Vipin Uncle and Mom – Sex Stories

Vipin Uncle and Mom – Sex Stories

My dad had divorced mom seven years ago. The alimony had been Sepent, not too big, just sufficient. Mom got the flat where we lived in, as part of her alimony, apart from some money which she had invested in a fixed deposit in a bank. The bank paid her a monthly interest on her deposit, which was her only steady income. She supplemented her somewhat meagre means by doing odd jobs here and there. The jobs were temporary. So when she was out of one, our situation used to be pretty tight.

Divorce had made her irritable. When she was married, she had a cushioned life. Dad was a senior executive in a reputed company and earned a handsome salary plus a lot of perks. Mom had nothing to care for. But after her divorce, she had to bear the burden of the family of two on her own. It was difficult indeed, in times of rising prices. She had the self esteem not to beg for help from anyone or accept any unsolicited assistance.

Both my parents had a healthy sex appetite. Dad fucked mom regularly when they were married. After divorce, he married his secretary Trisha, a young nymphet, who had a reputation for giving the most heavenly blow jobs.

Mom had gone without sex for seven years since her divorce. Not only had she not remarried, there had been no boy friends or one night stands in her life since divorce. Running the family had kept her occupied fully. She just could not find enough time for romantic escapades or sexual diversions. Forced sexual abstinence for a middle aged healthy woman with a healthy sex appetite, can induce an irritating trait in her behaviour. Mom rarely smiled and was prone to yelling at me at the slightest pretext. No wonder, I was pretty tired of her irritation and unreasonable fits of rage.

Moreover, deep in her mind there was a tinge of jealousy for Trisha, dad’s second wife, who has a body to die for and an abundance of sexual charms. Mom did not show any apparent envy towards Trisha or any regret that dad had left her for a younger and sexier chick. In fact, she avoided any discussion regarding dad or Trisha, but I was sure that envy existed in her mind, which manifested in her fits of rage.

Although I was grateful to mom for having supported our family and my education with her meagre means by toiling day and night and denying herself a lot of worldly pleasures, I avoided her as much as possible. Spending the better part of the day outside, I usually returned for lunch in the afternoon and again late in the evenings. Her irritable nature annoyed me. I found more comfort outside, especially in the company of my girl friend Swapna, than I found at home. Swapna was my true love and gave me solace in my troubled times.

Things started to look up after I successfully passed out from university and got a well paid job almost immediately. Considering that I was just twenty-one years old and that was my first job, a five figure salary from the start could only be a dream come true. But the job was in a far off city. There was no way I could stay at home and work. I asked mom to move out with me, but she Seplined. She preferred to stay there, simply because she had been living in that quite, small town for a considerable period of time and liked the place immensely.

So I Sepided to move out to my place of posting and leave mom on her own, there. I would send her some money every month and also visit her as and when possible. With just herself to look after, she could also live comfortably with whatever income she had. My remittances would be an additional help.

We lived on the third floor of a five storey building. There were two flats in each floor of the building. The other flat on our floor belonged to Vipin Bhatia, who had purchased it from its earlier owner a year ago. He owned a small business dealing in chemicals and has an office in the main commercial area of the city. Vipin uncle was nearly the same age as mom, possibly older by a couple of years. He had a huge, hairy body.

Although much younger than him, Vipin uncle and I were quite friendly. The reason was that he invited me occasionally for drinks in his flat. Apart from food and drinks, there was another attraction in such get togethers. We viewed porn DVDs together, in his house. Of course, mom did not know about this. Any knowledge of such activities would have let loose a torrent of verbal abuses from her. Vipin uncle was a widower. His wife had died in a road accident four months after their marriage. He had not married since. But, he had an exceptionally voracious sex appetite and had sex frequently, with expensive call girls. But by his own confession, he was pretty tired of his peccadilloes and wanted a mature, homely woman to start a relationship of a permanent nature.

During our many meetings, Vipin uncle invariably inquired about mom. And every time he used to compliment mom, praising her looks. “Hey Sandip, how is Shobhaji? Say namaste (a respectful Indian salutation) to her on my behalf. Saw her going to the market without an umbrella the other day. It is too hot these days. She is such a nice looking lady. Without any protection from the sun’s harsh rays, she would only spoil her looks.” I had a strong suspicion that he had a crush for mom, which he tried to keep a secret.

My mom Shobha Banerjee, forty-five years old at that time was nowhere near to any of those pin up models as Vipin uncle made her out to be. She was somewhat on the heavier side with big 28 DD breasts, wide hips and a big broad ass. Her voluptuous breasts sagged just a little under their weight. But they are not drooping. She was pleasantly plump, the type men love to squeeze and cuddle. Mom was short and stood at five feet and three inches. Her complexion was milk white. She had a pretty face with thin arched eyebrows, large eyes with a look of innocence in them and thick, luscious, pouting lips. Her hair was trimmed to shoulder level and dyed in a burgundy shade. She had pearl white teeth and a very sweet smile, though she smiled little and smirked more those days.

Inspite of her preoccupation about managing the just about adequate finances to run the family, she did care for her looks. Whenever she went out, there was never a hair out of place. In fact from the way she Sepked herself up, like carefully applying nail polish on the nails of her hands and feet or applying lipstick on her lips or sporting her hair in different styles, it was clear that she was extremely conscious of her looks. She was fashionable in her own way, but her fashion was not expensive. She picked up her cosmetics, clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories at bargain stores and thus did not have to spend a fortune for her looks.

Mom usually dressed in sarees (Indian dress for women comprising of nine yards of cloth to cover the lower part of the body from the waist to the feet, while also covering the breasts and going over the left shoulder) and occasionally in salwars (Indian pants, usually loose fitted and tied at the waist with a cord, usually worn by women). She preferred dresses that highlighted her abundant curves. Semi transparent chiffon sarees, either plain or sequined at the borders were her favourites. She tucked her saree an inch below the navel. It gave a great view of her plump, fleshy, milk white belly. On account of some fat having collected around her middle, there were two distinct folds on either side of her midriff. Her salwars were very tight around her legs and fat thighs. The contours of her hefty thighs and legs became very clear when she wore those tight salwars.

She mostly wore sleeveless blouses and kameezes (Indian loose shirts, also known as kurtas, full or half sleeved or sleeveless, usually ending above the knee) or kurtis (short kameezes) of matching colours to go with her sarees and salwars. Her sleeveless blouses were very short, tight and skimpy. The straps of the blouses that went around the shoulders were very thin. The fronts of her blouses and kameezes had a deep, plunging neckline. That gave an abundant view of her two white, fleshy milk pots and the deep cleavage. When she moved around, her breasts jumped like a pair of puppies trying to break free from their tight confines. The blouses had very thin strips on her back, just wide enough to conceal the straps of her bra. So, the whole of her back right down to her waist, from where her saree started was practically exposed.

Her tight, body hugging kameezes and kurtis which had low necks and backs also gave a splendid view of her cleavage and her back. When she walked, her mammoth mammaries bounced and the globes of her large perfectly round, fat ass swayed alluringly. The contours of her large ass became vividly clear when she wore her tight salwars. No wonder, men could not restrain themselves from ogling at her, whenever she went out and stared at her with undisguised lust in their eyes, as far as their sights would go.

Mom loved to wear ethnic, costume jewellery. Nothing expensive, yet chic. A gold chain, a gold ring, silver anklets and toe rings were the only traditional items of jewellery that she wore. Chains, necklaces and ear studs or ear rings of beads or metals were her favourites. On her right wrist, she wore a single thick bangle, the colour of which usually matched the colour of her saree or kameez, which she was wearing on a particular day. On her left wrist, she sported a leather strapped wrist watch. She wore fashionable high heel slippers and never forgot her faux designer sun glasses when she went out. Thus, mom had an impeccable taste and never appeared outlandish. She looked very sexy, without seemingly making any extra efforts to flaunt her sexiness.

A little extra money and the opportunity to splash some of it on things she loved, brought about a refreshing change in her face and behaviour. Her face lighted up. She smiled more often and her smirk vanished. She hummed a tune from some popular Hindi or Bengali movie song, pampered herself with her beauty enhancing cosmetics and was generally full of warmth and bonhomie. Such instances didn’t come frequently though.

But a money crunch had just the opposite effect. She became depressed and irritable. I tried to avoid her presence at these times, as she screamed at me at the slightest pretext. Sometimes in such situations, she locked herself in her bedroom and drank some booze to calm her jarring nerves. Mom had never tasted alcohol when she was married. Her travails must have made her familiar to the stuff. When she locked herself up in her bedroom, I had some respite from her unreasonable rage. Having got a Sepent job, I was relieved that our financial crunch and hopefully, mom’s depressions were finally over.

One of mom’s admirers was, as I have already mentioned, our neighbour, Vipin Bhatia and he never failed to compliment mom’s looks. He tried to strike a conversation with mom at every available opportunity, offering any assistance that she might require. Mom was always polite to him. But as she had to handle the household chores all by herself, she could not give him a lot of time. Besides, occupied as she is with the serious thought of having to run our family of two on a shoe string budget, she could hardly accommodate any romantic thought. Also, her self esteem prevented her from accepting any assistance from Vipin uncle, which he was ever ready to offer.

Vipin uncle occasionally visited our flat and mom served him tea and snacks and talked to him as she worked. Mom usually wore sleeveless, chiffon nighties at home. When her back was turned towards him, Vipin uncle stared at her gorgeous ass with unabashed lust. When in the morning, mom hung the washed clothes on ropes in our rear balcony; he took a peek through his window, trying to catch a glimpse of the exposed portions of mom’s boobs from the side, as she raises her arms to hang the clothes on the rope. After a couple of days, I understood how mad Vipin uncle was for mom.

One night, after both mom and I had gone to sleep in our respective bedrooms, the phone in the drawing room started to ring. I was awakened by the sound, but tired as I was, I did not feel like walking to the drawing room to pick up the receiver. A little later, mom came out of her bedroom, lighted the drawing room light and walked towards the phone. Suddenly, I became curious as to who could be calling at the middle of the night. I waited for mom to pick up the receiver. I had an extension of the phone in my bedroom. Sometimes, I chatted with my girl friend Swapna on that phone, after mom had gone to sleep and the house was quiet. I gently picked up the receiver in my room.

“Hello,” mom mumbled sleepily.

“Hello, Shobhaji?” an unfamiliar male voice asked.

“Yes. Who are you?” mom answered.

“It doesn’t matter as to who I am. You and I know each other very well. I love you very much Shobhaji. Could we meet somewhere and talk? Just give me half an hour on any day convenient to you,” there was earnestness in his voice.

“I am not interested,” mom slammed the phone down, turned off the drawing room light and began to walk towards her bedroom.

Suddenly, my attention was drawn towards Vipin uncle’s bedroom window. Our bedroom windows faced each other and there was a distance of around ten feet between them. His window was open and the curtains drawn aside. A dim, blue light was on. Vipin uncle was standing completely naked and dialing some number on his phone. Our phone rang again. I had no doubt in my mind that it was Vipin uncle, who was making the call. Mom had just reached her bedroom. She returned again to take the call. I picked up the receiver of my extension at the same time.

“Hello Shobhaji. Why did you disconnect the phone?” it was the same male voice. Vipin uncle had covered the mouthpiece with a handkerchief in order to muffle and guise his voice. He was fondling his huge erect cock as he spoke. His bedroom window being very close to mine, I could distinctly hear every word he was saying, even without putting my ear to the receiver.

“Hello, whoever you are. Why are you disturbing a Sepent woman in the middle of the night? I told you I am not interested. Please leave me in peace,” she slammed the phone down again. It started to ring again in an instant. Vipin uncle was persistent. Mom disconnected the phone’s cord and left for her bedroom.

Surprisingly, it was not anger for Vipin uncle, but erotic thoughts that entered my mind. I began to fantasise about mom being fucked by Vipin uncle and began to masturbate. In less than a minute I shot a deluge of sperms on my bed sheet. I began to reason with myself that mom had been deprived of sex for a long time and Vipin uncle was fairly obsessed with her. It would be a good idea to unite them so that they could enjoy each other sexually.

The next morning I woke up somewhat late. While I was brushing my teeth, I saw Vipin uncle come out of our building and walk towards his car. “Good morning, Vipin uncle,” I exclaimed aloud from our balcony. “Good morning, Sandip,” he returned my greeting. “Come to my flat at seven in the evening. A farewell party for you. It is going to be special,” he said as he sat in his car. “OK, I will come,” I replied.

At seven in the evening, I went to Vipin uncle’s flat. He had already arranged two plates of warm tandoori roti (an Indian bread made in clay ovens or tandoors) and steaming chicken curry. There was some salad in another plate. As I sat down on the sofa, Vipin uncle poured Scotch whiskey in two glasses. “Let us start,” he said. “Thank you Vipin uncle,” I said. We clicked our glasses and said “Cheers”.

A little later, Vipin uncle inserted a DVD in the DVD player. “Today, we will watch a Bengali (relating to the state of West Bengal in India or to the country of Bangladesh) porn movie. Bengali women are the hottest women in India. I had sex with a Bengali housewife two years ago. The experience was unforgettable. The DVD rental guy told me that this DVD has a middle aged, horny Bengali mom and her teenage daughter being fucked by two burly Pathans (an ethnic tribe from Afghanistan),” he said.

We watched the movie silently as we ate and drank. Vipin uncle refilled our glasses from time to time. It was really a hot movie. The Pathan hunks fucked the shit out of the horny Bengali mom and her slutty daughter. When the movie ended, Vipin uncle excused himself for a while to go to the toilet. When after five minutes he failed to return, I silently went up to the toilet to check if anything was amiss. The door of the toilet was shut from inside and a muffled noise was coming from there.

I peered through the keyhole to check the source of the noise. What I saw left me dazed. Vipin uncle was standing completely naked. He was madly jacking away his erect black cock which was eleven inches long and five inches in girth. The bulbous tip of his monster cock was dripping with juices. His eyes were closed in ecstasy and he was mumbling, “Shobha, I love you. I love you my darling. I want to fuck your pussy and your ass.” Suddenly his facial muscles started to twitch and thick, white cum ejaculated from the tip of his cock in a huge arc to fall on the wall in front of him.

Taking a while to compose himself and put on his shorts, he came out of the bathroom. I had already returned to the drawing room sofa by then. “Sorry, I was a little late,” Vipin uncle grinned sheepishly. “Not at all. It has only been ten minutes,” I replied. We had already finished our food. A little whiskey was still left in the bottle. Vipin uncle poured all of it equally in our glasses. We lit up cigarettes as we sipped from our glasses. The whiskey had made us a little inebriated and we started discussing various topics, including sexual ones, very freely.

“I am leaving for my job day after tomorrow. I will take the evening bus tomorrow,” I said.

“Yes, unfortunately for me, I will miss a good pal,” Vipin uncle replied with a smile.

“Mom will be all alone from tomorrow,” I said pensively.

“Are you leaving her for me?” he asked with a wicked grin on his face.

I laughed aloud, “Yes, as our neighbour, you will have to look after her.”

“That I will do even without your reminding me about it,” this time he was serious. I was sure that he would utilise my absence to make his advances on mom.

“Sandip, I feel really sorry for your mom. Shobhaji is such a good looking woman. And if you don’t mind me saying, she is very sexy too. At her age she should have lots of sex. But alas! Your father divorced such a fine woman. I don’t understand what quality he found in that slut Trisha, which did not exist in your mom. Shobhaji has not remarried; neither does she have a boy friend. I understand her reasons for going it alone. She has been extremely dutiful and committed towards the upkeep and well being of her family. But it must be very painful for her to lead a life of abstinence. After you leave, she will be alone even more. No one to talk to her at home,” Vipin uncle said slowly and thoughtfully.

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“Yes, it will be a problem indeed,” I agreed. “Your companionship will be most welcome to her in this situation. Lack of friends, especially male ones, have made her somewhat depressed and irritating in nature. I am sure that you can pull her up from this state of mind.”

“Oh yes, I will give her as much company as possible. Shobhaji is a Bengali woman and from my own experience I can tell you that Bengali women are the hottest women in India. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her at her age to lead a life, devoid of sex or a male companion. A round of good sex can make a man or woman cheerful. Shobhaji needs a lot of sex to cure her of her depression,” he remarked thoughtfully.

I could agree no less. But deep down in my heart I knew that while she had indeed abstained herself from the company of men since her divorce, she was not really devoid of sex. I vividly remembered what had happened one night. Mom had already gone to bed. The door of her bed room was shut, but not locked from inside. I had shut the door of my room and was talking to my girl friend Swapna on the phone. After talking for some time, I put the phone down and prepared to go to bed. Suddenly the noise of a faint moan reached my ears.

I came out of my room to check from where the sound was coming. It came from the direction of mom’s bedroom. I was worried. Was she ill or feeling uncomfortable? I tiptoed my way in the dark and slowly pushed the door slightly to take a peek through the parting. What I saw bewildered me. The room was faintly lit with a blue lamp. Mom was lying on her bed. Her nightie was raised to the level of her stomach and her panty was lying by her side. Her fat, white thighs and the mound of her clean shaven fleshy cunt were clearly visible. She was pushing two fingers in and out of her cunt. With each push of her fingers deep inside her cunt, she thrust her pelvis upwards, moaning, “Aaaah… aaaahhh… oh nooo… ohhh!” I stood transfixed, watching her action.

Suddenly, the thrust of her fingers became more rapid. Her face contorted with pleasure and she started to thrash her legs around. She was bucking her waist upwards with each quick thrust of her fingers. “Ohhhh nooooo… I am coming… Ohhhhh God… Aaaaaah… Noooo!” she screamed in ecstatic pleasure. With a final thrust of her hips she came into a massive climax and lay on her bed panting.

I left the place immediately and entering my bedroom, shut the door. Throwing my clothes off my body, I started to jack my throbbing, erect cock and ended up in one of the biggest climaxes in my life. I knew for sure that mom might not have had a boy friend, but she definitely fulfilled her sexual needs through masturbation. I accepted that as quite natural, though. Every human being had his or her own sexual needs and it was only natural that they should fulfill it.

“By the way, Sandip, I need someone at office to process the orders. Bansal is the only employee I have there. He specialises in accounts, but looks after everything. He is growing old and can not handle too much pressure. So, I have plans to let old Bansal look after the accounts only and appoint someone to process orders,” Vipin uncle said, breaking into my chain of thoughts.

“Oh! I see,” I remarked.

“How about Shobhaji taking up the job? She has worked before in different companies and has some experience. When you leave, she would be all alone with nothing much to do. Rather than watching TV throughout the day and getting bored, it would be far better for her if she is engaged in a job. I will pay her seven thousand rupees per month. She would go to office and return home in my car and will have a day off on Sundays every week. Besides, she is free to leave the job anytime, if she does not like it,” Vipin uncle suggested.

The offer looked very attractive to me. Never in her life had mom earned seven thousand rupees from any job, let alone free transportation. The money would add to her kitty and she could buy more things she fancied from her salary. “It is a genuinely good offer. I will talk to mom about it. I think she will accept it. Thanks for the offer anyway, Vipin uncle. I will meet you tomorrow and let you know about her Sepision. Good night,” I said and left.

“Good night Sandip. Try to convince her to accept the offer. She will not find many like this one. I am making this offer just because Shobhaji is my neighbour and you are my friend,” he added.

“I will,” I said and went to our flat. It was ten at night. Mom was awake and opened the door for me. She smelt the distinct odour of alcohol coming from my mouth and remarked with a smile, “Had a great party I see.”

“Oh yes, the party was great,” I replied and then drew her into a discussion about Vipin uncle’s offer.

Hearing the whole of it very attentively, she said incredulously, “It sounds unbelievable. Are you sure he means it? I don’t have much professional qualifications. Just a university degree and some basic knowledge of computers.”

After I was able to convince her that the offer was genuine, she readily agreed to accept it. I told her that we would talk to Vipin uncle the next morning and went to bed. I talked to Swapna for a while on the phone and she promised to meet me at the bus terminus the next evening.

The next morning, I woke up late because of the previous night’s drinking binge. It was eight already. I had to pack my things as I was leaving in the evening to join my new job. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Mom was already awake, preparing breakfast in the kitchen. A cup of hot tea and a few biscuits were already placed on the dining table for me. Suddenly the door bell rang. Mom opened the door.

“Hello Shobhaji! Good morning.” It was Vipin uncle.

“Good morning Vipinji. Please come inside,” mom said with a warm smile. “Please sit down. Let me bring you some tea.”

“Thanks Shobhaji,” Vipin uncle said as he sat on the sofa and turned over the pages of that morning’s newspaper.

Mom brought a cup of steaming hot tea and some biscuits and placed it on a table near him. “Thought, I should inquire what time Sandip is leaving. I can take him to the bus terminus in my car.”

“Oh thank you Vipinji. That would be so kind of you. By the way, why don’t you join us for breakfast? I am preparing aloo parathas (an Indian delicacy prepared by stuffing boiled potato paste in dough, flattening it with a rolling pin and finally frying it in oil) and sabzi (Indian curry made with different vegetables) for breakfast,” mom said with an enchanting smile.

“It is me, who should thank you for your gracious invitation Shobhaji and not the other way round. And please don’t thank me for small things. As your neighbour, I consider it my duty to reach Sandip to the bus terminus,” Vipin uncle said extremely gentlemanly.

His gaze followed mom as she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She has a dynamite ass, which swayed tantalizingly as she walked towards the kitchen, leaving Vipin uncle totally fascinated. The aroma of aloo parathas being fried, filled our nostrils. Mom served the aloo parathas and sabzi prepared with cauliflower and potatoes on three plates and asked Vipin uncle to join us at the dining table.

We sat in the shape of a U around the dining table. I sat at one end. Mom and Vipin uncle sat on either side facing each other. Vipin uncle was using every opportunity to gaze at mom’s boobs. The black bra that mom was wearing was faintly visible through her sheer, pink nightie. That had riveted all of his attention.

Munching on a small piece of paratha with some sabzi, he asked mom, “Shobhaji, did Sandip tell you anything about a job in my company?”

“Oh yes, he did say about the job last night,” mom replied.

“OK. Did he tell you, that I personally want you to take up that job?” he asked.

“Yes, he told me that too,” mom replied, a bit hesitant.

“So, what is your Sepision?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Honestly, it is too good an offer to refuse, Vipinji. But I have never worked in a job that pays so much. I was wondering as to whether I could do justice to your fabulous offer,” mom replied.

“Oh Shobhaji, you have nothing to worry about that. All you have to do is to tell the rates of the different products, to the customers who come or call on the phone. If they order something, you have to take it down and send the order information to me and to Bansal. Bansal will take care of the payment from the customer and I will look after the supply. Everything is there on the computer. You have to check it once or twice and it will be easy for you. Besides, Bansal will help you too. It is really simple. I am sure you can do it easily. You have to work from nine in the morning to six in the evening. There is a lunch break for half an hour at one thirty in the afternoon. The office remains closed on Sundays. You will go to office and return home in my car. You can even leave the job any time you want, if you do not like it,” Vipin uncle assured mom.

“OK, I accept the job. Thank you Vipinji. I don’t know how to thank you for your help,” mom said with a big smile on her face.

“It is my pleasure, Shobhaji. Please join from tomorrow, if that is no problem,” Vipin uncle was visibly elated.

Mom checked up mentally and then said, “I have no problem. I can start from tomorrow.”

“OK, I will call you at eight thirty tomorrow morning. Please get ready by that time,” he said leaving nothing to chance. Mom nodded her head affirmatively and said, “Yes, I will be ready by then.”

Until then, Vipin uncle had been talking to mom only. I was sitting, silently listening to their conversation. Turning towards me he asked, “Sandip, what time does your bus leave?” “It starts at five thirty in the evening,” I replied. “I will call you at five in the evening. Shobhaji must surely be accompanying you to the bus terminus. Both of you get ready by then. I have some urgent work to do. So I must leave now. Bye Sandip. Bye Shobhaji,” so saying, Vipin uncle left.

He called us punctually at the appointed time. Mom came out first. She was dressed in a light pink saree and a very short and skimpy sleeveless blouse of the same colour. Not only the blouse, the colour of her lipstick and nail polish, the necklace of beads and her bangle, her bag and high heel slippers were all of the same light pink colour. Vipin uncle could not bat his eyelids for a moment as he gazed at mom in open admiration. “Wow Shobhaji! You look gorgeous,” he exclaimed.

“Thank you Vipinji,” mom replied, smiling shyly.

I had two large bags containing my clothes and other essentials, which Vipin uncle put into the boot of the car. I sat next to him in the front seat while mom sat at the back. On reaching the bus terminus, I purchased a window side ticket. The bus was waiting. So I put my luggage inside and checked my seat. Coming down, I saw Swapna coming towards the bus, waving at me. I took her aside, where there was no one. We hugged each other tightly and kissed each other’s lips. I promised that I would come as early as possible. I knew Swapna was everything in my life. I could not live without her. One day she would be my wife. If there was any pain in leaving this place, it was more for the sake of Swapna than for my mom, whose irritating behaviour in the recent past had got on my nerves and created an invisible wall between us.

We held each other’s hands and talked. From the corner of my eye I could see Vipin uncle and mom talking animatedly. I could not hear what they were talking about, from that distance. But mom was laughing at some joke that he had cracked. A moment later he held her hand and led her to a refreshment stall. They sat at a table on the lawn under the shade of a garden umbrella. The waiter placed two glasses of cola on their table, which they started to sip.

A few minutes later, the same waiter came to us with two glasses of cola on a tray. Vipin uncle had obviously sent it. We took our glasses and sipped as we talked. Suddenly the driver started the engine and blew the horn a few times. We finished our glasses in a gulp and came towards the bus. Mom and Vipin uncle had left their seats too and started to walk towards the bus. I hugged mom, Vipin uncle and Swapna individually and boarded the bus. As it left, I waved at them from the window till I lost sight of them.

The bus reached the place of my posting at ten thirty in the night. It had made only one stop midway for the passengers to refresh themselves. The company had sent a car to pick me up. I reached my quarter and unlocked the door with the key that the driver of the car gave me. The quarter was fully furnished. I came out briefly to have my dinner and to call mom, Vipin uncle and Swapna, informing them that I had reached safely.

The next morning I joined office. My colleagues were very cooperative and helpful. The work was not too heavy. I was enjoying my job from day one. I called mom and Swapna everyday and Vipin uncle occasionally. Like me, mom was enjoying her new job too. Swapna was missing me very much. Vipin uncle was missing me too. All three wanted to know when I would be coming. As the company had entrusted me with an important assignment which required urgent completion, I was not sure when I could return home for a brief visit. Consequently I could not give them a certain date, but only told that I would call before my visit.

I worked diligently on my assignment and completed it in two weeks. My boss was full of praise for me. “If it had been anybody else, it would have taken at least a month,” he remarked. He checked the draft carefully. There were no mistakes at all. I stayed quite late in my office to prepare the final copy. After everything was completed to his satisfaction, my boss said, “Sandip, why don’t you leave office early tomorrow? You can take the afternoon bus to go home. You have Sunday off plus three public holidays on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. You can enjoy four days at home.” I thanked him profusely for allowing to leave early, the next day.

I went to my cabin in the office, in order to make calls to inform mom, Swapna and Vipin uncle about my arrival the next day. But suddenly I changed my mind. I wanted to arrive unannounced, thereby giving all of them a pleasant surprise.

The next day I left office early with my boss’ prior permission. Taking the bus that left at one thirty in the afternoon, I reached home just before seven in the evening. It was already dark by then. Mom had not returned from office. Both, Vipin uncle’s and our flats were dark. I had spare keys of the flat with me. So I opened the door and entered our flat. After taking a bath and getting refreshed, I went down below and bought a pizza and a bottle of Pepsi. I was very hungry.

Returning to our flat again, I locked the door from inside. The lock could be opened from either side with the same keys, of which I had one and two were with mom. Turning off the lights I reclined on the sofa and switched on the TV. A soccer match was going on between my favourite team and its main rival. My favourite team was winning five goals to three. I nibbled from my pizza and sipped from the bottle of Pepsi as I watched the game. Mom would get a nice surprise when she opened the door and entered the flat, I thought to myself.

At around half past eight, I heard the sound of a car outside. It was Vipin uncle’s red Santro. Mom got out of the car as it came to halt and waited till Sunil uncle had parked it in the parking space in the ground floor of the building. Then both came up in the elevator. I could clearly see both of them from the drawing room window, as they stepped out of the elevator.

Mom looked stunning in a black saree with sequins on it. She was wearing one of the skimpiest blouses of the same colour. It had extremely thin spaghetti straps around the shoulder and a plunging neckline. More than a third of mom’s large, white boobs and cleavage were on display. Her back was practically bare except for the thin blouse straps running over shoulder and across her back.

Mom had the same burgundy shade of hair, but it was trimmed much shorter. She had applied dark chocolate lip gloss and the nail polish was of the same shade too. For a change, she had put on a big, circular, black bindi on her forehead. Her plump, milk white belly with its deep navel and her fair white arms stood out in glorious contrast to her black saree and blouse.

She had a small diamond stud on her nose, which I saw for the first time. From her earlobes, dangled two long ear ornaments made entirely of small, black beads. She wore a thick, long necklace of the same black beads. Each of her wrists were adorned with a bunch of black, glass bangles. Mom had a wrist watch with black leather straps on her left wrist. She wore the same old gold ring on her right finger, while her feet and toes were adorned with silver anklets and toe rings. She wore dainty, black, high heel slippers and carried an expensive, new, shiny, black leather purse in her hand. The woman standing before me was a sex goddess. I stared at mom enchanted. She had obviously splashed her new found money on these fashion items.

Vipin uncle was dressed in a tight fitted, yellow, open necked T shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans. He wore a pair of brown cowboy boots. A thick gold chain hanging around his neck was visible from the open front of his T shirt. On his right wrist he wore a thick gold bracelet and on his left wrist he wore a stainless steel watch with a thick leather strap. He had a large frame and was looking every inch the hunk that he was.

“Shobha, why don’t you come to my flat? We have already had our dinner at the Chinese restaurant. So you don’t have to cook tonight. Instead of watching those boring, Saas Bahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) TV series alone, you can chat with me for a while. Besides you have never come to my flat,” he suggested. In a little more than two weeks time, he had started to address mom as Shobha instead of Shobhaji. Indians suffix the word ji to a name while addressing a person as a mark of respect. Omitting the ji could signify that the two are very familiar and close to each other and are on first name terms. There closeness was also apparent as they had started to dine out together.

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“Yes Vipinji, it is not a bad idea to spend sometime chatting, although we have chatted for close to an hour while dining at the restaurant,” mom replied with a smile.

“Tomorrow is a holiday. The office will remain closed. So there is no hurry to go to bed early. We can chat for a long time without worry. Come on. And, one more thing. Please stop calling me Vipinji. Just call me Vipin. I hate formality. That is why I have stopped addressing you as Shobhaji. We are not only neighbours, we are like friends. Let us not stick to any employer employee relationship, but become friends. Is that OK?” he said.

“OK, I will call you Vipin,” mom said smilingly. Together they entered his flat.

I lost sight of both of them after they entered his flat. I was in a dilemma as to whether to call mom from Vipin uncle’s flat or to wait for her to return. I finally settled on the latter, as my desire to surprise her was still there. So, I went into my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I had not switched on the lights and so the room was dark. I parted the curtains of the window just a little and some light from outside came into the room.

Suddenly a little more light entered the room. I turned around to see from where it came. Vipin uncle had put on the light in his bedroom and opened the window to let in some fresh air. The curtains were drawn apart. And everything inside the room was clearly visible. As I have already mentioned, one of the windows of my bedroom directly faced one of the windows of Vipin uncle’s bedroom and were just ten feet apart. I could not only see everything in the bedroom clearly, but also distinctly hear every word being spoken. So I peered intently, trying to see what was going on.

Mom had also entered the bedroom and Vipin uncle offered her a chair to seat. He turned on the TV and selected one of mom’s favourite channels. A soap was being telecast there. “How about some drinks, Shobha? I know you drink sometimes,” he suggested.

“I don’t drink normally. I used to occasionally when times were really bad, just to drown my sorrows. I am not addicted to that stuff. Now I don’t take it,” mom replied.

“Now your problems are over. Sandip has a good job. You are earning too. Your sorrows are definitely over, now that you have a lot of money. How about drinking a little to the good times?” Vipin uncle asked.

“Oh OK. A little would be good. But I don’t want to get drunk,” mom replied laughing.

“Neither do I,” he said and poured Scotch whiskey in two glasses and put some roasted cashew nuts on a plate. They started to sip their whiskey as they munched their cashew nuts. Mom was watching a TV serial intently as she drank slowly. From their faces, it was obvious that they were very relaxed. A young lady in the TV series had just married her beau and they looked very happy. They were Seporating their new home and hugging and smooching each other every now and then.

“I see, you like this soap very much,” Vipin uncle interrupted.

“Oh yes, I watch it everyday. Just this one, not all,” mom said with a smile.

“You ladies, love to watch these romantic TV series. These are purely emotional stuff, which just make you laugh or weep. Pretty mindless. Nothing sensible in those,” Vipin uncle said with a flourish of his hand.

“I agree. But after watching a few episodes, one gets addicted and there is no way to get out. You have to watch every episode,” mom replied laughing.

“Aah! So that’s it. You are addicted to this thing. But if you love this serial so much, you must also behave like the characters.”

“How? Run around trees, singing like the heroine?” mom asked laughing.

“Oh no. That would be stupid. I meant you could have a romantic affair like the heroine. Besides, you are no less attractive than the heroine in that TV series. I am sure you have scores of male admirers. They would love to have a roaring affair with you.”

“I am really flattered Vipin. But I don’t have an hour glass figure like that heroine. And she must be half my age.”

“I am not flattering you Shobha. I am just telling you the truth. In real life, men don’t desire skinny models as companions. They prefer fleshy, plump women like you. And as for your age, well I would always go for a middle aged, experienced lady ten times out of ten,” Vipin uncle poured more whiskey into the empty glasses.

“Thanks for the compliments Vipin. About what you said, I can only say that it would look extremely foolish if a woman with a grown up son suddenly started a romantic affair. Besides, Sandip would be the target of ridicule from his friends. He might be angry with me,” mom said somewhat thoughtfully.

Vipin uncle had found a point to dwell on. “That is all the more reason to have an affair. Sandip is now employed in a far away town. No friend of his would know whether you are having an affair or not from that far. Sandip is hardly likely to return here. Now that he has a good job, he will marry Swapna very soon and settle there permanently. Maybe he will come occasionally to see you, but that is all. He will be having a lot of enjoyment with Swapna there. He would hardly have any time to even think about you. You will be left all alone. And some undesirable elements might try to take advantage of your loneliness by pestering you. But if you have a husband or a reliable boy friend, no one would think of taking advantage of you,” Vipin uncle said as he replenished the glasses.

“I think three is more than sufficient for me,” mom said indicating to her whiskey glass. “I am already filling a little dizzy. By the way, you are not far off the point Vipin, when you talked about men disturbing me. Once, I did get a phone call from an anonymous person, disturbing me in the middle of the night”

“Like you, I don’t normally drink more than three pegs at a time. That is my limit. So rest assured, I would not insist for more. Take this one very slow and drink it over as long as you can. That way you will enjoy it,” Vipin uncle said.

Continuing he said, “You see, I was not wrong when I talked about the disturbances from some bad people. Hope, all that nuisance has stopped. Moreover, I am sure that you do have some physical needs. You are only forty-five years old. You should not overlook those totally and lead a life of abstinence. Because, that will only make you irritable. You must have some man in your life who will fulfill your physical needs and desires and also protect you from people who can cause you harm. Tell me Shobha, am I wrong?”

“No Vipin, actually you are quite right. I used to be quite irritable, though I have changed a lot in recent times. I am not sure whether that was because of my financial problems or due to lack of any male friends. But would any man really be interested in me. I am, as you rightly said, forty-five years old. Most men go for much younger women. I am not very good looking either. I think I am overweight. I definitely know that men love slim women. My ex-husband left me for a younger, slimmer woman. Besides, people would say bad things about me, if I start an affair now.” It was clear that mom was not convinced by Vipin uncle.

“Shobha, let us sit on the bed and discuss these things comfortably,” Vipin uncle said. Both of them sat on the bed and he took two large pillows and placed them against the head rest. They leaned their backs on the pillows. There was still some whiskey in their glasses, so they took their glasses to bed. The soft mattress and pillows were really comfortable.

Vipin uncle started again. He was quite persuasive. “Shobha, your husband was a fool to leave such a beautiful woman like you. He humiliated your beauty when there are so many men ready to fall in love with you. Women really mature when they are middle aged. Look around and you will see that most of the single women around you have boy friends. Mita, Dipti and Kanika are all divorced and they have boy friends. They are also nearly the same age as you are, maybe a few years older. Nobody minds these things these days.”

Mom nodded her head, unsure as to what to say. Vipin uncle moved very close to her body and said, “You look absolutely great tonight. I have never seen a more beautiful woman than you. Your dress and makeup are fantastic. Hope you don’t mind my saying this, but you definitely look very sexy.”

Mom’s cheeks turned red as Vipin uncle said that she looked sexy. With her head slightly bowed, she said, “Vipin, the diamond nose stud and leather purse are gifts from you. So, if I look good, it is due to you. Thank you very much for that.”

“Oh no Shobha, you should not thank me. I gifted those to you because you deserved the gifts. You worked really hard at my office. The gifts are an acknowledgement of your dedicated service. Besides, such things do not look as good on other women as it does on you. I am enchanted with your look tonight,” Vipin uncle was gushing.

So he had already started buying expensive gifts for her, I thought. Good work was just an excuse. He was trying to win her heart.

Almost unnoticed, he had placed one of his hands on her thigh and the other around her shoulder. The hand on her thigh was slowly moving up and down. Suddenly, he moved his hands and asked, “Shobha, would you mind if I got out of my T shirt and jeans? It is quite sultry today and I am feeling hotter, probably because of the drink. At home, I normally dress in a pair of shorts only.”

“Oh no Vipin, I would not mind at all. It is really hot and I am feeling it too. You can change over to your shorts. You will feel far more comfortable,” mom replied.

Vipin uncle got down from the bed and undressed. He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened his jeans and briefs. After that, he put on a pair of dark green shorts. I could see Vipin uncle’s bare body from my window. He was a big man, nearly six feet tall, with thick arms and legs. Compared to my plump, petite mom, he was a giant of a man. His broad, hairy, chest and thick hairy arms and legs were in full view. He had a slight paunch around his waist. Vipin uncle had a clean shaven face with a somewhat thick pair of lips and a prominent nose. His hair had thinned a little at the front and was dyed in a brown shade.

“How about watching a film?” he asked mom.

“Not bad, but isn’t it getting late?” mom asked.

“Oh Shobha, don’t worry about getting late. You don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

“OK then. Let us watch a movie.”

“We shall watch a Korean movie. It has won many international awards. It was screened at the local film festival. The demand for tickets was so high that I could not get one even in the black market. Later, I purchased the DVD.”

Mom nodded her head in agreement. Vipin uncle inserted the DVD into the player, switched off the tube light and switched on a dim blue light. The room was plunged into semi darkness. But, even then everything was clearly visible from my room, as I gazed intently from the window. He switched on the TV with a remote and got into bed, again sitting closely with mom. Vipin uncle and I had together watched the Korean film that he was talking about. It was about the brutal fucking of a beautiful teenage girl from a village by the landlord and his henchmen. The movie was full of steamy scenes, graphically showing the girl being raped.

As the movie started, Vipin uncle again put his arm around mom’s shoulders, while his other hand rested on her thigh. Slowly he started to caress her thighs and pressed them softly. Their bodies were sticking together. The movie was depicting vivid sex scenes. The DVD was obviously uncensored. Suddenly, I noticed Vipin uncle’s toes playing with mom’s feet and toes. His arm had slid from her shoulder and was now embracing her waist. He started to caress her plump, milk white belly with his palm, sometimes inserting the tip of his index finger inside the hollow of her navel. Mom started to feel a little uneasy at Vipin uncle’s overtures.

At the same time, the erotic movie and his caresses were starting to make their effect on her. She pressed her thighs and rubbed them against each other. She was surely starting to wet and trying hard to conceal any indication of her arousal.

“Hey Shobha, isn’t this a hot movie? I have watched it many times. What can a man with no wife do? He needs some entertainment after all,” Vipin uncle said. He already had a massive erection and his dark green shorts were bulging. Mom could not have failed to notice such a prominent bulge.

She said, “Watching films like these isn’t always bad. Even doctors agree that it is sometimes necessary to watch these. But Vipin, you can find a nice girl friend or a wife to fulfill your physical needs.”

“I have already found my girl friend,” Vipin uncle grinned.

“Who? Where?” mom asked with a smile.

“It is the beautiful lady sitting next to me right now. It is you Shobha. I have desired you from the day I saw you first. I love you Shobha.” Vipin uncle embraced mom tightly and looked straight into her eyes.

Mom couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She tried to break free from Vipin uncle’s tight embrace. But he held her in a vice like grip. “It would be extremely bad for me if Sandip comes to know about it. He will be very angry,” she said in a desperate attempt to come out of his clutches.

“Sandip doesn’t care for you. You didn’t behave too well with him. Right now he is dreaming of having sex with Swapna. Your husband has left you. Nobody thinks of you. But you spurn the only person who has genuine feelings for you?”

“Vipin, I like you too. I am indebted for what you have done for me. You are a nice man. But would it be proper of you to take me to bed?”

“Of course it would be proper. You have been starved of sex for so many years. Earlier you had many problems. But now the problems have gone. So you can lead your life as you wish. You can have all the sex you really want. And I will give it to you. Don’t deny yourself something you really want.” Vipin uncle was not prepared to wait any longer. He switched off the TV with his remote. Cupping mom’s face with both hands, he locked his lip on hers. Mom was not resisting anymore.

He sucked her luscious lips like a starved animal and began to probe the inner recesses of her mouth with his tongue. Mom was left breathless at the intensity of his kisses. His hands began to unbutton her blouse. It came off her body in no time. There were those voluptuous breasts encased in a black bra. He left the bra stay for the time being and started to open her saree instead. Mom’s saree and petticoat came off in no time. There she was, lying only in her black bra and panty in Vipin uncle’s arms. He grabbed her viciously, his hands running all over her body, while his warm lips planted warm kisses on her lips, neck, shoulders and ears. “Ohhh… umm… mmm!” mom began to moan softly at his frantic caresses.

Vipin uncle unclasped the strap of mom’s bra. The gorgeous, milk white melons sprang from their confinement in all their glory. Sagging just slightly under their weight, the bouncy milk pots held him mesmerized for a moment. There were light brown areolas at their middle and from the centre of the areolas rose two dark brown, erect nipples as big as grapes. Vipin uncle was mad with lust at the sight of those fruits of passion.

Vipin uncle palmed the boobs and gave them a slight squeeze. He gently caressed the mammoth mammaries and pinched the nipples with his thumb and index finger. “Aaaahhh… mmm!” mom sighed with pleasure. More pleasure was yet to come. Vipin uncle took each nipple by turn between his lips and sucked them hard. He ran his tongue on the nipples and bit them lightly with his teeth. Mom closed her eyes out of the sheer pleasure that Vipin uncle’s ministrations were giving her. “Aaaahhh…,” she sighed frequently.

Next, his mouth hovered all over soft, white fleshy belly, hips, thighs, legs and feet, as he planted hot kisses all over her body. He kissed her fat, marble white thighs, licked her navel and her toes and then slowly opened her panty. Turning her over, he grabbed her large, white fat ass with his hands and gave them a hard squeeze. “Ohhh!” a muffled groan escaped her lips.

Running his tongue through the parting of her ass he stopped a while at her ass hole and inserted his tongue inside it. Mom gasped as if an electric current had passed through her body. “Aaaahhh… ohhh… ohhh no…,” she screamed.

He turned her on her back again and let his hand roam on the clean shaven, fleshy mound of mom’s cunt. Mom’s twat looked like bun which had been sliced through the middle. He inserted his index finger very slowly inside the cunt, which was already wet with her love juices. His fingers started toying with her clitoris. Mom bucked as if she had been electrocuted.

Vipin uncle pulled off his shorts and his huge cock sprang free. It was unlike anything mom had seen in her life. Eleven inches long and five inches in girth, it looked like a raging python. The foreskin was pulled back and the huge, red tip was glistening, as pre-cum dripped from the slit at the middle. His pubic hair was shaved clean and a brown sac containing his large balls hung tantalisingly. There was fear and shock in mom’s eyes.

Getting down from the bed and standing on the floor by the side of the bed, Vipin uncle grabbed mom’s face and put the tip of his huge dick in her mouth. The length and girth of the huge dick filled her mouth. “Suck it baby. Suck it Shobha darling. You will love this lolly,” Vipin uncle said imploringly.

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Mom sucked the exquisite bulbous tip with her luscious lips and ran her tongue on its parting. “Ohhhh… noooo…,” Vipin uncle groaned with sheer pleasure. He grabbed her hair with his hands and thrust his cock down her throat. Mom nearly choked as she was forced to deep throat the massive tool. As his dick moved in and out of her mouth, she gasped. Suddenly, with an animal groan, Vipin uncle sent spurts of thick cum right down her throat. Mom coughed and sputtered as the hot cum hit the insides of her throat. Before drawing it out, he made her lick the last drops of cum on the tip of his dick.

Having spent himself in mom’s mouth, Vipin uncle now clambered on the bed and spread mom’s fat, white thighs wide apart with his hands. Bending over, he put his own mouth inside mom’s cunt. His expert tongue caressed and played with her delicious pussy. She lifted her heavy hips upwards and shrieked at the heavenly pleasure that Vipin uncle’s tongue was giving her. He held her upraised hips with his hands and plunged his tongue even deeper into the depths of her pussy. Mom, in turn responded by raising her hips as far as she could, taking his tongue as deep inside her as possible. She grabbed his hair, pushing his mouth hard against her cunt. Her fat thighs pressed his face. Vipin uncle’s tongue play continued for some time. Suddenly, her legs arched and she began to thrust her pussy at his darting tongue. “Aaahhh… ohhh… noooo… suck me hard Vipin… harder… oohhh!” she screamed and spent herself in Vipin uncle’s mouth. His tongue licked her pussy dry. Mom was panting heavily after the first proper sexual release she had in many years.

“Shobha baby, didn’t you like it? Having sex after so many years with a real man?” Vipin uncle asked as he lifted his mouth from mom’s cunt.

“Yes Vipin, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You were simply fantastic,” mom replied still panting.

“Honestly speaking, I have never had sex with such a sexy woman like you in my life. This is a totally unforgettable experience. Wait till you take my cock in your pussy. I promise, you will never forget it. We will have masti (fun) right throughout the night,” Vipin uncle said as he started to play with her boobs once again. He gave her a long kiss on her lips and guided her hand on his tool which was dangling limply like a sausage.

In mom’s warm hands Vipin uncle’s cock came back to life in no time. It stood ramrod straight as mom stroked the foreskin. Vipin uncle’s finger started to play with mom’s cunt again and she began to squirm with pleasure. “OK honey, now spread your legs,” he said.

“Vipin, your cock is so large. I am scared to take it in.” Mom was clearly afraid and it showed in her eyes. She drew her legs close in an effort to save her cunt from the pounding of Vipin uncle’s monster cock.

“Don’t be scared, my sexy baby. I will be very tender with you,” Vipin uncle assured mom as his strong, thick, hairy hands prised mom’s legs apart. Lifting her legs and setting her up in foetal position, he placed the tip of his huge dick at the entrance of mom’s cunt and gave it a gentle push. The large, red, gleaming, bulbous tip of the cock immediately disappeared inside her pussy. As he pushed further, it met with some resistance. Its extraordinary girth was obviously too large for the width of mom’s passage. Mom screamed, “Vipin, it is hurting me!”

Vipin uncle drew back his cock a bit. Lifting his hips upwards, he gave a huge thrust and rammed the monster cock upto its hilt, right through the depths of mom’s velvety pussy. “Ooouuuuhhh…!” The cock seemed to have hit mom’s uterus as she shrieked aloud. It seemed as if her eyes would pop out of their sockets. Vipin uncle didn’t move for a while, allowing mom to regain her breath.

When she regained her breath, he started to fuck mom with slow, short strokes of his huge dick. He kissed mom’s lips, ears and neck lovingly, while gently squeezing one of her boobs with one hand. Mom seemed to love the short slow strokes of his enormous tool, as she embraced him tightly with her hands and legs.

Gradually, the strokes became longer and faster. With each thrust, Vipin uncle hurled the most abusive slang at her. “Saali randi (bloody whore), I will rip your cunt till it bleeds. I will fuck you throughout the night, my sexy rani (queen).”

“Fuck me Vipin. Kill me with your cock. I am all yours. I have never had such pleasure in my life,” mom implored like a bitch in heat.

Vipin uncle was now fucking furiously. Mad with red hot lust, he sunk his teeth in mom’s bare flesh and squeezed her boobs very hard, like a wild beast. She was obviously enjoying the pain. As he frenziedly rammed his huge tool with vicious force, mom raised her hips to meet his animal thrust. She moaned deliriously as his massive piston pounded her ripe, meaty pussy. Grunting like an animal, he thrust his enormous dick deep inside her pleasure hole. Their bodies were rising and falling in passionate unison as they drowned in carnal pleasure.

After about twenty minutes lusty fucking, suddenly mom gripped Vipin uncle even tighter with her hands and legs. She dug her nails on his bare back. Her legs arched and her toes curled with uncontrollable pleasure. Her face contorted as she clenched her teeth. Shutting her eyes tight, she screamed, “Oh Vipin, I can’t take any more. Fuck me hard Vipin. Harder… yessss… kill me. Ohhhh nooo! I love you Vipin. Aaaahhh… nooo….” Her eyes were now dilated, as she was drowned in the throes of passion. Rapidly thrusting her hips at his massive thrusts, she matched Vipin uncle shot for shot. Vipin uncle was screaming too. “I am coming, my baby. I can’t hold it any longer. I will fill your cunt with my cum,” he grunted. After a few more thrusts Vipin uncle shot a deluge of cum into the depths of mom’s pussy, as she too spent herself. The explosive climax left both of them breathless and Vipin uncle rolled down from mom’s body.

It was time to caress each other after the great sex they just had. Petting mom’s boobs Vipin uncle said, “Shobha, you are a sex bomb. You can give a man the greatest sexual satisfaction in his life. How long have I waited for this encounter!”

Mom was running her fingers on his broad, hairy chest and pinching his nipples with her fingers. “Vipin, you are a real stud. Until today I had never known that sex could be so great. This is the first real orgasm in my life. I am grateful to you for what you gave me today,” she said lovingly.

“But I am not yet finished yet. There is still something to explore,” Vipin uncle said with a smile.

“What?” she asked surprised, arching her eyebrows.

“Baby, you have such a gorgeous ass. It would be sin not to plunder that booty,” Vipin uncle replied as his hands squeezed mom’s ass. I clearly remembered how lustfully he used to stare at her booty.

“But Vipin, I have never had anal sex before. It would be very painful if your large cock enters my asshole,” she appeared terrified at the prospect of Vipin uncle’s monster cock ripping her asshole.

“Oh no honey, don’t be scared. I will use lubricants and my cock will slide inside your asshole like knife through butter. It would be very easy and I am sure you will enjoy the new experience. But first we should have a glass of whiskey. It will reenergise us,” Vipin uncle assured mom.

He poured whiskey in two glasses again and gave one to mom, while he sipped from the other. Caressing mom’s fat, white thunder thighs lovingly with his hands and nibbling her earlobes lightly with his teeth as he drank from his glass, he asked, “Shobha baby, how did you like my lund (cock)?”

“It is a monster, Vipin. I never knew that a man could possess such a huge tool. I was so scared when I first saw it. It really hurt when you first rammed it down my throat and then again through my pussy. But after I adjusted myself to its enormous length and girth, I slowly began to like it. Now I really love it,” mom cooed into his ear as she held his limp cock in her hand and massaged it gently with her fingers.

“It is all yours, my sexy baby. Let me confess how much I have fallen in love with your boor (cunt). It is like velvet and so tight. Such a joy to fuck. I have never in my life fucked any woman as horny as you are. You are just the woman I have been looking for since ages. Now you are truly mine. I am sure your gaand (ass) will be even more delicious. I can’t wait to fuck it,” Vipin uncle was all enthusiasm at the prospect of ripping mom’s gorgeous ass.

“I am all yours now, Vipin. Anal sex will be a totally new experience for me. But first, promise me you will not hurt me,” mom implored.

“I promise you it will be totally joyful experience for both of us. Don’t worry a bit,” Vipin uncle assured her. Keeping the empty whiskey glasses on a table, he brought out a bottle of fragrant body oil and a tube of lubricant from the chest. Pouring the body oil liberally from the bottle on his palm, he turned mom over and applied it on her fat, white ass. Mom’s ass gleamed brightly as the oil was massaged liberally all over it. After a long massage which mom enjoyed greatly, he squeezed a handful from the tube of lubricants and massaged it gently along the entire length and girth of the stiffly erect giant cock. The cock was gleaming and it seemed that it had been made of varnished wood. Next he put a nozzle on the mouth of the tube and positioned it in the crack of mom’s ass, squeezing from the tube all along the crack.

After that, Vipin uncle parted the ass cheeks wide apart with his hands and located mom’s tiny asshole. He inserted the nozzle of the tube containing the lubricant and nearly emptied the contents of the tube. The abundance of lubricants must have caused a tickling sensation inside mom’s anal passage, because mom began to squirm as the lubricant made its way inside. She was now all ready to be taken from the rear.

“Come on baby. We are ready now. Be a doggy,” Vipin uncle said.

“Vipin, I am still scared. Don’t hurt me please.”

“I will not, I promise. Now be a good girl.” He positioned mom at the edge of the bed. Her ass was raised in line with Vipin uncle’s stiff cock. The erect monster swayed up and down, as if eager to spear the mouth watering booty in front. Standing on the floor, Vipin uncle spread mom’s ass cheeks wide open with one hand and with the other positioned his huge dick at the entrance of mom’s asshole. A gentle nudge with his hips and the large, red bulbous tip of the cock vanished inside her ass hole. “Ouch!” mom squealed in pain like a pig.

But Vipin uncle was unrelenting as he continued to push his monster cock steadily inside mom’s asshole. He disregarded her screams of pain and single-mindedly continued to drill mom’s fabulous fat ass. His cock met its first resistance at her sphincter. Vipin uncle pulled his cock all the way back, with just the tip nestling inside mom’s anal passage. He fingered mom’s clitoris in order to divert her attention from her anal invasion. Mom was moaning at his caressing of her clitoris. Holding her shoulder firmly with one hand, he steadied her and then with a huge thrust of his hips, drove the huge dick into the innermost recesses of her asshole.

“Oooooohhhh! Vipiiinnn! You will kill meeeee…,” mom screamed so loud that it seemed that her rump had been ripped in two.

“Easy baby. Take it easy,” Vipin uncle put her at ease with slow, short thrusts. Continuing with his fingering of her clitoris, he built up a steady rhythm with his anal thrusts. Mom settled into the rhythm pretty quickly, swaying and grinding her hips to his steady fucking. She was squealing like a pig and made Vipin uncle mad with lust. He slapped mom’s butt quite a few times, so hard, that they turned red at the stinging slaps. “Aaahhh!” mom cried out at the sharp slaps on her ass. But, as Vipin uncle tickled her clitoris, she began to moan like bitch in heat. Mom was slowly starting to enjoy the pounding of her ass by Vipin uncle’s giant cock. Gradually discovering the joys of anal sex mom whimpered, “Aaaahhh… ooohhh… its great Vipin… push harder… ooohhh!”

Suddenly the intensity of his thrusts increased. Vipin uncle was not only pounding harder, but faster as well. With each thrust he let out a loud grunt. Mom who was by now thoroughly enjoying her ass being humped moved her ass back and forth to meet his challenge with equal vigour.

“Aaarrrghh… aaahhh… come on my randi!” suddenly, a loud animal grunt escaped his lips. Vipin uncle rammed his rod hard for one last time and sent his hot cum shooting into mom’s anal passage. His tickling of mom’s clitoris sent her to yet another earth shattering orgasm, the third that night. Having been starved of sex for five long years, three climaxes in one night was a bit too much for the middle aged lady. She collapsed into a heap, breathing heavily.

The passions of both mom and Vipin uncle slowly subsided after the nearly night long sex. I looked at the clock in my bedroom. It was nearly four in the morning. Vipin uncle took mom’s head tenderly in the crook of his arm and murmured, “Shobha, stay the night with me. Go home in the morning.” Mom put her arm on his broad, hairy chest and quickly fell asleep.

Till then I had been so engrossed at the carnal exhibition that I had forgotten all about myself. My shorts were wet from the juice that had dripped from my cock. The cock was tumescent. It seemed that it would explode into bits any second. I went to the toilet. The cock was so charged up that a couple of strokes were sufficient to release the pent up desire within me. The cum flew from the tip of my cock in a huge arc. Returning to my room, I dressed up and packed my bag. The first rays of the sun were just visible. I came out of our flat, locked it from outside and stealthily left the building, as if I had never arrived. I went to a nearby park from where I could watch our flat. At around seven in the morning, mom left Vipin uncle’s flat and entered our flat. Her hair and clothes were totally dishevelled and her eyes red and puffy from the night’s exertion.

Waiting for half an hour more, I returned to our flat. I was about to ring the door bell, when the sound of running water came to my ears. My ears also caught mom humming a tune from a blockbuster Hindi movie. She was obviously more refreshed than tired from Vipin uncle’s all night fucking. Vipin uncle had been right when he had said that a round of good sex cured all mental depressions.

When I rang the door bell, she opened the door without asking who it was. Seeing me, she was plainly surprised. “Sandip my boy, its you!” she exclaimed. “Why didn’t you call me in advance, you silly kid?” she hugged me tight as she asked. She had changed over to one of her chiffon nighties and was washing the clothes that she had worn the previous night.

“Wanted to give you a nice surprise mom,” I said with a big smile. I was sure that it was not me, but someone else that she was expecting when she opened the door. “You look tired. Didn’t you have a good sleep?” I asked.

She stammered for just a while, unsure as to how to explain her tired looks and then said, “I was watching a recently released hit Hindi movie on the TV. It ended well past midnight. Go to your room and freshen up. I will make you a cup of tea soon.”

“OK mom. But you should not stay awake so late. It is bad for your health,” I said and went into my bedroom. Suddenly, the aroma of aloo parathas being fried, wafted from the kitchen. “Preparing an early breakfast I see. Any programme for today’s morning, mom?” I asked.

“No Sandip. No programme. Actually, your Vipin uncle is coming for breakfast. He likes my aloo parathas very much. So I have invited him,” mom explained. We asked about each other as we sat down for tea. Mom talked about her job and how good an employer and neighbour Vipin uncle was. She was all praise for him, but she carefully omitted the news of her affair with Vipin uncle. I told about my office, my colleagues and my job.

Having finished her tea, mom went to the kitchen to prepare the sabzi to go with the aloo parathas. Suddenly, Vipin uncle entered the room. Mom had surely forgotten to lock the main entrance from inside. He appeared puffy and exhausted too. He peered around, obviously trying to locate mom. Suddenly seeing me, he exclaimed, “Hey Sandip! Its you! I can’t believe my eyes man. Why didn’t you call me? I could have fetched you from the bus terminus.”

“Sandip wanted to surprise us,” mom said with a laugh from the kitchen.

“Oh! I see. I am indeed surprised. But, let me check what’s cooking. Your mom has invited me for breakfast,” he said and went into the kitchen. Standing behind mom, he put a hand on her shoulder. I immediately concealed myself and strained my ears to hear anything they might say.

“Shobha, are you coming today?” Vipin uncle said in a hushed tone.

“Yes, I will, Vipin. As Sandip is at home, I can’t say when I will be able to come. Don’t leave your flat. I will find some convenient time to come to your flat. But one thing Vipin, no anal today,” mom replied in equally hushed tones.

“No no, I will only fuck your pussy today,” he assured mom smilingly.

“OK. Go and sit at the table now. I am bringing the breakfast,” mom nudged Vipin uncle out of the kitchen.

As Vipin uncle came and sat down, I too quickly came from my place of hiding and sat at the table. I was glad that mom had at last found a true mate who really loved her, could satisfy her sexually and was also an able support for her. Most importantly, Vipin uncle and mom truly loved each other. Mom brought the plates full of warm aloo parathas and sabzi. We chatted merrily as we had a hearty breakfast. I could now leave her here and stay at my place of work. She had found her true man at last and I was truly relieved and happy. I could now think of a happy life for myself with Swapna.

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Vipin Uncle and Mom – Sex Stories

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