When Bestie Has A Break Up

When Bestie Has A Break Up

Hello Everyone, I am Krish, with another exciting and sensual experience that took place in my life recently. For those who are reading my stories for the first time, I am a 25 years old guy from Hyderabad, currently in the United States, who sometimes gets lucky with women.

I generally have the habit of writing elaborated, lengthy stories. So if that’s not your cup of tea, then I would suggest you to still be around and give this one a shot. I hope to not disappoint you.

About this incident, it is between me and my friend who recently had a breakup. She missed the sex involved in the relationship more than the relationship itself. That guy was such a waste.

About her, she is Kiran, 25 years old beauty standing 5’6ft tall. With a physique so lean, that you would not expect ample boobs. But she has such a great pair that I came to know later.

Long before our session took place, she and I were friends. Our friendship grew gradually over the years from acquaintance to good friends to thick buddies. We shared almost everything which later turned out to be unexpectedly everything.

Well, back to the story. She was in a relationship with one of her classmates for a good 4 years. Being shy and innocent, her accepting a relationship was a shocker to me. But the much bigger one was as the relationship progressed I saw huge changes in her behavior.

I never questioned her as I was her fall back guy and I didn’t want to hurt her either. While the progress showed her getting strong it also showed that she unknowingly has also gotten bolder in terms of her dressing and choices.
Let’s call that the side effects of a relationship.

These side effects started to show their impact on the root cause. It leads to too many fights leading to a phase of break up and patch-ups. It went on for a way longer than expected. All this came to an end on one fine morning when she called me crying saying that she broke up with him.

“And this time I’m not going to go back come what may.”

I actually didn’t know how to react, knowing their history. But being a friend I tried my part of reconciling them acting as a mediator. Trying to understand their issue and talking some sense into both. But it was all down the gutter. The drift was for real and forever this time.

I didn’t talk with both of them for a week thinking they might get together realizing themselves. This was actually a wrong move as being all by herself made her sad and depressed. The fact that he posted a happy photo hurt her badly.

I tried reaching her and consoling her by trying to distract her mind out of it. Slowly I started to spend more time with her than usual. I texted her, called her more often just to make her feel good and okay. Also, I became a motivational speaker extending the calls with her from evening to late into the night.

Finally, she became normal. I was happy about the huge progress I got with her. But, still, she seemed not okay completely. Her being in that partially recovered state made me assume that she was missing the fun of being in a relationship, the innocent me.

Even on pestering her for weeks in all ways possible she hasn’t spilled the beans. As a final try, I invited her for an outing with me. To be precise to have drinks with me. She agreed and there we were on a Saturday night gulping down Vodka shots one after another.

Once the vodka started to have its effect she dragged me to the dance floor. We started moving to the music. Dancing very close to me she started to rub herself on to me quite often. Not having any bad intentions I thought she was tripping.

But all that changed when she turned around, put her hands over my shoulders and pulled me for a deep lip lock. In that dark environment, no one had seen it. But I was taken back and in total shock. Feeling embarrassed and awkward I started moving towards the counter.

She caught hold of my hand and pulled me near her. She whispered in my ear, “Will you have sex with me today?” I was hit continuously with one shock after another. I didn’t know how to react. So I ignored her and told her she was drunk. Let’s go home.

On our way back she kept on repeating it and trying to touch my penis over the pant as I was driving. After reaching her house I make her sleep and try to leave. She tries one last time. This time I get irritated. But knowing her mind I try to be composed and tell her to sleep now.

Also, if she feels the same way tomorrow when she is sober. She can come to my place and we can have it. Something in my mind till then was like the sun rising in the west. The next day as I was preparing my morning coffee, I heard the doorbell.

When I attend it, I found her standing at my door. Asking her to come in, I go on to complete my preparation. I was actually confused as to why she came. Is it to apologize for her behavior yesterday or is it for sex? I can’t ask straight away so I was playing the waiting game.

Trying to be casual I offered her the coffee. I asked her if she is having a headache due to the hangover. To which she replied, “Well yes, I have an ache but it’s not up there but somewhere else.” That triggered the whole conversation as to how she got addicted to sex and how she was missing it badly.

How she wanted it but no strings attached and XYZ. I listened to everything but didn’t know how to respond. Slowly gathering some courage I talked about my sex life. I also tried to give her some suggestions and tips for relieving herself and not stressing out so much on it.

She might be disappointed but gave me a slight nod and zoned out. To lighten up the mood I switch on the TV. Unfortunately, the channel was now having an erotic song being played were the couple indulge in romance. As the song progressed, she started moving slowly towards me on the sofa.

It came to a point where our hands touched, which kind of sent a jolt in my body for the first time. With the hands locking themselves and the eyes staring at each other, we never knew when our lips went ahead and greeted each other.

Once they started the greet, it was mayday. The bodies grew closer the other hand went on the back trying to pull each other into another. The lips were sucking each other. The tongue trying to get into the other’s mouths. Teeth hitting each other, sucking, biting pulling of the lower lip all came into action.

As the kiss grew she pushed me onto the sofa. Coming on top of me, showing her wild side. The kiss became more sensual as her hands unlocked from mine and started exploring my hair for a better grip.  Her lips and tongue started to dominate mine.

Making it kind of one-sided attack, making me breathless and unable to make a comeback. The whole biting the lower lip, pushing the tongue, sucking the upper lip. Pressing the lips hard onto mine, pulling my tongue, biting it.

Everything was happening so quick yet so passionately. I could not recover from what was happening, it was so quick. Finally, I was able to break the kiss to catch a breath, to calm the shivering of the lower lip for round 2.

But more than all these I got an opportunity to have a proper view of the wild cat that pounded me minutes ago. The beauty I missed to see all this time. With her hair messed and scattered on her face due to the kiss, giving glimpses of her lust-filled eyes as she shook her head.

A blue t-shirt covering some prized possession and blue denim covering the eternal treasure to get hands-on and others in. It’s a package that I am about to open to explore and enjoy it to the fullest.

As I was lost in all these thoughts, she was ready for attack 2. But this time even I was ready for a counter-attack. Taking in a deep breath she jumped on to me for another round of kiss. I allowed at the start and then flipped her over with me on the top.

As soon as she came under me I stood up. Still having her pinned under me and removed my t-shirt and used that to tie her hands firmly. After which I ran into the bedroom and back. Then I took her into my arms and placed her on the empty dining table nearby.

Hurriedly I started removing her denim pants along with my shorts and underwear. I exposed her clean shaved pussy with juices flowing out. My rock hard penis with pre-cum. I cleaned up my pre-cum and put on the condom I got from the bedroom.

I placed myself in between her legs spreading them as much as I can. I bent down first to kiss the pussy. This sent a shiver in her body. Along with the kiss, I gave a lick and entered my tongue a couple of times. Then with no intimation, I moved up and pushed my penis into her pussy.

It went smoothly, but the initial pain was known from her moan. I didn’t want to show any mercy on this wild pussy I had tied down. I wanted to fuck her hard and show who was in charge. Thus I started to increase my pace stroke after stroke.

It started to show its effect as her moans started to get louder. To subdue them I bent over and pushed her hand over her head and started kissing her. Well the wild cat she is, she started to bite my lips again. The pain made my pace even quicker and strokes even harder.

This quick pace made her have her orgasm during which her intensity of the bite increased. Well, I could not hold any longer. I came soon after she did. But continued my strokes till my penis got small and could not go in anymore.

Then I pulled her up while still having my lips crushed under hers. I slowly got out of that lip lock. Making her sit on the dining table to watch her breathe heavily after such an intense fuck. While the juices were flowing all over her thighs, I start pulling her t-shirt over her head.

It got stuck as her hands were tied which made me untie the danger I haven’t foreseen. I removed the t-shirt leaving her only in her bra covering those sexy boobs which I want to feast on. I didn’t think that was the end, neither did she.

Once her hands were free she jumped on to me, kind of hugging me with her fours. I also hugged her back and we both moved together to the bedroom.

What happened there is for another part. Please write your comments imagination of what might have happened. I hope to hear from you guys soon at [email protected]

When Bestie Has A Break Up