White Christmas of Emma Watson

White Christmas of Emma Watson

Hello, my lovely fans. I do adore all of you, especially those perverts who can’t stop wanking to my tight little body and cute face. Wow, I bet you didn’t expect innocent Miss Watson, to say that did you? Well, there is a lot you don’t know about me. I’ve been called sweet, caring, smart, independent, funny, talented and other things along those lines by people who know me closely, but there is an entirely different side of me. You see, I’m a nymphomaniac. That isn’t something I’m ashamed about as I relish being one in private. To me being a nymphomaniac means that I’m a very naughty girl sometimes. I can just never get enough cock and cum. I’ve decided to write this journal, so I can reveal my naughty side to all of my fans, especially my good and devoted wank boys.

The first story I want to share takes place last Christmas. So, I invited a couple of newly made guy friends from university up to a house my family owns in the mountains on Christmas Eve. They were really sweet guys, and I didn’t want them to be alone for the holidays. What events conspired lead to a very, very white Christmas.


It was Christmas Eve, and Emma was alone in the house in the mountains that her family bought some years ago. She had invited a couple of guy friends over, and was getting things ready for their arrival. It was quite snowy outside. She had her hair short, dark blonde, was wearing an adorable Santa hat, a red sweater without sleeves, a thick plaid skirt, and had black boots on. She was cooking a ham in the oven for them, and she was going around the house to make sure everything was neat and tidy.

She came across her room and noticed that she did not put the dildo up from last night. This is not really an issue since these were guys only that were coming over. However, just seeing the dildo there was enough to take her back to the three hour masturbation session last night where she was dreaming of sucking her friends and having her tight pink pussy pounded by them. She began fingering her wet pussy at this thought, as she reached up her sweater with her other hand and started grouping her pert small boobs, twirling the nipples for maximum pleasure. She moaned out in ecstasy as she thought about the feast she was going to have with her friends’ cocks. Then, she heard a buzzer go off and she knew that she sadly must stop pleasuring herself to go take care of another feast.

About 30 minutes later, Emma’s hears the doorbell ring and runs to the door, excitedly she opens it and sees that both of her friends, Pat and Fred have arrived at the same time. Before anyone gets a chance to say anything, she hugs them both.

Emma says “I’m so glad you both made it up here okay, with the storm out.”

Pat says “Are we the only ones who have made it?”

“I think you two will be the only ones here, the others got a little caught up with stuff,” Emma replies as she seductively winks, knowing what plans she has in store for these guys.

As Emma lead the guys into the dining room, they were admiring her tight figure, and how her legs looked in those stockings. As they set down at the dinner table, Fred commented, “Emma, you look adorable in that Santa hat.”

“Awwww” Emma replied, and she kissed him on the cheek, causing a bulge in his pants. She also gave Pat a cheek kiss as well, which had a similar effect in his pants.

Pat spoke up, “thanks Emma for inviting us up here.”

“You guys are very welcome, I know I haven’t know either of you for that long, but you are both such great guys. Just because I played Hermione Granger, does not mean that I can handle advanced Calculus by myself, well, I may have only made a 90 instead of an 100 if we didn’t study together, and you know how I would have freaked if I didn’t get an Outstanding on an O.W.L.”

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Fred said, “Emma, I would have bombed the class without your help so thanks for lending me your brain”

Emma smirked thinking of how she will be offering a lot more than her brain to these guys tonight.

And so the talk continued as they ate dinner, eventually Emma got up exclaiming “hey, why don’t we go into the living room and relax a little?” The guys followed her into the living room, which was fairly spacious with a very comfy sofa, another chair, a TV, and a Christmas tree. “Sit down guys, I will be right back with something very, very special,” Emma said with a twinkle in her eye.

A few moments later, Emma came back into the living room, and the guys popped a sudden large bulge in their pants. Emma was still wearing the Santa hat, but also wearing a red robe, covering most of her body, save the red high heels.

“So boys, ready to unwrap your Christmas present?” as she seductively steps towards them.

The guys were dumbfounded, and could never believe their wildest fantasies about fucking their sweet friend Emma Watson were about to come true.

Pat stuttered “Emmmmmmaa, you are being a naughty girl.”

“Well maybe I’m Santa’s little, let’s just say helper, and I can be as naughty as I want,” she said with a wink as she threw off her robe and revealed her silk red panties and bra. Emma gave each guy a deep, furious kiss and got on her knees to unzip the pants of the guys.

Fred said “let’s see how naughty you can be for us.”

“You’ll see that I can be the best Christmas cum slut there ever was,” she said as she began to jerk the long, hard shafts of her friends at the same time. They were oozing with pre cum which made them all that much more pleasurable to stroke for Emma.

Pat moaned “I love you Emma.”

“Awwww, I love you guys too” she responded as she worshiped their cocks. In a fit of lust, she kissed each cock head, and began sucking on Pat’s. She twirled her tongue around Pat’s cock head as she stroked Fred’s. She started to slap Pat’s cock head against her tongue and then stuck the whole thing in her mouth, slowly going down on it, as her mouth filled with precum. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock aggressively, as if she had been starving for cock. She let her mouth off the cock, moving to his balls, sucking them while stroking his long rod wet with her salvia and his precum. “I think I need to give Fred some of this love as well,” she said. So Emma started sucking Fred’s cock while continuing to stroke Pat’s.

Fred spoke up, “I think it is time for us to see those fantastic tits, why not do a striptease for us?”

“My pleasure” she responded as she got up, giving a seductive dance. The guys could see she was packing serious ass into her panties, it was busting to come loose. She started to undo her bra from the back, and as it was undone, she held it over her tits, “you can’t wait to see these, can you boys?” In a moment of intensity, she revealed them, the most perfect pair of B cup tits you could imagine, soft and perky, her nipples were erect and looked oh so suckable.

“They are so perfect,” Pat said as both guys go up, went to Emma and started sucking on her erect nipples as they licked the areolas, and she moaned out in ecstasy. They took turns between sucking her tits, and deeply kissing her. She was stroking their cocks as they did this. “I think there is something else that needs to be licked as well,” Emma said as she moved to the couch, sat down, raised her legs, and teasingly removed her panties with a smile on her face. She spread her legs showing off her pink pussy with the right amount of hair on it, a little hairy but controlled, and ordered, “Dive in, now.”

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Pat eagerly obeyed and remembered seeing the up skirt pic from her 18th Birthday Party and was ecstatic that she maintained her pussy hair in the same way. Fred continued to worship her boobs, as Pat began to eat Emma out, flicking his tongue around in a circular motion causing Emma to moan out in ecstasy. Deep in her pussy, he started sucking on her clit as he fingered her love hole. Suddenly her legs twitched as if on verge of an orgasm, “oh, ohhhhh, oh, I’m cumming” Emma moaned, then her juices sprayed into Pat’s mouth and he swallowed them and cleaned up by licking the sweet juices on her thighs.

Now it was Fred’s turn to eat Emma’s pussy, and she was hungry for some cock to be back in her mouth, so she began deepthroating Pat’s cock as she massaged his full balls with her hands. Pat massaged Emma’s right boob, as Fred messaged her left boob and devoured her pussy in an act of worship. Emma was in absolute pleasure as her whole body was being pleasured, a cock in her mouth, a tongue in her pussy, all the while both boobs were being massaged. This rose her to a state of inner bliss and she cummed again, this time spraying her juices in Fred’s mouth.

Emma smiled “I’ve been such a naughty girl this year, that I think I need a spanking.” She got on the floor, in doggy style, with her fantastic round, tight ass up in the air and said “Spank me boys.” They obeyed, each claiming one cheek to spank, feeling their hands spanking her soft ass as it bounced around with Emma saying “spank me with something harder boys, spank me with your rods,” so they took their cocks and spanked her ass with them, “I’ve been such a naughty little cum slut this year that I need it.” It felt amazing for their cocks as they bounced off of Emma’s soft ass, leaving traces of precum all over it. As Emma yelped in sweet little moans, each guy could very well unleash their load this very second on her wonderful ass, then Emma demanded, “I need to be fucked now!”

So Pat began moving his erect cock where Emma’s pussy was, and Fred brought his cock to Emma’s mouth as she eagerly gulped it down and started ferociously sucking. Pat slowly entered the tight, wet, warm pussy of the one and only Emma Watson. Her pussy tightened as he entered his long rod deep into her tunnel, her wetness increasing tenfold. She took the cock out of her mouth. “Fuck me faster,” she ordered. He started thrusting faster, but a moment later she yelled, “Harder, deeper!” Grunting with exertion, his driving thrusts began going deeper into her tunnel. It did not satiate her though for she soon screamed, “Fuck me like a slut!” In a haze, he shed any remaining self restrain and pounded her tight, wet hole without mercy. Emma’s legs were twitching as she was gagging on a cock at the same time, her ass looked fantastic as it jiggled and bounced as his cock thrust into her pussy again and again. Even with a cock in her mouth, you could hear Emma’s moans of ecstasy. “I’m cumming again,” she moaned, and her pussy locked on Pat’s cock, and he felt her juices flooding over his cock.

Emma was out of breath and nearly collapsed on the floor, only to spring up with a smile on her face and giddily exclaim “cock riding time.” Neither of the guys could believe that she was such an insatiable girl, but their wildest dreams had come true so many times that night. Fred got on the floor, and she mounted his cock, and began bouncing rapidly up and down on it, her tits looked fantastic as they bounced up and down and he went up to grab them, slightly twisting them, which caused her to moan even louder. Pat slid his cock into her open mouth, but she removed it to taste his balls as she worked his precum oozing staff with her right hand. She said “I love sucking on some jingle balls,” then she started licking the bottom of the shaft, moving her tongue towards the tip, and began deepthroating it again. The look in her eyes was ravenous and proved that she could never have enough cock and cum. Pat was playing with her nipples now, and she began to grind on Fred’s cock. The grinding started slow, but her cock hungry ways had her soon dominating the cock inside her pussy, and in a fury of lust, her speed tripled, leading her once more to orgasm.

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Pat spoke up, “I don’t know how much longer I can hold this in, I think it is time that we decorated you.”

Emma responded with a smile, “I’m expecting a very, very White Christmas from you guys, but first, I want both cocks in my mouth at once.” The guys moved towards Emma crouched on the floor, her mouth opened as wide as possible, a look of absolute delight in her eyes, and they moved both cock heads in at once. She twirled her tongue around their heads as they rubbed against each other. Emma removed them and pleaded, “I want to be the best Christmas cum slut ever, so I want both of them all the way deep in my throat, I know it won’t be easy, but don’t worry about being gentle, I just want them deep,” so Emma retook the cocks in her mouth and with all her might, she could only get half of the cocks down her throat so Pat took her head remembering how she said not to be gentle, and moved it so she could deepthroat both of their thick cocks at once. She began gagging, but managed to get both cocks all the way in her throat, Pat let go of the back of her head, and she began to suck them, twirling her tongue around both as her mouth went up and down the entirety of both staffs again and again. She soon reached a furious speed. She was so proud of herself, and both guys were ready to unload inside her mouth at the same time, but they pulled out with other plans.

Emma was all smiles and said, “Make it snow guys.” As Emma fingered her pussy, both guys said “Merry Christmas, Emma.” Huge shots of thick, white sticky cum, one after another, splattered almost every inch of her face and boobs. Quite a lot of cream got in her mouth too. After the avalanche of nearly thirty shots, she swallowed the tasty, thick cum in her mouth. She continued playing with her pussy. Ecstatic with all the cum covering her, she began fingering herself even deeper, bringing herself to the fifth orgasm of the night screaming “I love you guys,” and Pat replied saying “We love you too.”

Emma got up and passionately kissed both guys and said “I hope all my Christmases will be this white.”


So that Christmas I gave my friends the best gift I could ever gift, the sweetest and most meaningful one possible. And I got the greatest gift in return, by being covered in thick white snow. Christmas is just around the corner this year, maybe I will give a gift to one of my fans this time. I’ve seen how well some of them can decorate me. Until next time, I would like to send lots of hugs and kisses your way.




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White Christmas of Emma Watson

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