Wife gets fucked on a nude spot in front of me

Wife gets fucked on a nude spot in front of me

We were living in Greece for a while and during summer I had found a spot that we could be naked.Of course the spot could be accessed by an old road but you couldn’t be seen from above.Also you could approach the spot by the sea as well.So wife and I were there at a hot afternoon.At first we were alone and we just enjoy the sea naked and get some tan

Wife gets fucked on a nude spot in front of me 2

Half an hour later a guy with a motorbike came there too.He was greek like me.He notice of course that we were both naked.Didn’t seem to mind.Said hi and went 2 meters far from us but very visible in sight.He got naked too and went to the sea.He swim for 20 min and came out and lay naked on his towel.In the meantime me and wife were talking about things and I asked her if she would fuck with the guy if he would be interested! Her eyes rolled back and said yes!

I didn’t want to ask him direct cause I wasn’t sure if he would accept or refuse.So I decided to make some pics of my wife naked but close to him.I told her to take some poses for me

Now the guy had a clear look to my wife.I could see that his cock was starting to rise up.I made a sign to come closer if he liked.He did came and I ask her if he liked my wife and of he wanted to fuck her! Of course he agreed in seconds:)

My wife waste no time to take his salty cock in her mouth.He was a bit hairy but fat.Also his balls were fat and full as it seemed.My wife put her best sucking skills and his cock was rock hard very soon!

She was a bit wet already and her nipples seemed hard too.Guy lay down to her spread legs and touch her pussy and finger it a bit.Before penetration my wife asked for a condom which I provide to the guy.He put it on and slowly slide his hard cock in.I wanted to take pics but he refused.He started fucking her gently and slow before it turned aggressive as he was very horny and seemed he hadn’t fuck for days!!

I was lay back and stroking my cock and enjoy the view of my wife being fucked! When he turned her in doggy position a small yacht came there.I was a afraid that we would had to stop by the guy and my wife were so horny and so at it that didn’t mind.And the fact that others would be watching them was a huge turn on for my wife! Also she loves to exhibit herself in any occasion

As I was watching the yacht come very close to the beach I was a bit scared.I didn’t knew! But to my surprise it was only an old couple of tourists on board.No k**s and nothing else.The old woman was topless and was about to remove her thong and the man was already naked

My wife’s moans were heard by them and the guy seem to go loud too.To my surprise the fuck was going on without stop.I was watching them fucking and I try to watch the old couple on the yacht.Well,the couple got naked too and lay on board watching the fuck too.Also it seemed they started some foreplay between them

Wife saw the old couple and became even more hornier and louder.So did the guy that was fucking her! But he had reach his limit and soon he told her he would cum.She told me him to pull out and remove the condom and cum on her ass.The guy just said ok and he did as he was told.After he had cum on her and thank her I thank the guy too and came behind my wife too.I told her I need to cum as well.So she stay there and I had jerk off on her back.

She must had cum at least 3 times as she told me.After that we all went in the sea to clean ourselves.We greet the old couple from above their yacht and they greet us back and said the whole scene was highly hot and erotic.

After we got out the guy got dressed and thanked us once more and left.Wife and I lay on our towel and were watching the old couple from distance as they had started their own love making! I was hard again but my wife didn’t let me fuck her as she was tired and she was satisfied by the fuck the guy gave her earlier.She told me maybe next day I will have my turn.God damn I was so rock hard and I couldn’t fuck her.

So I swim to the yacht and asked politely if I can come on board to watch the couple and jerk off if they didn’t mind.Luckily the couple that were dutch and very open invited me on board.Wife stay at the towel and getting her tan

so the old couple started their fucking and it didn’t took me more than 20 min and I was ready to explode.I turned to the old lady and asked her if I can cum on her.She agreed and told me to cum on her big breasts which I did.Soon after her old husband cum on her pussy.After that I thanked her and went back on the sea to get out.Wife and I greet them and left from the beach.Unfortunately next day we didn’t go there and the third day we went again they had left.

Wonderful and erotic summer time fun!

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Wife gets fucked on a nude spot in front of me