Tisha eager for sex – Sex Stories

Tisha eager for sex – Sex Stories

I Aisha and my friend Tisha were together in the class and exchanged several small books of sex. These small books were carrying great information about sex of great inttest to girls of our age. There were stories of incest, calculation of safe period, and every so many information about sex.

Since the book is to be returned, we both took copies painstakingly and kept it in a secret place. When we go to teh school bathroom, we made it a practice to squeeze our boobs mutually. Tisha wanted me to insert my hand in her cunt, which I refused. I asked her to come to my house on a sunday so that we may talk and do such things without fear.

Tisha promised to come in the morning. I told my mummy that my friend Tisha is coming and make some special dishes for lunch. We went upstairs to my room and settled there with our books and all so that we may start when suddenly my brother, Ali, 19 who is in the college came home and hearing that I am here, he came to my room, hugged and kissed me on my cheeks.

He asked me who this is. I said this is Tisha, my best friend. Suddenly he went to her quite unexpectedly lifted her and hugged her andkissed her on her cheeks and on her lips. Whatever I give to Aisha, I have to give her friend Tisha, I cannot be partial, he said Tisha took it in right spirit and laughed for a long time.

We closed the door and were discussing the contents of the “small book”. Ali was a jolly guy and sometime his sexual overtures towards me used to surprise me. Aye, can it be between you and me, it is not permitted. He said many of his friends do it because it is safe and both enjoy very much. otherwise somebody else will enter the relationship and will start blackmailing.

It is always better to have it with one’s sister, he said. Not today, Tisha is there. She will go away within two hours afterwards we can have. He thought for a while and asked why not bring also in, if she is willing. I told him, I will ask her. But how to tell Tisha. Because of reading the contents of the “Small book”, we both were aroused.

If just told her if only Ali is available to both of us, we can enjoy what we read now. Tisha looked into my eyes and said yes, yes. but will he. He is busy and would have gone out after lunch. Let us see, I said. We learnt about safe period and how to do it in unsafe period. We had an emergency stock of condoms and ipills.

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But just wanted a good cock, which will not blackmail us later and make our life miserable. The only choice would be to get fucked by own brother. Ali is the right candidate. I just went down to look around. Mother was busy in the kitchen, Ali was also there busy talking over phone. I just drank a glass of water and went up. Immediately I saw Ali rushing into my room.

Without our saying anything he just said both of you girls, just remove your clothes, just undress. Ok Ok, I will start with our guest, and he went near her and started to unbutton her t shirt and undo other clothes. Tisha was showing her nervousness by shivering in her limbs. Ali laughed and left her panty and came to me. After he removed my clothes, I went to remove his dress.

When I unzipped his jeans, his semi erect rod was there. Tisha was just staring at it. I just took it in my hands and squeezed it and invited Tisha to feel it. Tisha looked at me and at Ali and came and took it in her hands. By that time it was fully stiff and measured more than 7 inches.

By that time Ali had removed all his clothes and he took Tisha in one lump with his both hands and moved to my bed. He placed her gently and looked at her beautiful body. To uncover her body during day time and to be stared by a stranger so deeply was a strange experience. I too was standing there totaly nude. Ali asked me to go and lie near Tisha.

Two nude girls lying side by side was a great sight for Ali.He leaned on Tisha and licked and sucked her boobs. He told me that he is going to spend the whole day licking and sucking boobs. They are so huge and so beautiful and he may not get time for any other sex act. I told him just do it with Tisha and make her happy and we can do it in the night.

Ali said ok and went on his bout with her boobs. Those boobs were golden in colour and with pink nipples. Tisha was very much aroused and her whole body gave out a pink hue. Ali squatted on the bed and put both her legs across his lap and his cock was just lying on the pussy of Tisha. Her pussy looked like a piece of butter.

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The cock of Ali was over the pussy and was touching her clitoris to arouse her. But he was bent over her and licking and suck her boobs and nipples. I was watching lying near them. Tisha closed her eyes and was just waiting for things to happen. Ali was taking his own time, enjoying his each act. He just opened her cunt lips and placed the tip of his cock there and just pushed it.

It was not going in. He got up, took some cold cream in his finger, applied it lavishly on her fuck hole and on his rod. He inserted his finger in her cunt and circled it around the ridge to make it wide and bigger. Tisha showed displeasure in her face at his inserting his finger in her cunt hole.

Finally when he placed his cock at the entrance of the hole and pushed it, it went in by half of its length. Ali applied pressure and made a thrust. Tisha gave a cry of pain and his cock was completely inside. He leaned over and sucked her nipples and licked them to pacify her and to make her more wanting, when his cock was fully inside her fuckhole.

Tisha opened her eyes and looked at me and her tears were flowing down her cheeks. Ali slowly started his in out motion with his cock. Tisha did not show any signs of pain. But the whole act aroused me immensely. I put my finger in my hole and pressed my clit. Ali told Tishe many endearing words and was fucking her slowly.

She apparently did not have any pain but was enjoying the act. Ali did increase his speed and was fucking her briskly. Tisha with both of her hands pulled his body down on her and her legs were found to be wound around him. Apparently she was reaching her orgasm and Ali shouted and grunted and they both reached their orgasm together.

His fluids were completely pumped inside her. I asked Tisha how was it. She said it was good. Ali with his erection intact, got up and rushed to the bathroom and washed his tool of the fluids. He wiped it with a towel and came back and asked me to get ready. Tisha went to the bath room and took more time to come out.

She said there was blood stains in the fluids which flowed from her hole. In the meantime Ali as sucking my boobs and nipples. His cock was placed on my pussy. He kissed me on my cheeks and lips, sucked my lips and them came to his favourite nipples and boobs for licking and sucking them. Tish was lying by my side and watching what Ali was doing to me.

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She said getting fucked by own brother is the best thing than getting fucked by an outsider. You enjoy most. Ali gave me great pleasure. I never knew sex is so much pleasure. I would not have wasted so many years just dreaming about it. I could have come here get fucked. Ali laughed and I too laughed at her statement. Ali inserted his cock in my hole.

He had broken my seal and taken my virginity some time back and now it was not painful. But it was very tight and enjoyable. Ali was talking about some blue film where the girl and the boy do it many poses. He wanted to try one of the poses and asked me whether I am ready. I said yes. He made me to come on my four like a dog and he fucked me from my back.

His cock went deep into my hole and it was more enjoyable. I made a back ward movement and he also enjoyed it very much. Tisha looked at my cunt entry point and how the cock entered the hole. She was very much aroused and was touching the cock of Ali when he pulls out. Tisha assumed the doggy pose and was near me begging Ali to insert in her cunt just once.

Ali waited for me to reach my orgasm and He bent over and squeezed my boobs and then after I reached my orgasm, his erection was intact. He pulled out and inserted into the cunt of Tisha. This time he banged her hard and she was crying with joy.

They both reached orgasm very fast. We all the three went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Ali was very happy at his double luck that two girls could fucked in one day. Tisha said she will come again the next week and we will have a full day session. All laughed at her eagerness.

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Tisha eager for sex – Sex Stories

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