Truth Or Dare Turns Into Steamy Sex With Best Friend

Truth Or Dare Turns Into Steamy Sex With Best Friend

Hi there, this is RK with my first story. The heroine of this story is Shreya (name changed). She is 21 years old and her stats are 34-30-34. She is around 5″6 long with straight hairs running down till her waist. Anybody would fall for her figure.

Speaking about me, I am 21 years old, about 5″5 in height and have an average dick of about 6-7 inches. Enough of introduction, now let’s jump straight to the story.

This happened when I was 20 years old when I was in Chennai for taking coaching classes. There I saw this beautiful girl and I just fell for her beauty. My dick was totally hard and I was trying to adjust the same somehow. I think she noticed it too. At first, we became friends. It was obvious because we were in the same coaching center.

We used to discuss many things other than studies like, about celebrities, etc. I was in total lust with her. But the problem was that I didn’t know her feelings for me! So I decided to somehow find out about her feelings for me. I decided to play truth and dare game with her. At first, she refused but later, she was ready.

We used a coin to select who was going to ask the question or do a dare.

First, she won.

Shreya – Truth or dare?
RK – Truth.

Shreya – What impressed you when you saw me the first time?
RK – Your smile and face.

Shreya – Really?
RK – Yeah.

The coin was tossed again and this time, I won.

RK – Truth or dare?
Shreya – Truth.

RK – What do you think I want from you?
Shreya – I think you want me to talk to you continuously so that you don’t get bored.

The game went on for a while but I couldn’t get what I wanted.

After some days, I had to leave my hostel because it was getting closed as there were certain legal issues with the owner. So I was in total confusion as to where do I go. Moreover, I was completely alone as I had lost my parents many years ago in an accident.

My mother’s brother would look after me (I call him “mama”). So I asked him about the hostel and he told me to find a house for rent as that will give me more privacy.

Then came the real issue. I told him that rent will be too high and I personally cannot afford the same. He told me to share the house with some of my friends so that the rent can be divided.

After 2 to 3 days, I found a good house and I took it for rent but I could not find any other person with whom I can share the house so that the rent can be divided. That day, I invited my friend Shreya to my house.

She came at around 6 in the evening. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I gave her water and then we discussed and cleared our doubts regarding studies. Then I asked her about the game.

She asked which game was I talking about?

I told her I was talking about truth or dare. We decided to play.

But she had a condition. Guess what? She said no truths this time and only dares. I was happy and accepted.

She flipped the coin and I won.

RK – Give me a lap dance.
Shreya – What?! Wait, are you serious?

RK – Yes, I am.
Shreya- Then even I can give you dirty dares.
RK – Yes, of course, you can.

She gave me a teasing lap dance which made my dick strong rock hard. Then I flipped the coin and she won this time.

Shreya – I dare you to remove your t-shirt and reduce the AC from 26 degrees to 16 degrees.

RK – That’s simple. What’s dirty in that?
Shreya – This is just the beginning. Wait and watch.
RK – Okk.

I removed my t-shirt and kept the AC at 16 degrees.

She flipped the coin and she won again.

Shreya – Tickle me without touching.
RK – Are you sure?
Shreya – Yes, I am.

I kept trying near her stomach but could not. Then I went near her boobs and finally, she laughed which meant I completed the dare.

Shreya – Unbelievable. I thought you won’t succeed.
RK – Haha, I tried my best.

She flipped the coin and this time, I won.

RK – Tell me your body measurements.
Shreya – Which?
RK – Everything

Shreya- 34-30-34. I think my waist is slightly becoming a little bit wide since I am not doing any exercise for a long time.
RK – I don’t think it’s too wide. It’s in the right proportion.

I flipped the coin. I won again.

RK – Remove your t-shirt and jeans.
Shreya- That’s easy.

She removed her t-shirt and jeans. Wow, what a beauty she is. Her boobs were dying to pop out of her bra.

I flipped the coin and she won this time.

Shreya – Get naked!!

I was shocked by that. But still, I got naked as I knew that she was getting aroused.

She was shocked to see my erect dick.

Shreya – You have a huge dick!!!!!!!!

She flipped the coin and I won.

RK – Now, you get naked!!

She got naked immediately.

Now she said that as both of us are turned on, we will just ask and leave out the flipping coin part.

I was ready for it.

I asked, “Will you kiss me?”

To that, she came and started to kiss my lips. I responded well and it went on for a few minutes. By the end of it, our lips were completely red.

Then I started to smooch my beautiful friend. I went on and started sucking her boobs to which she was moaning. My dick got even bigger hearing Shreya’s moans.

I came down and started to lick my cute friend’s pussy. It as already wet over there. Although it wasn’t shaved, it felt good. She was like, “don’t stop, just continue”.

Then I asked to return the favor. She quickly started sucking my cock and she was good at it. I couldn’t back and soon, I released inside her mouth.

Then I told her about the house and the rent and she was ready to stay with me! It was like a dream come true!

I asked her for the final action. She told me she was ready for it but I will have to do it slowly as both of us were virgins. I agreed to that and we went to the bedroom.

I made my hot friend lie on the bed and slowly inserted my dick into her virgin pussy. She screamed in pain. I pulled out and inserted my cock again after 3 minutes. Shreya moaned this time. Then I slowly started fucking my friend’s pussy and increased the speed after a while.

When I felt I was about to cum, I stopped and we changed our position to 69 and enjoyed in that position for another 10 minutes. Shreya then came over me and started to insert my dick into her pussy. I guess she was enjoying that pleasure a lot.

After some time, I told her that I was going to cum. She asked me to cum inside her pussy itself.

I came inside her pussy and both of us were totally tired by then.

After having a good session, we slept naked and on the next day, she asked me something which I did not expect. She asked me to fuck her ass. She wanted to have anal sex. I asked from where did she get this idea?

She told me everyone in her group had done anal sex and she wanted to try too.

The story of anal sex is going to come in the next part.

Apart from anal sex, we had many more like threesome which is also going to come in the coming parts. I hope you liked this part.

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Truth Or Dare Turns Into Steamy Sex With Best Friend