We two girls :Anna and Lisa

We two girls :Anna and Lisa

I had just graduated from high school and was working on a farm tending hay and their other crops. It seemed the girls worked in the hay field and boys worked the barns. So this hot and humid Friday we were just got done with the hay and were standing around a water spicket used for filling tankers. We all stood under it to cool off. So me and this girl Lora and Betsy and Lisa got showered to cool down and I noticed Lisa had firm, small breasts which were poking out of the white T shirt and really hard nipples poking through her bra and shirt. She caught me licking my lips staring at them but said nothing but smiled. I have to say I enjoyed her bending over for her and caught her looking at me, although we never really let each other know we were looking at each other. After the long in the field day she asked me if I had any plans for the evening. I said we were going to a mountain party where k**s from my town could go drinking. I gave her directions, hoping she might come.

Later that evening I was walking back from peeing when to my surprise a sweet smelling girl came up behind me and covered my eyes and pressed her boobs into my back and said guess who I am. Her smell and touch sent tingles through my body. I felt excitement building in my body but could not guess who she was when she moved her hands from my face to my small breasts. She said I would love to see them up close. When I turned around and realized it was Lisa my excitement reached a fever pitch. She asked me to go with her to her house in the city. As we made our way to her house she explained her mother was out on the town. When we got to her house we went straight to her huge bedroom. Lisa said she wanted to see if kissing a girl was what she wanted. We began to kiss first nervously but still lips to lips and used tongue in a few places in the kiss, we both were trembling but still excited at the same time as she and I kissed and rubbed each other boobs through our shirts.

I knew I wanted to move a bit faster so I began to move my hands under her shirt and my hand which was shaking a bit squeezed her boob through the bra and then I moved under the bra feeling her warm breast with erect nipple from my touch. I could feel her heart beat faster as I continued to squeeze her boob and rub her nipple. I knew I was very wet and it felt like my jeans in the crotch area were soaking wet. I put my hand down between my crotch to check and my wetness had not soaked the jeans yet. We continued to kiss and feel each other’s naked flesh taking each other’s shirt and bra off. We played with each other’s breasts as we kissed our way down each other to our nipples! For both of us this was the first time we had girl lips on our breasts.

The excitement from our touches sent shivers up both of our spines! We giggled a bit still really nervous and continued kissing when Lisa began to rub me below my zipper sending shock waves up my body! Lisa said wow your excited, your jeans are wet. I was blushing and trying to hide myself not knowing if it was cum or if I had peed in my pants. Either way I knew I had to remove them so she helped me out of them. I stood there naked with my panties on and jeans around my ankles. Lisa was enjoying the view her face right in front of my pussy when I realized Lisa’s mother and her friend were looking in the door way watching us. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die but she just said wow girls it is ok! My friend and I do it all the time as they both stood there, so beautiful and sexy.

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Lisa removed her jeans because they we soaked as well when these amazing women told us to continue. Being a little nervous we just stood there half naked holding on to each other shaking all the while but her mom just said wait we will strip to the same point so we are just all half naked as they took our hands and lead us to the huge living room. Lisa and I began after a short break to start where we were by kissing as her mom and girlfriend did the same. They motioned us to come over and watch what they do to see if we want to go further. We watched her mother remove her girlfriend’s panties and place her tongue and fingers on her pussy and slowly rub and tongue the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. I thought this is beautiful and so erotic watching Lisa’s mom eat her friend in front of us! I noticed Lisa drool a bit and helped her wipe it from her chin with my tongue as we kissed harder both knowing what we wanted to do! While Lisa and I were kissing and touching one another her mother and girlfriend came over to us and removed our panties.

Her mother said they will only get in the way later. We are both naked with our wetness running down our thighs when her mom’s girlfriend asked if we had ever licked each other yet. We both shook our heads no as her mom grabbed me and lead me to the sofa and her girlfriend took Lisa to her side. Both women began to rub and finger us showing us how to lick pussy. They had us spread wide and gave us our first pussy eating pleasure! Lisa and I had to lick both of them before going to each other! It was a wild night ending very early in the morning. We slept naked and tangled together.

She grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it using my own cum as lubricant. I reached round and undid her bra to reveal tits that were to die for. Her nipples were very dark for a girl of her age, and they were hard as bullets. She told me to lick her nipples. I did as she asked and as I sucked on them she gasped and pulled my head even tighter against her tits. She instructed me to be gentle and how to flick my tongue along the erect nipples, then she climbed on top of me so my now reborn hard on was rubbing against the crotch of her pants. I was a bit worried as the noises she was making was pretty loud, plus I didn’t know that women do moan and gasp when they are being pleasured.

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That was when she came for the first time, using my bare cock on the outside of her panties. I could feel the crotch of her knickers grow damp with my pre-cum and her juices. It got to the point where I was almost inside her, she was so open and ready with the friction and pressing on her pussy.

She stood up and took the knickers down, showing me a bush of dense black pubic hair, but which was matted with her juices. She pulled my hand onto her pussy and told me to rub her there. She then lay back with her legs spread and while my hand slid back and forth along her soaking pussy lips, she came again releasing even more juices onto my fingers. I loved the look and feel of her pussy lips, slowly stroking them, and for the first time putting a finger inside a girls pussy. My cock was throbbing again, and threatening another explosion.

‘Have you sexed a girl before? ‘she asked. Clearly I hadn’t so she told me to kneel between her legs, while she took hold of my cock and pulled me towards her soaking pussy. She guided me into her pussy, and despite this being my first time, I instinctively pushed into her, feeling the moist heat around my throbbing cock. Her pussy was gloriously tight, but she told me I was the third boy to ‘sex’ her. She was giggling and cuddling me while she told me to push it in further. I found us grinding our pubic hair against each other and trying to get further into that moist heavenly grip of a young pussy. I thrust into her, but only managed about a minute when I came again. This time however, the sensation was unlike any other time I had cum. The muscles in my lower stomach were in a cramp, while waves of pleasure flowed through every muscle of my body. Nancy had her legs clamped around my legs and continued to thrust herself back and forth until she gave a squeal of pleasure and came around my softening cock.

I could have stayed like that all night, but our kissing and cuddling had to stop when we heard her dad shouting for us to come in. We hurriedly dressed, but not before she had wanked me again, and while I finger fucked her.

To this day I can still see her guiding me and ensuring my first time was as erotic and pleasurable as I think it could be.She then put her hand inside my boxer, pulling out my dick and she started to stroke it with her hand and was licking my tip every now and then. She licked my dick on the side to its full length making it completely wet with her saliva. Now Richa mam pulled down my foreskin and she started to suck the mushroom shaped head of dick for some time and I was felt it as eternity and just closed my eyes and was enjoying the action.

Soon Richa mam started to lick my whole length and she was choking herself to suck my full 7″ cock. After some 10 minutes of hard core sucking, I came in her mouth and she was happy to drink my cum and sucked me all dry. Richa mam didn’t let my dick go even after my climax and she was stroking it hard with her hand, kissing the tip of my dick and very soon, my dick started to gain size in her hand and soon it was at its full length.

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Now Richa mam told me “boy now it’s time for the final show. fuck my pussy as if there’s no tomorrow and tear it apart.” saying so she sat on me positioning her pussy in front of my dick and she sat down taking my entire length into hers. My dick went in without much difficulty and she started to jump up and down and her boobs were dangling in front of my eyes.

She then took my hands and placed it on her boobs and made me play with them. I was squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples while she was riding my cock. After some 10 minutes, she stopped saying” take over and fuck me.” I rolled over coming on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

She had kept her legs wide open and bent her legs as well giving me full access to her pussy. I kissed her lips and started to fuck her in slow rhythm and soon I increased my pace and with every thrust, Richa mam’s moans were getting louder and she was like ” mmmmmm….. ooooooooffffff…. yeaaaaaa….. boyyy.y….. u r good….. fuck me….. fuuuucccckkkk meeee….fuuuucccckkkk meeee….fuuuucccckkkk meeee….”

I was shouting out “oh u bitch, u are so fucken sexy.. be my slut forever. I will show u what sex…is “I kept calling her in bad words like” slut, bitch, whore, blah blah… ” and she was loving my talks as well.

After some 20 minutes of hard core fucking, both of us reached the climax at the same time and I fell on her. Richa mam hugged me and we slept like that for some 3 hours. We woke up had lunch and I fucked her again that evening in the hall with the TV volume high. We then had a shower and I left for home.

That was my first sex lesson and the remaining 10 days’ of vacation, Richa mam taught me some 10 different positions in sex and we used to have sex in the position for that day. I was fucking her twice a day. As expected I got good marks in chemistry but I continued my tuition classes with her just to have sex.

I used to fuck her twice a week and remaining days, just tuition classes and at the end, she would give me blowjob. I scored really well in all my exams and even in my boards. Whenever I get good marks, that evening would be a special fuck for me. She would make it sexier with her experience. Now she’s a mother for a second kid as well but both of us doubt it to be my kid.


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We two girls :Anna and Lisa

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