Wife’s Younger Sister – Sex Stories

Wife’s Younger Sister – Sex Stories

Hi All, I hope my Ooty trip story took you to the ecstasy of love making and you had a romping session with your partners! Enjoy but at the same time, share your feelings with me and tell me what you liked the most.

Let me narrate one more real incident when my wife had sex with her brother inlaw. My wife, Anita has a younger sister in Vizag and her name is Kavitha. She is 29 yrs old, fair in colour and moderately built body, which any married man wants to try once and enjoy. She is married to Vinay and they have a kid, Vinay owns cement business shops in the city. He looks like a tribal person, since his palms and body structure look large then anyone of us.

Quite a few times, kavitha has shared his ‘animal’ type sexual behavior where he bites her breasts, nipples and neck and also penetrates his thick 8 inch long-dark penis like a horse even when she is sleeping and sometimes holds her and tries to force her in front of servants also. He also forces her for anal sex which she enjoys sometimes.

Anita told me that her sister Kavitha and her hubby would be coming in for a 3 day stay at our house, since they had some purchases to be made for their business. I quickly assessed the future activities and gave my acknowledgement. The next day Anita and I went to the railway station and received the couple and drove them home. On the way, I sensed Vinay was observing Anitha while his hands were on Kavitha’s thighs, rubbing them smoothly.

Anitha too was checking out her he-man and his built, hairy chest with long arms and huge palms looked like a giant and probably she was imagining his penis size and the toughness when he penetrates her! I knew there is some chemistry between them but dint want to attack it right away so i became a keen observer.

When we reached home, the ladies planned for a good dish and Kavitha went in and occupied one of the bathroom and Anitha took Vinay to our bedroom attached bathroom, handed him the towel and was gossiping something, which i failed to hear. Later, we all had our lunch together and took time to relax, while I put on the iPod and slept on sofa in the hall, Kavitha went to wash the clothes and I saw Vinay calling my wife for some help.

Since i was wearing the ear phones, everyone assumed that i was listening to some music but in reality I had reduced the volume completely and was alert in listening to Vinay’s and my wife’s conversation. Vinay was checking out my wife from head to toe and asked her that she has become plump looks sexy. He also told her that she has bigger breast then his wife and teased her bums with his pinch. Anita was smiling to his question and openly inviting his thoughts by exposing her huge mangoes from her half opened blouse and the extra fat on her thick waist.

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I could see Vinay slightly touch my wife’s bums and and tried catching her neck and pull close to him and my wife shyly trying to pull back without any effort! The fire had started between my wife Anita and her brother inlaw Vinay, this was not noticed by anyone except me. Kavitha after washing clothes, came in and requested that I join her for some purchase and I suggested she go with her sister. Anitha said, she was busy with some wok in cleaning and suggested to go out with me.

Kavitha and myself made it evident that we are leaving to the market and closed the door and left home. While Kavitha was busy shopping, bending and sitting down , I was busy assessing kavitha’s ass size and her thighs and waist from behind, I could assess how much she would have got fucked by her monster like husband! In between, i held kavitha’s hand and felt the heat in her palms and she too enjoyed the warmness in our hands and felt comfortable at one place

The market was congested and I let kavitha lead me while holding hands and i made sure, I rubbed her wide ass with my half erect penis and few times, held her waist too and she was all smiling at me. When we finished shopping and were returning, she asked me if Anitha takes good care of me and I acted as if i dint know the meaning and I said, she will be busy most of the times since she also goes to work.

Kavitha smiled and held my hands and said that I am very naughty and she liked the closeness when i touch her and expressed herself to me. I asked her a question that Vinay her husband who loves her so much but also is an animal when it comes to sex and what if he seduces other woman and has sex. Kavitha quickly let out a sigh and said, at least i will be spared from his animal type sex for some time when he is busy fucking another lady!

Immediately, I told her that her husband likes my wife Anitha and my wife also likes him and they were already playing around with eachother. Kavitha just smiled at me and said that she knew about this but wanted things to come out naturally! It was 7 in the evening and Naveen suggested that we go out for a pub for drinking and I suggested that we have drinks at home and my wife Anita too likes some Vodaka.

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As the ladies got the stuff and we had our two shots quickly, I noticed Anita and naveen were getting tipsy and in fact Anita lead Vinay to kitchen. Kavitha and I too felt the need for eachother and i slowly pulled her next to me. We slowly went into the kitchen to find Vinay holding my wife’s saree and petticoat high fingering her pussy and my wife was moaning to this pleasure and kissing him in a tongue to tongue fashion and this aroused all of us.

Kavitha immediately pulled her husband’s lungi and held his think 8 inches dark penis and encouraged his erection. Though he was surprised with my presence, he still managed to smile and quietly told me that Anita is a real good fuck compared to his wife. My wife was all wet in her panties and was looked at me in a pleading manner. I being a cuckold husband immediately understood her needs and encouraged her by further lifting her saree and removing her petticoat and took in-charge of Vinay’s fully erected monster penis.

Kavitha told me that we should not disturb the couple and allow them to make love like animals, while we two can also start in our room. I saw my wife lead Vinay to our bedroom and switched on the zero what cream colored light bulb and took off her cunt juice soaked panties and she was smearing her juice to her lover’s penis and pulling the foreskin rigorously. Vinay was already in full heat and asked her to suck his entire cock and also lick his balls and asshole.

She quickly bent down and looked at me and I said, you never did this to your husband but go ahead and suck him fully and satisfy yourself, she smiled and swallowed his full penis. Kavitha from behind called me to start our session and I said, wait until i see my wife shamelessly suck another man’s cock and lick his asshole and get fingered by him and then get fucked with pain and agony.

Vinay was a complete animal and dint even wait for my approval, he pushed my wife on the bed and spread her fat thighs and parted her full hairy thick aunty type vagina lips and rubbed it roughly with his thumb and Anita threw her bums in air and moaned that how long will it take to fuck her pussy. He sat next to her thighs and positioned his 8 inch dark cock and pushed it with full strength, my heart started beating fast since I saw my wife having sex with another man in our 8 years of married life and I felt happy since she was getting satisfied.

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I had always felt that another man should fuck my wife in my absence and she should enjoy young men and allow me to taste their semen. Once Vinay penetrated deep inside, my wife looked at me and was begging for more and was pleading and moaning for more, she was also telling me that it was painful and she feels like taking his entire sperms in her vagina.

By this time Vinay was done with pussy and made my wife turn asked me to lick her asshole. I was a little hesitant since i wanted to first suck his cock, Anitha immediately told me to suck and clean up his cock. Anitha asked me to go out of the room since they both wanted to have sex in different positions and she wanted to give him fully and satisfy him.

I heard Kavith calling me faintly from another room and she was all nude lying on the bed and fingering. As i went in, she asked me if i was happy to see my wife being fucked by another male with bigger penis then mine and she even asked me if my wife was reciprocating properly to her lover’s passion and allowing him to fuck deep inside her womb. I nodded to everything and sat under Kavitha’s pussy and smelled her salty juice filled vagina, which was getting fucked by her husband every night.

Later, I heard a thundering moaning sound from the room and I jumped in there to see the action, Vinay took out his dog like penis and spurted spoons of sperms on my wife’s lips and neck and breast and was rubbing it with his penis. My wife,was damn luck to get that much of sperms on her body and was eagerly licking it and swallowing it slowly.

After about an hour, Vinay and Anitha came out of the room and Anitha came running into my arms and said, thanks for allowing me to have sex with another male and he was very good and made her cry with pain and made her moan for more and her pussy lips are swollen and she will only allow me to lick and suck the vagina lips but not fucking till one week. This way we enjoyed our sex session and had a great feeling about it. I am sure you would have liked it very much, and ask you to write emails on sharing wife and your feelings etc.

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Wife’s Younger Sister – Sex Stories

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