To New Domventures – Part 1

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To New Domventures – Part 1

So, after so many virtual sessions and a lot of time, which of course Covid was taking, we finally planned to meet. I was to go from Bangalore to Manali while she had been coming from Kolkata. The meeting was scheduled, and excitement was on its peak.

We were supposed to meet in Delhi and travel the rest together. We met at Anandvihar terminal. From there on, as we both were tired, we decided to book a cab for some comfort and a bit of closure since this was our first meeting.

Coming to the girl, let’s call her ‘Mini’. She was the real beauty I have ever seen. We knew our vibes match a lot and I had seen her number of times but those were in those images.

In real, she was different from all the girls I had met so far. Milky white skin, a height of 5’4. Stats measuring 34-30-32. She was a total package any man would ever need. Trust me, she could make people go on their knees with her beautiful and a rather so sexy body.

Back to the story we made ourselves comfortable in the back seat and was enjoying the ride and talking in between. Although I tried to control, I couldn’t control checking her out every now and then. The way her lips moved while she spoke and the cute face with a bomb figure really gave me a hard on which she would also have noticed, I guess.

The journey was long. It was about 14 hours to reach the place. We had started at 4 in the morning. We had a lot if conversations in the mid and while on the journey, she dozed off a while. A jerk in the way and she slipped from her seat to land in my lap! Well, guessing she was too tired to feel that.

I let her sleep on those laps while creasing her hair and at times her so soft cheeks. I don’t know when it happened, but even I fell asleep. I woke up after 3-4 hours and I was sleeping on her lap and she was enjoying some music gazing outside like a pure soul.

It felt hungry now. We hadn’t eaten anything for the past one day. Finally, it was around 6:30 when we reached the place. We checked into our room and she was flat on the bed after the long, really long journey. Even I kept the luggage in the cupboard and just laid beside her.

Then I asked her to freshen up so that we could have dinner. She took some clothes and rushed into the washroom. I was lying on the bed shirtless in the bed when after some time, the gate opened and the beauty walked in.

I was surprised to see her walking in the towel towards the bed and to the cupboard. All this time our eyes had a constant contAct. I was just trying to see more of her when suddenly, she reminded me that even I had to get fresh.

Regaining my senses, I got up from the bed, walked to her, and took my towel. While she was taking her clothes out, I just couldn’t control and spanked that lovely ass. She gazed at me while I smiled and moved to get fresh.

When I came back, she was almost ready in a blue one-piece dress that ended below her knees and an overcoat in white fur. She looked damn gorgeous.

We went for dinner and came back after having a good cuisine. We were drop dead tired after that long journey. We changed into our comforts and got into the comforter.

With a lot of courage, I was about to put my arms around her when I remembered I got dark chocolate for her. I got up the bed and brought that in. Although not a big fan of chocolate, she was happy for the dessert. She was just in her shorts and some regular tee.

Our legs were getting touchy in the comforter and I could feel her soft delicate legs, rather my dessert waiting for me.

While she offered me a bite, with some courage I took that bite from the piece she had been munching on. And this led to a deep long kiss. I’ve got compliments, I’m a good kisser but I never gave the same because I never felt someone could kiss as long as I want.

But Mini led me wrong. The kiss only lasted for about an hour. While my hands were trying to feel her all over, she was massaging me over my boxers while her other hand was creasing my hairs and sometimes back.

The hour-long kissing gave me a boner enough for her to feel all through. We paused for some air when our eyes met. All her lipstick was gone and the blush on her face made me go crazy again.

I pulled her by the leg, laid her on the bed and climbed on her to kiss those delicious lips again. While my tongue was wrestling with hers, my hands were trying to pull off her tees and feel her boobs. In the process, the tees were finally gone and because the fire was on both sides, I realised my tees were also off now.

I could see her gorgeous melons covered in those peach coloured bra, the perfect fitting made me drooling over those. I started licking her from the neck and spent a good amount of time there while my hands were busy with her boobs. The other was trying to explore her over those cute shorts.

The moans by just the neck-kisses was making me even more busy. Her one hand was still creasing my hair and the other was busy making an abstract art with her nails on my back.

Finally, I reached her cleavage, those deep and soft gap of hers was like the best things my lips ever touched on this planet. I really at this point wanted to take things slow. Kissing over the cleavage, and now finally holding her hands over her head.

I moved to her navel. The depth of those again made me crazy. The more I went into her, the more I started getting lost into her. Just while kissing, I left her hands to move over those leg piece I had been carving for.

Slowly, I removed her shorts and started kissing her from toe and moving higher. I loved kissing one and moving my hands gently over the others. While I reached her inner thighs, she was already wet. Trust me, when you get some wet, the view really satisfies you.

Just while I was kissing those inner regions of her thighs and playing with those beautiful melons, she pulled me up to smooch again. Shocked at her Action, I was enjoying the kiss when she rolled me over and got on top of me kissing me hard.

When over me, I again saw her. That milky white body in the peach coloured bra and panty, “Bhai, kya bolu, bas mann kar raha tha pakad ke kha jau.”

While she was over me, I took off her bra to reveal those good gorgeous melons. My God, those were something I could feast on for days.

I just caught hold of her big boobs and started pressing those. She started moaning and those moans started going speechless in my mouth.

It was time again for me to take charge. I rolled her over and just jumped on her boobs. One in my mouth, licking and biting all over while the other being pressed in one hand. Ek hath bacha hai yaar. And this hand made its way to the glory holes of her.

I started rubbing her by inserting my hand in her panties. The moaning slowly increased. And my hard on was now getting unbearable for me.

I took off my shorts and remained in my boxers to ease things a bit down on me. And uncontrollable. I just came down leaving one boob unattended and started licking her over her panties.

The fragrance again got me weak and I just removed her panty. Well, now it was time to give those glory holes some attention but then, teasing is always fun.

I moved close to her pussy, blew some air and continued back with the boobs. I could see the sexual tension growing more and her getting more restless. Again, I stared moving down on her all the way from the navel to her inner thigh, leaving her pussy unattended again. But the tigress didn’t wait more.

She just got held my head and pushed it on her pussy. Finally, I started licking her off. The taste made me lose control and I inserted my tongue in her pussy while my hands still serving her boobs.

I started licking her and moved my one hand to finger her. The moaning increased and her legs started shaking. After a good 25 minutes, I could feel her cumming. And this was natural, when a tongue goes in with 2-3 fingers switching, trust me, it’s normal. And since I love eating pussy, how could I waste it.

Drinking all, we again smooched for a while and in the meantime, it seemed she was trying to take charge. Because even I was happy for then, I decided to give.

I lay on my back and she started from the top. Kissing my chest, biting the nipples, going all through, she kissed my boner over my boxers and pulled it down in one go. There was my buddy standing still saluting my beauty. She took it in her hand, jerked it for a while and started licking the shaft.

After three to five minutes, she kissed the tip while her hands cupped my balls. I was enjoying it all when suddenly I felt my whole cock was in her mouth. Trust me, nothing is better than the warmth you get when it gets in the mouth.

She was all over and giving a really good blowjob. This was when I knew the girl got some skills. Just after 20-25 minutes, I felt the pressure building. I told her I was about to cum. Mostly girls take it out and start giving handjob but instead of taking out, she increased the speed. I finally came, all in her mouth.

She looked at me, our eyes met, and she just gulped all in. It was the sexiest thing I saw.

My dick was still erect, the beauty of hers never let it down. Maybe she was a bit tired, so she lay beside me.

I again got into action, started kissing her from her boobs, reaching the pussy again. I kissed her for a while, and then without any warning, just inserted my buddy in her pussy. She gasped for breath, while feeling the pain and moaning in pleasure.

I got hold of her hands, put it above her head and slowly started pumping in. I could see her getting comfortable and I gradually started increasing the speed.

After about 20 minutes, I laid on my back and she came in cowgirl position. While she was jumping on that dick, the way her boobs swayed made me go even harder.

I kept my one hand on those boobs, while the other on her waist and then I started pumping even more. This lasted for about another 15 minute and I told her I was cumming. She got off and knelt and I got a chance to fuck her boobs.

Seeing her holding her boobs with both her hands, I didn’t waste any minute in putting my dick between those beautiful melons. I stated fucking her boobs and after around 5 minutes, I was about to cum.

The cum spread all over her boobs and neck. She licked a bit with her fingers, and I gave her tissues to clean. Both were now really exhausted from the journey and the encounter we had just now.

We saw the time, it said 3:00 am. Finally, we got into the comforter, I was holding her tight and she resting in my arms.

We were talking for a while when I noticed she fell asleep. The innocence on her face again led me to fall for her. I kept gazing her, and don’t know when but even I feel asleep. Tiredness was taking over us now.

The second part where things took a turn is still to come. I will publish it for sure. Feedbacks and compliments are highly appreciable.

Feel free to contact me on: [email protected]

See ya.

To New Domventures – Part 1

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