Visiting Prostitutes, My First Sexual Experiences

Visiting Prostitutes, My First Sexual Experiences

Hello everyone! This is my first story on ISS, so please do ignore any errors and I shall strive to make it better. Well, to introduce myself I am Akash(name changed for obvious reasons) working in an IT firm in Bangalore and I’m 25 years old. I’m a good looking guy, tall (5’11”) and fair.

This a true story based on my real-life incidents. This is going to be a bit lengthy but it’s worth reading. I’ve always had sexual fantasies from a young age but never had opportunities to fulfill them.

I used to masturbate on a regular basis just like any other teenager to relieve myself from the sexual tension and until the age of 22, I never had a girlfriend.

I got into a relationship at 23. Even after having a girlfriend, I was never fortunate enough to have sex as she was not up for it and we used to just end up in Base 2. I was in a relationship for over 1 year and then broke up.

After break up, I really wanted to get laid with someone and I didn’t want to get into another relationship. I was emotionally broken and badly wanted to have sex.

Well, here starts my journey towards fulfilling my fantasies and desires. I had a few friends who regularly used to visit prostitutes but until then I never had thoughts of having sex with a stranger or rather a prostitute.

One fine day I was just sitting with my friend, sipping beer in a resto-bar and expressed my urge to have sex. Since my friend had contacts with a pimp he just called up one of them and within no time my friend received pics of available girls on WhatsApp.

I was really surprised to see that many of them were good looking and I didn’t even feel like they were prostitutes. I chose one girl who was in her mid 20’s and was really hot.

I couldn’t wait to get laid with her. However, the pimp asked us to wait for 1 hour as the girl had to come from a different place and the service location was just 15 mins away from where we were. That 1-hour wait felt like ages to me as I was excited and horny.

Finally, the wait was over and the pimp called us over to the service location. It was a residential area and no one could ever imagine that something like this would be happening here. My friend dropped me at the place and then he left. There was no one else in the house, just the pimp, and the girl. The pimp asked me to pay 2K for the service and then let me in.

I headed inside the room and there she was. OMG! she was wearing tight jeans and a tee. To describe her she had thick thighs and a broad ass, fair skin, decent height, and not so great boobs but that didn’t matter.

I couldn’t really wait for long so didn’t have much conversation(I would not make it boring by describing what conversation we had). After a very short conversation, she just started undressing while I sat next to her. She first removed her tee and then her jeans and then asked me to undress.

Now she was in her bra and panties and I was in my undies. We first hugged and I could feel the warmth of her body and her boobs were pressed against my chest and it felt like heaven but didn’t last for more than a minute.

Then I kissed her on her neck and unhooked her bra revealing her melons which were of size 32, I believe. She herself removed the panty and then lay on the bed. I was still in my undies and bent over and sucked her boobs but she was a bit hesitant which I could sense and she undid my undies in no time and she put the condom on me.

I was fully erect by then and asked for a blowjob to which she denied and gave me a hand job for not more than 2 minutes and asked me to fuck.

It was clearly evident that she just wanted to finish and leave. She then held my dick and directed it to her wet pussy.I entered her in missionary position and I thrust into her for a good 5 minutes and then I cummed.

I just cleaned myself and bid goodbye and left the place as I was disappointed. Never thought my first time would be so terrible. After a few days I again had an encounter in the same place but with a different girl this time. She was in her late 20’s and had good stats. This time I was really satisfied as she was very co-operative.

Well, even the second time it started with a hug, and then she undressed and I undressed. I kissed her on her neck and then came down to her navel. I started sucking her navel for some time, and then I removed her bra and panty.

I played with her boobs, which were round and just perfect for a good amount of time. She started moaning as I sucked on one of her nipples while squeezing the other one.

She then removed my undies and gave me an amazing blowjob without a condom. Trust me I was on cloud nine as she took the entire length into her mouth, she sucked my dick like a pro and she was pressing my balls at the same time.

On the other hand, I started squeezing her boobs and started moaning in utter pleasure.

After some time, I asked her to stop as I was about to come and asked her to lie down. My dick was fully erect and rock-hard by then. I put on the condom while she lay down and then I thought of trying a different position. I had already tried the missionary position.

I usually cum fast in the missionary position, so I asked her to come on top of me and I lay down. She then came on top of me and put my dick inside her pussy and started riding me like a pro.

Trust me I was in so much pleasure I started moaning and the sound coming from the thrust of her butts hitting against my thighs made me hornier.

I didn’t really cum fast and she rode me for a good time and after about 15 to 20 minutes I cummed. Then I cleaned myself and thanked her for such a good experience. She praised me too and complimented that I was really good.

Well, this is how I started fulfilling my fantasies. But then somewhere I started to feel that some kind of spark was missing. I then felt it could be even better as it is not just about intercourse and there could be more passion and romance which I didn’t want to try with a prostitute.

So I would be narrating my next amazing experience in the upcoming story.

Please feel free to write to me with your feedback/suggestions to [email protected]’m always up for new experiences/adventures, so if anyone interested hit me up.

Visiting Prostitutes, My First Sexual Experiences