Wife is taken by cheated workers, hubby regrets decision

Wife is taken by cheated workers, hubby regrets decision

Jenna was held down on her bed, the four men surrounding her ready to fuck her tight little pussy against her wishes. Dave was the first to mount her as his co-workers held her. He used no ceremony, no condom, and he had no mercy as he looked into the scared wife’s face.

She had been stripped of her expensive clothes and lay naked on the bed.

She was a beauty at 30 she was in her prime. Jenna’s full breasts stood out, her nipples were pink and nicely pointed straight out. Her blonde hair was perfectly fixed to frame her face. Her five foot two inch frame was perfect for her bubbly personality. Her ass was the perfect heart shape.

Jenna was a beauty, and Dave was going to have her, pussy, ass and mouth. He stuck his hard cock to her mouth, pinching her nose so she would open up. He shoved his cock down her throat causing her to choke. He held it there and fucked her mouth, warning her that if she didn’t cooperate, she would regret it.

Dave pulled his cock out and moved to Jenna’s cunt. That’s all she was to him, just a cunt. A very pretty one to be sure, but a cunt none the less. Her blonde pussy hair was trimmed neatly just above her slit. Dave noticed it and ran his fingers through the hair.

Then Dave positioned his cock and forced it in her pussy in one strong push. He held it there, and began fucking her hard and fast. He didn’t care about her, he was going to shot his potent cum deep inside her fertile unprotected womb. She was about to be bred. His friends would all follow Dave’s suit, one at a time for the first time, and then no hold’s (or holes) barred after that.

The young beautiful wife of the executive vice president was about to be turned into a stripper, a prostitue, and the next blonde bimbo porn star. Her movies would be underground at first

then move into the major porn market.

It was all her husband’s doing in a sense. George, who is several years older than her, was the executive vice president of the largest security company in the midwest. The four men were his top employees. Their expertise had made the company what it was.

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George however had cut their salary three times in the last year, citing overhead expenses and increased cost of materials and products.

The men had had enough. They knew planned revenge. They had broken into George’s office and examined the books theirselves. George’s salary had doubled, while theirs had been cut in half.

The men had met after work a few months before and made their plans. After several hours, the plot was hatched. Now it just had to be carried out. They were determined.

First, being in charge of security they had wired George and Jenna’s house and set up all the security cameras, locks and even their safe. They could get in when they pleased, and route the cameras wherever they wanted. All they needed was the combination to the safe and they would force Jenna to give it to them, along with their banking information.

They monitored the activities of the couple so they knew when George was going out of town, and when Jenna would arrive home from her shopping trip.

The following day the four men were already in the house when Jenna returned from shopping. George would be out of town for four days at least, possibly more.

When Jenna lay her shopping bags on the bed, the four men pounced on her.

“Open the safe!” One of the men shouted.

“Or you’ll be hurt!!!” said another.

Jenna was frightened by the masked men and opened the master closet door, moved the false panel, and using the combination, opened the safe. Another of the men removed all the contents of the safe and put them into the canvas bag they had brought.

“Now where are your check books, and financials?” The first man demanded.

Jenna was shaking and crying by now, but moved into the office and unlocked the desk. The men forced her to sign several checks, and then demanded she tell them where the safety deposit box was, the number, and the key. They knew she would have to be the one to open the box, and that it would take a while before they could have her do it. Even if they couldn’t get into it immediately, they already had so much they could wait for a while.

They had her take them to her jewelry, and took everything except her wedding ring and the jewelry she was wearing.

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“Before we leave,” the tallest man said. “There’s one more thing thing you have to do if you don’t want to get hurt really bad.”


They had already taken so much, she thought.

“What is it?” She asked quivering.

“Strip! We want to see that body of yours.”

Jenna looked at the men. “Don’t do this, please,” she said. “I’ve given you everything.”

“Not everything,” the man said firmly. “Now strip.”

Jenna slid off her red patent leather shoes. She unzipped the yellow cotton dress and let it fall to the floor. The men stood surrounding her, watching her every move. Jenna looked at them and knew they meant business. She unsnapped her leopard print bra and slid it down her arms. The four men were staring at her perfect tits.

“Keep going” one of the men said.

Jenna hooked her fingers under her stockings and slid them down to the floor and over her feet. She stood there naked except for her light yellow silk panties. She hesitated for a minute, and then hooked her fingers under her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs and off her feet. She stood stark naked before the men.

“You know that we’re all going to fuck you, don’t you,” the taller man simply stated.

Jenna shook her head “yes.”

“If you cooperate and really act like you want it, and I mean with all of us, then we will leave and you won’t be hurt. What will it be?” the tall man asked.

Jenna shook her head “yes.”

“Say it,” the man demanded.

“Yes I will cooperate.”

“You want us all to fuck you, don’t you?”

Jenna knew the answer they wanted to hear.

“Yes, I want you all to fuck me,” she said.

The tall man kissed her as she kissed back and he took her by the hand to the bed. They fucked like lovers.

One after the other, they all fucked Jenna. They shot their potent cum in her pussy and in her mouth as she was sucking them, and then in her ass. When they were totally drained dry by cumming in Jenna, they took pictures of her with cum running out all her holes, on her tits, face and all over her body.

She was allowed to then shower. After showering the men had her dress and do her makeup as she had done in the morning.

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They then took her to a friend’s photography studio where she did glamor shots. She posed fully dressed, stripping for the men, and then with her fucking each one of them. The photographer took hundreds of stills and several videos.

She, as ordered, willfully cooperated doing everything they asked.

Finally the photographer fucked her as well. He shot his big load deep into her fertile pussy. He then took pictures of the cum dripping out of her married pussy.

After the photo shoot in the studio, she was blindfolded and taken by the men to Sal, an overweight older italian man with suspected ties to the mob. Sal ran an underground whore house where select clientel were allowed to do whatever they wanted with the girls. Most of the girls who had taken there never got out. Jenna was turned over to Sal.

The men had negotiated with Sal a lucrative fee for her use for a month. Any of the men who had taken her there could use her anytime they wanted. Sal would take care of having the videos and still shots distributed through his large porn network. The men would receive thirty percent of the expected proceeds of her videos. That would more than make up for their reduced wages.

The men stayed long enough to see Sal rip Jenna’s clothes off and throw her forcefully on the bed in the small cubicle that would be her home for a long while. They watched from the open door as Sal forced his large dick into her pussy. Jenna was screaming and crying as the men turned and left.

Within a week the men received copies of her videos. They were pleased when they saw Sal had used Jenna’s real name, Jenna Dillard, on the covers of the videos.

After a month of this, she was broken to the point she did any thing asked of her. Everyone would now recognize the former boss’s wife.

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Wife is taken by cheated workers, hubby regrets decision

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