Wife proves she is still capable – Husband’s Nonpromotion

Wife proves she is still capable – Husband’s Nonpromotion

My husband Dave works for an insurance company as an underwriter. He has been in this business since the late 90’s. I had been to many socializing events the company he works for had hosted and even some really nice trips. My husband was up for a promotion recently which he did not receive but was instead offered to a coworker I had met a few times at these gatherings.

His name is Shawn and he is extremely sexy black man whose wife was always hanging on his arm. I never really gave him much attention but he always would digest my 36C breasts and stare at the natural lip show I provided when I say anything caused by my mixed heritage. I have a full set of painted red lips which I use to enjoy the occasional extramarital affairs with. I typically enjoy younger men to me in their twenties to be exact, me being 47 at this point.

“Susan,” David yelled from the front door as he came home from work.

I came out of the living room “Hey honey, how did it go today?” I asked.

I could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t get the promotion.

“It didn’t work out, I am not the new director.” He flatly stated with a look of defeat on his face.

“What, who did?” I asked not really caring, David already made enough money and he handled it well. He had gotten me everything I have wanted during our 18 years of marriage.

“That dickhead Shawn.” He answered.

“Who’s that?” I asked. At this point I couldn’t remember Shawn.

I moved closer to him to give him a hug. He pulled me close in a hug of needed affection.

David stepped back, “Do you remember that black guy who is always staring at you, with the bitch of a wife?”

“Oh that guy.” I realized who it was.

“Yep he is my new boss. He actually invited us over to his house for his Promotion Celebration.” He said while hanging up his coat on the coat rack next to the front door.

“Well that was nice of him. He seemed well mannered and smart whenever we did talk to him. I thought you liked him.” I said.

“I do, he is just as good as I am. I wonder if they choose him to meet some kind of race quota or something.” Dave said brushing by me towards his man cave in the basement.

“I’ll bring you something down to eat in a bit.” I said as the basement door closed.

The next morning I woke up and David wasn’t in the bedroom. I grabbed my robe and went downstairs to find him. He was in his “Man-cave” with a story I had written about my extramarital affairs. These are his “Stress reliever” and it was on his laptop on the coffee table.

I nudged him awake.

“Shit, what time is it?” He asked.

“Been busy?” I asked in reply reading the first few lines of my story. “I was on my hands and knees in a living room I had never seen before this night. I could feel the sensation of a huge cock being inserted into my battered pussy.” This was a story from our youthful marriage years. Actually after we were just married.

“I remember that one.” I blurted out before he could respond.

“Me too, You were so hot. You could have any dick you wanted.” He said.

Mmmm. Do I let that slide, NO. “Were, am I not still all you want?” I said while my mood began to get bad.

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“Whoa, whoa, that isn’t what I meant. You are the most desirable woman I had ever met.” He said.

“Oh, so I can’t have any dick I want anymore?” I asked.

“I don’t know, can you? You haven’t told me about any dick you wanted lately.” He said as he rolled off the couch and started towards his football decorated bathroom adjacent to his “Man-cave.”

“Well maybe I will. Does that upset you dear.” I said.

This was the beginning of the old game we would play. I would always start by teasing him with infidelity then find some random black cock to fuck. David wasn’t into cuckold or eating my pussy after another man fucked me. What he liked, his turn on, was me telling him about it while we fucked. Sometimes I make stories up, sometimes I would actually do it and other times I would just recall previous encounters before I met him. Didn’t matter he loved hearing about me sucking a big black cock and taking the wad of cum in my face. That is the sexual game we had played our entire marriage since I we talked about fetishes and spicing up the sex life some 15 years ago. Lucky for me I had already been doing what turned him on most behind his back. This made for our perfect marriage.

The wheels of ideas in my mind began turning. Perhaps we should go to that party, maybe I could get Shawn to allow me to suck him off. It had been a while since I had done anything like. I could prove my grumpy husband wrong and I am still able to get any dick I wanted. Shawn would be forced to treat my husband well and I could add another story to our library.

What the hell, I am a bad girl, right?

A couple days later with the weekend rapidly approaching I asked David while we were at dinner if we should go to Shawn’s promotion party.

He said “What the hell for?”

I answered with the wisdom of my years “Well I don’t know, to show that you are a professional and someone who is not jealous of a coworker.”

He nodded. I knew after so many years of marriage that sometimes I would have to be strong for my man.

“You’re right.” He stated.

The day of the party I got my nails done and spent some extra time getting my outfit together. I wore a black push up bra and some g-string panties and yes my ass is worthy of them. They amounted to basically dental floss up the ass crack. Of course I wore “The black dress” every woman has that covered me down to about mid thigh, but hugged my curves accenting my breasts. I applied the reddest lipstick in my collection all while David put his suit on and shined his shoes.

“Damn babe, you look hot.” David said a couple times during the process.

After an uneventful drive to Shawn’s house we entered the party. There was maybe 50 people there between the backyard and inside the house. Many were drinking and there was the typical group hiding on the side of the house smoking weed. David went that way as I was offered something to drink by Cherie, Shawn’s wife. She was a very attractive black woman who obviously during our prior conversation didn’t like the way her husband, Shawn would stare at me. But she was always nice enough to me.

Shawn interrupted Cherie and I discussing type of wine I drink.

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“Hello, Susan, I believe.” Shawn said while staring at my lips.

The elbow from Cherie to Shawn’s side told me I was not imagining his blatant flirting. I smiled and said “Congratulations Shawn.”

“Thanks.” He said while pulling himself back together. “I thought David was upset that I got the promotion. I am glad you guys came.”

“No, he told me you deserved it.” I answered solidifying my husbands continued employment.

He grinned ear to ear. “Dave is great. His time will come.” He said.

“And so will yours.” I thought to myself.

Cherie grabbed Shawn. “I need to talk to you.” She said while pulling him towards their kitchen. She seemed a little pissed. I grabbed my wine and went to find my husband.

David was already stoned with the rest of his business buddies. But that was always a good time when he got like that. I laughed at some of the others in their hysterical laughter but declined any weed when offered. After a couple hours of standing in the backyard I went back inside to get another glass of wine and mingle.

Shawn quickly walked up to me as I entered the house.

“Hello again, where’s Dave?” He asked.

“Outside with the stoners.” I answered.

“You don’t like that?” He asked.

“Doesn’t bother me, I am just bored with it.”

“I remember Dave telling me about his man-cave. Do you want to see mine?” He charmingly said.

“Sure where is Cherie? I don’t want to make her mad.” I said while I smiled at him.

“She thought you guys left and she just went to the liquor store to get some more drinks. She should be gone for a while, a friend of hers went along and they always take forever to do anything.” He answered while reaching for my hand. I followed him through the crowd of people to the kitchen which was empty and through a door leading to the basement. It was nicely decorated but lacked the bar ours had. It was kind of dark except for a small lamp in the corner of the room.

“Nice place.” I said.

Shawn then turned to me. “I gotta ask, can I please give you a kiss?”

I suppose time would be an issue since Cherie could be home soon. I nodded and closed my eyes and leaned toward Shawn. I felt his strong arms close around my waste as he pulled me tight. Our lips met and I fell into his embrace.

His kiss was passionate and when he broke it he began gently kissing my neck and grinding his hips into me. I could feel a large stiff cock. I gently pushed away to look at his crotch in the dim light.

“We are a little excited, huh?” I asked while staring at his belt area that seemed to cause his erection to bend.

He nodded and reached for my breasts. “God I have wanted to feel these since I first saw them.”

“Let me show them to you.” I said.

I pushed the straps on my dress over my shoulders. The dress fell to my waist. The pushup bra was a strapless variety I had purchased while working at that boutique in the mall. Shawn reached forward to pull it down and my breasts spilled out exposing my brown nipples. His hand then grabbed for one of the nipples and even in the dim light our skin contrasted mine being some much lighter. He bent forward and took a nipple in his mouth.

I moaned lightly, as he stood back up straight.

“Let me see what you got under here.” I said as I began the process of pushing his pants to the ground.

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Shawn was more than glad to help get his pants around his ankles. I looked at a recliner next to me and grabbed a small pillow from it. I put it in front of him and went to my knees. Shawn pulled his shirt up to watch me expertly take his large cock between my lips without using my hands.

He moaned as I gagged on his cock. I pulled away and his cock was already slick with spit. I grabbed onto it and stroked him a few times.

“I can’t believe David’s wife is sucking my cock.” He said with a big smile.

“I can.” I answered while smiling back and then I got a firm lip lock on the head of his cock and he grabbed the back of my head.

He pushed his cock into my throat and jabbed it a few times. I coughed a little as he pulled away. Now I needed to make my decision. Should I let him fuck me or just suck him off.

Just then the door to the basement opened and I could hear voices at the top of the stairs. Asking “Where is the back door?” I then heard Cherie answer “Through the living room.” The door shut.

I smiled at Shawn. In my head I knew it would have to be only a blowjob this time anyway. After I felt the tension leave his legs from almost being caught I took his cock into my mouth again.

He whispered “We have to hurry.” Staring at me with his cock buried in my mouth.

I nodded slightly and a muffled “Ummgh” escaped around his cock from my stretched lips.

He again grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. The force of his pull was so great that my tits were swaying back and forth.

His hips stopped moving and just the piston action of his arms on my head was all that was propelling this blow job to completion.

Suddenly he stopped pulling and held his cock deep in my mouth. It began twitching and globs of cum filled my mouth, quickly I swallowed all I could.

Shawn stumbled backwards and cum smacked me in the chin from the last blast. That wad slid off my chin and landed between my breasts.

“That was the best blow job I have ever had.” Shawn said while he watched me lick my lips. My lipstick was mostly gone and I could see even in the dim light a ring of lipstick about 6 or 7 inches down his cock. He still had another 2 inches atleast.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to clean the cum off my chest and reapply my make-up. Shawn pulled up his pants and whispered “Give me five minutes, I will go up and get Cherie to go with me to the living room, then you come up.”

I nodded causing my large breasts to sway in the doorway to his bathroom.

Shawn glanced in the mirror at the bottom of his stairs before he bounded up them.

I returned to the party like nothing ever happened.

I did tell David about Shawn that night and David fucked me every way imaginable, just like in our youth.

#Wife #proves #capable #Husbands #Nonpromotion

Wife proves she is still capable – Husband’s Nonpromotion

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