero feels delighted to know the name of the Heroine. I was surprised to see that the one who called her was my friend from the other section. She didn’t even care to introduce her to me until then.

I looked surprised and broke free saying.
Me: Hey Divya, how are your classes going?.

The story is about the circle of love/lust a man goes through in his life

Divya: Everything is pretty good other than the boring Math class. How about you?

(In the meantime, Smirti seems to be going along after saying goodbye to Divya).

Me: Well, it’s kind of boring. So, are we not gonna talk about your friend? (I looked at her friend passing by)

Divya: I know you will ask about her. Her name is Smirti she’s my classmate.

Me: Really? You never told me you had a friend like that.

Divya: You never asked me. ( She said smilingly)

Me: Is there an Insta ID or Snapchat of her that I can request? ( I asked her like a mad man)

Divya: Dude Calm down. She will be in my follower’s list, find yourself. (She laughed)

(I searched indefinitely for her id.)

Me: Got ya. And I showed her the follow request.

Divya: Would be great if you have shown this interest in studies.

Me: As if there is fun in that. Alright, See you later. ( I smiled and went to my bus)

It used to be a 1-hour journey from my college to home. I used the college bus to travel to and from. While on the bus, I kept swiping down on her page to see if the request was accepted. I fell asleep while travelling and finally reached my destination.

After I reached my home, I refreshed quickly and sat up on the couch and started stalking her profile. As her profile was in private, I opened her profile in chrome, opened her profile picture in a new tab just to see her beauty. (It’s a life hack guys) ‘God, make her accept my request already’ I mumbled. After like 9 PM, when I was eating, I got a notification. I knew it, as I scroll through the notification.

She just accepted my follow request and requested a follow back. I immediately accepted it while eating, and my mom kept shouting at me, not to use the phone while eating. I ate the food vigorously, sat my ass on the couch, and texted her ‘Hey, I think we have met today.’ She acted like she doesn’t know and replied ‘I don’t remember. Who is this?’. I was like ‘Seriously? Is she kidding me ?’.

Then I said ‘Don’t you even remember your friend Divya either?’ She replied ‘ Yes, I know her. She is my best friend’. I thought to myself like how cruel, these girls never introduce her cute friends to the boys. I didn’t reply to that and stayed in chat. ‘I was just kidding. Of course, I know you’ She broke the silence.

That brought back the happiness to me. I then texted her daily( Don’t wanna bore you guys with usual flirts/chats). We became close, and we even used to sit along with friends, while eating in the lunch break. I used to give her some chocolates, to make her feel special. I already made some progress, spending quality time talking on the phone, making her laugh a lot, and it earned her trust.

A few months later, the chat and calls continued as usual with a general discussion like friends and family. One day, when I asked her about her ‘what’s her opinion about love’. She replied ‘When you trust a person blindly, It is called Love’. I said ‘ That’s called love at first sight’. To which she messaged ‘So was mine with you’. I got super excited to hear that, and asked her if it was at the day when I saw her?. She replied ‘Long before that, when I first saw you in the cafeteria remember? Oh, you have not even seen me’. ‘How did I even missed a girl watching at me ?’ I murmured inside me.

All of a sudden, I called her in no time and told her what it was like after watching her from Day 1 till that Day. I even told her how I used to stalk her profile and everything that I kept as secret. She laughed so hard to my words, and I can feel her blushing. I told her that, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose her since then. ‘What are you waiting for Sir?’ She insisted. I told her that, I love her with all my emotions mixed, and can’t believe it is true.

She said ‘It’s already 6 months since, we have made good friends, and I don’t wanna wait anymore to make you propose to me. So I took the chance’. I can feel her unconditional love. We talked happily for some time and bid a good night for the rest.

The next day when I met her, she used to blush whenever I cross her class. We sat on the cafeteria and started eating as couples without the other friends. She felt comfortable sitting close to me than before and whenever her hand rubs along my hand, I can feel a shock inside tempting my boner.

After a few days of love, we finally decided to go to a movie. Initially, we can’t able to fix a plan as her parents won’t allow her to go outside during weekends. But we somehow managed to fix a plan saying extra classes and went on like my first date with her. We used to travel via bus since it was comfortable during the summer and we can spend quality time chatting while on the go.

It was 10 AM, we used to hear songs with one earpiece on her ear and one on mine. Trust me guys, this generation True Wireless Earphone (Airpods) can’t give you the feel of wired earphones shared between two people. Since it was 2 seat on the left, we sat close and had a convenient way to listen to songs without any distortion of the headphones.

The story is about the circle of love/lust a man goes through in his life

I accidentally brushed against her right boob with my left elbow while trying to change the song. It was the first time I ever brushed a girl’s boob. She smiled and doesn’t even pay much attention. It felt like touching a sponge. To my surprise, she held my hand and folded around her right hand. It was like two couples holding elbows crossed. Now my elbow was bestowed to take the honour of being in contact with her boobs.

She blushed and asked what was that? I said ‘What?’ She looked down on my pants. I was like ‘Oh God’. My boner is easily visible in my pants. I quickly tried to hide it while adjusting my pants. She was laughing all then. We then reached the destination after some time and went inside the theatre.

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The story is about the circle of love/lust a man goes through in his life