Wife Michelle is sold again and makes a movie

Wife Michelle is sold again and makes a movie

Michelle had just dressed, fresh from having her daily breakfast of her owners cum when a distinguished gentleman entered the whorehouse/bar and was introduced as Victor. He had come to see about buying Michelle.

She had known nothing about it, but reconciled herself to the fact that she was simply flesh for sale. Michelle was made to stand straight and tall, tits and ass thrust out while Victor walked around feeling of her body.

She was told to strip and drop to her knees. Michelle knew what that meant and she began to suck Victor’s dick with enthusiasm. She even moved behind him and tongued his ass deep and wet and then finished sucking him.

To her surprise, she was lifted up just before she thought Victor was about to shoot his cum down her throat. Michelle was placed on a table. Michelle automatically spread her legs and held her pussy open. Victor put on a condom and began to fuck her slowly at first and then hard as he held her legs to his side. When he came, the men with him all took turns in Michelle’s holes. None of them used a condom. She was used to that. She had appreciated Victor using one, and was sort of drawn to him. Maybe he was a gentleman.

Victor’s men moved from hole to hole around Michelle until they had all tried each of her holes and either cum in or on her. At a nod from Victor, the men carried Michelle naked to Victor’s limosine. A sheet was placed on the seat before Michelle was allowed to sit down.

It had all happened so quick, she barely had time to hug Carla goodbye. She and Carla had grown close over the last several days, making love to one another after the whorehouse/bar had closed. They remained together through the night in one of the padlocked rooms. Michelle worried about Carla. She would have to take over all the servicing of the men that both of them had shared. In fact Carla had only had to take those men who would’nt wait for Michelle to be finished with her current customer.

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Michelle wondered how many customers she would have at the next place. She had fallen asleep on the long ride and awoke when the car stopped. They were in the garage of what looked like a large mansion.

Michelle was paraded naked and barefoot through the garage, past the household help, down the hall, and into a large, beautifully tiled bathroom. The maid was drawing a bath. The tub itself was luxurious.

When Michelle was lowered into the tub by the men, she thrilled that the water was warm! The maid scrubbed her, inside and out, drained the tub and filled it again. Michelle was allowed to soak in the bubblebath. As she did, though, she began to think. She hadn’t allowed herself that luxury very often over the last several weeks.

Michelle had been kidnapped, raped, and forced into prostitution. Although she had never taken drugs before, she had to take the drugs she was given just to make it through each day.

She had kept a record of the days she was at the whorehouse by scratching on the wall next to her bed. For thirty-one days, seven days a week, she had been fucked by at least fifteen men a day. Not counting the twenty or so who could afford to pay for her regularly, over fourhundred men had cum in her, most without condoms.

Michelle slid under the water, she was sure she was pregnant and probably worse. She didn’t want to face it. “Maybe its Michael’s!” She thought, and then remembered that she had gotten her period a few days after starting work at the whorehouse.

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Michelle rose up when the maid came back. She was scrubbed for the second time from head to toe, literally inside and out. Then she was taken to the shower. The maid drained and filled the tub one more time, this time adding bath oils to the bubblebath.

“Was I really that dirty?” Michelle wondered. But when she thought about Carla and her eating each other out, partially to help keep clean due to the lack of water to wash with she was glad for the scrubbing.

The maid gave her a simple white dress and took her to the kitchen where she ate with the household help. She felt a tingling as she looked around the table, and realized that she hoped that someone would fuck her after dinner. For the last month, by this time she had been fucked by at least five men. “My God!” Michelle thought. “What have I become? What am I?”

She knew. She was a whore. She had been a faithful wife. She had been a successful business woman. She had been made a whore and that was what she was now. Even if she wanted, there was no way out.

She was taken to her room and locked in. She so hoped that the maid would join her for the night. They could enjoy each other and she wouldn’t have to be alone. Michelle fell asleep masterbating to the thought of making love to the maid. She woke up having dreamed of some of her regulars fucking her. She especially liked those with the larger cocks. She needed one now and someone who knew how to use it.

Victor unlocked the door and entered her room. She lay naked on the bed. She was ready for her daily cum breakfast. She wanted it. She needed it and more.

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Victor sat on the bed. Michelle unzipped his pants and took out his dick. “Not as large as her previous owner’s, but it will have to do,” she thought. As she took him into her mouth, he caressed her tits, one by one, and rolled her nipples in his fingers.

When he began to slowly, gently finger her pussy, he spoke. “We are going to make a movie, and you will be the star.”

Michelle continued sucking his dick, nodding her head. She sensed that he was getting close. “We want everyone to see it. You’ll be famous,” Victor proudly stated as he shot his hot cum down the pretty wife’s throat.

“Finish yourself off while I watch you,” Victor instructed as he stood, his eyes studying the pretty American wife that he now owned.

Michelle moved to be more centered on the bed. She spread her legs wide and began to finger her clit, extending her finger down into her pussy. Victor continued staring at her as she got closer and closer to cumming.

Michelle was moaning and breathing in short hard breaths when Victor took something out of his pocket. He held up two rings and lowered them down to Michelle’s face. She recognized them as her wedding and engagement rings. The diamonds were missing, but the rings were hers.

“We’ll be using these in your movies,” Victor informed her as her slid them over her ring finger.

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Wife Michelle is sold again and makes a movie

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