Virgin Girlfriend Fucked First Time

Virgin Girlfriend Fucked First Time

Hey guys, I am Sandy. I am a 22 years old, completed my engineering recently from Hyderabad. I have a good physique and many girls get attracted to me. This is real real story which has happened 2 months back that I would like to share with all of you.

This is a incident which has happened between me and my girlfriend at function hall. Her name is Dolly. She is fair looking girl, studying in Hyderabad. She is a pharmacy student.

My girlfriend is a sexy looking girl and I have seen many guys ogling at her. Her boobs are large in size which makes guys go crazy horny watching her.

Coming back to the story. One day, when I was in a horny mood, I asked my girlfriend to come for a video call. She came on video call. She was in a marriage function of her cousin marriag. Dolly was looking damn hot in a half saree.

I was unable to control myself and decided to go for that marriage. I said to her but she told me not to come. But I didn’t listen to her. I went to the function with my friend.

I reached the marriage hall and my girlfriend came running towards me. She noticed my boner as it was very evident.

She then smiled and said, “Hey, you see those guys? They were staring at me and one guy even tried to flirt with me earlier. I have now escaped from them after they have saw me with you now. Maybe they have started crying inside, just look at them!”

I just smiled at my girlfriend after hearing that.

I openly told her that I became so horny after seeing her damn hot in the video call and I want to have sex with her right there. Her face became red and she asked me to leave.

I became sad. Then I asked her to give me a kiss at least. She said, “ok but only kiss. You go to the backside of the hall, I will be there in 5 minutes.”

After 10 minutes, my girlfriend came wearing a naughty smile. “Okay, we have only a very little time. If anybody comes and sees us, I am dead.”

I said, “Don’t worry, my friend will tell if anybody comes”. Then I hugged my girlfriend tightly and started kissing her non-stop without giving a break.

I held her against the wall, facing me and started kissing and licking on her neck region. Meanwhile, my both my hands were exploring my girlfriend’s boobs. She started moaning. By then, I entered my left hand inside her jacket. Dolly left a soft moan this time.

I knew my gf was aroused by this vigorous foreply. I told her I need to fuck her. This time, she agreed and said, “I am yours”. This made me more hard under.

The function hall was at outside the city and there was an isolated small room about 100 m far from the function hall.

We both went inside the room and my friend was standing outside the room to tell if anybody came. Then I slowly started removing my girlfriend’s half-saree. She started removing my jeans and then removed my underwear.

Her large eyes got wide after seeing my large dick. She smiled and started to give me a blowjob.

She stopped after some time and didn’t let me to ejaculate. But that made me angry. I pulled her up. I removed her jacket and panty in a jiffy. By seeing her naked, I was mesmerized.

I was loosing my control. There was small bed in that room and I pushed my girlfriend onto that bed and started sucking, biting, chewing and pressing her boobs. I was getting wild.

My gf started shouting and crying. She regretted pissing me off but I was loving her shouting. Her boobs became reddish from my wild handling.

She: Hey, go slow!
Me: This is just the start!

She was having mixed feeling of pain and pleasure. I started kissing her and biting her. Her lips started bleeding. I saw both pain in her eyes and her horny expression.

Then I started fingering her. I was also playing with her boobs at the same time.

I stopped fingering her just before she was about to come! I could see the disappointment on her face.

Then I started slapping her on her cheeks, and boobs. After that, I asked to get in doggy style.

I freed her hands and started spanking her hard, like really hard. My girlfriend started crying due to the pain but was also liking the way she was treated.

I started mouthfucking her and then started teasing her without fucking her.

She: Stop teasing me and start fucking me already!

Me: I will but you need to be my sex slave.

She: Ok, I will be whatever you want but please fuck me.

Finally, I started fucking my girlfriend’s pussy. She was shouting as loud as she can because of the pain when I entered her tight virgin pussy. I saw blood all over the area. I started moving inside her slowly.

After a few minutes, I was riding over her like a horse, pressing her boobs hard and treating her like a slut.

Me: Turn around, baby.

She turned around and I started fucking her in missionary. Soon, she was exhausted. I was also tired. We rested for some time.

She just smiled and we had a small kiss session. Then she started to get dressed and go back to the function. When she entered the function hall, the guys started staring at her as they made out from her appearance that we had sex. They looked at me like they had lost their most valuable belonging.

We gave each other a smile and I left the function.

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Virgin Girlfriend Fucked First Time