Well, That Backfired – Sex Stories

Is that the house?” I ask Mom as I pull along the curb of the quiet Des Moines cul-de-sac. Mom looks out of the passenger window and nods.

“He still has the black Explorer,” Mom says, gesturing to the truck in the driveway, “you were conceived in the back seat, Tom.”

“That’s more information than I needed.” I reply. Mom gives me an exaggerated look of shock, and I smile.

“What about me?” Laurie perks up from the back seat.

“You were made behind the dumpster of a Hardee’s Jr, Sweetie,” Mom smirks back at her daughter, “and the best versions of you ended up on my back.”

“You don’t want the best versions of me,” Laurie sniggers as she runs her hands through the coils of Mom’s hair, “you like the worst version too much.”

Mother and daughter lock eyes with each other over the front seat of the van. From the shoulders up, the picture of the two almost looks like a mirror image; both women baring strikingly similar facial features and expressions. Their curly, brown hair, big, blue eyes, cut jawline, high cheekbones, pointed nose, and full, pale lips are nearly identical, but move lower, and you can see where mother and daughter differ. Laurie is well shaped, but lean and sleek, while Mom’s curves border on exaggeration. And though the two are sexually different, their eyes share the same carnal hunger, and their mouths express the same seductive smirk. They move together, their lips part, their tongues entwine, and their fingers slink into the curls of each other’s auburn hair.

“Hey, Sierra,” Eleanor pipes-in from the back seat, “is that Bradley?”

Mom whips her head to the side, and stares out the passenger window. Through the reflection of the glass, I see the dim features of her face express melancholy longing. I look over her shoulders, and see my dad for the first time in over a decade. Holy shit, it’s like looking in a mirror. Save for the bald spot on the crown of his head, and the muscle on his arms, he’s a spitting image of myself. He walks out the front door, and gets into the Explorer. A woman follows him out, and waves as he pulls from the driveway. Goddamn, Dad; you sure know how to pick ‘em. Audrie is twenty-seven years of tan skin, blonde hair, and a body you could paint on a warship. Her breasts slope from her chest in perfect proportionality to her statuesque frame, and perch high and full above a flat abdomen toned with soft muscle beneath a tight top. Her back curves in a graceful arc down her length, and ends in a pair of leggings that leave nothing to the imagination. The fabric stretches and clings to the gravity-defying fullness of her backside, whose domes crease perfectly about the thigh in two, smiling folds. She’s wearing hooped earrings that dangle from between strands of long, platinum hair, and her face bares the soft features of rosy cheeks, luscious, pink lips, a narrow nose, and grey, clear irises shining from big, oval eyes.

“You guys know the plan,” Eleanor whispers to Laurie and me, “you two go in there and have fun with your step mom, and Sierra and I will go deal with Bradley.”

“You’re going to have to help us on this one,” I say to Eleanor, “I don’t think Laurie and I can handle a woman like that on our own.”

“Just because she’s a hot piece, doesn’t mean she’s a hard mark,” Eleanor chuckles, “you got me in bed, and if I may be so bold, I think I’m rather attrActive.”

“You’re a shameless slut, Ellie,” I smirk, “it was just a matter of time before I got my turn.”

Eleanor pouts her full, red lips in mock indignation. Her green eyes sparkle mischievously from her freckled, pixie-like face, whose innocent structure acts as a perverse mask for the lecherous mind behind it. Her crimson hair bows inwardly about her cheeks, accentuating the girlishness of her portrait, but the innocent façade does not extend to her body. Large, pale breasts protrude vulgarly from the cut neckline of her t-shirt, and her thick legs widen into a set of glutes that burst lasciviously from her plaid skirt. Eleanor is a slut, she’d be the first to tell you that, but she is so much more. I’ve never met someone who can read a person like Eleanor can; she gleans more from a single glance than most could from an extensive conversation. If Laurie and I are going to take Audrie on our own, we’ll need some help from our redheaded harlot.

“Alright,” Eleanor says, and glances out the window. She studies the woman across the street for a moment, and then turns back to me, “what can you tell me about her?”

I look at the beautiful blonde on her porch, and can’t see past the ass and titties. I’m a simple man, what can I say?

“A hot piece of ass.” I reply, and catch a scornful look from Mom and Laurie.

“Let me help you.” Eleanor says with a roll of her eyes, and gestures to my step-mom, “She drives a Prius, with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. She has a ‘peace’ flag in the window, a ‘legalize it’ sign in the yard, and a rainbow tire cover in the driveway. She has a UCLA t-shirt, but a John Deere hat on. It’s Thursday, and she’s in her house at ten AM. What does that tell you about her?”

“She’s… a democrat?” I ask stupidly.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Eleanor snorts, “since you’re such a fucking genius, I’ll just tell you. Audrie is a classic example of a country girl who ‘found herself’ in a big-city college. She was the hottest bitch in a small town high school, thought she was too good for the place, and applied to UCLA. Only when she got to L.A, she realized she was just a small fish in a big pond. Her rural heritage didn’t jive with the hot, urban sentiments of her peers, and her superiority complex vanished. Audrie felt insecure for the first time in her life, so what did she do? She reinvented herself to fit in. She cast away her country roots, and dove into the progressive college experience with both feet. She sexually overcompensated because she wanted to experience everything, and she chose a major like Women’s Studies or some shit because all the sudden she was an activist, just like the trendy, urban peers she desperately wanted to impress. She had the time of her life, and those four years she spent in UCLA defined her. But then she graduated, and realized that a liberal art’s major doesn’t pay off student loans. She moved back to Iowa, and latched onto the first man with a stable income she could find: your dad. Now, she spends her days doing yoga and bitching about Trump on the internet. But do you know what the most important thing about Audrie is? She’s bored.”

I stare blankly at Eleanor, both amazed and a little scared at how well she just read a woman she’d never met. Eleanor grins broadly at me, and then kisses me on the neck, places a single finger on my cheek, and turns my attention back to the woman in the doorway.

“I think it’s time I take the training wheels off and let my students fend for themselves,” she whispers seductively, her lips tickling my ear, “Why don’t you and Laurie give Audrie some excitement?”


Congratulations on finally getting your GED, I type furiously into the youtube comment section, you can put it right next to your NRA certificate. You know, it’s people like you that are the reason this country-

A knock on the door interrupts my self-righteous monologue, and I break my attention from the five paragraphs I was planning to write. Fucking girl scouts; I had a whole dissertation to drop on that ignorant asshole. I walk across the kitchen, open the door, and my jaw almost hits the floor. Holy shit, it’s a young Bradley. The hair, the eyes, the frame; it’s all there.

“Hey,” the young man smiles easily, “are you Audrie Baker?”

“Y-y-yes!” I stammer, still stupefied at what I’m looking at, “How can I help you?”

“I’m Tom Baker,” the man says (of course he is!), “and this is my sister, Laurie.”

I barely noticed the girl standing next to him. She’s about five inches shorter than myself, brown haired, blue-eyed, and wearing a very risqué plaid skirt and button-up shirt.

“Can we come in?” she asks, smiling with the same easy smile as her brother.

“Of course!” I yell, a little too eagerly, “Come in, come in!”

I usher my step-children into the room, my heart beating with excitement. I’d always heard about Tom and Laurie from Bradley, but the only pictures he has of them are of when they were barely older than toddlers. I finally get a chance to meet the mysterious part of his past! This is the most exciting thing to happen to me since I watched the Game of Thrones trailer!

“Make yourselves at home!” I say, gesturing grandly to the minimalist living room, “I’ll get you guys something to drink; beer?” I ask, knowing they’re underage. It seems like a desperate attempt to show them I’m ‘cool,’ and it is, but I really want these kids to like me.

“Sure,” Tom smiles, “got any Bud?”

“No Bud here,” I say, “only craft. You ever have an IPA before?”

“What’s an IPA?” Laurie asks.

“Indian Pale Ale,” I say with a bit too much smugness, “you’ll love it, trust me.”

I walk into the kitchen, very pleased with myself. I’m going to be the awesome step-mom who lets them drink, and knows about trendy microbreweries. Maybe I should offer them some weed? Do they smoke weed? Of course they do, they’re high school kids. I pull the bottles from the fridge, and take out the bag from the drawer.

“You just missed your dad,” I say as I pop the caps and pack a bowl, “by like, ten seconds. I can give him a call if you want.”

“No,” Tom’s voice says from the living room, “we’d like it to be a surprise.”

I finish packing the weed into the bowl, grab the frosty pale ales, and walk into the living room. Tom and Laurie are sitting on the couch together, and I notice Laurie briskly pull her hand away from his as I step into the room. I hand them each their beverages and then coyly show them the pipe I had behind my back.

“I don’t know if you guys partake,” I say slyly as I gently pad the top of the herb, “but I wouldn’t be a good host if I didn’t offer.”

“I do,” Laurie says brightly, accepting the pipe in her hands and giving me an appraising smile (fuck yeah, cool step-mom status confirmed!), before looking at her older brother, “I don’t know about Tom though.”

“I’ve never done it,” Tom says, looking at the weed apprehensively, “I like to keep a clear mind.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, no peer pressure.” I say warmly as I sit on the couch next to Laurie, “But it’s an indica strain, which means it’s like a body high, and won’t mess with your head.”

Laurie lights the corner of the bowl, and inhales until the cherry glows brightly against her face. She takes a smooth exhale without any coughing, and I see her expression begin to droop slightly. She gives me a blissful smile and then passes me the pipe. I expertly corner the bowl, inhale, hold it in, and let it out slowly, before passing it to Tom. Tom looks nervously at the pipe, and Laurie puts a comforting hand on his upper thigh. His composure relaxes, and he accepts my offer. I smile inwardly; I get to be Tom’s first experience with marijuana. Cool step-mom status just got elevated to ‘awesome.’

“So,” I say, as Tom’s virgin lungs hack up smoke, “tell me all about yourselves; I want to hear everything.”

Laurie gives me the synopsis of her life as we burn the weed between us. I learn that she’s on the varsity gymnastics team, that she’s a closeted metalhead, and that she’s currently applying to USC, UCLA, Nebraska, and Boise State. I unabashedly tell her to go to UCLA (go Bruins!), recant the tale of how I met her father, and bitch about Donald Trump a little bit. Tom isn’t much of a talker, and elects to let Laurie and I carry most of the conversation. I glean a bit of information from him; he’s going to Nebraska, he likes videogames and he’s interested in programming, but he mostly remains an intriguing mystery to me. After a half hour, a case of beer, and three bowls of weed, I notice that I’m a little too drunk and a little too high, and so are Laurie and Tom.

“Oh, fuck,” Tom groans, and barely makes it to his feet, “bathroom!”

Tom hurriedly rushes to the bathroom as Laurie tries to get up to help him. She sways dangerously to the side, overcorrects, and then falls awkwardly on top of me.

“Oh my god, I’m so irresponsible!” I laugh, “Your father is going to kill me!”

“I can walk!” Laurie laughs embarrassedly, before failing another attempt, and landing face-first into my lap.

“You are such a light weight!” I cackle, “You’re going to have to work on that before you go to UCLA.”

“Fuck that, go Trojans!” Laurie yells mirthfully, her voice muffled as she talks against my belly.

“I will disown you if you go to USC!” I cry as she raises her head from my lap.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Laurie grins, “you’re not my real mom.”

“I was wondering when you’d pull that shit.” I smirk, crinkling my nose.

“My real mommy lets me do anything I want,” Laurie says in a baby voice, “and the Bruins fucking suck.”

“You little bitch!” I laugh, and throw her off me and onto her back. Laurie laughs gleefully as she sprawls on the couch, her skirt hiking up dangerously past her thighs. I pounce on her in a fit of playfulness and begin tickling and prodding her into a writhing mess of flailing arms and legs.

“Tom!” Laurie yells, “Tom, Audrie is beating me!”

“Shh! Shh! Shh!” I giggle as I clasp a hand over her mouth, “Shut the fuck up!”

Laurie licks the palm of my hand, and I pull it back in revulsion.

“You nasty little girl!” I exclaim through bursts of laughter.

“You have no idea.” Laurie giggles, and then her demeanor changes. The playful curl of her lips subsides into an easy, expectant smile. Her wide-eyed drunkenness softens into a half-lidded gaze. I’m suddenly very aware of the position of our bodies; my legs entwined with hers, my breasts squishing against her petite bust. Her hands are raised above her head and splayed lazily open, and mine are gently gripping her at the waist. How the fuck did this happen?

“I, uhh…” I say awkwardly as I attempt to sit up in my drunken state, “this is weird.”

“It doesn’t seem weird to me at all,” Laurie whispers, and raises her leg so that it bends at the knee, allowing our crotches to push together, “and it seemed very natural for you. You really did have fun in college, didn’t you?”

“I did,” I giggle, and instinctively separate my legs about her thigh, “but those days are behind me.”

“They don’t have to be,” Laurie says, and shifts her body so that we press together from thigh to breast, “it can be our little secret.”

“I’m a married woman,” I say, unable to stop myself from breathing heavily in anticipation, “and you’re my step-daughter.”

“Doesn’t that just make it so much hotter?” Laurie whispers. I smile lustfully, and almost kiss her right there, but I stop myself. No, I cannot do this. Laurie is drunk, underaged, and the daughter of my husband. I am a faithful wife. I struggle to lift myself off her, but my drunken limbs don’t cooperate.

“Whoa,” Tom’s voice says from the threshold, “I clearly missed something.”

“Audrie was trying to convince me to go to UCLA,” Laurie smiles at her brother, “her recruitment methods are a bit unorthodox, but she’s making a compelling argument.”

“This is not what it looks like,” I smile bashfully at Tom, “we were just having some fun.”

“Clearly.” Tom smiles easily to me, and walks toward us. I manage to ease myself upright from Laurie and try to make room on the couch for Tom, but he doesn’t sit in the vacant spot I’ve provided for him. No, Tom stops in front of us, leans forward, and kisses Laurie. Not a kiss on the cheek or the forehead, but an open-lipped, passionate entwining of tongues. What the fuck. They pull from each other, their gazes locked in their love and lust, and then they turn their sapphire irises on me.

“Our family is a little different than others,” Laurie says as she unbuttons Tom’s fly, and my heart skips a beat, “and a lot of people can’t accept that, but you’re not like them, Audrie.”

“You’ve been so open and caring with us,” Tom says, unbuckling his belt, and my stomach knots, “there’s no judgement with you.”

“We feel safe with you,” Laurie smiles warmly as she reaches into Tom’s pants, and my breath quickens, “we feel like we can be ourselves around you.”

I like to think I’m a sexually open-minded person; I’ve had sex with men, women, and all different combinations of the two, and I’m a firm believer that anything done between consenting partners is fair game, but this… this is new to me. It seems that in my quest to make Tom and Laurie like me, and not view me as the home-wrecking cunt who stole their father, I inadvertently made them a little too comfortable with me. My first reAction was shock, but my second reaction is quite different. My step-children trust me so much that they are willing to show a part of themselves they keep hidden from the world. Isn’t that the greatest expression of love? Isn’t that something only family can do? Their confidence in me is endearing, and I must admit, their relationship is… exciting.

“You can be yourselves around me,” I smile as I lean back on the couch, “there’s no judgement here.”

“Should we get a room?” Laurie asks, her eyes watching me knowingly, “We wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“No,” I say, feeling my words slip with tremors of excitement, “you’re fine where you are.”

“Do you like to watch?” Tom smiles as his pants drop, and I see what Laurie is holding in her hand.

“I’m certainly not participating,” I smirk, staring unabashedly at the bulging gift between his legs, “I am a faithful wife. Just pretend I’m not here.”

Laurie strokes Tom until he’s engorged in her hand. She looks up at him with a lustful expression of youthful excitement, and he looks down at her with a love so desperate it makes my heart ache. She leans forward, and plants a tender kiss on the tip of his cock. He runs a hand through her delightful curls and guides her forward. Laurie separates her pouting lips and wraps them around him as he inches his way into her mouth. She closes her eyes and savors the taste of him as her neck begins to bulge with his girth. She takes him all the way in, and Tom’s head falls back in bliss. She gags a little, showing her inexperience, but she doesn’t pull him out. She holds him deeply, and rotates her lips against his pelvis; her nose squishing into the flesh of his lower abdomen as lines of saliva drip from her mouth. I spread my legs, and push my hand under my waistband.

She pulls away from him, her lips sucking so tightly that her blushing cheeks stretch from her face. She watches him from the tops of her eyes as she does it, gaging his reaction and adjusting for his needs. Her hand slinks between his legs, and gently massages his balls as she rotates her lips about his crease. Tom’s grip on her head tightens, and he begins to pull her toward him. Laurie places her palms flat against his thighs, and tries to push back, but he forces her to take him in. I almost yell at him, but then I notice the expression in her eyes. They’re partially rolled-back, and brimming with primal want; she likes it like this. I ease back into the couch, and glide my fingers through the moist petals of my erogeneity.

Tom forces his sister’s head forward again, and again, and again. Every brutal pass down his length causes Laurie to gag, and her eyes to well with tears. Wet, pained gurgles permeate from her mouth, but she dutifully keeps her lips locked, and sucking. She stops trying to resist him with her hands, and instead brings them between her own legs. From my view on the couch, I can see the dark stain down the length of her laced panties. She drives her fingers down her skirt, and I see them writhing chaotically beneath the fabric of her undergarment. Her hips shift, her legs quiver, and her mouth hums muffled tones of desperate pleasure between the gags and sucks. The sounds coming from her would be screams of delight were her mouth not occupied, but as they are, they sound like the pleading tones of a gagged captive. I push my fingers inside myself, and gasp.

“Don’t you fucking stop, Laurie,” Tom growls as he holds his sister against his pelvis, her body writhing in pleasure and discomfort, “take me in like the little whore you are.”

Laurie seems to melt in the degradation of his words. Her back arches, her legs spread, and her skirt hikes past her hips. She glances at me from the bottom of her eyes, and pushes her panties to the side before giving me a little wink. She forks her fingers about her dripping pussy lips, and spreads them wide as she defiles herself in front of me. I push my fingers deeper into myself, and furiously work my thumb along my clit as I watch her. So, this is who she really is. You never really know someone until you take them to bed, and now I know who Tom and Laurie truly are. Tom is a controlling, borderline abusive lover, and Laurie is a submissive masochist. Interesting.

Tom finally pulls out of his sister, and Laurie reels forward in a chorus of grateful, desperate breaths. Tom grabs her by the hair and rips her head backward. Her face is flushed, streaked with eyeliner, and wet with strained tears, but when he pulls her hair, her smile is devious, bright and lustful. An animalistic laugh that almost sounds like a growl flows from her lecherous lips, and brother and sister kiss in hedonistic passion; their mouths devouring each other as their bodies press.

“Audrie,” Toms says looking down at Laurie, and then over at me, “do you still want to just watch?”

“I’m just a spectator,” I smile, my words mingling with a moan as I touch myself, “don’t let me interrupt you.”

“Well then,” Tom says and pulls Laurie back by the hips, “what do you want me to do to her?”

“We want to know what makes you tick, Audrie,” Laurie smiles at me, her expression a disheveled mess of frayed hair and smeared makeup, “we want to know the real Audrie.”

“Will you do anything I want?” I ask, hooking my free thumb into the waistband of my leggings and pulling them down.

“Anything,” Laurie grins crookedly, “what twisted fantasies does Audrie Baker have in that head of hers?”

This is new and exciting. Not only do I have the privilege of watching siblings engage in the forbidden, but I get to dictate how they do it. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve spent a pathetic amount of time flicking the bean in front of a computer screen since marriage, and my tastes have turned voyeuristic as a result. I like participating as much as the next gal, but there’s something about watching that gives you a feeling of… power.

“Tom,” I say sweetly to my step-son, “could you hit her for me?”

Laurie gives me a shocked look, and I respond with an apologetic smile. Tom takes a grip of his sister’s curls, turns her face to him, and then slaps her hard across the cheek. Her head whips to the side as a yelp blasts from her mouth. She stares at me, touching a hand to the red print on her cheek, her eyes welling in tears, and her gaping lips quivering as shallow, rapid breaths flow between them. Then, her eyes widen in realization, and the corners of her mouth curl in an astounded smile.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” I smirk at her.

“I’ve never been hit like that,” Laurie says, the excitement edging in her voice, “oh my god…”

“I can tell you like it rough,” I say, deepening my penetration as tones of my arousal mix with my words, “now, take off your clothes, but leave the skirt on.”

Tom pulls off his shirt as Laurie begins fumbling with the buttons of her own. It’s obvious that she’s delaying on purpose, and Tom gets frustrated, and gives her what she wants. He grabs her by the neck of her collared button-up, and rips it down the middle, causing a spray of buttons to clatter against the floor. Laurie laughs gleefully as her petite breasts jiggle from her body, and the remains of her shirt fall from her dainty, bare shoulders.

“Hit her again,” I command, joining my hands together between my legs as I arch my back against the seat, “and choke her.”

Tom grabs his sister by the throat, and she returns his violence with a challenging, lustful smile. He slaps the smile off her face, and her head whips to the side. Though the mirth has left her expression, the arousal is shining from her eyes. She bites her lip, grinds her thighs together, and then faces her brother again, curling the same challenging smile across her mouth. He hits her again, and again, and again. Every slap sends her hair flailing in a bounce of coils, and her head reeling to the side, but it also prompts moans to mix with her yelps, and her thighs to grind together with increasingly desperate need. When Laurie is begging for more, and her inner thighs are soaked with the nectar of her want, I order her brother to cease the abuse.

“Now,” I say pushing three fingers from each hand inside myself, “tie her hands behind her back.”

Tom takes Laurie’s shirt, and she places her wrists together behind her. Her sapphire eyes brim with excitement, and she gives me a lip-biting smile as her brother binds her.

“I don’t like that smug look you have,” I smirk at Laurie, “Tom, gag your whore sister.”

“You do it.” Tom says as he winds his sister’s shirt into a rope. I open my mouth to object, but the cold look in his eyes stops my words against my teeth. That’s not the look of someone you say ‘no’ to. That’s the look he gives Laurie that makes her do the depraved things he desires. It’s the look that makes her love getting slapped in the face and choked. It’s a look that could make me cheat on my husband if I’m not careful; it’s not a look he inherited from his father.

“Ok, Tom,” I say as I withdraw my hands from myself, and bend forward to Laurie, “but this is as far as I’ll go; I’m a married woman, after all.”

“Of course,” Tom says, the look vanishing from his face, and the easy smile reappearing, “my hands are just full at the moment.”

I look Laurie in the eye as I hook my fingers beneath the waistband of her panties, and pull them down her legs. Strings of her juices glisten in the light and cling to the fabric, before stretching and snapping as I pull her panties further. I take them off, and smile into her blue eyes as Tom binds her wrists behind her.

“Open your mouth.” I command, and she does, the corners of her gaping lips quirking in excitement. I push the filthy panties into her mouth, and she graciously accepts them, moaning delectably as she savors the taste of herself. Tom pulls his sister’s arms back behind her, prompting Laurie to whimper a muffled tone of discomfort, and pinch her shoulders back, allowing her petite breasts to jut forward from her delicate frame. Tom finishes off the last knot, and then rests his chin on his sister’s shoulder, and looks right into my eyes.

“Ok Audrie,” he smiles his easy, panty-dropping grin, “what do you want me to do to her?”

“Hmm,” I muse, tracing my fingers down Laurie’s thighs, reveling in the control I have over her, “a filthy whore like this doesn’t deserve to be fucked in the pussy…”

I look squarely into Laurie’s eyes, and see the anticipation building behind her sapphire irises. She doesn’t want it in the pussy, does she? No, Laurie likes the depraved, and the perverse; she wants it where it hurts.

“A filthy little whore wants it in her filthy little hole, doesn’t she?” I grin at Laurie, and she nods enthusiastically.

“Tom,” I say, lying back into my arm of the couch, and sliding my hands between my legs, “fuck your little sister’s asshole.”

I expected Tom to ease her into it. I expected him to bend her over, and push in slowly until she acclimated to the pressure. That’s how every partner I ever had did it when I was feeling frisky with my backdoor, but that’s not what Tom does. Tom picks Laurie up by the thighs, swings his legs under her, and then impales his poor little sister on his cock. Her back wrenches in a curve, her head reels behind her shoulders, her abdomen tenses, and she screams a muffled tone of agonized ecstasy. Her pussy glistens with the arousal of her abuse, and her thighs quiver in their splayed positions outside of Tom’s legs. I can see the base of his thick cock wrapped in the tight, stretched rim of Laurie’s asshole, and I can see the way she’s clenching around him; she fucking loves it.

Tom grips his sister’s ass, spreading her open as his fingers sink into the supple flesh. He shifts his weight backward so that Laurie is forced to lean against his abdomen, and I’m allowed an excellent view of what he’s doing to her. He pulls out, and I see a small length of her anal flesh stretch and distend from her hole, sheathing his cock in a thin membrane of pink, glistening skin. Laurie shrieks a sobbing plea for more; her eyes wide and trembling, and her lips sucking around her panties. Tom pulls to his crease, and spreads Laurie wide enough that she gapes around him, allowing me to look inside my step daughter. I’m rubbing my clit furiously, bringing myself to the brink of orgasm, and then slowing down, wanting to come when they do.

Tom begins to fuck his sister. His drives are long and rapid, forcing every inch of himself into his sister’s widening rim as she flails to the rhythm of his lust on top of him. Her breasts jiggle and deform to her shifting momentum, her hair bounces behind her in a mess of curls, and her shoulders tense and twist as she struggles for purchase with her bound hands. Tom slides his hands from his sister’s cheeks, to her thighs, and pulls her legs back. Her flexible gymnast body bends easily for him, and her knees are soon resting beside her ears. He locks his elbows behind her knees, brings his hands behind her, and presses them together on the back of her head, forcing her to look down at what he’s doing to her. Laurie’s stifled screams rise in their pitch as she watches her brother’s cock disappear into her tight, pink hole. Tom’s hip surge upward in a relentless jackhammer of thrusts, and Laurie’s body writhes in abject pleasure, well past the point of controlling herself. She bends, curves, and shifts to his every whim, lost in the mind-breaking heat of her lust. Tom, however, is very much in control. He stares at me over his sister’s shoulder, fucking her, but watching me. His gaze is cold and controlling; wanting, but not asking. It’s as if his sister is but the tool of his message, and the message is very clear: this is what he wants to do to me. As I push my fingers into my pussy, and tease the rim of my ass with my pinkies, I realize, I want him to do it. I want to feel Laurie’s body pressed against my own, and I want to feel Tom’s raging heat inside me, but I can’t do it willingly; my conscience won’t let me. I’m a faithful wife, Tommy; if you want it, you’re going to have to take it.


“This is a stupid plan!” I hiss at Eleanor as we scoot into the booth of the coffee shop.

“You’re just being a pussy,” Eleanor hisses back, “it will go fine unless you chicken-out.”

“How do I look?” I ask, nervously adjusting my clothing.

“Like a dime, Sierra,” Eleanor smiles warmly, and places a comforting hand on my thigh, “he doesn’t stand a chance.”

“What if he doesn’t come?” I ask, feeling the panic rising in my chest, “What if he just goes straight to work?”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that.” Eleanor chuckles, and gestures to the opening front door. My ex-husband walks through the glass coffee shop door, looking older than I last saw him, but still every bit the man I once loved, and still do. I shrink in the booth, but Eleanor tightens her grip on my thigh, prompting me to jolt upright.

“Confidence, Sierra,” she whispers, “you’re still the hottest piece he ever had, Audrie be damned. Now, look at me and act like we’re having a conversation, and stop staring at him.”

I force myself to look at Eleanor, and we talk about nothing as Bradley goes to the counter. From the corner of my eye, I see him glance at me, and I force myself to keep my attention diverted toward the redhead in my booth. He looks away, and then does a sudden double-take. Showtime, Sierra.

“He’s walking over here,” Eleanor says, still nodding and smiling like we’re in the midst of gossip, “do not look, and do not initiate; make him make the first move.”

I can hear his footsteps approaching, and it takes every inch of my will not to turn around and look. Finally, the footsteps stop. Eleanor continues talking about nothing, and I continue to pretend to listen to her babble.

“Sierra?” Bradley’s voice says from behind me, “Sierra Townsend?”

I slowly turn my head over my shoulder, and I see him. A few more lines on his face, and a bald spot on the top of his head, but still him. Still my Bradley.

“Bradley?” I ask no longer having to feign my reaction, “Holy shit, Bradley?!

“Oh my god!” Bradley exclaims, throwing his arms out to his side and nearly spilling his coffee, “Sierra, how the hell have you been?”

I practically leap from the booth and run into his arms. He embraces me like an old friend, and I have to resist embracing him like a lover. I hug him tightly, and then pull away after the appropriate amount of contact has been made.

“Goddamn,” Bradley exclaims as he looks me over, “the years have been much kinder to you then they’ve been to me!”

“You look great,” I smile, “a little less hair, but a little more muscle.” I squeeze his arm playfully, and he blushes a little.

“Yeah,” he says awkwardly, feeling the top of his head, “I tried Rogaine, but after a while, I just figured there’s no fighting father time. Unless you’re Sierra Townsend, I guess,” he laughs, gesturing broadly to me, “the ageless wonder!”

“It’s still Sierra Baker,” I chuckle, “and liberal amounts of makeup can hide many things.”

“You kept my name?” Bradley says, astounded.

“I’m a traditionalist,” I laugh, and then gesture to Eleanor, “except in some regards, I guess. Bradley, this is Eleanor O’Reilly, my fiancé.”

“Your fiancé…” Bradley trails off, looking wide-eyed at the teenage bombshell grinning in the booth, “you’re…”

“…a lesbian,” Eleanor giggles from her seated position, “yes, Mr. Baker.”

“Call me Bradley.” Bradley says, still baffled at what he’s looking at. Eleanor extends a hand to him, and he shakes himself from his stupor, and grasps it, “Nice to meet you.”

“Care to sit down?” I ask him, gesturing to the booth, “Or are we holding you up?”

“I’ve got work in fifteen minutes, but those bastards owe me weeks of vacation time,” Bradley says, finally regaining his smile, “we got some catching up to do, don’t we?”

“We certainly do.” I laugh, and sit down next to my ‘fiancé.’ Bradley scoots into the booth, keeping a respectful distance from the two of us. He gives Eleanor a studious once-over, and then smiles the same easy smile his children wear.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Miss,” Bradley says in a joking tone, “can I see your drivers license? You don’t look old enough to be in this establishment.”

“Bradley!” I laugh in mock embarrassment.

“We get that all the time,” Eleanor chuckles to Bradley, “I am old enough to marry, but a year shy of ordering my own beer.”

“Holy hell,” Bradley says, “good for you, Sierra.”

“Thank you, Bradley,” I smile widely, and then gesture to the ring on his finger, “I see you’ve found someone too.”

“Yeah,” Bradley says, unconsciously twisting the ring, “I can’t really fault you for marrying a younger woman, seeing as I did the exact same thing with Audrie. You know,” Bradley says, his smile disappearing as he looks at me, “it makes a lot of sense now.”

“What?” I ask, feeling my smile fade.

“How we ended up,” Bradley says, and then nods to Eleanor, “and who you really are; it makes sense. You should’ve told me, Sierra, I would have understood.”

“We don’t need to dig up the past,” I say, and entwine my fingers with Eleanor’s, “just leave it buried; we’re both better off for it.”

Bradley looks long and hard at me, years of words flowing from his eyes. His expression softens, and he slaps the table in conciliation.

“You’re right,” he says, his smile back on his lips, “it’s buried. So, how have the kids been?”

“I was hoping you’d be able to tell me yourself,” I say, raising an eyebrow, “seeing as how I dropped them off at your house, and someone let them in.”

“You did?!” Bradley exclaims, and then pulls out his phone, “I didn’t get any messages from Audrie about it.”

“They wanted to surprise you,” I smile ruefully, “and it looks like I ruined it.”

“Jesus H. Christ, Sierra!” Bradley nearly shouts, “I haven’t seen them in ten years, and you just drop them off?!”

“There’s no bad blood,” I say, grasping his hand in a consoling nature, “they understand things just didn’t work out, and now that they’re old enough to make their own decisions, they decided they wanted to reconnect with you.”

Bradley’s panicked expression stays on his face a moment longer, and then relaxes into a crestfallen frown.

“You sure they don’t hate me?” Bradley asks, his words barely a mumble.

“Of course not!” I laugh, and squeeze his hand, “I made sure they got your presents every Christmas, and I made sure to tell them you loved them more than anything.”

“I don’t even know them,” Bradley mutters, still grasping my hand, “my own children are strangers to me.”

“Well,” I say, and place my other hand on top of his, “why don’t you fix that?”

Bradley stares at the table for a while, deep in thought. His jaw muscles work like they always do when he’s thinking, and his brow furrows in the same contemplative manner. Suddenly, his eyes light up, and a broad grin stretches across his face.

“You know what?” he says, squeezing my hand a final time before pulling it away, “Let’s go!”

“All of us?” I ask with false alarm in my voice, “Bradley, surely you can’t-”

“All of us!” Bradley says firmly, and slaps the table again, “You’ll love Audrie, Sierra,” and then his smile grows wicked, “you just keep your hands off her, OK?”

“Bradley!” I exclaim in mock embarrassment, and pull Eleanor close to me.

“You keep your eyes on this one, Ellie,” Bradley grins as he stands up, gesturing to me, “I don’t care which way she swings, Sierra is a hard one to tie down.”

“Really?” Eleanor smirks at Bradley, and then runs a possessive hand up my thigh, “Because I found her quite easy to… tie down.”

“Ellie,” I giggle, tracing a thumb along her red lips, “you’re embarrassing me.”

“C’mon, lovebirds,” Bradley laughs jovially, “we better get home fast; I don’t trust Audrie alone with my kids for a second. She’s probably got them high as a kite and campaigning for Bernie Sanders already!”

“Sure, they are,” Ellie giggles, and then shows me a picture sent from Laurie, “what crazy kids.”

Displayed in crystal-clear detail on Eleanor’s iPhone, is Audrie Baker: her breasts squished together and pulled from the ripped neckline of her UCLA shirt, her own panties stuffed in her mouth, and my son’s cock seven inches up her perfect, tan ass. I share a grin with Eleanor, and feel the anticipatory wetness between my legs. I cannot wait for this family reunion.


I can tell by the way Audrie is looking at me, that she wants it; she wants it bad. Not only does she want it, she wants it like Laurie’s getting it. Audrie lies on the other arm of the couch, her black leggings pulled past her knees, her thick, tan thighs splayed open for me, and her fingers defiling her sanctity in both holes. She’s moaning, stretching wantonly, and staring her grey irises from the tops of her half-lidded eyes. Three fingers from each hand glisten with her juices inside her impossibly tight slit, while her pinkies push deeply into her taught, pink rim. I growl, and push Laurie’s head forward, forcing her to watch as I ravage her. She’s writhing on top of me, desperately trying to break her hands from her binds, while still reveling in the nature of her captivity. She manages to spit the panties from her mouth, and her unrelenting ecstasy carries from her voice and echoes through the house.

“Oh god,” she screeches, her voice tearful in shaking pleasure, “Tom, I’m coming!”

“Come for me, Laurie,” Audrie moans, her knuckles whitening as she presses her fingers deeper, “come like the little anal slut you are.”

I release Laurie from her headlock, and her back springs into a violent arch of concavity. I grip her by the supple fat of her ass as she grinds her hips into my pelvis, fucking herself as I pound mercilessly into her. She screams wanton pleasure and twists on me; her rectum rotating about my cock as she clenches with every muscle inside her. She’s spasming and convulsing on the inside, and her inner pleasure is reflected by the lithe motion of her toned back. Her legs shoot to the side, pivot on the cushions, and drive heel-first as her entire bodies stiffens. Her bound hands press hard into my chest, her neck striates with tension, and her mouth echoes a final, pleading tone of euphoria. She comes like a fountain; showering the couch and Audrie in the nectar of her lust. She continues to drive onto my cock, and her clenching anus almost makes me lose it, but I manage to hold fast. I pound the last of myself into her, and her shrill tones subside to panting, breathy whimpers. She collapses on me; her warm body slick against mine, her disheveled hair tickling my face, and her dainty form shivering in the echoes of her pleasure. The weak, nearly mournful sounds of her satisfaction leak into my ear, and almost quell the animal inside me. Almost. I reach behind her, undo her binds, and whisper lovingly into my sister’s ear.

“Laurie,” I say so that only she can hear it, “Audrie wants it, but I think she’s going to make us take it from her.”

I glance over Laurie’s shoulder, and see Audrie. She’s stopped touching herself, and is sitting expectantly with her hands resting against her inner thighs. Her mouth is slightly parted and breathing shallowly, her white top is stained with my sister’s love, and her eyes are watching us with a calculating, anticipating expression. She’s waiting; waiting for the chase to begin. I lean into my sister, and press my lips against her ear.

“Go get her, Tiger.” I whisper, and Laurie does. She pounces from me with the sinuous athleticism only a gymnast has, and is on Audrie in an instant. Audrie attempts to roll away at the last second, but only manages to get to her stomach before Laurie is on top of her.

“What are you doing?!” Audrie screams, “I said I only wanted to watch!”

“We both know that’s bullshit,” Laurie laughs, subduing Audrie’s hands behind her, “but you’re just too ‘faithful’ to Daddy to admit you want it in the ass from your step-son.”

I get up from my seated position and walk over as the two women wrestle. Laurie has strength and flexibility, but Audrie as size. She rolls off the couch, and Laurie is flung from her back and onto the floor. Audrie scrambles to her hands and knees, but her pulled-down leggings act as a bind about her thighs, and she stumbles forward. I pick her up by the armpits, and throw her on the couch. She lands in a splayed mess of arms and legs, and kicks at me as I approach her. Her expression is combative and fearful, but I see the desire brimming in her grey eyes. I catch a flailing foot in my hand, push it to the side, catch another one aimed at my crotch, push it to the other side, and then tower over my step-mom, my hips wedged between her spread thighs.

“Are we going to keep doing this?” I smile down at her. The mask of defiance almost falls from her face, but she manages to keep it up for another display of fearful scorn.

“You’re a rapist piece of shit,” she spits, her words biting, and then she looks at Laurie, “and you’re a brother-fucking whore. You know, instead of going to UCLA, I think Alabama might suit you better.”

“Roll Tide,” Laurie giggles, and then slides her body next to Audrie’s, “we’ll see how long you can pretend you don’t want it.”

I step over the bridge of leggings stretching between Audrie’s thighs, and she doesn’t try to stop me. She looks up at me from the tops of her eyes, and the lust is etched into them like a chisel through stone. Laurie grasps the neckline of Audrie’s tank, and pulls it roughly down. Audrie gasps in alarm as her breasts jiggle freely from their constraints. It’s the best rack I’ve ever seen; perfectly formed domes slope without a space between them, and are adorned with perky, pink nipples surrounded by small, dark areolas.

“Holy shit, Audrie,” Laurie whispers appraisingly as she looks them over, “why were you hiding these from us?”

“Get away from me.” Audrie hisses, but Laurie just giggles. She takes a breast in her hand, and squeezes until the supple flesh protrudes from her fingers. Audrie whimpers in halfhearted protest, and Laurie giggles once again, before taking the nipple in her mouth. She sucks hedonistically; slurping tones permeating from her wet lips as she stares intently at her step-mom. Audrie bites her lip in concentration, and hums a desperate, pleading sound that finally turns into a moan. Laurie’s girlish laugh echoes from her sucking lips as Audrie’s head tilts back in shameful pleasure. I reach down, and pull the stretched leggings past Audrie’s ankles. She murmurs her reluctance, but doesn’t try to fight me. She’s losing the will to keep up the façade, and is beginning to surrender like she always wanted to. I plant a foot on the cushion adjacent to her left thigh, and push my pelvis forward.

“Anything that gets close to my mouth is getting bitten off.” Audrie snaps at me.

“Really?” I smile, “I think I’ll take that gamble.”

I push my pelvis forward, and watch as the tip of my cock presses against Audrie’s lips. She inhale’s sharply, and parts her lips just a bit, before regaining control of herself, and turning her head away.

“Laurie,” I smile to my nursing sister, “do you think you can make Audrie open her mouth?”

“I think I can.” Laurie smirks at Audrie, and pushes her fingers into the blonde woman’s slit. Audrie gasps, and I thrust. She doesn’t bite me. No, Audrie takes me into her mouth with warm, wet tenderness. Her luscious lips wrap covetously about my girth, and her tongue slinks delicately along the underside of my cock. From the outside, she’s looking at me with eyes full of hate, but from the inside, she’s savoring every little bump and vein of my manhood. I push deeper, watching as my cock disappears into her defiant face. She somehow looks even more attractive this way; her eyes glaring insolence, but her mouth whorishly contradicting them. Laurie pushes three fingers inside Audrie’s slit, and works her thumb in circles about her clit. She smiles knowingly as Audrie’s eyes lose their edge, and the lids that top them begin to close in blissful satisfaction.

“That’s right,” Laurie whispers as she pleasures her step-mom, “that’s the real Audrie, isn’t it?”

Audrie hums a tone of surrendered acceptance; the last of her defiance faltering as she consumes the final inch of my cock. Her nose presses against my pelvis, and she holds me there as her lips rotate. She withdraws, and a sheen of her saliva coats me. She stops at the head, rotates again, and then takes me in. I begin to thrust harder, and she begins to suck with more passion. She takes my brutality as a challenge, and rises to meet me. She doesn’t gag once; she constricts her throat around me as I burrow down it, and puffs her lips against me as I push all the way in. Faster and faster I thrust into her throat, and though lewd gurgles rise from her mouth, and saliva froths from her lips, she consumes me with ease. I thrust a final time, holding her hard against my base, and she hums a yearning tone of pleasure about me. She reaches behind me, and grips my ass tightly with both hands, trying to push me even deeper. I almost lose control of myself, and I have to pull out of her.

“You can’t handle me, Tommy-boy,” Audrie grins, “you should just give up.”

“I just needed you to get it wet,” I smile, “I don’t want to go in dry.”

“You’re quite the gentleman for a rapist piece of shit.” Audrie smirks.

“We still doing this?” I groan, “Are you going to make me fight you over everything?”

“Nothing gotten easy was ever worth getting.” Audrie smiles, moans of pleasure flowing from her lips as my sister burrows her fingers deeper.

“Fine then,” I say, “we’ll do it the hard way.”

My hand shoots forward and wraps around Audrie’s throat. She lets out a whimper of excitement and fear, and I drag her body upward by the neck. Her heels thrash beneath her until she finally plants them on the cushions, and then I make my move. I grab her by the hips, spin her around, and push my kneecap into the back of her left knee. Her legs bend, her hips shift backward, and her chin rests on the top of the couch. I wait for her to send a kick into my groin, or an elbow to my face, but she doesn’t move. She stays bent over; her upper body pressing against the couch, her ample breasts squishing from the sides of her frame, her back flexed in its arch, and one side of her face resting on the upholstery. I wait for another moment, and then watch as her elegant hands leave their resting places on the cushions, slink behind her, and grip her supple, tan cheeks. She spreads herself, revealing the puckered center of her rim, and the dripping slit of her small-lipped pussy. Her face turns to give me a final look backward, and I see the ravenous want written across it. It’s a needful, pleading expression of big, grey eyes that shimmer with innocent vulnerability, a furrowed brow that draws lines across her forehead, and parted lips that tremble with anticipatory breaths. I level my cock against the spoked dot of her ass, and push in.

God, she’s tight. The pink circle of her opening whitens as is stretches, and the line of her spokes smooth as she expands. Audrie growls a low, escalating tone, and the muscles of her lower back flex. I push her resistances inward, and the tight, glistening flesh about her rim bows inwardly with them, stretching her taint into an indentation about my advance. I push harder, and Audrie’s growl grows louder, and higher, until I finally break through. Her rim slides back along my girth, and Audrie’s head reels up, her spine arching and her glutes slamming together about me. She lets out a cry of abject pleasure as inch after inch of me disappears inside her ass. Her tight reaches envelope about me, embrace me in their sinful hold. The soft heat of her insides pulse with pleasured contractions, and give way to me in a constricting coil of deepening tension. I reach my base, and Audrie’s supple, soft cheeks press against my pelvis. Her cry strains her throat until it becomes a sob of pure satisfaction. She looks back at me; her eyebrows furrowed, her grey eyes glistening, and her parted lips quivering.

“Rape me,” she whispers, her voice dripping with lust, “rape me like I deserve to be raped.”

I grip her by the hips, pull out, and smash back into her. Her ass ripples upon the impact, and her insides seize about me in convulsions of pain and pleasure. Her head flies back, and the curve of her spine deepens as shrieks of euphoria blast from her gaping lips. I smack her viciously across the ass, punishing her for making me work so hard for my prize. Her shoulders pinch back, and a shiver ratchets up her spine. I feel her clench around me harder than ever before, so I hit her again, and again and again, until the tan, clear skin of her backside becomes a mosaic of red hand prints. She cries out with each hit, creating a perverse rhythm to our brutal lust; the smack of palm on flesh, the scream of pain and pleasure, the impact of pelvis to glutes, and the trailing moan that follows. Laurie walks behind the couch, Audrie’s panties in her hands.

“You left these on the floor,” she sniggers as she raises the soaked fabric, “what a slob you are. Do you think you need to be punished for it?”

Audrie nods her head submissively, and opens her mouth. Laurie grins as she forces the panties inside, and Audrie hums a pathetic tone of approval.

“I think you look much prettier like this,” Laurie runs a hand through Audrie’s flailing, platinum hair, “a slut in her natural state.”

Audrie squirms in delight as Laurie degrades her, and I see her juices running freely down her thigh. She slinks a hand through her legs, and continues the masturbation we so rudely interrupted before.

“You know,” Laurie says, smiling inches away from Audrie’s face, “you’re not the first woman we did this to.”

Laurie climbs up on the back of the couch, so that her thighs separate at Audrie’s chin. She lovingly pets the woman’s hair as I brutally drive my cock into her ass.

“Though the last woman was much more… willing than you were.” Laurie snickers, running her hands through Audrie’s fine strands, “You have something in common with that woman, would you like to guess what it is?”

Audrie obviously can’t respond, and in her mental state, I doubt she could have even if she wasn’t gagged. She’s screaming muffled ecstasy from around her panties, and driving her hips back against me as I slap her to the beat of my thrusts. Every pull of my cock causes her pelvic floor to stretch from her body, and every time that happens, Audrie’s knees give out in pleasure. She’s losing her mind; her eyes are rolled back, and spit is leaking from her stuffed mouth. She is nothing but the singular focus of her lust, but something tells me that what Laurie has to say might just knock her out of it.

“The last woman we did this to, was also married to Bradley Baker,” Laurie smiles, “and he’s only had two wives.”

Audrie’s rolled-back eyes dart forward, and widen. She tries to say something from around her gagged mouth, but no words come out. I placate her mental discomfort with the motion of my hips, and she soon relaxes, and falls back under my overbearing control; whimpering softly as she lurches in the prison of her self-designed rape.

“What a pretty picture that is,” Laurie laughs, “I think I’ll capture it. Say ‘cheese,’ Audrie.”

Laurie snaps a picture of the lust-drunk woman, and Audrie is too lost in her perverse fugue state to react. Laure smiles over to me, shows me who the picture is addressed to, and clicks ‘send.’ She immediately gets a message back, and her eyes widen in excitement.

“Guess what, Audrie,” Laurie smiles, “we’re about to have a family reunion.”


It’s a rare thing to get what you want, exactly how you want it. My ass cheeks are numbed from the relentless slaps of my step son, but the blows still send delightful stings into my depths. My asshole is a stretched, gaping ruin, but it still clenches and coils around Tom as he advances, making him break me open for each ferocious thrust. My mouth is filled with the flavor of my own perverse filth, but it still sucks with ravenous want as I taste myself from the fabric of my panties. I’ve always had a rape fantasy, but never the correct partner to act it out; now I have two.

Tom is fucking me so hard that my body is being pushed into the back of the couch. My spine is curved unnaturally; my ass perked upward and spread to accommodate my step-son, while my torso is pressed mercilessly upright into the cushions. My hands are splayed open and pushing hard at my sides; my wrists aching in their bent state as my arms strain to keep myself from breaking in half. My breasts are squished and deformed against the cushions, and my nipples are being dragged mercilessly along the abrasive fabric. My chin rests on the top of the furniture, and my vision is filled with Laurie’s glistening, tight pussy. Her lips are flushed and wet, and her slit is oozing with the secretion of her arousal. She tousles my hair playfully as she degrades me, and I revel in her verbal abuse. Yes Laurie, I am an anal whore who likes getting raped. Yes Laurie, I love having my step-son’s cock in my ass. Yes Laurie, I deserve this; this is exactly what I want. Yes Laurie, I’d absolutely love to meet your mother. She shows me the picture she took; my eyes rolled back, my panties stuffed into my leaking mouth, and my tan, fit body a ruin of handprints, sweat, and gaping holes. I make a mental note to ask her for a copy of the picture; this is a day I’m going to want to remember.

“Guess what, Audrie,” she says, “we’re about to have a family reunion.”

I look up at her from the tops of my eyes, my sight glazed with tears of strain and pleasure. What did she mean by that? It doesn’t matter; all that matters is the feeling inside me. The churning, quaking pressure building in my depths, compelling me to push back against Tom as he rapes my asshole, compelling me to scream muffled euphoria from my disgraceful gag. I grind my ass into his pelvis as we make contact, and my eyes roll into my head as I feel his cock pierce me in deeper, virgin territory.

“Audrie,” Laurie giggles, removing the panties from my mouth, “Bradley is coming home right now. He’s going to walk in on us.”

“I don’t care,” I gasp, feeling my pelvic floor distend from my body, “(gaaaAAH!) let him (Ah!) see us.”

“My, my,” Laurie laughs gaily, “what a faithful wife you are.”

“I want him to see,” I moan, my words interrupted by my pleasure, “I (hnnGGG!) want him to see (aaaAAAH!) how I like it.”

“You know what I want?” Laurie whispers, her lips quirked in a devious smile, “I want you to watch me get double-penetrated by my dad and brother.”

“I want to watch you,” I whisper back, staring submissively up at her from the tops of my eyes, “please (fuck!) let them do it (AAAAAH!) to me when you’re done.”

“Maybe…” Laurie trails off, her lips parted and smiling, her eyes staring expectantly at my moaning mouth, “but you have to earn it, Audrie.”

I don’t need any instruction. I wait for Tom to pull back for his next thrust, and then lurch forward with his drive, allowing his momentum to carry me upward. I’m dragged along the fabric of the couch, until my breasts pop free from the top of it. I grab Laurie by the glutes as I ascend, and pull her pelvis to my face. My lips mush against her tender, moist petals, and my tongue slides between them. I taste the sweet nectar of her slit, and translate all the pleasure of my fierce sodomy into the passion of my lewd kiss. I moan as I lick her insides, and drag her ass closer to me so that I can feel her deeper. She pushes her hands against the back of my head, arches her spine, and grinds on my face in a lustful dance. Her moans mingle with my stifled screams, and Tom begins to vocalize his own ascension. From outside, I hear the sound of car doors slamming, and the beep of them being locked remotely. I hear the laughter of two women and a man as they walk up the steps. I recognize the voice of the man, but the women are strangers to me. I don’t stop backing my ass into Tom, and I don’t stop licking Laurie; the idea of Bradley seeing me like this turns me on even more. I wrap my lips around my step-daughter’s labia, and pull gently backward, stretching her tender petals from her slit. She grins down at me, excitement written across her face, and I smile back with her fleshy erogeneity leaking in my mouth. I hear the door unlatch, and my heart skips a beat.

Part Two: Reconnecting with Daddy


“…trust me,” I laugh as I escort the two beautiful women to the front door, “Audrie will absolutely love you. She’ll probably try to impress you because you’re a lesbian and she’ll want to show how progressive she is.”

“She sounds like a lovely woman,” Sierra smiles, “I can’t wait to meet her.”

I grasp the door knob, and stop. This is it; I’m going to see the children I basically abandoned over ten years ago. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I turn to Sierra with an apprehensive look on my face. She smiles warmly, and gives me a comforting squeeze on the shoulder. I steel myself, take a deep breath, force a smile on my face, and open the door. My smile stays glued to my face, and broadens into a skeletal grimace as my world comes crashing down around me.

My wife is bent over on the couch, her curvaceous figure naked save for the tattered remains of her UCLA top. Her face is buried into a young woman’s crotch, whose features are obscured by a curtain of brown, curly hair. The young woman pets Audrie’s head possessively as a young man of similar complexion spreads my wife open and rails mercilessly into her gaping asshole. Audrie tilts her face away from the cunilingus; her pale lips glistening with the woman’s juices, her makeup smeared and running, and her expression a look of arousal so perverse it corrupts her pristine features. She smiles at me, but not with the companionable smile she usually regards me with, but a lecherous, wicked smile I’ve never seen her wear before.

“Hey, Honey,” she moans as she spreads herself for the man fucking her ass, “you’re home early; we have surprise visitors.”

The young woman looks up, and I see my daughter’s face for the first time in over a decade. The young man turns around, and I see my own grin stretched across Tom’s lips.

“Hey, old man.” Tom says in an easy, nonchalant manner.

“Hi, Daddy,” Laurie giggles, and dismounts from the back of the couch in a summersault, “we were just getting to know our step-mom.”

“She’s been very accommodating,” Tom grins, and slaps Audrie hard across the ass, causing her back muscles to tense and her mouth to squeal, “what a treat she is.”

Tom grips Audrie by the hips and spins them both around as Laurie struts along the couch, staring at me with a wicked smirk strewn across her lips. Tom lands on the couch with Audrie atop him; her legs splayed outside of his, her back resting along his abdomen, and her hands reaching behind herself to grasp the back of his head. She grinds on him; her abdomen flexing in waves of sinuous motion, her supple ass deforming against his driving pelvis, her perfect breasts jiggling to the fervency of their passion, and her eyes watching me intently as her open, smiling lips vocalize a pleasure I never gave her. Tom watches me from behind her, and then wraps a possessive hand around her throat, and forces her face to his. They share a vulgar kiss of entwining tongues and open lips while they stare at me from the corners of their eyes. My daughter kneels between my wife’s legs, and plants her face into the frothing petals at their apex. She tenderly cups Tom’s balls as his cock thrusts ferociously into the gaping ruin of Audrie’s anus. I can see the contractions of pleasure twitching up my wife’s taint, compelling her to writhe in a display of lithe motion and possessed sexuality. She continues to stare at me as she kisses my son; stifled tones of her ecstasy escalating from her occupied mouth. Tom jackhammers his way into my wife’s ass, and she reacts by arching her back against him, and grinding her ass deeper into his pelvis. My daughter licks the secretion of Audrie’s lust, and the trickle of nectar becomes a flood. Audrie breaks from the kiss; her head flying backward, her mouth gaping open, and her neck straining to yield her cry. They rise to the whim of Tom’s elevating thrusts, and I hear him grunting and groaning in the heat of his climax. They come together, and I watch in horror as my son fills my wife’s asshole. His seed drips down his shaft, and into my daughter’s awaiting mouth. Audrie’s scream finally subsides, and her desperate pants and gasps turn to whimpers of satisfaction. Laurie pulls Tom’s cock out of Audrie’s ass, and my wife’s sphincter contracts lazily into a semi-closed orifice. Laurie circles her tongue around Audrie’s dripping anus, collecting the spillage as Audrie moans her soft approval. She take’s Tom’s still-engorged member, and sucks him clean; watching me as she does it. She pulls him out of her throat with a sigh, climbs to Audrie’s tilted back head, and passes the milky contents of her mouth between my wife’s awaiting lips.

“Bradley,” Sierra whispers in my ear, her lips tickling the lobe, “you’re hard as a rock right now.”

I jolt from my existential fugue state, and look down. I am hard… what the fuck. I should be furious, I should be disgusted, I should be damn-near homicidal, but I’m not. There are times in life where every man’s masculinity is tested, and this was my final exam. Not only did I fail it, I took a steaming shit on the answer sheet, and handed it back to the professor with a smile on my face.

“I think your ex-husband might have a little cuckhold fetish,” Eleanor giggles, her chin resting on my other shoulder, “what a dirty little boy you are, Bradley; your own children…”

“I-I-I’m n-n-not,” I stammer, feeling my face flush, desperately searching for a way to gain control of this situation, “it’s not…”

“It’s not what?” Eleanor says, her words accentuated with a seductive fry. I feel her lips press against my left cheek, and I feel Sierra’s press against my right. They move their hands together along the angle of my pelvis, and Eleanor undoes my fly as Sierra reaches inside. Her cool, soft fingers wrap around my girth, and she sighs delectably into my ear.

“I’ve missed you so much, Bradley,” she whispers, stroking me, “we all have.”

“Laurie especially.” Eleanor laughs, and my gaze falls to my daughter. Her lean, nubile figure sits upright on the couch, framed by the bodies of my son and wife. Her legs are closed and bent at the knees in a façade of propriety, her eyes bare a mask of innocence, and her dainty shoulders slope vulnerably as she covers her breasts in false modesty. She’s being my little girl; my innocent, sweet, little girl. She murmurs soft tones of reluctance as her brother and step mother caress her, but I’ve seen the true Laurie; I know what she really wants. She wants me to ruin her. I feel myself grow even harder in her mother’s hand, and Sierra laughs knowingly.

“You can have her, Bradley,” Sierra’s sweet voice pours poison in my ear, “she’ll let you do anything to her.”

“She’s the family whore,” Eleanor says, her hand joining Sierra’s on my cock, “and she’s been waiting so long for you.”

“Fuck our daughter, Bradley,” Sierra whispers, “fuck her like she wants you to.”

Were I a man of true faith, I would be seeking the guidance of god. As it is, I have two devils on my shoulders, and no angels to refute them. There is no one to guide me to the honorific path, no one to help me through my most trying time. I feel the shame, self-loathing and loss of control, but most of all, I feel the temptation. My god, the temptation. The corruption that seeps its caressing tendrils into the primal corridor of my mind, and tells me it’s alright; it’s alright to want to fuck your teenage daughter.

I let Sierra and Eleanor drop my pants and guide me by the cock to my awaiting daughter. Her vulnerable façade fades as I near her, and the protective wrap of her arms and stiff posture slides into a lazy, splayed figure. Her innocent eyes sparkle with anticipation, and her closed legs separate to reveal the tight, leaking slit between them.

“I’ve been saving this for you, Daddy,” Laurie says in a baby-voice, “I didn’t let anyone else play with it.”

Eleanor relinquishes my member to Sierra, and takes Tom by the hand. Audrie gets up to join them, and the two girls leave in a fit of giggles as Tom fills his palms with their asses. I’m left alone with my daughter, and her mother. Laurie leans back, and beckons me forward with a leering finger and a promising grin. Sierra breathes hot and heavy against my neck as she guides my cock closer and closer to the point of no return; to the place where my family has gone in my absence; the place where I am going now. I feel the tender, soft flesh of Laurie’s thighs in my palms. I watch myself, almost unbelieving, as I guide them to separate. She spreads them willingly, staring up at me from the tops of her eyes, her petite breasts rising and falling with her shallow breaths of anticipation.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she whispers, her voice quivering with desperate desire, “fuck your baby girl.”

I push the tip of my cock to her dripping petals, and stop. A moment of clarity strikes me; I can still go back, I can still save myself from this. Sierra uncurls her fingers from my shaft and watches me, studies me. Laurie splays her hands lazily beside herself, waiting for me to do the unforgivable. A heartbeat passes, and then another. I feel the battle raging within me, tearing my mind in half. I feel the warm, silky skin of my daughter’s legs, and the hot, dripping flesh of her pussy. I feel two, dainty heels push into the small of my back. I feel them guide me forward, and I see the sparkling sapphire eyes of my daughter smirking up at me. I feel myself lose the last of my resolve, and I see Laurie’s smile broaden as she guides me inside her.

“That’s it,” she whispers through grinning lips as her wet heat surrounds me, “come to me, Daddy.”

She envelopes me, taking every inch of my manhood deep within. She gasps as my girth stretches her, and her breathy expulsions turn to moans the deeper I get. Her legs flex around me, and her heels push harder, until our pelvises meet. She holds me in stasis; relishing the wrongness of the situation, and savoring my throbbing rigidity inside her. Her eyes droop in blissful satisfaction, and her inner muscles clench around me, drawing me deeper, embracing me in their wet, lewd hold.

“Oh, yes,” she gasps, licking her lips and taking a deep, indulgent inhale, “this is what I’ve been waiting for.”

“Oh fuck,” I pant, my mind boiling with desire and shame, “what have I done?”

“There’s no shame in it, Bradley,” Sierra says comfortingly, “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

“Yes, there is,” Laurie giggles through a breathy moan, “there’s a hell of a lot wrong with you.”

“Laurie…” Sierra chides her daughter, but Laurie just grins evilly at me, and begins to shift her hips.

“You’re a daughter-fucking piece of shit, Daddy,” Laurie laughs, her voice girlish and innocent, starkly contrasting the venom in her words, “you’re a weak little man who gets hard watching his son fuck his wife.”

I know she’s trying to get a rise out of me, I know she’s trying to make me lose control. Beneath the layer of malice in Laurie’s eyes, is an excited flame shining from her perverse mind. She grinds her hips in a sinuous rotation about my pelvis; her tight pussy lips gripping me and pulling slightly outward from her body with each circular pass. Her toned abdomen flexes in waves as she twists her body along the axis of her penetration. The glint in her eyes grows brighter, and the deviousness of her smile widens. She plants her hands into the cushions, and pushes herself off the couch, her arms straightening beneath her. She stretches backward, her spine arching, and her silky torso flattening below her swaying breasts. She grinds my cock deeper into her, growling in playful lust as she clenches her insides around me.

“You abandoned us, Daddy,” Laurie giggles, moans slipping between her words, “why did you leave me?”

“Sweetie,” I say, struggling against the need to thrust inside her, and the cutting edge of her words, “I just… had to go.”

“You just had to go?!” Laurie laughs, though there’s a dangerous tenor behind her mirth, “Is that all?”

“Your mother and I-”

“I know what Mom did!” Laurie yells, her voice quivering with rage and pleasure. The angrier she gets, the more passionate she becomes. She locks her legs around my waist in a vice, forcing me deeper inside her. Her hot, tight insides clench around me as she pulls herself upright in an arc of auburn curls and graceful athleticism. Her breasts squish against my chest, her belly presses to my abdomen, and her fingers lock together around my neck. She stares up at me; her sapphire eyes brimming with pleasure and hatred, her pale, full lips panting exerted breaths.

“You left me without a father,” Laurie growls, her voice shaking in lust and anger, “because your wife fucked some guy.”

“I’m sorry, Laurie,” I say, my voice wavering as her beautiful, deep eyes stare their wrath into me, “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?!” Laurie laughs, her mirth interrupted by the gasping tones of her pleasure, “Look what I’ve become, Daddy; look what your abandonment did to me.”

“She didn’t have a father to protect her, Bradley,” Sierra whispers her sweet poison into my ear, “she was left vulnerable without you.”

“Maybe if you were there,” Laurie moans, grinding her hips in an intense gyration about my pelvis, willing me deeper inside her as she spills her hatred, “Tom wouldn’t have raped me.”

“What the fu-”

“Maybe if you were there,” Laurie cuts me off, forcing me to look at her, “I wouldn’t have given in to him so easily.”

“Your son raped your daughter, Bradley,” Sierra whispers, her voice dripping in seduction, “and she loved it.”

“Laurie, I-”

“And maybe if you were there,” Laurie whimpers, her voice growing weaker with each drive of my hips, her eyes growing wider the deeper I push into her, “I wouldn’t have fucked my own mother.”

“But you weren’t there,” Sierra sighs, her lips brushing against my ear, her body pressing against my side, “and now we’re all lost.”

“I’m ruined now,” Laurie smiles, her voice quivering as a shudder of pleasure runs down her twisting back, “I could have been a normal, healthy young woman, but that’s been taken from me.”

“Now she’s a hopeless slut,” Sierra whispers, her voice seeping with desire, her hands unbuttoning her shirt as she presses herself to me, “just like her mother.”

“And it’s all your fault.” Laurie says, clasping her hands on my cheeks and holding my head forward, making me look into the pleasure-warped, hate-filled sapphire depths of her eyes. I feel her burning regard etch its way into my heart, and I feel her squeezing me wantonly from the inside. I feel her anger burrowing into my sockets, and I feel her heart beating frantically from her breasts as they deform against my pressing chest. I feel the malice in her words, and I feel her slender belly flexing and convulsing with the ecstasy I’m providing her. I feel her breath on my lips, and taste the air of her mouth on my tongue.

“It is,” I say, feeling myself thrusting harder and harder despite my guilt, feeling my need to take her grow even as she whispers her hatred, “I should have been there for you, but I was a coward. Don’t blame yourself for who you are, Laurie; it’s my fault. All my fault.”

“I hate you.” Laurie says, her words barely audible beneath the gasping breaths and the slapping of skin. Her lips are trembling and partially agape, outlining her mouth in luscious, pale flesh. Her eyes beckon me with their fierce regard, daring me to initiate, daring me to try to make her mine.

“Why are you holding yourself back, Darling?” Sierra whispers, her voice almost teasing, “You’re already inside her; what’s a kiss?”

“It’s just…” I say, looking at my daughter, seeing the corners of her lips curl in a smile, “what can I do, Laurie? How can… how can you forgive me?”

“As a father? I’ll never forgive you,” Laurie says, her breath pushing into my mouth, her taste sweet on my tongue, “but I don’t want a father anymore; I want a Daddy. Now, kiss me Daddy.”

She pulls up to me in a violent motion, pressing her nubile frame against my driving form, smearing her sweat and juices across my pelvis as she rises and connects. Her lips open around mine in a fierce pressing of tender flesh, and her tongue invades me. The kiss is somehow more wrong than the sex; more intimate, more forbidden. The sex is just the desires of the flesh, but the kiss is the desires of the soul. I taste her hatred, her longing, her malice; it’s delicious. I feel my mind melt, my inhibitions give, and the last bit of my dignity drown in her mouth. I kiss her back, fierce and hateful like she is. Our lips wrap against each other, our tongues entwine and slip passionately, our tones muffle from the crease of our depravity, and I drink her in. I grab the back of her head, entangling my fingers in her curls, and push her deeper to me, rotating my face about the axis of our passion, tilting my head above hers, making her feel my masculinity, my savagery, my dominance. She resists me; pressing her mouth harder to mine, stiffening her back against my advance, and craning her neck to stay even with me. I pull her hair back in a ferocious tug, and force my face atop her own. I move my other hand along the curve of her waist, and slide it down her spine. Two fingers trail down her spread crack, and then push into the vacant, tight hole within. She gasps, arches her back, and presses her body closer to mine. The passion of her kiss becomes desperate, and a pleading tone courses from her mouth; she wants me to push deeper. I sink my fingers further into the taught filth of her, feeling the delicate flesh of her sinful hole giving way to my burrowing digits, feeling her defiance wane in the intensity of my invasion. I curl my fingers forward, and press the sheath of her anal skin against the force of my driving cock. She melts into me; her pelvis pressing hard against mine, her shoulders relaxing and pinching back, her breasts squishing into my chest, and her head falling backward into my supporting hand, letting me take my place atop her, surrendering to me in helpless euphoria. Her legs tighten about my waist, and her hands fall from my head, reach behind herself, and spread her cheeks wider for me. I feel her kiss lose its edge, and I feel her resistances fall. She’s mine now; my daughter, my lover, my whore. I revel in the power I’ve taken from her, but deep down, I know it was never mine to steal. She seduced me, manipulated me, and when the time was right, she gave me the power. She wrapped me around her finger just like her mother did all those years ago. I glance out of the corner of my eye and see Sierra, beaming endearingly as I taste our daughter, as if this were a precious family moment she’d catalogue and send out for the next Christmas card. She never stopped loving me even after all this time, and this is the way her twisted mind decided to show that love: a gift of my own daughter. As I push my fingers deep into Laurie’s ass, as I feel her pussy clench about my driving cock, and as I taste her screams of pleasure on the tip of my tongue, I realize, looking at Sierra, that I still love her too. God help me, I’m just as fucked up as she is, and she knew it long before I did. She’s got her hooks back into me, and now, I don’t think I’ll ever get out. I don’t think I’ll ever want to.


I watch as Bradley loses the last of himself to our daughter. I watch as he pushes his fingers inside her and drives his hips with reckless abandon. I watch as she melts in his passionate regard, as she loosens her body in acceptance of his lust. She curves herself into him; pressing her breasts to his chest, spreading her cheeks open behind her, dropping her head into his hand and letting him take her the way he wants to… the way she wants to. He looks at me from the corner of his eye, his lips still wrapped around Laurie’s, his body heaving in violent bouts of revelry. I smile at him and loosen up the last of the buttons on my shirt. I let it fall, and show him what he’s been missing all these years. Fishnet stockings wrap tightly around my legs, the skin bulging slightly at the straps and indenting where the garters cross my thick glutes. A lacy bra supports the perfect form of my bosom; pressing my ample breasts together, jutting them vulgarly from the elegant frame of my chest.

Bradley releases Laurie from her captive kiss, and a torrent of moans flow from her whorish lips. Such a submissive lover she’s become. I saunter over to her, and run an affectionate hand through her curly hair as she sobs sweet ecstasy and writhes to the rhythm of her father’s thrusts.

“Would you care to share?” I ask Bradley with a raised eyebrow. I run my fingers down Laurie’s wet cheek, and smirk as she willingly takes my thumb between her luscious lips, “It wouldn’t be right to make her play favorites between her parents.”

“You’re a sick, twisted bitch, Sierra.” Bradley grunts, still thrusting into his daughter.

“Is that a ‘yes?’” I smile, not flinching at the venom in his words. Bradley gives me a cold stare, and then warms his expression. He can hardly deny the situation he’s in, and by the hunger in his eyes, I don’t think he’s even trying anymore.

“She’s been such a naughty girl,” Bradley grins, “I think she needs to be punished.”

“Is that so?” I smile down at Laurie, and giggle at her fervent nod of approval, “Well, well, well; what kind of punishment is befitting for such a naughty little girl?”

“I think we need to take drastic measures,” Bradley laughs, playing along as he rails into his moaning daughter, “seducing your own father is an egregious offence.”

“Such a nasty girl,” I crinkle my nose and smirk down at Laurie, pulling my thumb from her sucking lips and tracing their pale outline, “I know just the thing.”

Bradley drops his supporting hand and lets Laurie fall backward onto the couch. I give my daughter a final smirk as I raise my leg over her face, and catch a glimpse of her licking her lips before I sit. Her nose presses into the soft length of my taint, and her mouth breathes its anticipatory heat into the cloth of my thong. Bradley kneels onto the cushion across from me, his pelvis still connecting violently with that of his daughters. I trace my fingers teasingly along the space between my daughter’s pale, jiggling breasts as I feel her mouth working beneath me, hunting for the sweet spot between my legs. Her hands slide alongside her chin, still visible between my trembling thighs, and guide me to separate as her tongue slides my thong to the side. She pushes inside me, and I murmur a soft tone of release. She translates the pleasure of her father’s cock into the fervency of her lewd kiss; pushing her tongue deep into me, sliding it hedonistically along the length of my insides as she tastes every inch of my leaking womanhood. I grind on my daughter’s face; shifting back and forth in a lust I can’t control, shuttering as I feel her nose gently press into the spokes of my sinful hole. I grip my daughter’s breasts with both hands, and squeeze in reward for her ardency. She squirms beneath me; her athletic torso gyrating and flexing in the pleasure of her sexual punishment, her pelvis pressing harder against her driving father, and her lips wrapping around the wet flesh of my slit, sucking as she pushes her tongue ever deeper.

Bradley watches me from the tops of his eyes, an expression of uncaged desire written dangerously across his face. He plows into our daughter like an animal; driving without regard for her comfort, knowing that this is exactly how she wants it by the muffled screams she sends into my depths. I moan in cadence with her; harmonizing my soft, indulgent tones with her desperate, stifled shrieks. My eyes droop in bliss, and my body reacts instinctively to its desires. I shift my hips forward, and feel my daughter’s tongue slide wet and hot across my taint. She finds what I’ve been guiding her to, and my moan becomes a pathetic whimper of delight. Her lips wrap around my rim, and her tongue pushes inside my ass. The soft, hot invasion sends its perverse stimulus ratcheting up my spine, and a shiver from my toes to my neck. She works her way slowly into me; not writhing and chaotic, but methodical and patient. Her lips suck and rotate around the nerved center of her kiss, and her tongue snakes into the exposed sensitivity of my sinful insides. I grip her breasts tightly as the pleasure takes hold of me; the pale flesh of her bust protruding from my fingers as the tension in my nethers winds tighter and tighter. I feel my equanimity falter in the heat of my lust, and have to forcibly compose myself to remain in control. It seems that Laurie has gotten much better with the skills of her mouth; if I am to remain the sexual matriarch of this family, I’ll have to be warry of her growing prowess. As it stands, there is only one woman here who can truly match me, and she’s not family; not by blood, anyway.

Through the haze of my euphoria, I connect eyes with the emerald gaze of Eleanor. She watches us intently; her irises staring from the tops of her whites as her mouth works hedonistically upon the moaning blonde beneath her. Eleanor’s pale, voluptuous complexion is completely bare, save for the skirt that’s hiked past her hips, and clinging to the bulging globes of her backside. Audrie writhes beneath her; her tan complexion contrasting Eleanor’s paleness, her mouth occupied with my son, her composure obviously subservient to the masterful redhead working her into a frenzy. I reach back and spread my cheeks around my daughter’s face, enveloping her in the warmth of my supple flesh, feeling her tongue push its way ever further inside me. I lick my lips through my moans, and beckon the redhead to me with come-hither eyes. Eleanor smiles around her perverse feast, and trails a suggestive finger along the length of Audrie’s twitching taint, raising an inquisitive eyebrow as her finger moves back and forth, tortuously teasing the poor woman. I smile and nod; I haven’t been formally introduced to Audrie yet, and I would just love to make her acquaintance.

Part Three: A family Reunion


I quite like Eleanor. Maybe it’s because she’s clearly the ringleader of this debauched group, or maybe it’s because her tongue is working wonders inside me. I taste the residual flavor of my ass on Tom’s cock as I take him, feeling him growing harder with each gentle pass of my lips. I smile around my lustful consumption as I hear him groan in satisfaction, and I moan in turn as Eleanor’s red lips puff around my dripping, engorged petals, and her fingers trace fire along the sensitive space between my holes. For now, the three of us are content with just foreplay. We watched for a while as Bradley fell to the temptation of his daughter, and then we engaged in a little fun of our own, but not too far; we were saving ourselves for the inevitable main event.

Eleanor parts from her kiss in a satisfied smack, leaving a sheen of her saliva and my nectar coating my reddened labia. Despite her age, it’s obvious that Eleanor has a lot of experience. I murmur a reluctant tone as she leaves me vacant and unsatisfied, sliding her soft, curving body slowly up mine until our eyes are inches apart.

“I think,” she smiles as she pulls Tom from my sucking lips, “Sierra wants us to come over.”

I glance over my shoulder, and see the beautiful thirty-five year old woman gyrating on her daughter’s face. Were this a normal family reunion, I’d be more than a little intimidated by the woman. Her deep, blue eyes, pointed nose, strong, cut jawline, and curly, waving auburn hair make her gorgeous, and the body that stretches beneath her is almost exaggerated in its curves. I’m not modest; I know I’m beautiful, but my beauty is the blonde-bombshell, fleeting beauty of youth, while hers is a graceful, lasting beauty, the kind that doesn’t fade with age, but simply changes to something else. I must admit, I’m a little jealous of her, but it’s hard to feel animosity toward a woman smiling so warmly, so… motherly, toward me. There’s not a hint of malice in her regard, only a welcoming, endearing glow to her beckoning smile. So, I smile back, take Eleanor by the hand (and Tom by something else), and join the family reunion.

“Hey, Honey,” I smirk at Bradley as we near them, “glad to see you’re getting along with Laurie; I was worried there’d be bad blood between you two.”

“Oh, we had our troubles,” Bradley grins back, smacking Laurie on the ass, causing a muffled squeal to permeate from her mouth as she eats her mother’s ass, “but we worked it out in the end.”

“I believe,” I say, smiling coyly to Tom, “that Laurie had a very specific request for you two.”

“Ah, yes,” Tom says, reaching forward and placing a hand on his mother’s inner thigh, compelling her to slide backward to reveal the disheveled, ruined face of his sister beneath, “some quality time with the men of the house, if I remember correctly.”

“Is that true, Sweetie?” Sierra smiles down at the teenager between her legs.

“Yes, Mommy.” Laurie grins back, her lips coated in a sheen of her mother’s lust.

“You always were such a tom-boy,” Sierra laughs endearingly, tousling the disheveled curls beneath her, “always playing rough with the boys when you should have been playing with dolls.”

“It was my lack of a proper father-figure,” Laurie giggles, looking at Bradley as he pushes his way inside her, “I craved male attention anywhere I could find it.”

“Alright!” Bradley yells, dragging Laurie from beneath his ex-wife, pulling her up by the hips, and then spinning them on the couch so that she’s straddled across him, her nubile, lean body pressing to his torso, “I’ve had enough of this guilt-tripping bullshit from you, young lady! Tom, let’s give your sister the male-bonding she so desperately wants.”

Laurie lets out a near-maniacal laugh, bites her lower lip, and spreads herself for her brother. Bradley halts his thrusts for just a second as Tom lines up his shot, and pushes himself inside. Laurie’s rim stretches to a pink, taught circle, her taint pulls to a length of indented flesh, her pussy visibly clenches, and her demeanor shifts violently. Her back wrenches in a curve that deepens with the depth of her anal and vaginal penetration, her abs strain to accommodate the fullness of her depravity, her neck tenses in lines of tendons, and her mouth screams. A hoarse, pained shriek of pure satisfaction flows from her gaping lips, and her eyes bulge as she realizes she did not know what she was getting herself into. Bradley and Tom thrust in unison; driving harder and harder into the poor girl, forcing her rigid, tensed body up between them as she loses control of herself.

“That girl,” Sierra murmurs over my shoulder, “is always biting off more than she can chew.”

“She’s such a masochist,” Eleanor chuckles beside me, “pretty soon we’ll be getting whips and chains for her birthday.”

“Maybe,” Sierra responds, “but if I’m being honest, I’m a little worried about her impudent streak.”

“Oh?” Eleanor laughs, “You don’t like that she’s becoming an independent, young woman?”

“I think she’s testing herself,” Sierra says, “I think she throws herself into situations she can’t handle, just to see how far she can go before she loses it.”

“And this worries you?” Eleanor asks.

“She’s ambitious,” Sierra says, “always trying to be the best, whether it be gymnastics, grades, or boyfriends. Now that she is… the way she is, I’m afraid she’ll try the same thing with the family. Masochism might be her thing now, but she’s really just putting herself through a trial-by-fire until she gets the experience and confidence she needs.”

“To what? Usurp you?” Eleanor laughs, “Sierra Baker, are you sexually threatened by your own daughter?”

“A little,” Sierra smiles bashfully, “does that make me a bad mother?”

“I think you should embrace it,” I say, turning my attention from the screaming teenager sandwiched between her brother and father, and looking back to the women conversing behind me, “you should be proud of the way she flourishes.”

I feel immediately foolish for saying it. It’s not my place to give parental advice, especially since I’m the step-mother. I feel my face flush with embarrassment, and an apology form on my lips, but Sierra just laughs conciliatorily and nods.

“I suppose you’re right, Audrie,” she says, “I guess I should welcome the day my daughter makes me her bitch.”

“I didn’t-”

“No, really,” she smiles her warm, motherly smile, and takes me by the hand, “you’re right.”

Sierra pulls me close to her, spreading her thick legs and guiding me to stand between them. She assesses me with a thoughtful expression; running her eyes from my face, to my breasts, and then lower.

“God, you’re pretty,” Sierra mumbles, “I can see why Bradley was so enamored with you.”

“No, you’re the beautiful one,” I say, drinking in her body, admiring every elegant curve of her form, “I don’t know how he could ever leave you. I’m just a young piece, but you’re… I’m like Cameron Diaz in the 90s, and you’re like Cate Blanchett.”

“You’re a sweet heart,” Sierra laughs, her hands sliding up my arms, over my shoulders, and then tracing down my sides, “I hope my children weren’t too hard on you; they can be a rambunctious duo.”

“That’s an interesting way to put it,” I chuckle, feeling my body bend closer to Sierra as she caresses me lower and lower, “I’ll admit, they were a bit more than I could handle.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Sierra smiles, lowering her face as her fingers trail down my spine, “I hope I can make it up to you; it’s hard to find a good babysitter for them.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, Sierra,” I chuckle, indulgently lacing my fingers into her luxurious locks as her face lowers to my abdomen, “I think I’ll need to raise my rates if you want to keep my services.”

“I’m sure I we’ll find some way to accommodate you,” Sierra says, her voice low and seductive, her blue eyes smiling at me as her lips hover over my navel, “you’re practically part of the family.”

“What can we do to keep you around?” Eleanor asks, her curvaceous, soft form pressing against me from behind, her arms gently embracing me below the breasts.

“Hmm,” I smile deviously, keeping one hand on Sierra’s head as I reach back and entangle the other in Eleanor’s crimson strands, “there is one thing you could do.”

“And what’s that?” Sierra whispers, her blue eyes sparkling, her hands resting on the supple flesh of my backside.

“Laurie made a little promise to me before you came,” I grin, glancing over at the screaming teenager being brutally taken beside us, “she said that I could have a turn spending… quality time with Bradley and Tom, when she was done.”

“Is that so?” Eleanor laughs, her voice a raspy fry in my ear as she cups my breasts, “How thoughtful of her.”

“I think we’d all like a chance to spend quality time with those two,” Sierra says, her lips gently tracing their way down my torso, her hands slowly spreading me open from behind, “but it would be foolish to jump on that ride without a little preparation, wouldn’t you say?”

“It would be downright moronic,” Eleanor concurs, glancing at Laurie’s predicament, “it’s always important to stretch before rigorous activity.”

“Maybe we can stretch you out,” Sierra laughs, low and seductive, her voice brimming with promise, “it’s the least we can do for such a wonderful babysitter.”

Sierra licks her way down my abdomen, her tongue working delicately through the lines of my pelvis, her hands spreading me open as Eleanor kisses me on the neck, and then moves south. I look down, and see a head of brown curls descend to my nethers, and a crown of red strands lower to my cheeks. Eleanor plants her face between the spread crease Sierra has provided for her, and Sierra trails her lips through the trimmed mound at the precipice of my lust. They hover their mouths over their meals; their breath hot and heavy upon the sensitive entrances at their wake, the anticipation building with each hungry expiration. They move together. Sierra’s lips puff around the reddened petals of my pussy, while Eleanor’s wrap about the puckered circle of my ass. My breath catches in my chest as their tongues push into me simultaneously. My spine arches at the small of my back, my ass envelopes Eleanor’s face, and I rest a hand atop both of their heads, feeling my legs growing weak in the intensity of the sensation. Sierra’s tongue curls upward, licking along the tender length of my inner spot, sending felicitous bouts of delight deep into my abdomen. Eleanor’s tongue pushes into the tight wrap of my anus, exploring through the uncoiling channel. The perverse pleasure of my ass mingles with the natural pleasure of my womanhood, and my mind loses its focus to the needs of my body.

Their penetration is soft, warm and wet. At first, their tentative, almost curious with their tongues. They test me in different spots; probing gently through the nerve-covered wonders inside me, gaging the reactions of my body. Their tongues connect along the membrane between my channels, and I nearly collapse as a cry shoots from my lips. I feel their mouths curl in a smile about my entrances, and their exploratory nature ceases. They push their tongues hard against one another, and run them back and forth, pinching the fleshy division of my holes with their invading members. My head reels back, and I lose the strength in my legs. I plant my hands hard on the tops of their heads as I sit on their faces, and they hold me upright, not stopping for a moment, not giving me a second of reprieve. I straddle helplessly atop them, shifting back and forth over their faces, taking one deeper and then the other, feeling the weakness of my legs travel up my body. I hear them laugh a muffled, knowing tone as they discover the secrets inside me, finding the spot that drives me insane, exploiting it mercilessly. My eyes water in the heat of it all, and my nethers quake with felicitous contractions. They feel the involuntary reaction of my body, and they continue, more ardently, more determined than before. The last bit of resilient strength leaves me, and I become limp atop them, supported only by their feasting mouths and their pressing hands. I feel it; the familiar ache that permeates inside me, the rising torrent that marks the point of no return. They feel it too, and they don’t stop; oh, god, they don’t stop! I’m trapped between them, a slave to their gentle lust, a prisoner to the tender kisses that penetrate my most vulnerable places. All I can do, is grip their hair in desperation, finding something tangible to hold on to as I lose myself to them. My hips shift wildly, my voice rises higher and higher, the aching, tortuous pleasure grows and grows, burning, blazing within me. My head tilts to the ceiling, my body gyrates in waves of oscillating lust, my eyes widen in a tear-streaked, euphoric gaze, and I come. A pathetic, whimpering sound is the only vocalization my mouth can manage. The heat of the release rages to its critical point, and then breaks. My asshole clenches about Eleanor’s tongue, my pussy convulses around Sierra’s invasion, and a fountain of my euphoria floods into her awaiting mouth. The intensity of my ecstatic song rises as my voice gains leverage in my throat, and I scream the last bit of my mania as sanity regains purchase in my cluttered mind. Through a glaze of pleasured tears, I watch as Laurie experiences what I’m being prepared for.


Daddy and Tommy are not nice to me. They treat me like the baseless slut I am; hitting me, choking me, spitting into my gaping mouth as I scream. Their cocks push together; brutally separating my tight insides, stretching me wide open as I beg for mercy. They don’t give it to me, and I don’t want them to. I straddle about my father, my pussy a ruin of reddened, glistening petals and inner lips that stretch with every retreat. From behind, Tom spreads me open with one hand, and slaps me with the other. My asshole is a gaping, clenching vice that coils around him with every violent forced entry, welcoming him inside me with a sinful, sibling embrace. They pierce alongside each other; burrowing into virgin territory, desecrating the sanctity of depths I’ve never felt before. God it’s good; better than anything I’ve ever had, and the wrongness of it all, the depravity of the act only makes it better.

“You like it when Daddy fucks you like this?!” Daddy growls, one of his hands wrapped around my throat, the other painfully squeezing a flailing breast.

“YES!” I choke out, writhing atop him, my body reacting perversely, violently, to every motion of the men taking me, stuck between their ferocious attacks, unable to steady myself, unable to adjust.

“You’re just the family cum dumpster, aren’t you?” Tom whispers in my ear, one of his hands gripping my ass and holding it open, the other relentlessly slapping me, turning my pale backside into a mosaic of red hand prints.

“YES!” I comply obediently, my voice wavering and choking, “I’m your anal-whore! I’m nothing but your toy!”

Tom grabs two handfuls of my hair and rips my head back, forcing my spine into an unnatural arch, forcing me to look back at him from the tops of my glazed eyes. My chest juts forward in the motion, and my father relinquishes my throat to take a greedy handful of my free breast. He sinks his fingers wantonly into the supple flesh; his thumbs pressing against my erect nipples, his grip sending beautiful, aching pain deep into my chest, mingling the feeling with the ruinous sensations coursing in my depths. Tom thrusts harder into me, watching as I react to his violence, watching as I mouth pathetic whimpers for more. Daddy takes Tom’s increased passion as a challenge, and drives with even more ferocity. Their pelvises collide into me in a torrent of chaotic brutality, no longer hammering at a steady cadence, but ratcheting with each pass, going faster and harder, breaking me in without regard for my comfort, or sanity. They reach the tightest spaces of my depths; burrowing into my colon, smashing against my cervix, blasting agonizing pleasure into the desecrated reaches of my erogeneity. Spit leaks from my gaping lips, tears brim from my widened eyes, sweat glistens from my exhausted body. I deserve this; I’m the slut who fucks her brother, the whore who seduces her father, the cunt who tastes her mother. I wouldn’t want to be anything else. This is me, this who I am. Use me, Daddy; rape me, Tommy. Break me in half, ruin me, leave me used and sullied like the filthy whore I am. Give me what I want, what I crave, what I need.

I feel it building within me; stronger and more violent than ever before. The natural, filling pleasure of my ravaged pussy contrasts the unnatural, perverse sensations permeating from the ruined sheath of my ass. The men press together against the delicate membrane that separates my womanhood from my vile hole, mixing the sensations they provide into a concoction of depravity, a singular source of euphoria that burns hotter and hotter with each relentless thrust. I’m screaming, wailing, begging for reprieve, but they don’t give it to me. They go harder and harder, their grunts and groans rising in my ears, their breath hot against my exposed skin, their bodies pressing against me, surrounding me from the outside as they torture me from the inside. It’s too much, too much for my mind to take. The sensations, the sights, the sounds and the smells leak their way past the defenses of my sanity. I become the entity of my lust, a slave to the senses, a whore in both body and soul. I writhe in simple reaction to the feeling; arching my back against the blast of thrusts from Tom, grinding my hips against the jackhammer of my father. Gasping, sputtering sounds vocalize from a mouth that is no longer my own as the feeling builds and builds; the singular, rising tempest that compels me from within. A stream of release blasts from my cunt and soaks my father, my pelvic floor juts from my taint as a torrent of convulsions rips through my ass. I’m coming, releasing and exalting, but the feeling still builds! Hotter and tighter, deeper, and stronger, ratcheting through my squirming insides, driving me insane! Hit me! Choke me! Fuck me! Oh, god… OH GOD!


Laurie’s face is the portrait of depravity. Her bulging, writhing eyes stare at nothing, seemingly vacant in the gaze of her ecstasy. Dark eyeliner streams from the stained tears that wet her rosy cheeks, and mingles with the smeared lipstick that mars the luscious outline of her gaping mouth. The sounds that flow from her throat are not the sounds a teenage girl should make; hell, they’re not sounds a human should make. She flails wildly in the last throes of her passion; her breasts jiggling and deforming in her father’s squeezing palms, her ass squishing against her brother’s driving pelvis, and her torso straining and flexing along the exaggerated curve of her back. The arch of her body is accentuated by the pull of her hair; stretching the underside of her neck, forcing her head backward and her face to the ceiling. They’re violent with her, brutal, in fact. Her pale, unblemished complexion is a ruin of red hand prints, pinch marks and bruises, but she revels in it. It’s hard to believe that just two days ago, this girl was my prim, goodie-two-shoe best friend. Now, she’s a depraved, incestual whore, but really, this is who she always was. All it took was a little push from me, and she went screaming over the edge.

Her body oscillates in a wave of possessed motion; her ass shifting backward, her abdomen dropping, and her chest jutting outward in one move, and then her pelvis driving forward, her abdomen clenching, and her shoulders pinching back in the next. Her mouth screams a higher and higher note, until it’s a shrill, desperate cry that grows silent in the wake of her orgasm. An astonished, wide-eyed look appears on her face as she stares vacantly toward the ceiling, and her body clenches in a paralysis of ecstasy. The tension in her posture winds, and winds, and then finally, snaps. Her voice returns, her body lurches forward, and she collapses atop her father, whimpering into his heaving chest. The three of them pant exhaustedly for a moment, recovering from the intensity of the act, and a mournful, soft sound permeates from Laurie’s lips. She’s crying.

“Laurie?” Bradley asks, touching a tender finger to his daughter’s face, “Sweetie, are you alright?”

Laurie lifts her head, a curtain of brown curls flowing from her crown and revealing the beautiful, but marred face beneath it. Her big, sapphire eyes are brimming with tears, but her full, pale lips are smiling broadly. It’s bizarre, to see such a rapid transition of emotions, to see her face contorted in lust one moment, and then relaxed in love the next. The evidence of her depravity is still smeared across her endearing expression, and the mixture of spit, tears, and makeup somehow compliments the affectionate look, despite the contradiction of it.

“Thank you,” she whispers, her voice wavering in emotion, her hand gently cupping her father’s cheek, “thank you, Daddy.”

They come together in a kiss; not the carnal, challenging embrace they engaged in before, but a soft, loving exchange. Their mouths open and close along the crease of their pressing lips, and soft, tender smacks sound from their love. I can practically see the pain, abandonment and regret fall from their bodies, and the forgiveness, promise and love surge into them. I hear a sniffle from my left, and see both Audrie and Sierra wiping tears from their eyes.

“That was so beautiful.” Audrie whispers, resting her head on Sierra’s shoulder, “It’s like I’m watching a really fucked-up Lifetime movie. I love your family.”

“You’re part of the family, Audrie,” Sierra laughs, planting a kiss on Audrie’s cheek, “just because you’re not blood, doesn’t mean you’re not one of us.”

“Just another character in this debauched daytime cable drama,” I chuckle, squeezing the blonde woman’s impossibly supple ass, “now get over there; it’s time for your action sequence.”

Audrie gives us both a delighted, endearing smile, and then rises to her feet, giddy with excitement. She composes herself, puts on a seductive face, and then walks sultrily over to the two awaiting men, her ass forming alternating globes with each lascivious step.

“I just cannot hate that woman,” Sierra says as Audrie swaps spit with Laurie, and then helps her step-daughter to her feet, “I wanted to, but goddamn it, I really like her.”

“I do too,” I say, watching as Laurie limps her way over to the couch, “she’s very open-minded.”

“What do you think, Sweetie?” Sierra laughs as her daughter approaches, her reddened, used holes still gaping from her abuse.

“I think,” Laurie groans, collapsing on the other side of her mother, “that I won’t be able to feel anything below the waist for a week.”

“Is that so?” Sierra smirks, extending a single finger outward and gently pressing Laurie’s prolapse back inside her asshole. Laurie shutters audibly; licking her lips and closing her eyes in bliss as she savors the invasion of her mother’s finger.

“I guess not,” she smiles weakly, “now, what were you asking me?”

“What do you think of your step-mother?” Sierra asks, nurturing her daughter by cleaning the smeared makeup from her face, and gently combing her fingers through the mess of curls snarled atop her head. Laurie glances lazily over to Audrie, who is on her knees, and taking it upon herself to clean her partners off; with her mouth, of course.

“Ellie pegged her perfectly,” Laurie says, smiling over Sierra and looking at me, “eager to please, always trying to impress, and sexually over-compensating; I like her a lot.”

“How did you convince her to do this?” I ask, pulling out my phone and showing her the picture she sent me.

“We played on her insecurities,” Laurie smiles slightly, tracing her finger along the curves of her mother’s side, “we knew she’d want to be the cool step-mom, so we let her try to impress us. Once she got comfortable with us, we revealed the… nature of our relationship.”

“First Audrie, then your own father,” Sierra muses, looking back at me with a frank expression, “I wonder where you learned to be so manipulative.”

“You should have seen her face when Tom kissed me,” Laurie giggles girlishly, drawing her mother’s ire away from me, “it was perfect.”

“I would love to have seen that,” Sierra smiles, taking her daughter’s hands and guiding it between her legs, “tell me everything that happened, in gratuitous detail.”

I press my body against Sierra’s back, spooning her, feeling my breasts squish against her shoulders and my pussy slide against her ample backside. I nuzzle my face against the soft curve of her neck, and kiss her gently in the vulnerable spot, smiling as I hear her breath quicken beneath me. Laurie turns over and presses herself to her mother’s front; her petite bust deforming against the swell of her mother’s bosom, one of her slender legs wrapping lazily over her mother’s thick thighs. She stares her sapphire eyes into her mother’s identical irises, and smiles.

“Well,” Laurie smirks, allowing her mother to guide her hand further down, “first, we smoked a little weed, and drank a little beer.”

“Oh, you’re grounded,” Sierra chuckles, reaching behind herself and spreading one of her cheeks for me, “you shouldn’t have told me that.”

“Then, Audrie and I got in a little wrestling match,” Laurie giggles, caressing her mother along her leaking slit, sending shivers up the woman’s spine that I can feel tremoring against my belly, “and she ended up on top of me.”

“I’ve seen this movie before.” I smile over Sierra’s shoulder as I slide my hand between our bodies, tracing down her spine and nearing the small of her back.

“I thought she might kiss me right there,” Laurie says, her voice barely a whisper, her tones seeping with seduction as she teases her mother while recounting her tale, “but she resisted me.”

“I bet you didn’t like that.” Sierra smiles to her daughter, their eyes still locked, their lips inches apart.

“I was patient,” Laurie says, her eyes sparkling, her fingers still caressing her mother, not penetrating her, “just like I’m being patient with you now.”

“Hmm,” Sierra murmurs contentedly, nestling her body closer to her daughter’s, “you’re testing me again, aren’t you?”

“I am,” Laurie giggles girlishly, though her eyes twinkle mischievously, “one of these days, I’ll find the right combination to unlock you.”

“And then what?” Sierra smiles, releasing her spread cheek as my hand slides between her supple glutes.

“Then,” Laurie whispers, her fingers slickening with the nectar of her mother’s want, “I’ll have you begging between my legs, just like Audrie was.”

As if on cue, Audrie’s voice rings out in abject ecstasy. We turn our attention from ourselves, and watch as the beautiful blonde expresses her lust. Bradley and Tom are standing, facing each other, with Audrie acting as the bridge between them. She faces her step-son, with her arms pulled back behind herself, and clasping their hands together behind her husband’s neck. Her body is curved into a graceful, tan arch; her shoulders resting on her husband’s chest, her perfect breasts jutting toward her step son, her silky abdomen distending forward, and her supple ass deforming against Bradley’s pelvis. She is being impaled, violated by the pull of her own body weight. Her legs straighten and tense at her sides as she slowly descends; her pussy taking in her step-son, her asshole slowly expanding around her husband’s rigid cock. Every inch she drops, her face contorts more dramatically; her mouth falling further agape, her eyes bulging wider, her brow furrowing deeply, creating lines of strain across her smooth forehead. Her voice grows louder and more desperate with each inch she takes in, until her holes finally consume the last of the men supporting her, and she whimpers pathetically.

“God, she’s beautiful.” Sierra mutters, all of us forgetting for a moment that we were about to fuck each other.

“I tried to make her ugly,” Laurie whispers as the men begin to thrust into her step-mom, “but everything I threw at her just made her look hotter.”

Laurie’s right; no matter what image you take of Audrie, every snapshot of her lust looks like it could be a centerpiece in Hustler. Even as the men pound into her harder and harder, her body doesn’t contort in the violence, but gracefully adapts. The elegant curve of her bridging arch bends and shifts between the men taking her, but the motions are smooth and adept. Her face never distorts into an ugly grimace, but expresses her intense pleasure with picturesque dignity. Even the picture I have of her on my phone, with her own panties shoved in her mouth, her innocent eyes, woeful expression and ravaged complexion somehow look pretty, as if she prepared herself for the photo.

“She’s taking this with a lot more grace than you did,” Sierra chuckles to Laurie, reaching forward and grabbing her daughter’s ass, and then dragging her closer, bringing their groins together, “the things that came out of your mouth, Laurie… imagine if your mother heard you say those things.”

“Are you chastising me for my dirty mouth?” Laurie giggles, teasing her mother with one hand, while tracing the outline of Sierra’s lips with the other, “Even after my tongue was in your ass?”

“Such a dirty little mouth,” Sierra grins, their lips brushing against each other, “I’ll have to clean it out.”

Mother and daughter connect in a kiss; their lips forming around each other and sucking gently as their tongues entwine between them. I take an indulgent inhale of Sierra as I pinch my fingers together against her puckered rim; smelling the sweet scent of her desire wafting from her warm flesh. I push my fingers slowly forward, and feel the tension of her sphincter unwind in a welcoming surrender. Her rim opens about my pressing digits, and then tender, glistening flesh of her asshole beckons me inside. She moans into her daughter’s mouth, and presses her body closer to her as my hand moves deeper, and deeper. Her incestual kiss becomes more impassioned the further my hand travels inside her, and I see Laurie falling prey to her mother’s seduction. She ceases her teasing, and slides her fingers into her mother just like Sierra wants her to, gently compelled to give in to Sierra’s overbearing prowess. Laurie never really had a chance against her mother, but I get the feeling that Sierra likes that her daughter tries. One day, Laurie might finally break the woman, but not today. Today, she simply loves her the way Sierra wants her to. Sierra’s lust is controlling, but not domineering; she just makes people want to do what she wants to do. As Sierra’s rim encloses about my violating wrist, and she shifts her hips against me to take it deeper, I realize, that I just did exactly what she wanted. I smile to myself, and push further into her.


“Oh, god!” Audrie cries, looking into my eyes as her back arches deeper, jutting her jiggling breasts into my face, “Fuck me harder!”

Her legs wrap around my driving hips, pulling me deeper into her as she convulses violently from the inside. I drive in congruence with my father; feeling her tighten around me as he violates her from the other side. I can tell she likes it better when we move together by the way she screams in my ear, and by the spasms that wrack her desecrated insides. She wants to be fucked in both holes at once; she wants to be filled with as much man as she can take. Her penetration is so robust that I can see the indentation of my cock moving subtly beneath the smooth flesh of her pelvis. I can feel her pelvic floor jutting violently from her body with each simultaneous pull of the men inside her, and I feel her body seize in delight every time that happens.

Audrie is not like Laurie, not really. She doesn’t demand abuse like my sister does, but she isn’t opposed to things getting rough. I release her thighs, as her legs are now wrapped securely around my waist, and I take two handfuls of her perfect breasts. I squeeze hard, but not to the point of pain like I would with Laurie. I feel the supple texture of her bust give into the pressing of my fingers, and I see the arousal surge into her eyes as my thumbs press onto her nipples. Her head falls against my dad’s chest, and she moans a drawn-out, deep sound. She watches me from the bottoms of her eyes as my thumbs push her erect nipples back inside her breasts, and my fingers sink into the soft flesh surrounding them. Dad begins to drive harder into Audrie’s ass, and I strain to keep pace with the old man. As our rhythm speeds up, I see the change begin to take shape in Audrie’s expression. Her eyes widen with each increasing blast of our hips, her mouth falls further agape, and her brow furrows in the tell-tale sign of her ascension. Her moans become cries, and her motions become more ardent. She gyrates her hips in a circular pass; her abdomen flexing beneath her breasts, the indentation of my driving cock forming and reforming beneath her musculature as she stirs her insides around it. Her voice carries higher and higher, and her lustful dance becomes more impassioned. The circular motion of her hips works in opposition of her penetration, and the resistances of her muscles only serve to tighten her hold on me. I drive through the tightness she presents me, and her body wriggles in delight. Her cries become desperate, shallow, pants, as if she were hyperventilating, and the motions of her body stray from graceful, to violent.

“Oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck!” she pants, her breath heaving from her gaping lips in short, sputtering bursts, her eyes brimming with the tears of her pleasure. I feel the pressure growing in my loins, and the will to stop it wane. I didn’t come inside Laurie, but I’m not sure if I can stop myself from coming inside Audrie. I turn to my left, and see Eleanor and Mom watching me expectantly. Goddamn it, I’m not a fucking pornstar! I grit my teeth, and hammer into the woman, feeling her insides clench around me like a vice as Dad ravages her from the other side. She screams, bucks her hips, and begins to convulse wildly. Her cunt traps me within her like a vice, and her back straightens as her head flies skyward to yield her primal cry. She squirts all over me, and I have to sing the national anthem in my head to keep from blowing the last of myself inside her. Dad does not share my resolve, and I hear Audrie’s scream sharpen in delight as he fills her gaping asshole. Her fervency subsides, softening to exerted breaths and soft whimpers, and she takes her husband’s mouth to her own as she savors his seed inside her. Her legs unwrap from my waist, and I stumble backward, and collapse onto the couch.

“Busy day, huh?” Mom chuckles in my ear as she rests her head on my shoulder.

“My dick has friction burns,” I groan, letting my head fall back on the couch, “I don’t think I can do this much longer.”

“Oh, my poor baby,” Mom giggles, kissing me on the neck, pressing her soft body against me, “I’ll be gentle with you.”

Mom is an impossible woman to deny. Her kisses trace sweet fire against my skin as she lowers herself between my legs. I feel another pair of hands brushing my chest, and I look to the side to see Laurie nestling her body next to me.

“You look exhausted,” she sniggers, tousling my hair playfully, “did I wear you out?”

“You, then Audrie, then you again, then Audrie again,” I groan, “and next Mom, and then Ellie?! I can’t keep this up!”

“Mmm, I don’t know, Pumpkin,” Mom smiles between my legs, her cool fingers wrapping around my cock, “it looks like you’re keeping it up just fine.”

Laurie lowers her face to my crotch as Mom’s lips press tenderly on my tip. They turn their head to opposite sides of me, and then look up with similar smirks strewn across their near-identical faces. Their tongues snake from between their smiling lips, and move from my tip, to my base. I groan as a small shot of precum shoots from my head, and they snigger knowingly to each other. I rest a hand on both of their crowns, entangling my fingers into their luxurious locks as their heads move up and down in the motion of their lewd pleasure.

“Fuuuuuuck.” I moan, feeling myself grow even harder, simultaneously dreading and anticipating what is to come. My back aches, my legs are weak and my groin is a mess, but the feeling of my sister and mother tenderly licking their way up my shaft is just too much to deny. I look over to Dad, and see Eleanor eating the dripping contents of Audrie’s ass as Audrie squats before her husband. Her tan, toned back is straight in its posture, and her tailbone protrudes slightly from the twinned domes that make up the lascivious outline of her backside. She turns from her meal, and looks at me, reaching back and pressing the redhead deeper into her consumption. She gives me a little wink, and then says something to Eleanor. Eleanor leaves Audrie’s gaping anus with a parting kiss on the rim, and then takes Dad’s hand, and brings him over to his awaiting ex-wife. Alright, here we go again.


I glide my body upward along Tom’s, noting his obvious exhaustion. There’s no way he can last for a round of me, and then Eleanor, and by the pained way Bradley’s walking toward me, I know he feels the same. Eleanor catches my gaze as she brings my ex-husband to me, and she eyes the wet spot between my legs. I smile, and rotate myself so that I’m facing away from Tom, my ass pressing to his groin, my back resting on his chest. It looks like Tom and Bradley are going to be taking the both of us together.

Eleanor climbs atop me; her large, pale bust squishing against my own, her back arching so that her belly presses against mine, her quirked, excited smile brushing my lips. Tom spreads me as Bradley spreads Eleanor, and we share a final, anticipatory grin as our assholes are finally penetrated. We growl in unison as the pressure in our rectums grows. The piercing, throbbing nature of my sodomy compels me to press to my redheaded friend, and our clits rub against each other as our bodies curve in lust.

“Oh, fuck,” Eleanor moans in a low, deep growl, shifting her hips and smiling brightly at me as our legs entangle and our pussies mingle, “you like that, Sierra?”

“Your nasty, little ginger cunt grinding against me?” I gasp, feeling her heartbeat thrumming against my pressing breast, “While you fuck my husband?”

Ex-husband,” Eleanor grins, moans slipping from her whorish, red lips, “and I think he likes me more than you.”

“You can have him,” I grin, grinding my ass against Tom’s thrusting pelvis, relishing the depth of his penetration, “I’ll take Tom all to myself.”

“What about me?” Audrie says from beside me, slipping her hand between Eleanor and myself, “Who do I get?”

“I think they’re trying to take the men from us, Audrie,” Laurie grins from my other side, reaching her hand below the action, “how greedy of them.”

“You two bitches got them all to yourselves!” I yell, laughing in pleasure as Tom’s cock presses against my vaginal wall, sending screaming pleasure deep into my twisting abdomen.

“And you wore us the fuck out.” Bradley groans from behind Eleanor, gripping the pale, supple fat of her ass as he drives into her tight asshole.

“Now I’m stuck with boring Sierra,” Eleanor laughs, cries of ecstasy interrupting her words, “and an exhausted, old man.”

“Old man?!” Bradley yells, pulling Eleanor off me in a powerful lift. Her eyes widen in excitement, and she bites her lower lip as she’s forced in the air, and pressed against his chest. He pulls her thick, rippling thighs forward, and jackhammers his way into her gaping, pink asshole. The voluptuous redhead becomes a stream of jiggling pale flesh and flailing red hair, and her delight sings from her mouth as she bounces up and down in opposition to his driving thrusts. Audrie takes the opportunity to plant her face between Eleanor’s legs, and wrap her lips about the oozing slit at their precipice. Eleanor’s hands dart forward in a manic motion of pleasure, and she grasps the blonde woman’s hair in a white-knuckled panic.

Laurie slinks her lean, nubile body against mine, and smiles companionably as she guides my hands, and hers, between our legs. I sink my fingers into the tight reaches of her pussy as she glides hers inside my vacant slit, and we moan and writhe in congruence as Tom drives harder and harder into my asshole. Laurie slides her body further up my own, and wraps her legs about my waist as her fingers push deeper. She lies atop me, mingling the soft warmth of her feminine body with my own as Tom’s fierce masculinity contrasts her beneath me.

Eleanor’s red hair and pale form comes blurring into my vision as she crashes onto the couch. I can tell by the mischievous glint in her eyes, and the twisted anger on Bradley’s face, that she said something to set him off. He plants his foot on the side of her face, and forces her head into the cushions as he rails mercilessly into her asshole. Laurie turns her attention away from me, and gives Eleanor an appraising look as the ginger girl exhibits the same masochism Laurie is inclined to. The only difference between Ellie and Laurie, is that Eleanor continues to hurl insults at Bradley even as he throws his back into her.

Audrie saunters over to the three of us, smirking at Eleanor’s predicament, and then smiling deviously at the options she has before her. She plants her face into the midst of our defilement, and I feel her tongue slide from Tom’s balls, up my taint, through my slit, and then through Laurie’s exposed holes. My son, daughter and I moan in mutual satisfaction as we pleasure each other, and the wonderful step-mother services us from below. I remove my invading digits from Laurie’s slit and let Audrie do the work for us, and then cup my beautiful daughter’s face in my own, and bring her forward for a kiss.


“Gaaah!” I scream, reveling in the brutality of Bradley’s drives as he forcibly expands my anus, “Is Viagra deductible for AARP members, old man?!”

“Do you even have a driver’s license yet?” Bradley growls, his pelvis smashing into my ass, his cock piercing me so deeply, “Or does Mommy still have to drop you off at school?”

“I think your erection has lasted for too long,” I grin, exerted tones of pleasure leaking from my gritted teeth, “maybe we should call an ambulance for you.”

“I’m gonna need one just to get rid of all the STDs you’re giving me,” Bradley sneers, slapping my ass painfully as his foot pushes my face further into the cushions, “you Catholic sluts don’t know what condoms are.”

“Father forgive me, for I have sinned!” I scream, feeling the violent quaking in my depths rise with each brutal penetration of my ruined rectum, “I’ve taken advantage of a senile geriatric!”

“Holy father, save me,” Bradley snarls, “because I’m pretty sure Chris Hansen is waiting behind that door.”

I laugh gleefully and back my ass into Bradley, reveling in his combative nature, savoring the relentless brutality with which he regards me. My ass ripples and reddens with the impact of his pelvis and palm, my back arches into an agonizing wrench as my belly is forced downward, and my pelvis, pushed upward. I scream my ecstasy into the cushions, and claw desperately at the upholstery. God, it’s good.


Eleanor’s body shifts violently back and forth under my thrusting ex-husband as her screams carry from her mouth. Half her face is still visible beneath Bradley’s foot, and it’s a contorted mess of smiling, red lips, running makeup, and wide, green eyes. She shrieks the last throes of her orgasm as Bradley slaps the last of his malice into the reddened, supple flesh of her backside. She collapses beneath him, and he gives her a parting slap on the ass, before pulling out, and showering her with his seed. She moans in delight as her ruined complexion is desecrated further; grinding her thighs together in arousal as cum rains into her hair, onto her face, and across her back. He regards her with a disdainful look, then chuckles, and helps her to her feet.

The feeling inside me is stirring to its precipice, but I hold back on it, watching my ex-husband expectantly, waiting for him to finally take me. I moan and shift on my son, presenting my body beneath my daughter, calling for him, waiting for him, but he doesn’t look my way. He takes Eleanor by the hips and kisses her; deeply, passionately, lecherously. He doesn’t even look at me. You’re done with that redheaded whore, Bradley! Come to me! He just keeps kissing her, ignoring me, pretending I’m not there. He’ll never touch me again. He’ll never love me like he used to. He’ll cast me out after this, and never let me see him again. I know these fears are irrational, I know they’re just my emotions playing with me, but I can’t help but feel them. Eleanor breaks from the kiss, smiling lustfully, and then whispers something in his ear. He turns to me, and regards me with a passive, studious gaze. I smile warmly, hopefully, trying to cast aside the fear that creeps within my chest. He stares dispassionately for a moment longer, and I feel the anxiety brimming at the corners of my mind. Finally, he smiles, and my heart leaps. His grin broadens as he walks over to me, and Laurie tactfully dismounts; taking Audrie by the hand and grinning back at me from ear to ear.

“Your fiancé is fucking crazy.” Bradley smiles as Eleanor limps behind him.

“She’s not my-”

“I know, Sierra,” Bradley chuckles, “no shit.”

Bradley takes my thighs in his hands, and I spread them, shaking in anticipation, tremoring in the pleasure of my sodomy. He smiles down at me, and slowly, he enters me. My heart jumps with joy as his rigid love presses into my delicate heat. I clench around him in a lustful, warm embrace as the last inch of him pierces me just right. He groans in satisfaction as I take him, and I lean forward, curling myself upright to meet him. Our lips connect in a loving embrace, and he kisses me just like he did all those years ago. The passion, the desire and the love burn from his lips and tongue, and placate my lust in a way only he ever could. I melt in his mouth, and wrap my legs around his waist, taking him deeper, feeling him pulse within me next to his son. The aching, wonderful pleasure seeps into my depths, and brings about a growing pressure that rises within me. Muffled cries and moans pour from the crease of my kiss, but I don’t break from it. I gyrate and move in congruence with my son and lover, and rise with them, feeling them ascend in the same euphoria that takes me. A chorus of our lust exalts from our mouths as the feeling bursts, and we fall together in the final satisfaction, our bodies mingling and our hearts loving. I feel the soft, female bodies of Eleanor, Audrie and Laurie entangle in the pile, and I feel the exhaustion of the day wear on me. I see it in all their faces; the tired, but content look that droops their expressions, and gives them blissful grins. As my heart slows to its normal cadence, and the satisfied sighs fill the room, I nuzzle my head against my son’s chest, and savor the weight of his father atop me. Then, I fall asleep.


Tom, Laurie and Eleanor did end up going to prom that year. Tom’s date was Eleanor, as originally planned, but even after her abrupt breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Laurie did not go stag. No, the entire student body whispered and gossiped as Laurie Baker, captain of the gymnastics team and valedictorian of the junior class, showed up to prom with the most beautiful blonde woman the small, Nebraskan town had ever laid eyes on. At first, the spectators thought it was just a stunt, but then they saw the way the two women danced with each other. Rumor flew like wildfire that Laurie Baker was a lesbian, but the rumors didn’t bother her. She had the hottest date at the dance, and the way to the two women moved together drew the eyes of every swinging dick and jealous twat in the gymnasium. Some people called the dancing ‘pornographic,’ those of a more progressive mindset called it ‘art,’ but most agreed that it was just ‘hot as fuck.’ Later that night, all rumors of Laurie’s homosexuality were dispelled during the after-party at the Baker’s house. Without going into gratuitous detail (as I believe this author has done quite enough of), I’ll just summarize the events that occurred in the house as quoted by dazed patrons seen leaving the property.

“Holy fucking shit, those bitches are crazy.”

“Can I confide something in you? I’m in love with Laurie’s mother.”

“There are no virgins leaving that party. Dude, I’m serious; they let everyone have a turn.”

“Eleanor did things to me… terrible, wonderful things.”

After the infamous party at the Baker’s house, Tom graduated high school, and decided to live at home and attend the local community college. Bradley and Audrie Baker soon moved in with Sierra, Tom and Laurie, and Eleanor managed to talk her parents into letting her live with the Bakers as well. From all reports, it sounded like Eleanor’s parents didn’t need much convincing. Needless to say, after a few months, all of the women of the house were knocked up. It was a coin-toss to guess who the father was, but none of the prospective mothers cared to find out. Nine months later, the Baker house became a three-generation family, and the familial debauchery dwindled as child-rearing came into focus. That’s not say the debauchery stopped completely, it just wasn’t the daily thing it was before. Years past, and the family grew, and changed. Audrie and Eleanor became fast friends, and scoured the town for unsuspecting men (and women) to take back home. Strangers walked into the Baker house, stayed the night, and then left with a very different perspective on life. Most of the people Audrie and Eleanor dated did not become long-term relationships, but they did end up finding a set of twins, a brother and a sister, who became permanent members of the family. The youngest generation of the family grew into maturity, and the adults took it upon themselves to teach their children all about the birds and bees. I’d like to say the whole thing ended happily ever after, but a gas leak eventually blew the place up.

Author’s Note
Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed “Well, That Backfired.” I never intended it to be a series, but the first one was too popular not to write a sequel. Obviously, the third act of the series is much longer than the other two, because it was originally designed to be split into three parts. I decided to keep it as one long chapter, because I didn’t feel like submitting three different stories at once. Also, I know the ending’s kind of weak, but after writing 23000 words of smut, the will to author a climatic finale just isn’t there. Once again, thank you all, and like always, please leave your thoughts and criticisms.

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