Wife takes it in both ends for her government

Wife takes it in both ends for her government

First if you haven’t read my wife’s other stories I have posted. Here is a little background. My wife is a tall, black and white (mixed), slender with 36c tits. Her lips are one of the best physical attributes about her I love. They are large but not overly soup can large. I love to watch her give me head with them and from the ways she draws looks from other men, I think they are thinking about just that. Anyways, she will write stories or tell me stories about her younger years. Some I am not sure if they are true or not. This adds to the excitement. These stories she tells really keep our sex life going. Here is her last one, enjoy;

“When you were in the army I have to tell you about something. Do you remember when you were in the field and I told you Sgt Johnson and some other guy showed up at our house.” She asked

Immediately, I felt a tug in my shorts.

“Yes.” I said.

“I didn’t really tell them to go. You see I was getting ready to go out with Christy.”

I nodded; as usual I would just let her tell her story before tearing her and my clothes off.

“I ask them in and I could tell why they were here.” She shifted her weight to the side so she could watch my body.

Enough of that crap, you want to hear the story which I will try and tell in the first person.

“They came in and sat on the couch. Rob (Sgt Johnson) introduced me to his friend. Jack was his name. Rob then asked for a drink.”

I giggled. “Sure, but Mark isn’t home right now.”

“That isn’t why I am here, Jack and I wanted to get lucky, if you are game. I remember that time you gave me one hell of a blow job by the barracks.” He said.

I grinned “Gin and sprite sound good.”

They both nodded. Jack smiled broadly. I wondered if he was as big as Rob. I never got to fuck him that night but his cock was at least 12 inches long and I swallowed him down.

I went to the kitchen to get the drinks and could hear loud laughing from the living room. I took the drinks back with my phone in my hand.

I then told them “I have to call my girlfriend and tell her I won’t be going out.”

Rob then said, “Bullshit, she can come over too.”

“No, it is all me, she doesn’t like black men, but I do.” I chuckled and called Christy.

“Christy I am not going out tonight, blah, blah, blah, goodbye.” I hung up the phone.

I dropped to my knees, “Let me see that big, black cock again, Rob.”

Rob stood up and Jack did also more slowly though. Rob’s pants fell to the ground. Jack was a little slower but his did too. I moaned, “Looks like this is going to be a fun night.”

Jack was huge, a little longer but much thicker than Rob’s. I pulled Rob close, I learned always work your way up the food chain early in life. I took in his semi-hard on. My lips stretched as he grabbed the back of my head.

“Yeah suck my cock, bitch.” He moaned.

I did, I felt it start to go down my throat a little more with each thrust.

After about a minute of him fucking my mouth. Jack said, “Let me have some of that bitch.”

I pulled away from Rob. I crawled the short distance to Jack. I wrapped my hand around his cock. My god, I couldn’t even get my fingers three quarters all the way around. I started to kiss the top of his cock head. He put both hands around my head and pushed his cock past my lips. My mouth had never been so full. I could only get about 3 inches in and I could hear them laughing.

Jack fucked my mouth hard and fast. I put both hands on his cock so he wouldn’t cut off my air with his massive meat. He stopped.

They both backed away. Rob said, “Take off your clothes. I am definitely fucking you tonight.”

“Me too.” Said Jack.

I stood up. Smiled and started to unbutton my blouse. Rob and Jack both sat down and starting sipped their drinks not taking their eyes off my chest. My blouse fell to the floor. I unsnapped my bra from the front and my black lace bra fell off. I raised my skirt and pulled my thong off.

Jack said “turn around, lets see that ass.”

I turned around and I felt his hands rub my ass cheeks. “Does your husband know what a slut your are.”

“No, and he wont right?” I asked.

Rob said “you just keep fucking me and my friends when he is gone and it will be cool.”

What the hell, I am a bad girl right. “Fine. Now should we go to the bedroom?”

We hurried down the short hall. They both waited at the door as I crawled onto the bed. “Who is first and how?” I asked smiling.

Jack said “Rob you hit that pussy first I might ruin her.”

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Rob chuckled “Get on your knees and suck his cock while I fuck your fine ass.”

I got in the doggie style position while facing Jack who was still in the doorway. Rob got up behind me and started to push his big hard cock up my pussy. I moaned, “Yeah, fuck me.” I had not been fucked in three weeks.

Jack walked up close to my head. “Say please, bitch.”

“Please.” While pouting my lips at his massive meat.

He then shoved his cock in my face. Rob was already getting ready to make me cum. I shuddered and he slapped my ass. Jack was once again punishing my mouth. I could almost get 4 inches in my now. The more Rob fucked me the more of Jack’s big cock I could swallow.

I came hard on Rob.

Rob said “your turn, Jack.”

Jack looked down at me and said “are you ready for this bitch.”

I nodded up at him while his cock still in my hungry mouth.

The guys switched places. Rob’s cock smelled like a well-fucked pussy. I started to lick it clean. Then I felt it. Jack’s cock started to enter my pussy and he wasn’t being very gentle about it. His cock was like steel and as big as the end of a baseball bat. I instantly started to cum before he could get half of it in. Jack wasn’t far from filling my mouth with his cum. After about three deep throats his cum blasted the back on my throat. Some came out the sides of my mouth since he held his cock in place. I sucked air past his cock; he shuddered then pulled his cock out.

Jack began fucking me to a slow rhythm. I moaned. He laughed and quickened his pace. He still only had about 8 of the 12 or so inches of black cock in me.

“You like this bitch?” I nodded as Rob pinched my nipples. Jack kept sinking more and more of his cock in my wet pussy.

“Oh god, you are soooo big.” I moaned.

“Wait until I get it all in, slut.” He said through clenched teeth. “Your pussy is good and tight.” He grunted. “I am going to fuck the shit out of you.”

I started Cumming right then again. “Yes, yes, yeaaaaooooo.” I groaned.

I looked down past my tight stomach between my legs and could see he was almost all the way in. Then I felt his big black balls slap my clit. He was in and loving it. I didn’t dare move. I just let him beat my pussy with his cock.

“That’s it baby, you like this, huh bitch.”

I nodded through the tears in my eyes from the pain he was inflicting on me.

“Augh, yeah, I am going to cum on your ass.”

He pulled out and came all over the top on my ass. I collapsed on our bed on my stomach. I then got as much of his cum off my ass and licked my fingers clean.

Rob had already gotten dressed. Jack left the room and went to get his clothes from the living room.

All Rob said before they left is “I will be back soon and we can party then, I wont say anything to Mark if you are game.”

“I nodded while standing naked in my living room. Wow, I was really used. The door shut and I just about had another orgasm just thinking about what was to come. I then headed for the shower and got into bed. It was only 10:15 pm.”

“That was a great story babe.” I said (yeah me the husband now). “What happened, did he come back?” I said as I slid my shorts down.

“Why don’t you write this one down and start a story with chapters for that website, literotica?” She asked.

“Good idea, well you wont have any problem sucking my cock. It isn’t near as big as Jack’s.” I grinned.

“Nope, sure wont.

“I can not wait until the next chapter.”After Rob and Jack had left I showered and went to bed it was still pretty early and I had to pick my husband up in a couple days.

I lay in my bedroom, which smelled like sex. After a few moments I drifted off to sleep.

Then I heard a bang on the front door. I rolled out of bed. It was 3 am and my pussy ached from those monster cocks earlier. I went towards the door but not before I heard another set of bangs.

I went to the door and looked through the peephole. It was Jack’s large frame surrounded by a few other large frames.

“Go away.” I said. My pussy was still stinging somewhat from the vicious pounding earlier in the evening.

“Open up, bitch. Before I start yelling about you being a married slut to your neighbors.” Jack half shouted.

Damn. I thought to myself as my hand unlatched the deadbolt. The door flew open missing me by mere inches. I fell back a few steps towards the middle of the living room. Four tall black men entered the door.

“I told my friends, about your pussy and your mouth and they didn’t believe me. So I brought them by to prove it, bitch.” He stated flatly.

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“Why would you say anything about me. I met you once.” I lied.

The other three men stood behind Jack a little unsure of what to do.

“I told them how you like to fuck and suck and about your fine ass.” He said while standing tall and moving closer to me.

“Look you got what you wanted now please leave.” I said in desperation.

Jack grabbed my shoulders and forced me down to my knees. I had on some baby doll pajamas and the strap had fallen off my shoulder exposing my breast. I did not notice for a bit while Jack unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down below his knees with his briefs falling afterwards. I went to get up and Jack kept me in place with one of his powerful hands.

“I am not leaving until you suck me off or I fuck you again.” He said.

Jack’s friends spread out a little from behind Jack to watch my reactions. That is when I noticed my exposed tit and pulled my top back on. Jack grabbed a string on my top and snapped it easily causing the entire front of my shirt to open. The guys all grinned and reached for my breast.

“Man, this bitch has some nice tits.” One man stated. (None of the men except Jack ever told me their name.)

At first I was going to try and get away then I realized my dilemma. Although I workout often and stand over five feet nine inches, I would be no match for these men.

After a bit of groping by the men, I said “Hold on, someone wants a blow job.”

I moved a little closer to Jack on my knees. He said “That’s right bitch, suck my dick.”

The other three men backed away and sat on my couch and love seat.

I reached up and took his growing cock in my hand. Once again I noticed the contrast, my light colored skin against his dark manhood. I open my mouth and Jack thrust his hips forward shoving half of his mammoth meat in my mouth. I gagged a little.

“There you go, suck it all.” He said.

I sucked up and down while Jack regulated his speed with his hand on the back of my head. Tears started to run down my cheeks from the abuse my throat was taking. The other guys all were laughing and making comments about how Jack wasn’t bullshitting and they wanted a turn.

Sometimes I couldn’t hear anything when Jack would put both hands over my ears and force-feed his black monster down my throat.

Jack stopped his assault on my face. He said, “Now suck his dick, ho.”

Jack thrust me towards a man sitting on my couch with his cock in hand. His pants were pulled down to the floor. His grinning face staring at my chest.

Then I realized I had been 19 the last time a train was pulled on my pussy. Now, ten years later how would I handle it? I was so sore after that then I missed three days of work.

I wiped tears from my cheeks and shuffled my way towards the man. When I was close enough I wrapped my lips first around his cock then grabbed at the base with my hand. I was starting jacking his cock while he pushed his cock down my throat.

I am going to do it, I thought to myself. I can still fuck a group of men and get my pussy stretched to the limits. Ten long years, that was a long time to me then.

I managed a quick glance around the room when the guy I was sucking on finally relaxed his powerful thrusts and his cock would barely pierce my lips. I noticed the other men all were pulling on their cocks. They were all smaller than Jack, luckily.

Jack grabbed the top of my silk pajama bottoms and the crotch and basically ripped the entire crotch out.

The guy I was sucking on resumed his steady diet of black cock down my throat when Jack shoved his cock all the way up my pussy.

I squirmed for air. Over my own choking noise escaping around some guy’s cock I could here laughing. I knew what they had in mind, RAPE.

The guys I was sucking on pulled my head up allowing me to breath while Jack started fucking my sore pussy. I stared up at the man pulling my head and let loose with a guttural noise.

Jack said, “Shut the fuck up, bitch. We all getting some of this ass tonight.”

The guy I was sucking pushed my head back down onto his cock once again impaling my throat.

Jack fucked me for five minutes then the guy I was sucking on came globs of cum in my mouth. He forced his hips forward shoving his cock down my throat again. Cum filled my mouth as he pulled away.

“Next!” Jack half yelled between the strong thrusts of his hips.

“Fuck that” one of them said. “Put the bitch in her bed.” He added.

I felt Jack pull his cock out and the two guys whom I hadn’t touch yet grabbed me under my arms. They pulled up and carried me with my feet dragging down the hall.

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Jack said from behind me. “Door at the end of the hall.”

The men pushed through my bedroom door and shoved me toward the bed. I landed on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. One man headed straight for my face with his semi-hard cock bouncing in front of him. The other headed around the bed to continue fucking my throbbing pussy. I really didn’t think I could cum anymore tonight, but I was wrong.

His cock entered my pussy causing spasms to erupt all around my pussy. Then the other guy stepping towards my face pushed his cock into my open mouth from the orgasm I was experiencing. I could feel my neck expand with the punishment inflicted by the unknown black assaulter.

The guy fucking my pussy never changed his pace and continued to abuse my pussy.

“This bitch likes it rough, aint that right, bitch!” He said through half gritted teeth.

All the men knew I couldn’t answer. I could tell by the deep voiced laughs in my bedroom.

The guy fucking me started to get close to cumming. His thrust seemed to quicken slightly. Suddenly he pulled out and shot his hot cum on my tight stomach then the second eruption bathed my tits in his warm cum. He moved to the side of the bed pulling my husbands pillow under his head.

Damn, David is going to know something went on while he was gone if I don’t change his pillows.

I felt Jack’s big cock get shoved up in my raw pussy. The guy that was basically raping my mouth continued his rough ways. Suddenly he stopped and forced his cock down my throat. Four cock spasms erupted filling my mouths and throat with hot cum. I gagged and swallowed both cum and air when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I then saw Jack with my legs over his arms, which pushed my ass off the bed punishing my pussy.

Once again waves of orgasmic release washed over me. I grabbed a hand full of my comforter as he continued to fuck me. Then I noticed the guy I first sucked in the moving towards me. The light from the light I turned on earlier causing his black skin to shine darkly. He pushed his balls toward my mouth.

I instantly stuck my tongue out and ran is under his sack causing him to pull away a little before lowering his ball once again onto my chin.

God my pussy was on fire and Jack had to be close to filling my pussy with cum.

The guy with his balls in my face inched a little forward causing my tongue to lick between his legs. He stopped and allowed my to lick there for a while. I am glad he didn’t move up further, Yuk.

Just as I had predicted Jack forced his cock into my sore pussy. Cum erupted from deep within his cock into my pussy. I shuddered from the powerful cock spasms pumping hot cum down in my pussy.

“GOD DAMN, BITCH.” He deeply answered in response to my muffled moans. “You are one hot piece of ass.

The guy I was sucking on pulled away. His cock was rock hard from my tongue caressing.

“You leaving?” He asked Jack. “Yeah!” Jack said while exiting the room.

I could hear the guys talking about leaving while down the hall from the bedroom. I just lay there half hoping for it to be over. But I knew this guy had a hard on from hell and wasn’t just going to leave.

“Good thing I drove. I’ll see you tomorrow sometime.” He answered Jack.

Well at least his cock was an average 8 inches. I just knew my numb pussy could take one more.

He smiled down on my sprawling form and walked around to look at my pussy.

“Damn, that shit looks beat up.” He stated. “Roll over, bitch.” He quickly added.

I rolled over and spread my legs. My stomach was in a huge wet spot caused by my sweat, pussy juice and man cum.

The last guy whom I had already sucked off early grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed them apart.

“That ass looks tight, though.” He said before pushing the head of his cock through my ass opening.

“Aurgh.” I moaned while sucking air between my clinched teeth.

I hadn’t been fucked in the ass in many years also. My husband isn’t really into that so we never did and most men I fuck on the side usually wants head in a car of a quickie in some obscure location. Never, ever in my own house, too risky.

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Wife takes it in both ends for her government

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