Wife Molested in front of me

Wife Molested in front of me

So I after 3 years of my marriage had gone there along with my wife. The complex has a beautiful meuseum which no one should miss. So after having a round in the ashram, we decided to visit the meuseum. For that there is a big snake like curved que that we had to pass through even after getting the tickets bought. One has to stand and they will allow in batches through a series of doors. So we started together in the que. Suddenly the meuseum admin thought something and broke the que into two parallel ques. The crowd is so much there that the security people do things as if they are handling a mob. So in the process me and my old wife got separated from each other to different ques. This happened so fast that we could not get chance to be together. I didn’t give a serious thought to it at that time too. Now she started proceeding to the meuseum in 2 different ques. I was a bit behind her. There were 2 guys standing and proceeding in her que. One was behiind her and the other infront of her.

I could see both of them talking to each other and making symbolic remarks about my wife. My wife is 5’1″ tall, inocent looking etc etc. She was in a saree that day. Then the guy who was behind here started making moves as I see. He took adavntage of a jerk in the que and pressed himself strongly onto my wife. In that event he touched her shoulder and the guy in the front enjoyed her soft things without doing anything. I started worrying and thought of calling her back. Then to my honest confession, the whole thing started exciting me. I thought to give it some more time. As the que was proceeding more towards the entrance of the meuseum, it was becoming more tighter with people coming more closer to each other. The guy in the back took all the advantage of the situation and started pressing himself on her body. Standing very close to her and occasionally pressing himself on her body. I could see my wife initially getting irritated but later enjoying the whole episode. The guy’s courage was slowly increasing. Then he started touching her exposed back and belly – I could see that clearly from the parallel que behind. The two guys were symbolically talking to each other about the event – the guy behind giving update to the guy in the front. Then the guy in the front started his move. While acting as if he checking his purse in his pant’s rear pocket, he skillfully touched my wife’s breasts with his elbow. The guy behind was too smart to slip his hands on the railing at the side and confidently touching her waist several times. The que was becoming more tighter and tighter……

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We are about 10 feet away from the entrance door. People are pushing each other in the ques. The guy in the back was pushing himself onto her and pressing his bulging penis on her back, touching her waist. The guy in the front has several times checked for his purse by then. I could see my wife pretending as if she is not understanding the move. My pulse rate was going up and up. Finally the guy in the back became more courageous due to her silence and put one of his hands directly on her waist. I thought here she shouts but to my astonishment, she did not even resisted to this physically. The guy was confident by then and started fondling her belly and back in the exposed portion in saree and pressing his penis on her back. Now both of his hands are on her waist. People around were thinking as husband and wife with hubby protecting his dear wife or something. But who knows the real hubby is enjoying the scene from behind. Then he started touching her breasts by his thumb. Here comes another jerk in the que and he left no chance and squeezed her breast hard. The only person who could know this apart from the guy and my wife was me as I was thoroughly enjoying the scene. My wife looked back after that scene and both of them exchanged a naughty smile. By then the guy has got his part of approval from her. Now he started rubbing his pennis back and forth and sideways on her back, butt … and pressing her breasts, fondling her butt, belly back and even the shoulder etc. The 10 ft distance till the entrance was ecstatic for both of them. I could see the guy taking his shirt from the pants and putting it on front so than he could hide the stain of his ejaculation on his pants. They entered the entrance 5 mins before I entered. The very entrance of the meuseum has a dark section where they have simulated a night in jungle. I could find my wife waiting there for me and I could see a sense of satisfaction in her face in that darkness too. Uh.

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After we comeback hotel, I asked her the story and she was astonished to hear my version of the complete story. Then she also admitted that she enjoyed the whole episode and it was a diff experience. We had a good friendly laugh on the whole story and went for a sleep.

The last thing that she revealed to me and I didn’t know was what happened after they entered into the entrance in dark before me. Here we go…

After they enter into the entrance the guy pulled her to one side into the darker side of the room and hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. She also reciprocated. Then other guy joined in a both of them fondled her breasts, butts etc etc quickly, squeezed them kissed her here and there in a hurry. Finally they exchanged their phone numbers and names etc.

As per my wife what she liked was the last part of it with two guys fondling her breasts and kissing her simulteneously.

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Wife Molested in front of me

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