True story of how I became a cuck after 9 years of marriage

This Iis a very true story that is still evolving. I have been married to my beautiful wife V for 9 years. She is a petite brunette with a killer ass. She is 33 and I am 40. It always been a fantasy of mine to have her sleep with another man and for all these years she would never take that step. Things changed when she went out on a girls night and ended up cheating on me. She told me right away and thought I would leave her. She was pleasantly surprised that I was not mad but aroused and wanting to eat her used pussy and have sex while she is telling me about her trust. After that she started to warm to the idea of taking a new stud. Finally a friend of a friend introduced us to Aaron. A younger good looking well hung 9 inches stud that she was instantly attrActed to and I got along great with.

So our pool party with friends ends. Aaron is the only one left he goes to give V a hug but she starts kissing him. We end up partying and I went to get a drink and came back to my lovely wife with his cock in her mouth. I sat down and she just kept going. Things progressed and she wasn’t comfortable having him in front of me so I handed him my phone camera and this is what I happened. He started going down on her. Then put his huge dick in my wife missionary before she started begging him to fuck her from behind. She was telling I’m to pull her hAir and slap her ass. Before he flipped her back over and started pounding her. Then I hear him say Can I cum in you and she seems yes it feels so good do it cum in me I love it. She proceeds to cum twice on his large cock before he gives four deep thusts emptying his balls in my lovely wifes pussy. She then gets up and says she needs a smoke. She steps out on the patio and tells me he filled her pussy so I make her lean back and I put my mouth on her fresh creampie and I feel it erupt in my mouth. I gulped up as much as I could then took her in the bedroom to put my 6 inch cock in my wife’s used hole. It was so wet and stretched open. She started begging me to let her go back to his room to be filled again. Which she did and was begging for her stud to cum in her for the second time of the night. Which he did creaming in her from behind this time.
He ended up staying 3 days and filling my wife with 4 loads of cum.
Then we went on a family vacation for 7 days. And upon arriving home yesterday he came by again. Again kid asleep us outside all naked and partying when my wife says I have to pee she squats down and he rushes to lay under her saying pee in my mouth. Surprised the shit out of both of us but after a little coaxing she did it, never thought I would say this but it got me hard. He jumped in pool after to clean off. He then took my wife to bed once again pounding her and filling her pussy up. She proceeded to come let me eat and fuck her cumfilled hole till I came giving her a double creampie.
PS he is still at my house while I’m at work and we’re going for round 2 tonight. Also we have been trying to have a second child for 5 years and he has agreed to helping me breed her and be a sperm donor which we all would love. We have agreed for him to come use my wife as his personal cum dumpster 2 days a week! I love this and so does my wife!

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True story of how I became a cuck after 9 years of marriage

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