Weekend Getaway With Slutty Girlfriend Vandana

Weekend Getaway With Slutty Girlfriend Vandana

Hey guys, this is Rahul here and I am quite new to this. So, please do feel free to give your feedback.

I am a well-educated guy pursuing my masters and have an open mind. So, any of you can reach me through this mail id for any hookups or friends with benefits relationship. The following story is a true one that happened about a year ago.

I and my girlfriend Vandana were 20 years old then and like every 20-year-old, we had a very high sex drive. She was one horny babe. Her body measurements are 34-30-36. She was a bombshell and everyone in school and college had their eyes on her. But her eyes were only on my dick!

My girlfriend was always wet and a dirty slut who always wanted me to finger her in public places and theatres.

One fine day, we decided to drive down to ECR and rent a 5-star hotel room for the weekend. We drove and the fun started in the car itself.

Vandana was wearing a crop top without a bra and very skimpy shorts. While driving, I couldn’t control myself and was touching my girlfriend’s upper thighs and pussy lips with my left hand.

I slowly started fingering her and constantly increased my pace. Vandana squeezed her legs tightly and kept moaning loudly and then had an eye-rolling orgasm.

I pulled up her crop top and started pinching her nipples hard. She couldn’t control her moaning and asked me to stop the car on the roadside. I stopped the car in a secluded place and started mauling my gf’s breasts with my hands and teeth. I was biting them like a baby.

Vandana then went down on me and started blowing me. Damn, my girlfriend was so good at it. She slowly licked my balls and took both of them in her mouth. Then she lifted both my legs and started licking my asshole. She was the best at it.

I then got on top of my girlfriend and started banging her hard. She kept begging me to stop, but I didn’t. The beast in me had awakened and I kept ramming Vandana hard inside the car. And then I finally came all inside her. (We only fuck raw by the way).

Then we continued our journey and entered the 5-star hotel room. The room assigned to us had a private pool overlooking the beach. People couldn’t see us but we could see them.

After a couple of hours’ rest and we went to the beach in night. It was very secluded. We always wanted to have sex on the beach. Vandana was in her bikini and I was in shorts.

I started slowly pushing my hand into my girlfriend’s thong and felt her asshole. My fingers slowly went inside Vandana’s asshole.

Then I took my fingers out and licked it. Damn, it tasted so good! Seeing that, Vandana got more aroused and she pushed her hands into my pant and started stroking my cock. My junior didn’t need much time and was up in a jiffy.

My girlfriend then bent down and her mouth was on my cock. Her tongue started traveling up and down my shaft. She kept choking on it and cupping my balls while my hands were deep inside her asshole.

We then decided to get more naughty. We removed our clothes on the shore and got into the water. Inside the water, our hands were all over each other and we started kissing intensely.

She jumped onto me with her legs around my back. I slowly thrust my dick into her pussy and started fucking her hard. She was moaning loudly in no time. To silence her, I started kissing her hard and our tongues were all over each other, exchanging saliva.

To tease her more, I used my finger to stimulate her asshole. Two of my fingers were inside my girlfriend’s asshole and was finger-fucking her. I realized she was nearing an intense orgasm.

So, I broke our kiss and started licking my girlfriend’s underarms and kissing it. We both then came at the same time.

But I still wasn’t satisfied. So we both got back to our rooms. I carried her onto the bed. I made her lie on the bed and started applying oil all over her. I slowly ran my fingers all over her in the name of a massage.

I could feel Vandana’s breathing get heavy whenever my hands went near her upper thighs or her breasts. I then suddenly started spanking her ass hard till it became red. And then I slowly brought my tongue into my girlfriend’s asshole and started licking it from top to bottom. Vandana started squirming in pleasure.

I then turned her around and started massaging her front. I slowly ran my hands on her breasts. I started squeezing them with my palms. Damn, they felt so good. Slowly, I pinched Vandana’s nipples. She screamed in ecstasy.

I then started licking her nipples and sucking on them like a baby. I was sucking her nipples dry. This awakened the beast in her.

Vandana quickly pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me. She removed my shorts and poured some chocolate sauce all over it. She began to lick every bit of the sauce off my dick and balls. She then applied some over my nipples and started licking it.

After that, my girlfriend did the most surprising thing. She got on top of me and applied some oil on her asshole and pushed my dick into it by herself! She started riding me like a crazy bitch and then we both orgasmed together. However, as we were cruising to one of our best orgasms, someone opened the door to see us in this situation!

Please do give feedback for me to continue. Any woman in and around Chennai please do feel free to reach out [email protected] for any fun or relationships you might be interested in with absolute confidentiality. Regards, your horny sex expert neighbor stud. Please do follow this space for future stories.

Weekend Getaway With Slutty Girlfriend Vandana