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Watching my young wife Lori being seduced

Watching my young wife Lori being seduced

My wife Lori is 27 and I am 34. We have been married a couple of years and she is without doubt the cutest, sexiest woman I have ever known. Her green-grey eyes, pouting lips and sparkling smile are captivating. Her long legs, slender body and firm real breasts invite exploration and she shares herself with me passionately in every way. She has a prominent pussy mound that she keeps immaculately shaved, showing off her full labia lips that flower open when she is aroused. I love to drink from her sensual pool of charms and immerse myself in her welcoming womanhood. In short, I consider myself the luckiest man alive and I worship my true love. And until six weeks ago, I thought I would be the only man to ever have that privilege!
I am a private banking consultant for a very exclusive wealth management firm, so when a high society charity ball came up recently, the managing partner in my group bought two $1000 tickets for Lori and I to attend, so I could expand my network amongst the rich and famous. He also instructed me to ‘spend big’ on Lori so she could look a million dollars and agreed to cover up to $10,000 on ‘outfitting’ her for the night because these things matter in the glamorous circles we were about to enter. Lori of course was delighted and somehow managed to burn through more than that on just a sexy little black cocktail dress, a tiny little little clutch purse and a pair of shoes – I suddenly realized that I would need to win a lot of new business if Lori wants this to become her lifestyle!

We decided to stay for the weekend in the hotel where the ball was to be held. We checked in on Friday and Lori spent the whole of Saturday getting ready. Like most guys, I couldn’t understand why a woman who is already so beautiful needs so much preparation but when I saw her return from the spa and salon, hair perfect, exquisitely manicured and immaculately made up, I could see she was oozing confidence. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than knowing she is so!

Complete with erotic black lingerie hidden beneath her figure hugging dress, Lori was ready and looked an equal to any super-model. She smelled amazing too, filling my senses and swelling my lust. My only regret (and hers too, I suspect), was that she did not have a jewelry collection to match the moment. I told her how amazing she looked, triggering a wry smile from her and the simple comment, “Watch out – I could get used to this and more!”

With my bride proudly on my arm, we entered the heady excitement of the cocktail reception preluding the ball. My boss was there with his third wife, a Ukrainian ex-model not much older than Lori. Fortunately, the girls hit it off immediately and chatted while I circulated with my boss for a round of introductions. When we returned, an elegant couple were talking with Lori and Ulya. It turned out they were the hosts of the sponsored table where we would be sitting. The man, a massively successful real estate developer and retail tycoon in his mid forties was accompanied by his poised and self-confident blonde wife Gail, whose penetrating electric blue eyes sparkled in the reflection of massive diamonds that adorned every available space on her perfect creamy skin. The conversation was light and frivolous, the mood was heavy with power, money and sex.

Duke, (as I will call him), concentrated all his attention on Lori, while I was occupied with Gail and a man who I considered a great business prospect. Occasionally I glanced over at Lori and I could see how intently she was absorbed in her conversation with Duke. I thought nothing of it as our eyes met occasionally and we exchanged smiles.

When it was time for dinner, Duke placed his hand gently in the small of Lori’s back and guided her into the ballroom and I courteously offered my arm to Gail. We slowly made our way to our allotted table, through a sea of greetings and small talk as Gail was recognized by almost everyone. At our table, Duke ushered Lori to the seat beside him that bore Gail’s name card.

“I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your wife”, he said with gracious charm, “we’re having such a delightful conversation. Besides, poor Gail has heard all of my stories and I am sure she would enjoy a break!”

I didn’t object and Lori flashed me a huge smile. She was loving the attention and sat happily next to Duke, immediately locked again in conversation with him. Gail joined me on the other side of the table and we sipped champagne, settling in for the evening. The seating was boy-girl and I was flanked by Gail and a Brazilian woman with the longest sensual fingers I have ever seen, tipped with wickedly long crimson nails, married to my prospect customer Allan, who was a soccer promoter and sports agent. More than half an hour must have passed and I had been so busy talking to my two beautiful neighbors that I hardly even glanced at Lori. Now that I looked at her, Duke was pressed close to her. Lori was mesmerized by whatever he was saying and occasionally threw her head back laughing or looked at him intently with wide incredulous eyes.

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Gail could see me watching Lori and placed her hand over mine.

“You know that he’s trying to seduce her, don’t you?” she said shockingly. I couldn’t believe her matter of fact tone and was lost for an answer.

“And he will probably succeed too”, she added, “he almost always does!”

Gail squeezed my hand as she felt me tense up. My first reaction was anger.

“Stay calm and think about it a little”, she said. “Don’t get upset. Every woman finds a powerful wealthy man like Duke attractive”.

I couldn’t believe she was talking about her husband this way, watching him pay all his attention to my lovely wife. At that moment Duke pulled Lori close to him and whispered in her ear. A wicked smile flashed across her face – then after a moment’s hesitation, she shook her head as if to say ‘no’ and looked over to me. She looked radiant, excited and a little confused. I wondered about the subject of their last exchange and wished I could eavesdrop on every word. What did he ask? What did she say ‘no’ to? Strangely, with mixed emotions, I was becoming fascinated watching this unfold. I was slightly reassured when Lori blew me a kiss across the table, although I recognized the horny look in her eyes.

I turned to Gail.

“How come you don’t have a problem with Duke flirting with other women?” I asked innocently.

“I don’t have a problem with anything he does. I’m not stupid – I know things will happen with other women, if I like it or not. That’s just who he is. Honestly, I’m turned on by the same things as Lori. He’s charming and sexy. When you’re with him you feel like you’re the only person in his world. That intensity is a very powerful aphrodisiac to a woman!”

“So you’re OK that he has other women?” I asked incredulously.

“I’m more than OK. I even encourage him. He needs more sex than I can give him. He comes to me for love”.

This was a whole new world for me. Gail could see that I was confused.

“Look at her”, said Gail, motioning towards Lori, “see how alive and excited she is talking to him. Right now, she will be flush with lust for him. She can sense his power and dominance. She wants to submit. I know how that feels – it’s what he does for me too. Let her enjoy herself”.

While I was shocked to hear Gail’s candor, I was even more surprised that despite my stomach churning with jealousy, I was getting aroused and my cock was beginning to stir.

“Do you have affairs too?” I asked. Gail laughed and squeezed my hand again.

“Of course not!” she burst out, “he would never let me do that. We’ve had some pretty wild parties at our ranch, with lots of swinging and I do fuck his friends and business associates whenever he wants me to. He loves me to do that while he watches!”

I looked over at Lori again and by now the signs were unmistakable that she was getting aroused, making eyes at Duke and slowly falling under his spell. I was even more surprised at myself – I had decided not to intervene. I just wanted to see if he would succeed.

Gail continued.

“It will probably be the best sex she’s ever had. It always is for me. I even like it when he’s had a new conquest, especially another man’s wife, because he comes home afterwards and does me like crazy, boasting about how he wore down her resistance and in the end she begged him!”

By now I was becoming hard and my mind was starting to fill with wild images, when I was interrupted by the master of ceremonies calling for the first auction of the evening.

“Watch this”, instructed Gail. “This will be his first big move on Lori”.

“How so?”

“Just watch – he’s a master at this. Very soon we will know if he can conquer your wife!”

The auctioneer announced a beautiful Dior necklace, valued at over $60,000 dollars and its images were flashed up on the screen. All the women at the table commented on how lovely it was. Lori pointed to it and called over to me that I should bid on it for her. I nodded to acknowledge, knowing it was out of my league! Then Duke asked me loudly:

“Hey Brett, are you going to bid on that for Lori, ‘cos if you are I will stay out of the bids?”

“Out of my range!” I had to reply, reluctantly, feeling very insignificant in the moment.

“OK then”, said Duke, “Its mine”. He flashed a knowing look at Gail.

The bidding was frantic and Duke competed furiously with other guests until finally he prevailed at $92,000. There was much applause and cheering at our table, with Lori the most enthusiastic. Duke pulled a check book out of his tuxedo and scribbled out the check. Then he went up to the podium to get his prize, taking the microphone, joking that he was so ashamed with the other bidders underpaying that he had decided to pay $100,000 after all. He returned triumphant to our table and passed the necklace around for all to see.

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When the necklace reached me and Gail, she pressed in close to me.

“He’s going to offer to let Lori wear it this evening, in exchange for some small sexual token”.


Now I was spellbound as the necklace was passed a few more times until it came to Lori. She looked at it adoringly and Duke leaned over to whisper in her ear. Her surprised look told me he had put his question to her. I realized Gail was right and I was witnessing my young wife being seduced in front of my eyes by a very powerful man.

Duke stood up and towered over Lori. Slightly fearful, she looked up at him as he took the necklace from it’s box, unclipping it and offering it towards her neck.

“Shall I?” he said loudly enough for me to hear. Lori simply nodded silently and he stepped behind her while she pulled up her hair to give him access to her slender neck to fasten the necklace. Now my wife wore his trophy. I knew what this meant.

Duke took Lori’s hand and lifted her up, placing a kiss on her cheek. Then he turned towards me and said,

“I could see how much Lori wants the necklace, so it only seems fair to let her try it on to see if it suits her. Doesn’t she look beautiful?”

I admitted that she looked amazing, and told Lori that the necklace suited her. Lori looked at me intensely as if to trying to communicate a deep question. I’m sure she had no idea that Gail had told me what was happening. I didn’t give her any indication that I understood. I abandoned her at that moment and chose to become complicit in her seduction. She would have to decide if she would succumb.

“I’m sorry I can’t buy it for you, darling!” I called across to Lori.

“You won’t have to pay for it”, replied Duke, “there’s always a deal to be done. We can find a way”. To others at the table, it probably sounded like a joust between businessmen. To me it was a lance to my heart. I knew what he meant and wanted. By now, I was hoping Lori would too.

Gail leaned over to me.

“Don’t worry, he never asks for too much at first”, reassured Gail, “maybe her panties, or to feel her under the table, or for her to get his cock out secretly. He will pick something like that to break down her resistance. From then it’s only a matter of time before he puts the big question”.

Duke leaned in to Lori and whispered in her ear. She nodded submissively and excused herself to go to the restroom. She looked a little flushed and agitated and hardly glanced in my direction.

“Is she wearing sexy lingerie?” asked Gail.

“Yes, something from La Perla”, I confided.

“Then that’s what he wants from her. He will have already found out what she’s wearing and demanded it to test her”.

I watched my gorgeous wife thread her way through the tables. Now I had a raging hard-on and couldn’t wait for her to return to see what happened next. Gail could sense my tension and I felt her hand under the table find my crotch as she tested my arousal.

“Good – I’m glad you’re getting excited too!” she exclaimed.

I asked Gail why Duke didn’t just buy the best and sexiest hookers in the world and she explained how it was about power not money. For him, seducing another man’s wife and fucking her in front of him was the ultimate power trip. I had to admit, the idea was beginning to excite me too.

I took out my phone and with shaking fingers, texted Lori.

> Are you having a good evening? < > Wonderful! < was her instant reply > Nice of Duke to let you try the necklace < > I know! Can you believe it? < > I think its what you do when you’re rich and famous, like him < > I don’t mind! Anything to wear this necklace! <

I didn’t give any indication that I suspected what was happening and Lori offered no clue. She seemed perfectly happy concealing her feelings from me and it turned me on.

> Have fun then < I added > I’m sure I will. You too <

About five minutes later, Lori returned and sat back down next to Duke. I watched from the corner of my eye and after a short pause, I could see her pass something under the table to Duke. He had her panties. His first victory. Lori looked at me innocently and I just smiled back.

Conversation returned to normal around the table and there were two more auctions but this time Duke didn’t bid. I kept stealing glances at Lori and Duke and could see she was completely absorbed in conversation with him. Soon the dancing started and Lori called over to me and Gail, fingering the necklace which adorned her neck.

“I’m going to dance with Duke. I hope you don’t mind”.

“She has to”, added Duke with a huge smirk on his face, “that’s part of the price for wearing the necklace tonight!”

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I wondered what the other part would be!

Gail and I wished them well and my wife set off hand in hand with Duke. Soon they were dancing intimately on one side of the dance floor. Her body melted into his and she rested her head on his chest. The lights were lowered and the evening took on a romantic mood.

After three dances, Lori and Duke returned to the table. He had his arm around her waist and she was smiling, giggling and flirtatious. As they sat down, Duke pulled his chair closer to Lori. Then to my surprise, Duke started a business conversation with me, asking about my firm. As we discussed various investments and he shared some information about his businesses I started to realize that Lori’s eyes were glazing over. But it wasn’t from boredom. Judging by the position of his arm and how she sat forward, it was obvious that Duke was fingering her under the table. Then it struck me – this was my test!

I just continued the conversation looking straight at Duke. I both hated him for his arrogance and admired him for his confidence.

After a few moments, Gail got up and walked behind Duke, gently massaging his shoulders. She also looked intently at me, to see if I would flinch. She ran her fingers through Duke’s hair and teased the back of his neck. As Lori began to breathe more heavily and her eyes closed, Gail winked knowingly at me. Duke didn’t miss a beat and kept up his conversation with me as I watched my wife silently give a tiny shudder and I knew she had come on his fingers.

Lori’s eyes flashed open and she stared straight into mine. Apart from a slight curling smile, again Lori gave me no clue of what was happening. I looked back at Duke. His smile was now smug satisfaction. He knew that I knew. I had passed my test and he knew I wouldn’t stop him with Lori.

“Come on Lori, let’s do what girls do best”, Gail said. “Let’s go to the restroom”.

As they left, I expected Duke to confront me and tell me his intentions with Lori. Instead, he asked me to join him and introduced me to several of his wealthy acquaintances on other tables. We spent a little longer to two men, Grant and Davis who Duke said were two of his best friends. He told them to make me and my ‘exquisitely charming’ wife welcome to their world and said he hoped to see them later in the evening. As Duke steered me back to our table, he put his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s good that you have such a beautiful wife” he said, “Lori will be a great asset for your business career”. Then he turned and shook my hand firmly, fixing me in a knowing stare, continuing. “Think about it. I would be a very valuable customer and so would those two guys”.

Before I could answer, I could see the women coming back to the table.

“Say nothing to Lori”, was Duke’s command to me. “This is all up to her now”.

“I understand”, I said, really not sure where this was leading.

As they returned, Lori made her way directly to Duke and stood dutifully beside him with longing eyes.

“Surely I owe you another dance?” she asked him. “I can’t imagine I’ve paid the rent on this necklace yet!”

“You certainly haven’t!” He laughed, taking her back to the dance floor.

“Let’s dance too”, Gail asked and soon we were dancing close together. I deliberately positioned us away from Duke and Lori so as not to interrupt her seduction. Pressed close to me, I know Gail could feel my bulging cock.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what I said to Lori?”

“I’m dying to know!”

“I told her I’m OK whatever she does with Duke!”

“What was her reaction?”

“She was very surprised, then she thanked me, asked me not to tell you anything and keep you occupied, in case she decides to do it”.

“So she still thinks I don’t know!”


That answer was a huge turn on. Less than fifty feet away, my wife was dancing with another man and thinking of giving herself to him, keeping it secret from me! As I watched Lori dance with him he whispered something to her and she looked longingly up into his eyes and nodded yes. They immediately broke the dance and started towards the door. She never looked back to check where I was.

“They’re leaving”, I told Gail. I was trembling with excitement and Gail knew it.

“You want her to do it, don’t you?”

“I can’t help it”, I confessed.

Gail felt my cock between my legs.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you with this”, she said genuinely. “Maybe if you do business with Duke, one day he will tell me to fuck you. I hope he does!”

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Watching my young wife Lori being seduced

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