Young pregnant couple gets an indecent proposal

Young pregnant couple gets an indecent proposal

I overheard the pharmacist talking to the young Indian couple in front of me as I was admiring the young woman’s ass. I had already had the pleasure of admiring her front while waiting in the doctors lobby next door. Although petite, she had a nice set of thighs. They were visiting the other doctor and not mine so we finished up at almost the same time. The Pharmacist was asking detailed questions — so I knew she was twenty five (could easily pass for 19), and was just over three months pregnant. It was her first pregnancy, her English was not so good, and her husband did most of the talking. I also knew they had no medical insurance and currently there was going to be about $175-$200 per month in a supplement payments to cover medical expenses. The woman had no job and her hubby seemed concerned on cash flow, since he asked a lot of questions; knowing it was only to cost more and more up to and after the birth of their child.

She had a great smile and was full of life, nice soft long hair and about 5’2″ petite, she was right in my zone being the type of woman that turns me on. When they turned I congratulated them and then went on to place my order with the pharmacist. I watched them pass by the front window to go to the bus stop and the wheels began turning. I grabbed my order and ran out to say hello again as I speculated my next move.

After I said hello and asked if they would take a few minutes to talk to me. They agreed and we went back into a small lobby of the office complex. I told them, “I know this may sound strange, but I feel we can help each other. I know preparing for a birth of a child and then care for the child beyond birth can be expensive.” I witnessed the young man calculating the costs of many orders to come and in which he would dole out cash. I asked “Please listen closely and please don’t be offended by my offer”. I stated that I’m an amateur photographer and I would like to be their friend. I explained that I wanted to be able to take pictures of the wife as she goes through her stages of pregnancy and in return I would pay them $200 cash per session. I told them I have a thing for pregnant women that I found very beautiful and that I would love to be able to capture the curves of her body as she progressed. I was very tempted to state what I ultimately wanted but felt it safer to not expand on my fantasy.

They spoke in their native language, discussing the proposal back and forth; not looking too open to the agreement and quite concerned to be having this conversation. The husband asked me a few questions such as would this be at their house, then he asked, “Are you wanting sex with my wife?” Now it was my turn to pause…, I had already assessed that I felt confident if this guy got aggressive I could take him being that he was about twenty five years old as well, and just a bit bigger than his wife, while I was 50, 6’2″, 200 lbs. I looked around and knew no one else was within the vicinity so I answered with a question. I told him that I was a mature 50 yr old man, with a wife and kids, I wrote erotica, and I shoot photography. I told them I was a creative person and I had needs outside of my relationship with my wife. I was rapidly thinking on my feet of how to put this together. I said if I was looking for that…would you be open to the possibility to make an extra …say $400 or more per month for the long term?

With this new offer on the table they began going back and forth again. I was intrigued because the husband didn’t appear to be pissed in the least. As they deliberated, I took out my wallet and fished out a $100 dollar bill and two fifty dollar bills and said “it’s this simple and easy. I come to your house for one afternoon every 2 weeks, and you get this I said waving the cash” and I get to have a relaxing few hours with your wife.” They both zeroed in on the cash in my hand. I said we could start as early as tomorrow or the next day if they were comfortable with my terms.

They went back and forth again and again I became intrigued because the wife didn’t seem pissed about the arrangement at all and they were actually considering it. The husband asked if he could be present during our sessions, I replied “you could be nearby, but not in the same room”. He then asked if I would wear condoms, I said “yes for intercourse but not for oral”. At this point my cock was rock fucking hard. It had already had a semi since I was looking at her in line, but now — WHOA boy. He said they live nearby and that they could really use the money and that I seemed to be an alright guy. He then asked could we start this afternoon as a trial run. I didn’t respond and instead asked about their living arrangements and he stated that they had one roommate that would arrive home at 7PM and out of the house by 7AM. I finally answered his question about starting today. I said that I couldn’t tonight and had to get home, but agreed to meet tomorrow. They seemed a little disappointed so I inquired as to why. It took a little while for me to get a straight answer, but the bottom line was they could really use the money and feared that I wouldn’t show up the following day. I said I would drive them home and we could exchange phone numbers. I explained that I was really serious about our arrangement. I asked if they had any sexual disease or risks of any kind. The husband assured me the wife was a virgin when they met “blood on first thrust he said” and he had no interest in others. As we drove — literally 5 minutes he informed me about the buzzer and apartment numbers, etc. I handed him my cell for him to input his number# and he put my number into his phone. He said he typically worked Thursday through to Monday from 8-6PM, but he gotten today off for the appointment and tomorrow would work for them but in the future Tuesdays or Wednesdays would work best for our agreement. He didn’t have much of a personality, and I found it odd that they were kind of matter of fact about this situation. I could tell they were still hesitant and a bit disappointed. I promised I would be here at 2PM tomorrow afternoon. It took some practice but I was able to clearly pronounce the wife’s name Shriya easy enough. The husband’s name, not so much and we agreed to make it Prath for my sake. Gary seemed to be easy enough for them. They lived in a typical apartment building and although not the best part of town, I was not uncomfortable in the least. Prath seemed to be all business; making sure I seemed to be an okay guy. Looking into the rear view mirror I watched the beautiful Shriya, she seemed to be out of shock and more nervous, with just a hint of intrigue.

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As we were sitting in the parking lot making final arrangements, I asked. “Why are you trusting me and have you ever done anything like this before?” Prath answered that no, they had not and that he had considered having Shriya work in a massage parlour. I asked, “do you know exactly what goes on in those places?” He said he did. I said, “if we continue to do this with the proposed arrangement, will it be enough extra income that she would not have to go to work in a massage parlour?” He said they had already talked about that earlier and it was not a favourable option for them. Actually it was the worst case scenario for them. I shook his hand and told them I was happy to hear that, I would have been concerned if they continued with the massage parlour. Shriya had gotten out the back seat and was shyly standing on the opposite side of my vehicle waiting for her husband to go inside. She had a sparkle of nervousness, relief, intrigue and a knowledge that she was going to experience new sexual things soon. It was a major turn on. I took out a fifty dollar bill from my pocket since I had not put the bills back into my wallet and was tempted to rip it in half, yet I gave them the whole bill — restating “I WILL BE here tomorrow at 2PM.”

WOW, talk about a restless night. Luckily I had some work to do to help me partially divert my focus for a little while. I had to help with birthday party invites for my daughter’s upcoming party, so I got to jump into some mainstream family stuff as well. I didn’t sleep much, but stayed in bed as usual to be rested at some level. I work for myself from home and have total flexibility in my schedule — so that part of my day was easy, because there was no way I was getting any more than 50% of my brain into any particular idea or project.

Finally, it got close enough for me to get ready, take another shower, and make the 30 minute trip. Of course as always I was quite early and just drove around the area to get accustomed to it. I rolled into the guest lot at 1:50PM, Prath buzzed me up over the intercom. I kept taking deep breaths all the way to the 5th floor and then down the hall to apartment #515.

Prath let me in and looked exactly the same, same basic expression, same clothes. Their apartment was fairly nice, basic as I had thought and I felt comfortable in the surroundings. I took my shoes off and commented on the nice place, I then handed him the remaining $150. He then said Shri was waiting in their bedroom for me.

I said, “Do we need to talk about anything before hand” and he simply said they agreed to my terms and she knew what to do.

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“She will do whatever you need to make you happy and so you can keep coming back,” he stated. WOW, talk about instant hard on!

We parted and I started to make my way down the hall, I said “two hours is an estimate I may need a little more time especially with the first few visits so we can get to know each other” — he nodded to acknowledge.

Basically I was in charge here, and…bonus points I caught that he had shortened Shriya to Shri for me.

I felt really good about this since it was a win/win for all of us, my excitement grew as I approached and opened the door (wrong one as I heard her say I’m in here), the next room — oh well it was a 50/50 chance!

She was gorgeous and nervous and had the same look as last night only she had a little more confidence, but that sexy intriguing “I know he’s going to do things to me, that I have never experienced” – look was the best. If this was it and I never had another moment with Shri, – that would be good enough. It was an intoxicating look. She had obviously taken time to clean and sort the room, and even had some incense going which was a nice touch. Shri was dressed in basic black jeans and a shirt very similar but not the same as yesterday.

I asked “Do you have some traditional saris or colourful flowing clothes?” She went to her closet and displayed a few pieces asking “Like this?”

I replied “yes, that is very nice” and she gestured to put it on now and I said, “no — next time and every other time.”

I asked her how well she understood me and she said as long as I spoke slowly she would get most of it. I asked if she knew what sexy meant and she nodded affirmative. I said “Good, that’s what I want from you, I want you to be sexy and to treat me sexually.

Again she nodded and we both understood our roles, she was looking at me with her eyes slightly down…a true submissive. I scanned the room taking it all in in more detail. Shri stood there watching and waiting for her next instructions with a smile, and some concern on her face with a lot of uncertainty and this look that I couldn’t quite use one word to describe yet…the excitement of the knowingly unknown. The bed was a double (not great for me, but adequate). In the room there was a simple dresser, a chair, a storage bin, and closet, a cheap picture, simple white blinds that came with the place, and a small 15″ or 19” TV. I had already decided that next time we’d be taking over the living room and hubby could wait it out in here. But this would do for an initial session. I turned off the lights and adjusted the blinds slightly to let more natural light in. The incense was nice and I told her that I want that every time — she nodded.

I also said, “Next time I want some fruit cut up, such as oranges, kiwis, strawberries…not a lot, just a little and some room temp water, not refrigerated.”

That and the kiwis took a while, but I was certain she understood. Then I said I would bring tea, but to be prepared to make a pot of hot water for next time as our session ended. I was listening to myself and was impressed with my approach since I was slightly nervous, but used to taking charge, and I didn’t like the word “session”, but it would do for now.

I touched her for the first time caressing her arms, and then her face. I liked the energy and the current of power that was running between us. Especially in close contact with a full one foot difference between us and her looking up to me. There was a jolt of energy as I touched her for the first time, which quickly calmed as she eased into me. She was very naive, young, and inexperienced, yet worldly enough to have travelled here and adjusted to the culture of Toronto not long ago; married at home, preparing for motherhood and now preparing for whore-hood.

I reached under her chin and very softly caressed her face and directed her to look at me and then I approached for our first kiss. It was very tentative and I kept it simple, soft kisses on the outside of the front of her lips. It was a beautiful experience and although I knew there were many things I wanted to do with time, I was going to do just that …take my time. I pulled back and looked at her to make sure she was okay, she smiled, acknowledging that the answer was yes. I approached again in the same manner and then inserted my tongue slightly at first and then more deeply. Shri was VERY receptive as if she had been waiting and wanting this. She was all sub, with a tendency to come into me receptively and I knew in time I wouldn’t be surprised if she was little aggressive.

We stood there touching and caressing for at least fifteen minutes. I broke off stepping back slightly and tugged her sweater and pants at the hem, she understood and started to disrobe right where she stood; which I liked a lot. She stood there again waiting for approval and awaiting her next instructions. I stepped back a little to take her in, this very petite, shy, soon to be sexy woman. She knew I liked what I was looking at and she breathed a sigh of contentment. I took her hand and brought it to the hem my shirt and the top of my pants she understood right away and went to work undressing me.

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As she did I removed her soft, hair scrunchy or whatever it’s called to let her hair flow down her back which was an awesome sight. She barely adjusted as I did this and demonstrated she would stay focused on the task at hand and wasn’t hesitant or nervous to be doing anything I asked or commanded.

She folded our clothes and put them beside the closet on a little shelf and came right back to her position in close proximity to me. EXCELLENT!! I massaged her arms and face and we kissed again which was becoming more and more natural. I then applied a little pressure to her shoulders with both hands and again, quick as a whistle Shri knew what to do and lowered herself to her knees in front of me.

I ran my hands through her hair and waited it out to see if she would take the initiative. She just looked up at me and without words we both understood. She was kissing all over my cock and I knew she had little if any experience in this department. I waited it out to see what she would do next. In time she took my hard meat and guided it slowly into her ever opening and beautiful mouth. I grabbed the back of her head to show her how I wanted her to take me, she caught on real fast. Then I guided her hands to my balls to show her how I liked to be massaged. She wasn’t able to take all of me yet and there was some gag reflex going on. I knew in time she would become a grade A cocksucker, I also liked her soft moaning and UMMPH sounds when I fucked her face.

I started to admire, how quickly this sexy woman was learning and wanting to please me very, very much. My wish was her command, she was my genie. She looked up to ensure I was enjoying myself and seeking approval as to if she was doing it right. Again no words needed. As she was about to look forward again I pushed the top of her head to get her attention as she looked up at me while still doing a great job I licked my tongue around the outside of my mouth to give her an idea of what to do…which she did a little and then I had the idea to take her left hand and put one of her fingers in my mouth to demonstrate what I wanted, she bobbed her head immediately and started doing just that…AWESOME.

After about 10 minutes, I pulled her up by her hair as I wanted to establish a few things. I was not just a nice guy, I WAS going to be treating her well but, aggressively at times. She responded indifferently and came right up to me. I whipped the comforter off the bed and pulled her onto it with me as I laid down. We laid on our sides as I caressed her and she began caressing me as well with some coaxing. I started to explore more of her body. I worked my way down to her breasts. They were perfect small c’s that I was sure would be evolving into D’s soon enough. Her ass was wonderful. I’d say for her frame her whole body was perfectly proportioned. Finally, the thighs, juts a nice slight curve that I knew would be blossoming just like the rest of her during her pregnancy. I was going to be enjoying them more and more.

I raised her hands above her head and she held them in place just like a good sub should, she really took directions well. I kissed her deeply as I started my descent back slowly down her body and literally made a pit stop being that I like to lick and kiss in the armpits, there was a little hair and a slight odor, but I’m okay with that; I like the natural smell of women. At that same time I realized I was impressed there was no perfume, which I would have made her shower and scrub off. I made a mental note to mention that to her as a reminder. She gave a little jolt of discomfort as I started exploring her pits, but she quickly got into it and I knew it was the very first time it had been done to her…ahhh the first of many firsts she was going to be experiencing.

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Young pregnant couple gets an indecent proposal

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