Wife is used by two men in one afternoon

Wife is used by two men in one afternoon

My wife writes these stories for me so I thought I would share them with the world. She is the sexiest woman with long legs and dark hair. She is mixed black and white with big sexy lips. She is a 36C with long black hair down the middle of her back. When she completes one of these she will let me read it in bed while she gives me a blowjob. Some of these are fictional others are true. I have a hard time getting which is which out of her. Anyways they make for good reading, enjoy.

I had a rough day and I can’t wait to get home and write about it for my husband. I love my husband but we have an open relationship and he doesn’t mind me having sex with other men. The only rule is that I tell him about it. Still at the end of the day I always go home to him unless my sessions last overnight.


Dear Diary,

Today I had an important Gynecologist appointment. I was running ahead of schedule so I took my time getting there. I really hate the Gynecologist! I decided to walk to where my appointment was. When I was almost there I saw this DROP DEAD gorgeous guy that was enjoying a coke outside the building. I think he noticed my staring at him because he began to smile in my direction. I smile back at him and beckoned him over.

He slid off his seat and made his way over to where I was. He smiled at me and said “Hi.”

“Hello” I said, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Matt, and yours?”

“Suzan” I said. “Suzan, huh?” I nodded. “Nice name Suzan, I like that.” He seemed like a real nice guy and he was so cute! He had dark skin like an Italian. His eyes were a dark piercing blue with long lushes eyelashes. His mouth made me absolutely wet! His lips were full and his smile was to kill for! “What nationality are you Matt?”

He looked in my direction and smiled “I’m a full blood Italian.” My heart was pounding out of my chest! God I wanted to fuck him! I think he knew it too because a minute of silence went by when I asked him

“Don’t you want to know what nationality I am?”

He finished his Coke, stood up, walked over to the trashcan and threw it in. Then he returned and quietly shook his head at me. My heart sank. I thought he might not be interested.

“No.” he said bluntly.

“Why not?” He smiled again to himself then looked at me seriously. “Because I’m not interested in what your nationality is.”

I was puzzled. “What are you interested in then?” I asked innocently.

He then stood up and said quietly while extending his hand to me, “I’m interested in what your pussy looks and feels like.”

I sat there stunned a minute. I couldn’t believe how to the point this guy was! “Would you be interested in showing me?” He then gave me that great smile again.

All I could do is nod. He then took my hand and helped me up. “Where are we going?” I asked him.

“Somewhere quiet.” He began walking while pulling me behind him. Even though we where walking rapidly I was still able to admire his tight ass as we walked inside the building and down a hallway to a dark corridor of the building that seemed closed for the day. He began check the door one by one to see if one was left open.

“I don’t think we’ll find a door open here.” I said.

“Sure we will.” Right when he said that a doorknob clicked open when he turned it. “Come on,” he said as he opened the door for me.

I walked in and he slipped in behind me then promptly locked the door behind him.

‘There’s no turning back now’ I thought to myself. I really didn’t want to turn back. The room was dark but you could still see by the day light outside that seeped through the cracks of the curtain. I walked over to the end of the room then turned around to see where he was. He was still standing by the door in the shadows. I could barley see him.

“Okay, I want you to do exactly what I say okay?”

“Anything.” I said

“Good” he said with complete agreement. “Now, First thing, I want to see your beautiful tits, take your shirt off.” My heart was pounding out of my chest but I still managed to look calm.

I slowly began unbuttoning my blouse one button at a time to the bottom of my blouse then I slipped out of it and then in a single moved removed my bra then dropped it on the floor next to me. I heard his rasping voice again moaning in approval and pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby…. those are beautiful all right…Touch them…. squeeze them for me.” I began feeling myself up but was feeling a little disappointed. I had to let myself be known!

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I softly said “Shouldn’t you come over here and feel them for yourself?”

I heard him chuckle in the shadows, he then said “I will…. I just want to look at you for a while. Pull your panties off.” I smiled then reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down from under my skirt then bent over to get them off my ankles. I could hear him groaning from the shadows. This guy was really getting off on watching me!

“Turn around,” he said quickly.

Startled I turned as quickly as I could without falling. My back was now facing him.

“Spread your legs baby.” Ooooo I was really starting to get wet now! I spread my legs slightly and stood there waiting for more instructions. I could hear him breathing heavily from the shadows.

“Okay baby…you’re doing good. Now, slowly bend over with your legs just the way they are. I want to see your wet pussy.” I slowly bent over and raised my skirt just enough for him to get a peek at my now wet throbbing pussy.

“You like what you see Matt?”

I heard him again from the shadows “Shit yeah! You have got my cock good and hard now baby…. you want to do something about that?”

I stood erect again and turned to face him. “Uh huh?” I said mischievously. “Come here.” I said.

“Not yet” he said.

“Now what??” I said impatiently

“Get on your knees and say please first.” He growled.

I got down on my knees and pouted my mouth out. “Please?” I said.

“Okay…that’s better. I’m really going to have to teach you a few manners young lady.” I giggled with pleasure. He slipped out of the shadows with his shirt already off. Geeze he had a body! He slyly walked up to me then stopped and looked down at me.

“Now greet me baby.” I eagerly began to undo his belt then I unbuttoned the unzipped his pants and I pulled out his huge hard cock and hungrily began sucking and slurping on his hot throbbing cock. Oh it tasted so good I couldn’t get enough!

“Oh…. hell yeah baby…eat it up have all you want. There’s plenty where that came from baby!” I sucked another 5 minutes or so before he interrupted me. “That’s enough. Stand up.”

I glanced up at him then did as he told me. “I want to tasted you a little now. Maybe I can guess what nationality you are.” He smiled at me.

I smiled back.

He began at my tits. He sucked my nipples nice and hard making my nipples firm he worked his way from one tit to the other using his hand on the one that wasn’t getting sucked on. Man he knew what he was doing! After a few minutes of him sucking on my tits he began working his way down to my pussy. He wrapped my legs around his neck then straightened up pushing me into a sitting position on the examination table. He began sucking furiously on my pussy like he hasn’t eaten in weeks! He licked every crevice of my pussy stopping only to nibble on my clit a while. It was driving me crazy! I was so horny! He kept going “NO NO!!” I kept pleading! The bastard was going to make me cum too hard and too early! He kept sucking harder and harder “Oh God Matt!! Please NO! I’m gonna cum!”

I heard an evil snicker come from him as he began to suck even harder on my pussy! “BASTARD!” Was all I could get out before I came! I screamed in delight tightening every part of my body and gyrating my hips back and forth moving my pussy over Matt’s mouth as he licked furiously drinking me up. “Oh yes baby yes yes…” I lied there on the table on my back in complete ecstasy for a few seconds when he pulled his mouth from my pussy and raised up and looked directly into my eyes.

“Now your in trouble.” I glanced down at his cock. It was HUGE! He was stroking it with his hand as if he was trying to relieve some pressure.

“Oh shit!! Oh no Matt! That’s too big!! NO!” Shit I really was in trouble! His Cock was HUGE, and he was going to put that inside ME!

In one quick move he reached under me and flipped me over like a pancake on a grill! I landed on my stomach with my legs hanging off the table right at my hips. I could feel his big cock brushing up against my pussy then I felt his hand on his cock positioning it to enter my pussy.

“Easy Matt! I said frantically. “Matt!! BE EASY!!” I screamed. I then felt it. He lunged forward and pressed his cock into my pussy in one move stretching me to my limit. I sucked in a huge breath of air then blew it back out slowly.

“Oh yeah baby… see? That wasn’t so bad was it?”

All I could do was groan.

“Now just stay still and let me do what I have to do,” he whispered in my ear. He began pumping his cock in and out of my pussy bouncing his hips up against my ass causing all of my body to bounce back and forth from his sheer brute force. His pace was fast and swift, pumping his cock hard in and out of my pussy. His hips kept slapping up against my bare ass as he pumped harder and harder. I began to feel like a naughty child being spanked by his hips over and over again. It really began to turn me on even more!

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Through the ringing in my ears I heard him whispering to me,” You okay baby? You hanging in there? You want more?”

All I could say was “Yes, Yes, Yes!” He started moving faster rotating his hips making his cock rub on my clit as he slid his huge cock in and out of my pussy. I could feel I was going to cum again only harder than the last one I had. “Matt….please…. no….. I’m going to cum again. I can’t take this….”

I could hear him chuckling behind me. “Sure you can. I want to make you cum on my dick while my dick cums inside of you.” He then grabbed my hips and held me steady while he pumped his cock in and out of my sore wet pussy. “Ready? Ready to cum baby?” I couldn’t answer.

All I could do was nod. I could feel my cum rising rapidly with every move he made. At the same time I could feel his cock swell and stiffen inside me as his cum was on it’s way as well. I reached forward and grabbed the edge of the table I was on and stiffened my whole body as my cum arrived. He kept pumping his fat cock in and out of my pussy faster and faster slapping my ass with his hips. The slapping sound was getting louder and louder as he fucked my brains out!

“Matt!!” I screamed. “Yes!” I opened my mouth again to offer my pleasure with words but right then my cum hit and my breath was taken away causing nothing but a dry scream to leave my mouth. Matt kept on with his pace fucking me as hard as he could at this point then he suddenly came to a complete stop ramming his cock as far as it would go up inside me and pressing his hips up against my ass. I could feel his cock inside my jerk as his cum released

“Oh shit yeah baby! Shit shit shit!” he hollered. He straightened up and his whole body stiffened then he collapsed over me. I could feel his wet body over me radiating intense heat. He lied on me for a while breathing hard and erratic with his cock still inside me.

“Damn baby.” He said. You really know how to give out a good fuck.”

I snorted then laughed. “So do you.” I said sheepishly. He slipped his cock out of me then pulled his pants from his ankles and fastened them up and grabbed his shirt and began putting it back on. He then turned to me still lying halfway on the table.

“You better get dressed. What are you here for any way?” My eyes widened. “OH SHIT! My appointment!” I checked my watch. I was 5 minutes late already! “I have a doctors appointment!”

Matt laughed with amusement. “Well, you better get a move on it!” I grabbed my bra and began putting it on then stopped. “I can’t go to the appointment!” Matt turned to me and handed me my panties and blouse.

“Why?” He asked.

I grabbed my panties and put them on then grabbed my blouse. “It’s a gynecologist appointment. I just had SEX! He’s going to know I just had sex before my appointment with him!”

Matt laughed. “So what? Like women who go to the gynecologist don’t have lives? It’ll be okay…. I’m sure he’s seen raw pussy’s before.”

I nudged Matt then finished dressing. Matt waited until I was done then he popped open the door, checked if the coast was clear then beckoned me to come out. I followed him down the closed hallway to a more crowded area.

“I have to get to the elevator.” I said quickly.

Matt grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He gave me a small kiss on the lips and said, “It was nice meeting you Suzan.”

I smiled at him. “You too Matt.

“By the way….” Matt peered at me.

“Yes?” I smiled at Matt. “Did you ever find out what Flavor I was? My nationality?”

Matt laughed then nodded to me. “Yup, You’re German and black.” With that he squeezed my hands then let go and walked into the crowd.

I stood there stunned. ‘How did he know that??’ I thought to myself. My thoughts were broken by a mans voice.

“Hey lady, you coming in?”

I turned sharply to see a crowed waiting for me to enter the elevator. “Sorry.” I said then quickly entered the elevator. I pushed floor 15 then stood back waiting for my floor to come. The whole way up my thoughts over came me again. ‘What if this doctor notices what I did before my appointment with him?’ My floor came and I rushed out of the elevator and down the hall to Dr. Whitakers office. I burst through the door and made my way to the receptionist counter.

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The receptionist looked up at me with her reading glasses on and smiled. “Can I help you?”

I situated my stuff on the counter then smiled back. “Yes, I’m here for and appointment with Dr. Whitaker? I’m a little late.”

The receptionist smiled again and checked her books. “Okay Suzan, have a seat and he’ll be with you in a minute.”

With that I sat down and finished organizing my things so I can carry them easier. I began to think about Matt’s great fuck then had to force myself to stop because I felt my pussy getting wet all over again and I sure didn’t want to go into Dr. Whitakers office with a wet pussy! Right then a nurse came out of the back offices.

“Suzan? You ready?”

I smiled at her and nodded. I followed her to an office way in the back then followed her inside.

The nurse then reached into a drawer and pulled out a hospital gown. “Here, take off all your clothes and put them here on this chair. Have a seat on the examination table and the Doctor will be right with you”

I took the gown and smiled at the nurse as she slipped out of the door leaving me to undress. I undress and tried to clean myself up a little with paper towels and water from the sink. I then sat on the table and waited for old Dr. Whitaker. After about 5 minutes I heard a thump at the door. The door opened and in slipped Dr. Whitaker. “Hi there Suzan how are you this afternoon?”

I couldn’t say a word! Dr. Whitaker was absolutely gorgeous! “F-f-f-fine…Dr. Whitaker?”

Dr. Whitaker smiled to himself. It seemed he has gotten this reaction before. “Please” He said, “Call me Alan.” He then smiled at me. His smile made me melt!

“Alan hum?” I smiled back at Dr. Whitaker…err Alan. We shared a moment of silence.

“Well, ehem…Shall we get started?” Alan threw a smile at me again. “Suzan I’m going to ask you to slide your bottom down to the edge of the table with your feet up in the stirrups okay?” I lied back on the table then placed my feet in the stirrups I began to slide my ass down the table as Alan took his seat at the end of the table and turned on his examination light and turned it toward my pussy. I slid all the way down and into position. Alan got totally situated then began his examination. “Hum…” I heard him say.

“Hum?” I said back. I heard the examination light turn off. Alan then rolled his chair backwards.

“Suzan, It seems you’ve been a very bad girl…” I held my breath. I was so embarrassed. I knew he’d know! I knew I shouldn’t have listed to Matt!

“Ummm Uh Well…. I….” I stuttered.

Alan interrupted “Now Suzan, Normally I don’t treat women that come in directly after sexual intercourse ever again.” Shit! He was going to throw me out! Oh god I was so embarrassed. “Unless” He continued. “You allow me to give you proper punishment.”

Proper punishment?? What the hell was this guy getting at? “What do you mean Doctor?” I said.

He looked down at me lying still in the stirrups. “May I show you?” He stared at me. I was puzzled.

“Umm…yeah…sure I suppose.”

“GOOD!” He barked. “Stand up” he said. I lied there a minute. “NOW!” He barked again.

I rose up quickly and stood on my feet. I was totally stunned! “Now what do I do Doctor?” I said very puzzled.

Alan smiled at me putting somewhat at ease. “Turn around and bend over the table Suzan.” Still puzzled I did as he said. I couldn’t see him but I heard him digging around a moment. I then felt his hand move my hospital gown out of the way baring my naked ass.

“Doctor what are you…” SWAT!! I felt my ass catch on fire! “Ahhgh” I cringed.

“Have you been a bad girl Suzan? Fucking someone before coming to see me?” I knew what he was up to now and all my questions melted away. Shit! This guy wanted to fuck me too! How lucky can one girl get in a day? “Spread your legs a little Suzan.” Alan said.

I spread my legs a little.

“Thata girl, so I suppose you feel you need a punishment just like I feel you do?” SWAT!!

“Ahhgh!! Yes Alan! I’ve been very bad, please no more!!” I could hear Alan walking slowly back and forth as I stood bent over the table with my ass in the air.

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Wife is used by two men in one afternoon

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