Wife Michelle helps turn Lauren and Kim to well used whores.

Wife Michelle helps turn Lauren and Kim to well used whores.

When Roger was taken out, his wife Kim was immediately taken by the men. The film crew was getting all of the action. One large Mexican ripped her blouse off and began to suck her big soft tits. Another forced his dick in her mouth.

When Kim refused to suck it, she was slapped and the man pulled out a knife. Kim leaned forward and took the dick into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. She was untied, stripped, and lead to the stage.

Kim bent over so the man’s dick was still in her mouth and held his hips as she sucked. Another man spit on her ass and then began to finger her hole. Many men groped her tits as she was between the two men. Soon the man behind her replaced his finger with his dick.

Kim whinced but kept sucking as the man’s cock filled her asshole. The man she was sucking held her by the hair and force fucked her face with his dick. Kim was gagging on his dick as he harshly pulled her head to him, forcing her to take his dick deep into her throat. He emmptied his balls into her mouth as his foul seed squirted.

Kim could only swallow the cum as she gasped for breath. Then man in her ass was now picking up speed, but before he could shoot his cum into her another dick was pushed in her face.

The mature wife opened to receive the stranger’s cock as the man in her ass shot his cum. Two different men grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as they laughed at the cum running out of her asshole.

Kim was turned over and laid down on the stage. She spread her legs willingly. She didn’t want to be slapped or see a knife again.

The first man to fuck her pussy was much younger than she and had a rather large hard dick. As he pushed it inside her, he said to Kim, “Come on, Mama, fuck me.”

The man held his dick inside her as he lay on top of her. “Ask me to fuck you Mama,” he said to Kim. “Tell me how much you want my cum.” The man held her face straight so she would have to look him in the eye. “Ask this boy to fuck you,” he told Kim.

Afraid he would slap her if she didn’t, Kim replied, “Fuck me, fuck me. I want your cum in my pussy, please fuck your Mama.”

The young man loudly translated what Kim had said to the others. He pumped his cock into Kim as he sucked on her big tits. As he came in her pussy, he held Kim’s mouth and kissed her hard. “You’re a good fuck, Mama,” the young man told her. “Now tell the others to come fuck their Mama. Say it!”

Several men were standing around her waiting their turn. Kim looked at the men and then back at the young man who had just cum in her pussy. “Come fuck your Mama,” she said. “I want your cum in me.”

The young man translated again. The men were lined up to fuck Kim. They all used her as they wished, many fucking both her pussy and ass before cumming. Most of them came in her pussy. All of them made her kiss them, and many had her sucked the remaining juices from their cocks.

When each man began to fuck her, he waited, saying something in spanish. Kim would then repeat, “Come fuck your Mama, I want your cum in me.” The men would then laugh as they fucked her hard, filling Mama’s holes with their cum.

Lauren felt like she was being split apart. No man there would miss a chance to fuck this young blonde wife. She tried to fight them off, but they held her down as one man after another spread her pussy, mouth, and ass.

The pretty nineteen year old with the fashion model face and body didn’t think she could take it when one man used her pussy while another used her ass. She had heard of DP’s before, but she thought they really didn’t happen. Now it was happening to her. Lauren had only lost her virginity the night before to her husband Todd.

Michelle was brought over to where Lauren was being fucked, used and abused. As the men held Lauren down, Michelle was told to sit on her face. As she did all the cum from the men who had fucked her fell on Lauren’s face and in her mouth.

Michelle knew what the men wanted, so she held Lauren’s face still and pinched her nose so Lauren would have to open her mouth. When she did, Michelle ground her pussy into Lauren’s mouth, pushing the cum with her cunt muscles so it would fall into Lauren’s mouth.

“Suck and swallow it,” Michelle said to Lauren. “Suck and swallow it bitch,” Michelle ordered Lauren. This pleased the men as they could see Lauren swallowing.

Lauren’s arms were given to Michelle to hold tight to the floor. Michelle held her as she worked her pussy to push the cum into Lauren’s mouth.

Another man had begun to fuck Lauren and Michelle could see Kim being fucked by a very young looking man. The men began to talk to Michelle and gesture.

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She knew what they wanted her to do. So, as she held Lauren tightly to the floor, grinding her pussy in her mouth, she began to pee.

Lauren’s eyes bugged out and she began to twist. One of the men held her head straight so the piss would enter her mouth.

“Swallow quickly,” Michelle said to Lauren as she continued to pee. The man pinched Lauren’s nose and she swallowed. As she gasped for breath, Michelle was still pissing in her mouth.

The man continued to pinch her nose and hold her head as the last of the pee dripped from Michelle’s slit.

“Lick me clean,” Michelle told Lauren, “and I’ll get off of you.” Lauren stuck out her tongue and began to lick Michelle’s piss hole. Michelle didn’t get up until Lauren licked her pussy as well.

Michelle was taken over near Kim and laid on the floor to be fucked some more. The man fucking Lauren had just cum and Lauren turned to the side and began to vomit.

The men grabbed her, obviously upset with her. A towel was brought to wipe her face. One of the bigger men slapped her hard. Lauren began to cry uncontrolably. She began shaking, but the men didn’t care.

To punish her for vomiting, they carried her over to a man who lay on the floor. He entered her pussy and Lauren thought she was now in store for another DP.

She was, but this would be a little different. Another man began to push his dick inside her pussy as well. Lauren had been stretched out during the night, but this scared her. Some beer was poured over the men’s dicks and they began to both push inside her.

Lauren screamed, but her screams were only answered with another dick being shoved in her mouth. The men fucked her this way until they shot their cum in her.

Two other men did the same, with the one on top fingering her ass at the same time. The little wife was manuvered until a third man was able to giet his dick in her ass while two other fucked her pussy. Before the night was over two men did her ass at the same time as well.

Lauren thought she was going to die when they took Kim, Michelle, and her to a van and drove off into the night. The three women woke up the next morning in a place that was very familiar to Michelle.Michelle was holding Lauren’s right arm as Carla held her left. Two men were holding her legs apart so her pussy would be spread open for the men. Lauren was laying naked on a table as the large Mexican fucking her was about to dump his cum load in her pussy.

The young wife was trying not to show it, but her body was betraying her as it responded to the thrusts of the man’s rather large dick. Her lips pursed as his semen was shot into her, adding another load to the ten she had already taken.

As yet another man moved to the front of the line to fuck Lauren, Michelle began to reflect on the fate of the young wife. Lauren had married Todd and lost her virginity on her wedding night. The next night she, along with Kim was abducted and repeatedly raped. Tonight Lauren was being initiated as the whore she would be for the rest of her life.

Michelle and Carla had led the blonde fashion model looking wife out to the men after her bath. Victor had been the first to fuck Lauren, followed by the bar owner. After that it was the men of the town as they lined up to get a piece of this new and very pretty meat.

The men began to take her in the ass since her pussy already had so much cum in it. Lauren winced and tears ran down her face as the dicks were pushed in her ass one by one.

Soon she would be all cried out, Michelle thought. Lauren would get her ‘whore on’, just as Michelle had.

Soon Michelle and Carla were able to let go of Lauren. She was resigned to her fate. Dicks were pushed in her mouth to suck and she didn’t resist. She spread her legs for their cocks as they moved up to fuck the pretty American wife.

Lauren was taken in every way imaginable. Men used her pussy and ass at the same time she was made to suck another. The men would cum in her and cum on her. Some of the men’s wives were watching. They would spit on Lauren as their husbands began to fuck her.

Lauren would have to suck the men’s dicks after they had used her ass or pussy. Finally the men stopped. They had fucked her as much as they could for the night. Michelle had counted thirty-two men. Most had used Lauren more than once. They had all ‘gone around the world’ fucking her pussy, ass, and mouth.

Michelle and Carla laid out a big sheet on the floor. Lauren was moved off the table onto the sheet and made to kneel. Her eyes were taped open. A ball with a hole in the middle was inserted in her mouth and tied behind her head. Her hands were tied behind her back.

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The men stood in a circle around her. They began to piss on Lauren, many aiming at her mouth and face. The piss was dripping off of her tits. Lauren was again tied to the table and left without being cleaned up.

Victor had Michelle and Carla bring Kim out. She had been locked in the tiny room where she and Lauren were taken the night before. Kim was paraded naked around the room for the men to see. She would be initiated the next night. The men kissed her, pinched her and felt her. One man pushed her face into Lauren’s pussy. Kim had to taste it before she was let go. Finally they left, promising Kim they would fuck her good the next night.

Michelle and Carla retired to Carla’s room. All of the sex had gotten them both aroused. Before the door had closed, Michelle pulled Carla to her, kissing her deeply. The two women quickly undressed. Michelle lay down on the small bed as Carla straddled her face.

Michelle tongued her as deeply as she could and welcomed the hot cum as Carla climaxed. Carla returned the favor. The two prostitutes enjoyed each other’s bodies throughout the night. As they cuddled in the small bed, they laughed and discussed Kim’s initiation and Lauren’s further training.

The women were all allowed to sleep late and bathe. After bathing, they enjoyed a nice meal together. Lauren and Kim had a difficult time getting accoustomed to walking around nude. Michelle and Carla were used to it, and would occasionally bump into the other two, often rubbing their tits on those of the other woman.

In the afternoon, the bar owner wanted to watch the women together. He had seen Michelle and Carla many times before. Today he wanted to see Lauren and Kim pleasure the others.

The bar owner indicated that he wanted to watch Lauren go down on Carla. Lauren hesitated, she had never been with a woman before. The bar owner took a short whip and popped it across Lauren’s ass twice.

Carla had laid back in her chair and spread her legs in anticipation of Lauren’s tongue. She was already wet. Michelle took Lauren by the hand and had her kneel in front of Carla.

“Do her real good, and be glad we’ve all bathed this time,” Michelle told Lauren as she pushed her face toward Carla’s waiting cunt.

Carla took Lauren by the head and pulled her into her waiting, warm, hole. Lauren licked lightly around Carla. Michelle got impatient and told Lauren to watch her and do as she did.

To Kim’s surprise, Michelle knelt in fornt of her, pushed her legs apart and began to expertly pleasure Kim. Lauren watched and learned. Soon both Kim and Carla were groaning with pleasure. Carla held Lauren’s face tight into her as she cum.

Michelle didn’t have to be held. She wanted to taste all Kim had to give her and she did. Kim moaned and bucked as her juices flowed into Michelle’s warm mouth.

The women then traded places, as Kim went down on Michelle and Carla took care of Lauren. The bar owner was about to blow his load, so he quickly moved to Kim who opened her mouth to receive him just in time to get a load of cum down her throat.

Michelle then had the bar owner turn around and gave him one of her expert ass rimming, deep tongue jobs. She then pulled Lauren over to repeat the act on the owner.

Lauren flatly refused. She was disgusted with the act and she would not do it. She soon would regret her decision.

The bar owner took her by the arms, and twisting them behind her back, shoved her into Carla’s waiting ass. Michelle took her by the hair, pulled it back and pushed her nose into Carla’s asshole.

Michelle then proceeded to instruct Lauren on how to properly tongue ass. Lauren learned between pops of the whip as she tongued not only the bar owner, but Michelle, Carla, and Kim as well. Throughout the rest of the afternoon she gave tongue jobs to everyone who entered the bar. She was then informed that at Kim’s initiation that evening, she would be tonguing every ass in the bar repeated throughout the night.

She did. Most of the men didn’t bathe that well either. Lauren was broken that night. She learned obedience to her pimp, whoever he was.

She would do whatever was expected or asked of her from then on.

During Kim’s initiation, the older wife laid back and spread herself willingly to the men. She didn’t want to be hurt like Lauren had been. She thought of the initiation not so much as rape, as a gangbang. She had wondered what a gangbang would be like.

Kim especially liked the men with the bigger dicks, and those who lasted longer. She did take a lot of cum. Her ass was used often by all the men. Kim found herself cumming several times throughout the night.

She didn’t want the pissing at all, but when she was made to kneel with her eyes taped open and mouth forced open as well, she took it as best she could, knowing that it had to be.Michelle was in a small cage, her ass pushed against the bars, a man fucking her. Her face was against the other side and she was sucking another man’s dick. Other men were standing around the cage grabbing her tits, slapping her ass, waiting their turn. She was free for all to use as long as she was in the cage. She felt the cum being deposited into her pussy about the time the other man shot his into her mouth and on her face.

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A baby cried, and Michelle was awakened from her dream. She had been back in Mexico, in that dreaded cage that she, Kim, and Lauren had all experienced. When she realized it was only a dream, she got up and went to get her daughter, now two months old, Victoria Carlita. Michelle loved her daughter, with her beautiful black hair and brown skin. She wasn’t sure who the father was.

As she watched her baby suckle her breast, Michelle’s attention was drawn to the tattoo that Victor had put on her right tit. It was a Mexican flag, with the words beneath it, “Puta Mexicana”, Mexican Whore. She thought of the other tattoo on her left ass cheek, an American Flag with the words, “American Whore Wife”.

The tattoos had encouraged the men to fuck her even harder. The enthusiasm generated by them made Victor even more money from the use of Michelle’s body. The three American wives had worked in different whore houses for a while, all had been made to walk the streets “hooking” clients who fucked them between buildings, on old mattresses, in cars, wherever a place could be found.

Michelle had only walked the streets for three weeks when Victor had the idea of her making a tour promoting her porn movies. He had Michelle dress in a white wedding dress and her “husband” in a tuxedo. The two would walk out to a space in a bar that had been made to look like a bedroom, they would begin to make love and then just as the man was ready to consummate the marriage, men would rush out, push husband “Michael” aside and begin to rape the pretty young bride Michelle.

The bar was always standing room only, the audience would always applaud for the Mexican rapists, and then the men would pay to fuck Michelle in her wedding dress. Michelle would be used by thirty to fifty men a night. The next day she would be taken to another bar in another town.

Her videos sold like hotcakes. She was a star! All across Mexico and into the US her videos were huge sellers.

Kim had worked in two different whore houses (it was the one in Laredo that had the cage) for a month at a time, and then pimped on the street. In all she had walked the streets for three months, taking ten to fifteen men a day. For another month she was whored out from a small room in a building made of several small rooms, all used by prostitutes. Business in the room was better, at least she had an old mattress on the floor. She would take around twenty men a day to her room.

Lauren worked in three different whore houses (she fainted in the cage at Laredo and they thought she had died) and also walked the streets for a month before Victor moved her to Mexico City. In Mexico City, Lauren was used to entertain the wealthy men and their wives, along with several governmental officials.

It was Michelle’s and Kim’s husbands who had finally managed to get them out of Mexico. Roger had given Victor $50,000 US to get Kim out. Victor had just kept it. There was no evidence that proved Roger had even given it to him. After several months, Roger began to deal with Victor, businessman with businessman. An agreement was made. Roger would bring $100,000 to Victor. Victor would let Kim go on the condition she would be the “Madam” for a new “service” in Dallas. Victor would receive 70% of the profits from the whores, and Roger and Kim would keep the rest. In time, Roger would get not only his wife, but his money back with interest.

Roger worked with Michael (Michelle’s actual husband) who had been trying to get Michelle out. He had given Victor $15,000 (all of their savings) with no result. Roger and Victor convinced Michael to sell their house to a company that Victor owned in Dallas. The $30,000 equity would go to Victor immediately, and Michael and Michelle could lease the house with the option to buy. Oh! And also, Michelle would work for Kim’s new “service”, being the first girl in her stable.

Victor lived up to his end of the deal, and both Michelle and Kim arrived back in Dallas (after their husband’s paid for the plane tickets) only two weeks before Michelle’s baby was born.

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Wife Michelle helps turn Lauren and Kim to well used whores.

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