Virgin Deflowered During A Train Journey

Virgin Deflowered During A Train Journey

Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. This is Casanova back again with yet another sex experience about getting a virgin deflowered and make you all horny and wet by the end of the story. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex. You can also read all my previous erotic sex stories here and give your feedback.

One of my brothers is a musician, and he has a good number of students coming to him for learning music. He also takes all his students to various programs and gives them exposure. He planned one such trip to Udipi and picked a few students who are good at singing and are senior girls.

I also wanted to join them and enjoy the trip. There is a girl named Alekhya who was eyeing me for many days. She has finished her 12th and had taken 1-year extra coaching to get top score in the engineering entrance exams. She was also coming along with us, and the day has come.

We all got into our respective compartments, and we were 20 in number in 3 different coaches. Fortunately, Alekhya, myself, and a few others were in one compartment. After settling down, we all started singing songs, playing antakshari, and many other games.

After dinner, we all chit chatted for some time, and by 9 PM, everyone started going back to their places to sleep. 9 PM is too early for me to go to bed and so I was checking my mobile. Alekhya was sleeping parallel to me in the middle berth, and she kept staring at me.

I asked her what happened and if she needs something. She replied that she will message me and messaged me in WhatsApp, saying that she loves me and wants to talk to me after everyone sleeps. I knew she was hitting on me, but now I wanted to know what she wanted.  So, I replied, “Ok.”

At around 11:30 PM, everyone was in a deep sleep. She messaged me saying that she will go first and I can come after 5 minutes. I again replied, “Ok.” I got down from my berth and went near the washroom, but I couldn’t find her. So, I messaged her asking where did she go.

She opened one of the toilets and pulled me inside. I was just shocked by this act of hers. Even before I realized what has just happened, she started kissing me in the washroom. I just broke the kiss and asked what is she doing. She replied that she loves me and wants to enjoy it with me.

I know this is not love. It’s infatuation. But she was not ready to listen but was stubborn for me to educate her. She took my hands and kept it on her boobs and looked straight into my eyes with lust. She has firm round boobs with enough flesh, and I couldn’t control myself any longer.

Her stats were 34-28-32. We started kissing each other and kissed for almost 10 minutes playing with our tongues. She was wearing a t-shirt and night pants. Now I kept my hands inside her t-shirt and was able to feel her body. We were kissing, and I had my hands inside her t-shirt, pressing her boobs.

She was moaning and hugged me tightly and was kissing me deeper, exchanging our saliva. After 5 minutes, I removed her t-shirt, and she was wearing a red bra. I just unhooked her bra in one go, and her 34B boobs popped out.

Alekhya has medium size areola, and I immediately took them in my mouth, kissing them. She started moaning, “Ahh.” I started biting her nipples once in a while and kissed her nipples for another 5 minutes. After this, I didn’t want to go further. I told her we will do the rest sometime later.

She was not ready and put her hands on my dick above the pant. I explained that it’s not safe being in the washroom for so long, and we should go back. For the next 2 days during the trip, whenever I got a chance, I used to kiss her or press her boobs and all.

On the final day of the trip, she came to me and said she wants me to satisfy her in the return journey. She said she will be waiting near the washroom at 11 PM, and I said, “Ok.”

We all started our return journey, and everything went normal. We all had lots of fun during the trip and had many memories to remember. But for me alone, there is something special and extra to remember. I was a little excited, waiting for everyone to go and sleep.

At 11:05 PM, I went near the washroom and messaged her that I am near the toilet. She opened one of the toilets and asked me to come in. We started kissing. She was already horny because of the cool breeze, and that was making me also horny. We kissed for 5 minutes, and I was pressing her boobs.

She said she wants to give me a blowjob. I asked her where did she learn all this from. She said she already knew all this from her junior college and waited for an opportunity and the right person to try. She said now that she is a major, she wants to try it. I opened my zip and pulled out my small brother.

She was shocked to see a 6-inches dick for the first time. She bent little and started giving me a blowjob. As it is her first time, she couldn’t do a good job, but she has done a fair job. She sucked my dick like a lollipop for almost 5 minutes and lubricated it well enough for the real action.

I removed her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. I started kissing her nipples. She was moaning my name very silently, “Ah.” I pinched her nipples and was sucking them like a baby. I also inserted my hands in her panty, and she was already wet by then. I was kissing her nipples and was rubbing her clitoris.

Alekhya started to moan a little louder now. After 5 minutes, I pulled her pants down. She was wearing a blue color panty, which was already wet. I pulled her panty also down and asked her to turn around and bend. I started rubbing my dick in the entrance of her pussy, getting her ready mentally.

After a few strokes, I pushed my dick in her pussy. She let out a loud moan, and half of my dick was inside her. I slowly gave one more push after a few seconds, and my dick was fully inside her now. I was inside her for a few seconds for her to recover from that initial pain.

Then the pain turned into pleasure. I then slowly started pumping her. She was moaning. I fucked her for 5 minutes and gradually increased my pace. Now she was taking the support of the washbasin. I was hitting her deeper and harder. She started to moan in sync to my thrusts.

I fucked her for another 5 minutes and released all my load in her virgin cunt. We both washed and went back to our respective seats. She then messaged me, ‘Thank You. This will be remembered forever.’

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Virgin Deflowered During A Train Journey