Those moments with cousin – Sex Stories

Those moments with cousin – Sex Stories

This story is about my cousin Nega. Cousin Neha 24 was and is a very timid woman by nature, she was married to Donald a brute of a man. I don’t know why she married him, but she did 4 years ago. I Ajay 26 mechanic and last April I went on holiday and as I was going to be in Neha’s home town. I dropped by see them, I arrived as Donald was shouting at Neha in there front and then he hit her.

Knocking her to the ground, he was about to kick when I stopped him and went away. I help Neha up and then a neighbor shouted look and turned to see Donald with a lump of timber. Just as he swung at I got out of the way and knock him down. He tried to hit with the wood, but police had arrived and told to drop it. They took him away, while was at the police station he hit a woman visitor and was tackled to the floor.

It was then that he was charged and the woman was a judge and Donald had to face the senior judge the next week and got 5 years minimum 2 years. I took Neha to a doctor and she was covered in bruises. I decided that she couldn’t stay there and after talking to other family members. I would take back with me, as they rented their house it a week to settle everything and I returned home with Neha and her mother Seema and her sister Shipra my mother were waiting.

Neha is the youngest of 5, her father had passed away last year and Seema was in a retirement home living next to my parents. There was no room for Neha at the home and as I had a 4 bedroom 2 bath house, I had bought off my parents. It was decided that Neha live with me. Also cousin Albert on my father’s side started the divorce proceedings. Neha was upset and blamed herself, her sister Priya told her it wasn’t her fault.

Priya stayed a week with us before returning to her family. Leaving me and Neha alone together, hoping to cheer her up a bit I started taking her out to dinners and movies. She was quiet and rarely spoke and I would tell her we were going out she would get dressed to go. She didn’t have much in the way of clothes and everyone got her more clothes. Neha started to come out of her shell, Seema was happy to see her enjoying herself more.

We would visit them at the home and one the other residents mentioned that we were a nice couple to Seema. Seema said Yes they are, not saying we were cousins. Then near the end of May I was going fishing and Neha was to stay behind as I didn’t think she would like it. She hadn’t said Anything to me. But had mentioned to Seema that she didn’t want to alone, Seema asked me If it was possible for Neha to join me on my trip.

I said She is welcome to come along, I hadn’t asked her as she wasn’t the outdoors type. So I asked Neha if she would like to go with me fishing and before I could tell her we would roughing it she answered YES. So we headed off together and at our camp site she stuck to me like glue. Even when I fishing she was never more than 2 feet away.

I had a tarp up around the camp toilet for her. But she wanted me standing outside while went, the second of five night was colder than usual and we sat around our campfire and I could see she was cold, so I put my arm around her and pulled her close. When we went into the tent she wanted to join me my sleeping bag to keep warm. So I unzipped the sleeping bags and joined them together and both got into the it.

She cuddled up to me and I got a hard on and I turned back towards her and cuddled up to it. I still had the hard on and her right hand found it, she felt along it and then said Are you wanting to fuck me. I answered Don’t be alarmed it has a mind of its own and with you cuddling me it got hard. She replied You can if you want, I won’t mind, this was a bit of shock for me. But as I laid there I thought she was willing and I was horny. So I said You don’t have to have sex with it your choice.

I want you to fuck me she replied and so we had sex a nd she has been sleeping with ever since. Shipra and Seema both noticed a change in Neha on our return and it take them long to get Neha to tell them. They both said It wasn’t right that I was sleeping with Neha, but they also thought that it was better for Neha to have someone like instead of the arsehole Donald. So for now only they know about me and Neha and they are hoping for a another grandchild from Neha and me.

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Those moments with cousin – Sex Stories