Tricking My Hot Punjabi Wife To Fuck My Friend

Tricking My Hot Punjabi Wife To Fuck My Friend

Hi, I am Iqbal. This story is about my wife and how I trick her to fuck my friend!

Let me tell about my wife, she is Punjabi from Delhi and she is of average height but with DD massive boobs and huge sexy ass. She has long straight hair.

We were a happy satisfied couple until I got to know some secrets.

I always had a fantasy of someone fucking my wife hard. This story started when I was going through my wife’s Instagram casually and I tried to search for somebody. As soon as I clicked on the search option, the recent history popped up with the name “Sumit”.

A bit about Sumit, Sumit was the guy who approached my wife when she was single. My wife had told me about him after we got married.

Sumit was her friend’s brother and my wife went out on dinner with him once. She had said to me that she never liked him. But while I was on Instagram, I was shocked that why the fuck should my wife would search him? Or why was she curious? I was so angry and I asked her and she said that she was just curious and that was all.

But even after a few days, I couldn’t let it go off my mind.

Finally, I forgot about this incident. One day, I was reading an article about s husband wanting his wife to have sex with his friend and the same incident clicked in my mind. I was going wild in my thoughts imagining Sumit fucking Irene (my wife’s name) on my bed.

So I started working out a plan. As he was her friend’s brother, I did know him personally. But I knew he owned a restaurant.

So, one day I went to the restaurant and started making friends with him. We were talking late that night. Also, I knew the fact that he wanted to be my friend because he wanted to come to my place and this was the only option for him.

The next day, I mentioned to Irene that I met Sumit and we were hanging out late. She just ignored and continued with cooking as she never liked him and she didn’t want him to come between us.

Irene: Why did you go to his restaurant?
Me: Because the food there is nice. Do you not like me going to his restaurant?

Irene: No I didn’t mean that, I was just asking.

Me: He was asking about your well-being. He is practicing physiotherapy nowadays.
Irene: Ok. Well let’s eat, it’s too late.

That night I fucked my wife twice thinking about Sumit and her. Now I wanted this guy to fuck my wife as soon as he can because I was getting too itchy.

I worked out a plan as my wife was lately suffering from back pain and Sumit was a physio. So I wanted him to massage her.

I suggested that to my wife.

Irene: Are you out of your mind? I only go to female physios.
Me: Come on, Irene. He is a professional and I can sit beside if that makes you feel better.

After an hour of convincing, she agreed.

Next, I had to ask Sumit and I knew he will never say no.

I called him and told him about Irene’s back pain.

Sumit: I can come tomorrow evening.
Me: All good.

The next day morning, I took a day off. I cleaned the house and put a white bedsheet on the bed. I was so excited about what was going to happen.

My wife came from work at 4 and I made her tea. I told her Sumit will be arriving at 8 pm. She was angry again and asked me, “Is it necessary?”

Me: I can’t see you in pain every day and he said he got a very good oil and massaging technique.

It was 8 pm now and the doorbell rang. I went to open the door. To my surprise, Sumit had brought a foldable massage table with him.

Sumit said hi to me and my wife. She acknowledged his greeting.

I went to the kitchen telling my wife that she can tell her situation to Sumit while I can go and make tea for Sumit.

When I came back with the tea, Sumit was showing some exercises for her to do daily.

After 30 minutes when Sumit finished with the tea, he started setting up his massage table. He gave me the oil asking if I can warm up.

Me: Ok, Sumit.
Sumit: Irene, can you change to more comfortable clothes, please.

My wife was confused and didn’t understand what he was asking. So irene went to her room and then he told me what he was expecting. So I went into the room.

Me: Sumit wants you to change into a nighty with no undergarments.
Irene: No way!! I can’t do that!!!

Me: Irene, I am there with you, don’t worry baby.

After so much convincing, she wore a white nighty with no undergarments. My wife was looking so hot and I could make out her whole body through that nighty. Her thighs were inviting and boobs were trying to burst out.

Me: You are looking really hot!
Irene: I don’t have any other nighty so I can’t help. Let’s go outside, he is waiting.

When she went out, I could see Sumit was stunned and his dick immediately making a tent inside his pants.

He asked her to lie on her back.

Now, my wife was lying on her back and Sumit started massaging her foot. After five minutes, he started massaging just over her ankles. Irene’s heartbeat was rising and her face was turning red.

Sumit kept on massaging her body and every time he took his hand up, he moved the nighty and it ended up reaching to the knees.

Then Sumit asked my wife to turn and lie on her stomach. As soon as she turned, the nighty stuck into her ass crack and my wife’s big ass was visible in the white nighty.

At that time, Sumit got a phone call and he went out for attending the phone call.

Meanwhile, I started massaging her from the legs and going up to her thighs as Sumit said he will take 10 minutes to come back and he wanted me to carry on with the massage.

I lifted my wife’s nighty to her ass. She resisted and I said I will move it back when Sumit comes back.

I started massaging my wife’s thighs and her ass. Surprisingly, while I was massaging, I noticed some fluid coming out of her pussy. I whisper in her ear, “Somebody is getting wet”. My wife closed her eyes and didn’t say anything.

I started touching my wife’s pussy and she started moaning, “Baba, please can you send Sumit home and fuck me now?”

I whispered in her ear, “I want Sumit to fuck you.”

My horny wife was shocked and she just wanted to get up and leave. But, before she could do that, I quickly slid both my fingers into her wet pussy hole and started fingering her. Now, Irene could not move and she started moaning. “Baba, close the door and fuck me!”

I said to her again, “You are getting Sumit’s dick today, baby.”

While I kept fingering, Sumit came in. I signaled him not to speak and signaled him to take his dick out.

He took his dick out and started coming over Irene. My wife was busy enjoying the fingering. I asked her, “Do you want dick?”

Irene: Yes, please.

Next second, I removed my fingers and Sumit slid his dick in my wife’s pussy. Irene moaned in pain and realized it was Sumit’s dick inside her pussy! But at that time, she was too horny to care!

Sumit started fucking my wife hard. He fucked her for a good 5-8 minutes and then unloaded his cum inside my wife’s pussy. Irene kept moaning all the while.

So, guys, this is how my hot Indian wife got fucked by another guy and now we always fuck together.

Tricking My Hot Punjabi Wife To Fuck My Friend