White woman submits to a dominant black woman at crash pad

White woman submits to a dominant black woman at crash pad

The past few days had been a whirlwind that ended up with me in Milan, Italy for an overnight stay before returning home the next morning.

As a flight attendant for over twenty-four years this wasn’t anything new, but due to the time change, and, my husband, David’s, crazy schedule as well, I hadn’t talked to him for three days other than a couple of quick text messages.

Rather horny, I texted David that I would be at the crash pad in twenty minutes for a little face time and hopefully a little online playtime. It had been a couple of weeks since we were intimate in person due to my flight schedule and David’s work schedule…so this was a semi-adequate temporary solution.

Getting to the crash pad, I pulled out my laptop, logged in and got comfortable on the couch, staying in my flight attendant uniform because it turned David on.

Although tired, I was hoping for a quick update of life at home and then some mutual masturbation.

After a longer than usual connection time, I was online and staring at my handsome husband…hard to now imagine all the years we didn’t have such technology and only phone sex to keep up the spice in our hectic lives.

“Hi, honey,” I smiled, even after all these years finding him as handsome now as I did the day we met.

“Looking tired, beautiful,” he properly assessed.

“It has been a crazy few days, especially because we are so understaffed. Some new girl quit without warning before we left the states,” I said. The girl, whose name I couldn’t recall, couldn’t handle being away from her fiancé for such lengthy gaps. I hated it too, but eventually it became the norm and made our time together even more special and hot.

“Shitty,” he said. “Only one more night and then you can sleep in your own bed.”

“You plan to let me sleep?” I asked, coyly.

He laughed, “I figured I would wear you out until you fell asleep.”

“Hmmmmm,” I smiled, unbuttoning my blouse. “And how would you do that?”

“I bought a new book of a hundred kinky positions,” he answered.

“Only a hundred?” I questioned. “What are we going to do the rest of the evening?”

“You talk big, but I know you,” he smiled. “Six or seven orgasms and you will be ready to crash.”

“I have at least a dozen inside me waiting to explode,” I teased, the last button of my blouse now undone.

“Should we get one of those out of the way now?” He asked.

“Not yet, how was your day?” I asked, delaying playtime.

“I can update you on work when you get home…right now I just want to…” He paused as he went all sultry on me (which was dorky and cute…which is why I love him…he’s my cute dork) and finished, “get it on.”

“Mmmmmm,” I smiled.

“Are you still in nylons?” He asked.

His fetish is nylons. He loved that I had to wear pantyhose as part of my uniform. Although when feeling frisky or naughty, I would wear thigh high stockings or a garter-belt and stockings when I was returning home to give David easy access to my pussy.

I replied, “Of course, baby,” as I moved back to give a nice long look of my legs in beige pantyhose.

“Delicious,” he said, as he stared at my pantyhose-clad legs.

“What would you want me to do with these?” I asked, playfully.

“Wrap them around my waist and pull me deep into you, baby,” he responded.

“Let’s see that cock, honey. Is it nice and hard for me?” I asked, as I wiggled my stocking-clad toes for him.

“You sure you deserve it?” He questioned.

I pouted, “Don’t you think I deserve it?”

“Is your cunt wet?” He asked.

“Maybe!” I shrugged, coyly.

“Let’s see those tits,” he ordered. I had 38DDD all natural breasts with big pink nipples that he loved to play with all night. My legs and tits were two assets that got me lots of attention on flights as well, but I had never cheated on him…never even considered it.

I liked his take charge attitude and purred, as I unbuttoned my blouse, revealing my royal blue bra, “Do you mean these?”

“Yes, baby,” he groaned. I loved that after all these years he still got turned on by me.

Tossing my blouse aside, I leaned forward showcasing my very ample cleavage. “Don’t you wish you were here to fuck these titties?”

“I’d fuck the shit out of them,” he retorted. Sure it didn’t make much sense, but in the heat of the moment it kind of sounded hot.

“Does my sexy man want to see them up close and personal? I asked, moving my hands behind my back to unclasp my bra.

“Release those beauties from captivity, baby,” he demanded.

I unclasped my bra and tossed it aside before leaning forward and putting my tits right in the camera view.

“Fuck, I’d love to suck on them,” he said, which he would have if we weren’t thousands of miles apart.

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“How about my pussy? Would you suck on my pussy too?” I asked, already getting wet.

“I’d suck and fuck your pussy all night long,” he promised.

“Let’s see that cock, baby,” I repeated, “Is it nice and hard for me?”

He stood up and I was staring at his completely erect six inch cock. “Hmmmmmm, looks ready for action.”

“How about your pussy? Is it ready too?” He asked.

“I don’t know?” I teased, “Maybe you should get a closer look.”

I sat up, quickly got out of my skirt, bent over the couch and showcased my pantyhose covered ass.

“Fuck, I love that pantyhose clad ass of yours,” he grunted.

“And my panties?” I questioned, wearing his favourite royal blue pair.

“God, yes,” he said, slowly stroking his cock.

“Want to watch me masturbate in this position, baby?” I asked, a position I had never done before.

“Hell, ya,” he replied.

I slid my hand inside my pantyhose and panties and began rubbing myself. I moaned, “Fuck, I wish you were here to fuck me baby, it’s been sooo long,”

“Yeah,” he groaned, listening to my soft moans.

“Would you bang me from behind?” I asked, wiggling my ass.

“While pulling on your hair,” he added, knowing that when in the heat of the moment I liked it rough. I want a man who takes charge and uses me like the cum hungry slut I love to be.

“I want your cock in me sooooo bad,” I moaned, my orgasm already beginning to build after only a couple of minutes of slowly pleasuring myself.

Suddenly, I heard the door burst open as a voice said, “Girl, you are on my shit list!”

I froze. I had checked the crash pad roster and no one was scheduled to be there that night.

I finally looked behind me and saw Kathryn, a black colleague of mine, staring at me. She continued her scolding as if she hadn’t just caught me half naked and masturbating, “You left the fucking keys in the door again.”

I pulled my hands out of my panties and pantyhose and began to move when she roared, “Don’t you dare move!”

My face already beet red, I apologized, “Sorry, I am just over tired.”

“You don’t look too tired to me,” she countered sarcastically.

Kathryn walked to the bed, while I sat there paralyzed with humiliation, as she continued, her anger fading, “Erin, you know I love you, but this is the second time you’ve left your keys in the door. The first time we got robbed. Now I have to change the locks and get new keys for everyone!”

I repeated my apology while pointing out I’m not the only one to make the mistake, “I’m sorry, but I’m not the only one to ever leave the keys in the door.”

Kathryn’s anger returned as she said, “I don’t think you’re sorry… You just don’t give a fuck about anyone but yourself.”

I stammered, surprised by the harsh accusation, “T-t-that’s not true.”

Out of the blue, she slapped my ass.

I screamed partly out of shock and partly out of the pain that coursed through me. Before I had time to protest, or react, Kathryn sat on the couch, flipped me onto her lap and continued spanking me, even as I tried to break free of her grip. I begged, tears beginning to stream down my face, “Please stop.”

The harsh strikes lasted only thirty or forty seconds, but long enough to make my ass burn, yet because my clit was pressed against her knee, each spank made my pussy feel conversely good.

When she stopped, she said, still angry, “Bitch, you’ll never leave your keys in the door here or anywhere, will you?”

Through tears, I promised, “No! I won’t! I’m sorry Kat!”

She corrected firmly, “It’s Kathryn.”

I had always called her Kat, everyone did, but not wanting any more of her wrath, I corrected, “I won’t do it again, Kathryn.”

Her tone instantly softening, she said, as she began gently caressing my pantyhose-clad ass, “That’s good.”

Her sudden soft touch was such a contrast to the sharp pain that I was again paralyzed, my mind and body conflicting with what was transpiring…the pleasure-pain principle clearly at work.

As she caressed my ass, slowly the pain dissipated as she explained, “I don’t like to be the hard ass, but sometimes it is necessary.”

I wanted to respond with one more apology, but instead I accidentally let out a moan and my right leg slipped off her lap.

She then purred, “I’ll take that as an invitation.”

Her fingers went directly to my very wet pantyhose-clad pussy causing me to involuntarily moan again as I again froze.

“Did getting spanked get you wet?” She asked amused.

I knew, or I assumed, my husband was watching or listening, and I firmly said, not wanting to look weak in front of her or my husband, “I was already wet before you came in.”

“So I’ve had no impact on you?” She asked, as she ripped my pantyhose at the seam.

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Startled, as her fingers went between my legs, I protested, “Don’t touch me. I don’t like that.”

“Bullshit!” Kathryn yelled, turning from soft to hard instantly. “I saw you playing with your white pussy on the couch.” She flipped me onto my back, held my wrists and began tapping my pussy with her other hand.

I was stunned again, unable to think clearly as she got me undeniably wet.

“Tell me you want it, slut,” she demanded.

“I…um…it’s just…” I tried to answer, but her hands on me, her fingers now directly on my pussy, had made me a bumbling bimbo. I grew up in a house where same-sex sex was a sin, and although I knew when a woman was pretty, I had never once seriously considered sex with another woman. Yet, as Kathryn’s fingers slipped inside my panties, my adamant family values faded away.

“You like that?” she questioned, as her finger brushed my wet pussy lips.

“Aaaah,” was all I could answer.

“You’re soooo wet,” she teased. “Do you want me to finger that white cunt of yours?”

“Oh God,” I moaned, her teasing driving me crazy.

“Say it, Erin,” she ordered, “tell me what you want.”

“For you to finger me,” I finally admitted out of frustration, just as I remembered for the first time in a while that my husband was watching. I turned to the computer screen and saw he was indeed watching, with his mouth dropped wide open. I had to smirk, as my husband had always wanted to see me with another woman and now his fantasy was coming true in the most unexpected way ever.

“You want me to get you off in front of your husband?” She questioned, continuing to drive me wild with her teasing.

I looked at Dave as I begged, while staring at him, “Yesss, please.”

“What do you think Dave? Should I finger-fuck your wife?” She asked.

“Fuck, yes,” Dave nodded, clearly enjoying my humiliation, which somehow only enhanced my desire to come.

I said, out of character for me usually, although not in the bedroom where I am very animated, “You want to watch your wife turned into a lesbian?”

“God, yes,” he agreed, clearly stroking his cock, although it was out of view of his video cam.

“Too bad,” she smiled, reaching over and closing the laptop. She then said to me, “Tonight, you’re my little white plaything.”

Part of me was thankful that Dave could no longer see my humiliation, yet another part of me was nervous with what she had in mind for me next.

She asked, “Now, where were we?”

“You were about to finger me,” I quickly answered, without even thinking. Clearly, she had a spell over me.

She slid a finger in me and I moaned loudly. Letting go of my wrists, she went directly to my breasts sucking my rock hard nipples. She switched back and forth pleasuring my breasts thoroughly, unlike Dave who roughly teased them usually. She bit lightly, and pulled on my nipples creating a double pleasure. She continued fingering me, faster and then, just as I was getting close, she pulled her fingers out.

“No,” I whined, so close to coming.

“You understand you’re mine now,” she said with authority.

“Okay,” I nodded, not really sure what I was agreeing to, my mind only focused on her fingers teasing me.

“But I have a rule,” she said, her fingers tracing my very wet trembling pussy.

“What is that?” I moaned frustratingly.

“I always come first,” she revealed.

“Oh,” was all I could muster as I immediately understood the implication of her words.

“Knees, Erin,” she ordered.

“I’m not a lesbian,” I protested, again surprised by the sudden shift.

“You are tonight,” she countered.

“But, I…” I tried to rationalize, even though I was okay with her fingering me.

“Now, Erin!” she firmly ordered, “This is not a negotiation.”

Her firm voice made me feel obedient and I found myself sliding off the couch and onto my knees.

She stood up, turned around and ordered, “Unzip me.”

I did, my hands trembling.

She allowed her skirt to fall to the floor and I was surprised to see she was wearing a garter, stockings and a thong.

“You like?” She asked, as I stared at her black ass.

“Your ass is all booty,” I joked, trying to make light of an awkward situation.

“Kiss my booty,” she ordered.

I hesitated briefly, before leaning forward slightly and kissing her black ass.

“That’s it, worship that black booty,” she added.

I splattered kisses everywhere, feeling both exhilaration and humiliation simultaneously.

“Pull down my thong, Erin,” she ordered, a couple of minutes later.

Hands trembling, nervous like as if I were on my first date back in high school, I slowly slid her thong down her legs.

She then turned around and her pussy was directly in my face. Looking down at me, she said, “I assume you have never eaten pussy before, have you Erin?”

“No,” I admitted, shaking my head, even as my head spun with thoughts about what was about to happen.

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“But you want to eat mine?” She asked, her fingers parting her pussy lips.

“I-um-well,” I struggled to formulate a sentence as I watched her reveal her pinkness to me.

“Go ahead, Erin,” she offered, “lick away.”

My pussy undeniably wet, my mind confused, I just did as she suggested, leaning forward and licking between her pussy lips.

“Good girl,” she moaned.

I wasn’t sure what I expected her to taste like, honestly never having considered this moment, yet it was an exotic, slightly fishy taste. As I began tentatively licking, I wondered what Dave would think. He must be going nuts seeing what he saw and then being shut out of this erotic situation.

As I explored, like a child going to a new park, I wanted to explore everywhere. I let my mind shut off and just enjoyed the submissive act. I licked her from top to bottom, teased her swollen clit, and parted her wet pussy lips with my tongue.

She moaned, “For a pussy-pleasing virgin you’re pretty eager.”

The compliment, though absurd, enhanced my eagerness, as I suddenly wanted to please her, to taste her cum…curious to taste her entirely.

A couple of more minutes of licking and she said, “Do you like black pussy?”

I had not considered it a black pussy, just her pussy, but no doubt I was intoxicated by it. I answered, looking up from my submissive position, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” She asked, looking down at me.

“Yes, I like your pussy,” I admitted, words I thought would never leave my mouth.

“My black pussy,” she repeated.

“Yes, your black pussy,” I nodded.

“And you will be an obedient girl from now on?” She asked.

I wasn’t completely sure what she meant by that, but wanting to taste her again, I answered, “Yes, I’ll be an obedient girl from now on.”

“Good, it’s always nice to have an obedient white pussy slut available for those long flights or those overnight stays,” she revealed her intentions, shocking me, as she grabbed my head and pulled me back into her wetness.

My head was spinning with the predicament I was currently in, the situation she foreshadowed and the undeniable wetness in my pussy at both what I was currently doing and what she was promising. I resumed licking her, her taste an acquired taste that I was already addicted to (like wine…it was okay at first, kind of tart, but once I had a couple drinks it became my go to drink). She continued talking, “Oh yes, Erin, I can’t wait to have you join the pussy pleaser mile high club, to serve passengers, especially first class passengers, with my pussy juice lingering on your lips.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying, nor could I believe the impact it had on my very needy cunt…it had me feeling sexy and naughty. At the moment, I would agree to almost anything she said, I wanted to please her, taste her and become her submissive pussy pleaser…it was absurd, it was surreal, yet it was undoubtedly real.

She asked, “What would Dave say if he saw you right now?”

I laughed, thinking he would be jerking off furiously, as his most constant fantasy was watching me with another woman…and taking my ass, “This would have made all his dreams come true.”

“Maybe one day, we’ll let him watch,” she added, implying again this wouldn’t be a one-time thing, before grabbing my head once again, but this time beginning to rub her pussy lips up and down on my face. I extended my tongue, trying to lick her as she grinded on my face.

Often, when blowing Dave, I wanted it to end. I mean I love making him happy and enjoy giving head, yet eventually my jaw gets sore and I just want to swallow his load. With Kathryn it was completely different. Maybe because it was my first time, or maybe because of the sexual submission, or maybe because this was spontaneous, or maybe it was the exotic taste that drew me in, but I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to please her, to get her off.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, this time literally, as she screamed, simultaneously flooding my face with her wetness, “I’m comingggggg, my white pettttt.”

I hungrily licked her amazing nectar, swallowing every drop I could get.

When she finally let go of my head, she smiled at me and said, “You look very good in pussy juice.”

I felt my face flush as I remained on my knees unsure what to say or do next.

“Is my pet still horny?” She asked, a moment later.

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White woman submits to a dominant black woman at crash pad

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